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Sizing is off some

03 Dec, 2021
These belts are very big. If you are a plus sized person, order a size down. They can be adjusted but that is a lot of extra belt material.Quality if fine. Not a over strong elestic belt. read more »

Prettier in person

23 Nov, 2021
I was happy to find this clock. Looks so much better in person. Comes very well packed. The maker took extra care to make sure it arrives without any damage. The colors are muted. Clock can work in a... read more »

Nice heavy sole.

23 Nov, 2021
These slippers look like they will hold up well with outdoor wearing. Comes with a nice heavy sole. The lining is not over thick so wont get to hot. Oversall nice indoor outdor slipper. read more »

Rub a dub.

09 Sep, 2021
So far this is working well. It is a little larger thatn I thought it would be. The side that is for storage is adjustable. The 'spikes' can be moved around or left out. The soap tub is easy t... read more »

Nice set of weights

12 May, 2021
I love the color of theseBeGrit adjustable weights. The pink really stands out. I use them by stapping them around my wrist or ankles. But I also just hold them in my hand like a bumbbell weight. A 1.... read more »

These really work.

24 Mar, 2021
You may only get about an inch more room with these extenders. But hey sometimes that is enough. So far the AXEN button waistband Extenders seem to be holding up well. The botton part is made of metal... read more »

Quality plastic bins.

22 Mar, 2021
I am so happy that I got these. Very heavy quality plactic. I like the fact that there is an opening on both sides. This makes it easy to grab and slid in and out of fridge. I have 2 in the fridge rig... read more »

Hot Chocolate Bombs

24 Feb, 2021
This is a 2 peice set maude out of silicone. Teh silicone mold makes it easy to release any thing you might put into the mold. Silicone also works well with heat. When you use these molds, placing the... read more »

Only works OK.

25 Dec, 2020
I was dispointed with this sharpener. It did not sharpen scirrors as promised. More than half of the words are spelled  wrong. My knives sharpened ok. Overall was not happy with this sharpener. read more »

Didn't work for me.

21 Nov, 2020
THE UTTORA FLYING BALL DIDN'T WORK FOR ME. So I had to return. Maybe I just got a bad one. read more »

Dosen't stretch a lot.

21 Nov, 2020
I wasn't too pleased with this belt. I felt it did not stretch a lot of have much support. The bra extrender that came with it was a 2 hook and not a 3 hook as it in picture. read more »

Comfortable gun belt.

21 Nov, 2020
The EVISTR belly cun belt is very comforable. It fits up to a very large belly. Aboyt 50 nches. You can adjust it very easliy. It can be worn for right or left handed people. I beliefe you can also we... read more »

Never got product

12 Oct, 2020
I can not give an honest revirew. I never recieved my product that I ordered. read more »

Not for me.

18 Aug, 2020
I was not happy with this hot/ cold massage ball. I could not get it to get warm or stay warm. The cold was too cold for me. The surface of the ball  that touches your skin is not much area. I wi... read more »

Feels good.

29 Jul, 2020
These 3/4 foot insoles do excatly what they are suppossed too. Make your tired  and sore feet feel better. They are a soft cushy fit. Can trasfer them from shoe to shoe if thats what you want to... read more »


29 Jul, 2020
Nice cushy heel cups. Will fit into most shoes. I use these is different shoes just for everyday comfort. You can peel of the sticky stuff on the back side and keep them in just 1 pair of shoes. I wil... read more »

Cheap, dont buy.

29 Jul, 2020
This came broken and is very cheap. Dollar store cheap. I have nothing good to say about it. read more »

Works Well.

29 Jul, 2020
This is a nice compact air pump. Good for sport balls or pool blowups. Comes with 2 sizes of needles. You can set the air pressure for the psi that you want. Unit turns off when you reach the preset p... read more »

Great light for lots of needs.

11 Jul, 2020
I got this for when the power goes out or during storm season. I was very surprised with amount of light you get from a single bulb. It fun to just grap the bulb in your hand and it will turn on, fun... read more »

don't know

22 Apr, 2020
I never received my product from Amazon. I can not give an honest review of this product. Would like to try again in the future. read more »

Fits most mirrors.

15 Mar, 2020
I got 2 sets of these of both the cars. I found that if you put the 1 mirror up in the drivers side corner and the other in the lower passengers side mirror, it works and fits better. I found it does... read more »

It does work.

15 Mar, 2020
I was a little sceptic about this hat stretcher working. I put it in a hat that was a bit tight. Left it stretching for 2 days. It did the job. It did not stretch it up several sizes, but did stretch... read more »

Cute Cake Topper

08 Feb, 2020
I was happily surprized when this came in the mail. I shipped faster than stated. It was very well wrapped so nothing got bent or brokien. The colors are bright and viberant. Can't wait to use for... read more »

So Pretty

12 Jan, 2020
Very pleased with this 3 pack of solar lights. I got 3 sets of 3. It does give off a lot of light on the pole part which is a white light. The tip is the part that changes color. These are not the str... read more »

Break easy

12 Jan, 2020
I really wanted to like these. The sets come in a small box. When you try and flatten the butterfly out it will break. I had to send back and get a different style. read more »

So happy with these back yard solor lights.

12 Jan, 2020
I got 4 of these. I leave them on the "tiki" light look. These are large and stand up to the weather. Of my 4 , one doesn't work all the time. I upgraded the solor batteries, hoping this... read more »

Light Weight

12 Jan, 2020
This cordless wand massager is light weight compared to otheres I have tried. Easy to reach you achy spots. The handle is easy to hold onto. Holds a charge for a good will. I keep it my the couch in t... read more »


31 Dec, 2019
This set of Arch supports come in a 2 pair pack.  1 off white and 1 black. They are to help with the sore feet at the end of the day. I am using these in different shoes right now to get a sence... read more »

Soft and squishy

24 Dec, 2019
I got this set to help with home pedicures. Self and to do my daughters. I can not say how well the set will work for the toe excerising part. Need to spend more time trying that out. The foot file is... read more »

Nice set

09 Dec, 2019
I got this 2-in-1 spring form set for the hoidays. I'm using it as a gift. It comes in its own box. Quality looks nice. Can write on how welll it works or stands up. Using as a gift. read more »

Nice Looking Chair covers.

18 Nov, 2019
These Santa hat chair covers fit great. They are larger that a lot of the other chair covers. These will fit rounded back chairs, not just the straight chairs. Looking forward to using these for the h... read more »

Good to have on hand.

02 Nov, 2019
Yea it looks a little sill on. But is great to have it around the house. Comes with 5 mini freezer gel packs. They are nice ti have for small bumbs and stuff. I plan on using the hat in the hot weathe... read more »

Not worth it

22 Oct, 2019
Arrived tangled and broken.Poor quality. Pass on this wind chime. read more »

Child size

22 Oct, 2019
I was very unhappy with this. The pouch part is nice and roopmy. But the waith / clip part is sized for a childs waist. read more »

Good Garbage Bags

22 Oct, 2019
These bags are heavy wieght and work great in the standard kitch garbe cans. I like having the draw string closer better than the self tie garabe bags. These garbage bags come in 1 large roll, it is a... read more »

A good fidget toy.

22 Oct, 2019
I like keeping this is the coffee table for when watching TV. I use them to keep my hands and fingers moving. Having pain in my hands, it does help some.The differnt colors are differnt strenghts. I f... read more »

It has everything.

17 Oct, 2019
This is a great kit to have around the house. I was very pleased with the quailty of the kit. Everything is compact and stays in place. It is about 3x5x4. Great size to fit in a tool box ot your kitch... read more »

Nice Banners

17 Oct, 2019
I was very surprised at the quality of these banners. The color is nice. It niot super bright or intense. It is very light weight. All 3 pieces have a cord to habg up the banners. I put mine up inside... read more »

It does wprk for both hands.

05 Oct, 2019
The wrist brace does work for both hands. It is very easy to put on. It is adjustable. This brace is for a light weight hold. It you are looking for a non flexable wrist brace, this is not it. I like... read more »

I really like these

06 Jul, 2017
The AMTOK 3 peice eyebrow tweezerz kit is really nice. The red case that it comes in looks great in your purse or on the bathroom counter. The tweezerz come with 3 different points for all your beauty... read more »

Love this set

04 Jul, 2017
The Amtok tweezer set is great. First the red case it comes in is so pretty. It will look great in your makeup bag or just on the bsthroom counter. Getting to the tweezers,  you get 3 styles of p... read more »

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