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Strong and long

21 Nov, 2019
These USB-c cables are incredible long. They are very strong as well the cable didn't feel cheap and bending everywhere. It has a really firm feel but it still remains flexible. They charged my ph... read more »

Great set that includes everything to work on phones!

16 Nov, 2019
This set is absolutely huge! I debated even giving it a lower star rank because it is hard to for in a drawer but it is just the amount of stuff that comes in it. It has a magnetic device in it that w... read more »

Red is one of the nicest colors to tell this apart!

14 Nov, 2019
The red color is great for finding the pieces of the repair set, while you are taking a phone apart. It is easy to see that isn't a piece of the phone you accidently picked up. The 115 pieces is o... read more »

There isn't a more complete set!

14 Nov, 2019
This set is amazing. It has completely everything that would allow you to work on a computer or phone. One of the nicest things about it is the magnitzier and demagnitizer. You can make sure that you... read more »

Just like the original

11 Nov, 2019
This controller is great. It works well with my computer just like a regular Xbox controller would. I'm able to play games on steam without any trouble. I haven't tried on my 360 yet but it lo... read more »

Huge capacity and durable

11 Nov, 2019
These are great little on the go picks. I have some at work and in my car. They are great for when you just ate. I don't have to worry about food in my teeth after lunch anymore. read more »

Fast and huge capacity

01 Nov, 2019
This has a massive battery capacity. I was able to charge my phone all the way up in about an hour. It still was able to change my wife's phone and it had over half capacity left. It is really sma... read more »

This is amazing!

15 Oct, 2019
This robot vacuum really does it all. It is easily able to go through tough carpet that even my Roomba wasn't able to do. The timer on it is really long. It lasted a little over 90 minutes for us... read more »

Cut with ease

29 Aug, 2019
So far after using this, I will admit, this is one of the best ones I have used. It instantly cut my nose hairs all out. I didn't have to move it around much. I will say the only down side was put... read more »

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