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They are super educational, but the smell

11 Sep, 2020
These have such a weird smell to the letters and numbers blocks. I'm not sure if it is suppose to be that way, but it smells burnt. I'm not sure if it was just a smell that eventually goes awa... read more »

These setup with ease.

11 Sep, 2020
I was able to get this out of the box and setup with my 2 monitors in under 15 minutes. The instructions were simple and the standard adjustments on it were easy to control the height of the monitors.... read more »


11 Sep, 2020
This shower gel soaps up so nice. In my towel I use in the shower I get to just put a little bit on it and it soaps up in a huge foam pile. I love it. I love the smell of it too. It does kind of have... read more »

This one didn't come with everything

11 Sep, 2020
I'm still curious why this one didn't come with everything featured in the product description. I was waiting ot see if it just didn't ship or shipped later, but it didn't. So strange.... read more »

This works really well

11 Sep, 2020
The air pump works outstanding. I love the automatic feature that turns it off automatically. It is actually a really neat little device that is easily able to store in a car on a long trip or just in... read more »

The feel of a pro

11 Sep, 2020
This controller has a really slim design to it. I really like it over my actual standard PS4 controller. The only weird thing was it had on the box that it was for a P4 controller, which seems to turn... read more »

Just like OEM

25 Aug, 2020
This controller feels exactly like the OEM ones that come with your PS4. There isn't any noticable differences between the two. I'm extremely pleased with how well it works. read more »

Great party with these!

25 Aug, 2020
I had such a fun party with my little girl with these. I was able to give them to all of the little kids who were able to come. It was such a nice event and these were the ones that made it happen. Th... read more »

Great shampoo

25 Aug, 2020
It leaves your hair feeling so great and silky. I was able to use so little and it made my hair feel great. read more »

This is amazing!

24 Jul, 2020
This holds my monitor so well. The adjustment screws are nice. They hold my monitor up in the exact position I want. It keeps it held at the right angle for me to work from a comfortable distance. read more »

These are so nice!

24 Jul, 2020
I love these! It has been so hot here and this keeps the hair out of my face. It is a much needed item for me during the summer. They are extremely soft and fit my head well. read more »

These are my new favorite

14 Jul, 2020
These are incredible. You can just put your wires in these and you just apply some heat. They automatically seal up and the solder in them will join the wires for a waterproof great connection. They h... read more »

High quality and affordable

08 Jul, 2020
These were so great for hooking in to a board. It was so nice to see how easily the connectors hooked up without any issue. I was able to push a few leads in with a little more force than I wanted, bu... read more »

These are huge!

08 Jul, 2020
This is so much fun. It is nice to see something to teach my kid that isn't so micro. It allows me to show large connectors on a  board. read more »

Great learning tool!

08 Jul, 2020
This has been a great learning tool with voltage. It has been helping teach my kid how to hook up a circut properly. read more »

My daughter loved this!

08 Jul, 2020
My daughter thought these were so neat. I made a couple of the ones for her and colored them in. She really liked how they turned out. She was carrying it around with her around the house all day. It... read more »

This is amazing and large capacity!!

29 Jun, 2020
This flash drive really was 256GB unlike a lot of others on Amazon. It was really fast transfering my music from one computer to another. It was seemless. read more »

Helped me with working from home.

01 Jun, 2020
I don't have any displayport cables, but I had a ton of HDMI accessible monitors. I knew I could just get an adapter. I love this. It is so small but powerful. It does the exact job and I love it... read more »

This is amazing and large capacity!!

01 Jun, 2020
I have been able to backup my entire computer with this thing. I love it so much! It has really helped me out in many different ways. I wish I had one in college when I was having to have larger power... read more »

This is the knife for everyone.

17 May, 2020
I got this knife to try and help myself cut up meat better. It didn't disappoint at all. It made quick work of chopping up a full chicken. It was able to get around the bones without any issue wha... read more »

Cut with ease

17 May, 2020
This knife can cut through just about anything. It is already super sharp right out of the box. You don't need to worry about sharping it at all. It sliced a piece of paper like a razor blade. It... read more »

This is amazing!

17 May, 2020
It worked immediately out of the box. You just have to pull a very small tab and you can use it. It is extremely accurate and safe for any age to use. It helped me determine what size o-ring I require... read more »


17 May, 2020
This sous vide cooker is incredible. It cooked steak really well. I was able to enjoy it and use it my first try. It was so simple to setup and use. read more »

Quality case

23 Apr, 2020
This case fit my new iPad exactly. I've had issues with other 10.2, but this ones was exactly what I needed. The case itself, held up the iPad with ease. I can easily call my parents without needi... read more »

My daughter loved this!

23 Apr, 2020
These bees are very high quality. It comes with a very well painted surface with very cute sturdy, full wood, bees. They were really easy to place and pick out of their holes. My daughter played with... read more »

Amazing and powerful

20 Mar, 2020
This massager is incredible. I has ample pressure that gets deep in to muscle tissue and it keeps going long after I'm done. It has full power until it dies. I love the fact that I can use it duri... read more »

The case fit exactly as it should.

07 Mar, 2020
I was really impressed with how tightly this fit around my case. I haven't seen a lot of keyboard cases for this model just yet. I was really happy with how well it fit and the pencil holder was a... read more »

It works just as advertised.

07 Mar, 2020
It is a really great device. It is nice to just be able to plug it in and use it. I didn't have any issues doing it. I thought it would be harder than it was. I'm really impressed. read more »

They are strong!

02 Mar, 2020
They come in single packs of 100. They are nicely packaged and they are extremely strong. I have already used them to clean out small cracks that I couldn't reach before on my computer. I cleaned... read more »

Great quality

26 Feb, 2020
The camera has a great quality. It shows me exactly where I'm backing up along with the lines where I'm going to turn. I like that it was easy to setup. read more »

This is amazing!

13 Feb, 2020
This container set really sets the standard of what you want to cook in. It holds the bags down from floating up and it keeps everything nice and neat while you are cooking it. read more »

Best investment!

08 Feb, 2020
I love these things. They save me having to look away from the road when I'm driving. I just have to glance in my side mirrors instead of turning my whole head and triple checking before I merge o... read more »


28 Jan, 2020
This massager is actually pretty quiet. It looks almost identical to the higher end version that is sold at Best Buy. I have used it on my back and hips and it feels like a million bucks. I really enj... read more »

So Cute!

03 Jan, 2020
These flossers are very effective and they are so cute. They make me want to use them every day. I always had an issue with flossing. It was something that I felt was hard to keep track of. I think ab... read more »

90 degrees is perfect!

27 Dec, 2019
I really enjoy the fact these are 90 degrees. I have a charge station that is next to my bed and it doesn't have much room. The 90 degrees on this really helps the phone sit properly down. I don&#... read more »

I like it

27 Dec, 2019
I personally have really enjoyed using this. It felt a little weird at first. It is something to get use to for sure. I think the biggest thing to get to know, is use it after you start going. I start... read more »

Strong and long

21 Nov, 2019
These USB-c cables are incredible long. They are very strong as well the cable didn't feel cheap and bending everywhere. It has a really firm feel but it still remains flexible. They charged my ph... read more »

Great set that includes everything to work on phones!

16 Nov, 2019
This set is absolutely huge! I debated even giving it a lower star rank because it is hard to for in a drawer but it is just the amount of stuff that comes in it. It has a magnetic device in it that w... read more »

Red is one of the nicest colors to tell this apart!

14 Nov, 2019
The red color is great for finding the pieces of the repair set, while you are taking a phone apart. It is easy to see that isn't a piece of the phone you accidently picked up. The 115 pieces is o... read more »

There isn't a more complete set!

14 Nov, 2019
This set is amazing. It has completely everything that would allow you to work on a computer or phone. One of the nicest things about it is the magnitzier and demagnitizer. You can make sure that you... read more »

Just like the original

11 Nov, 2019
This controller is great. It works well with my computer just like a regular Xbox controller would. I'm able to play games on steam without any trouble. I haven't tried on my 360 yet but it lo... read more »

Huge capacity and durable

11 Nov, 2019
These are great little on the go picks. I have some at work and in my car. They are great for when you just ate. I don't have to worry about food in my teeth after lunch anymore. read more »

Fast and huge capacity

01 Nov, 2019
This has a massive battery capacity. I was able to charge my phone all the way up in about an hour. It still was able to change my wife's phone and it had over half capacity left. It is really sma... read more »

This is amazing!

15 Oct, 2019
This robot vacuum really does it all. It is easily able to go through tough carpet that even my Roomba wasn't able to do. The timer on it is really long. It lasted a little over 90 minutes for us... read more »

Cut with ease

29 Aug, 2019
So far after using this, I will admit, this is one of the best ones I have used. It instantly cut my nose hairs all out. I didn't have to move it around much. I will say the only down side was put... read more »

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