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Love to try new products! Always give my honest review.
I purchase about 5- 10 items per week from Amazon.

I always leave reviews on my blog here at Rank Booster, and Amazon, when I am able to.

Just a note to sellers, regarding feedback on Amazon- - -
You Can leave product reviews on Amazon!

However, with Amazon's policy change regarding leaving feedback,
Buyers are only allowed to leave 3 or 4 reviews - per week -
for 3rd party Sellers. . . which is any seller other than Amazon.

With that knowledge, please know that I will always be delayed in my reviews.
I will leave reviews on Amazon, as soon as I possibly can.

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Have never used this.

06 Jan, 2021
I purchased this to use for a backup drive for my computer. . .  Computer fritzed out before I could use. . . .  #ViralixReview   #Sponsored    #External CD DVD... read more »

Have not used yet.

06 Jan, 2021
I havent had the chance to use these yet, but am looking forward to using them!!  #ViralixReview   #Sponsored    #Koogel Box Molds Set,3Pcs Resin Molds read more »

PERFECT!! Just what was needed!

06 Jan, 2021
Had an issue with a Pug that would basically swallow his food whole in record time!  LOL Poor guy has the habit of consuming any amout of food that was placed in his other bowl. He would eat un... read more »

Cute camera, just not what I was expecting.

06 Jan, 2021
I liked this camera & certain features it has. . .   It prints out the pictures on Thermal paper. Like the paper you get from receipts. . .   Unique idea to print like that.... read more »

Cute, lightweight masks

06 Jan, 2021
These masks are a single layer mask.  The material is something a thin neoprene, seems like a super smooth knit-type material. They are light in weight, and you can reasonably breath thru them.... read more »

Not really as I had expected. . .

06 Jan, 2021
The comb was not as I had expected. . .   The comb is a soft plastic. I have a cat with thick hair.  This did not really comb much of his hair out. . . .   I can remove more... read more »

Kids had fun with this kit.

06 Jan, 2021
Both my great niece & nephew had fun playing & exploring with this pack.  #ViralixReview   #Sponsored    #UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit read more »

Cats liked them at first. . . but. . .

06 Jan, 2021
They played with them for about 15 minutes, tossing, swatting & chewing on them. After that they didnt want anything to do with them. . .  even new ones from the pack.  #ViralixRev... read more »

Nice Clock.

06 Jan, 2021
Nice Clock, Larger than I had expected.  #ViralixReview   #Sponsored    #Qukueoy 12 Inch Silent Round Wooden Wall Clock read more »

Item was never received. Received a refund.

06 Jan, 2021
Not Happy, really would have had fun with these. read more »

Works well.

17 Aug, 2020
Works well for its intended purpose. It's a little rough, the first time it's used. But after that it softens up & feels good!  #ViralixReview   #Sponsored  ... read more »

Well. . . . Not as strong as I was hoping.

17 Aug, 2020
I like the convenience that this has a pouch,  making it easy for traveling.    This unit does not have alot of power.  So I would not recommend that it be used for finishing off... read more »

Nice Posters! glow in the dark!

17 Aug, 2020
Nice little posters. . . . Thought they would have been bigger. But my grand-daughters seem to like them, From what their Mom has told me. Nice to also have had a discount coupon for this! Makes... read more »

Kids really likes them!

17 Aug, 2020
Purchased for my niece and nephew. Mom says they liked them! Nice to also have had a discount coupon for this! Makes the price and value even better!  #viralixreview    #Sp... read more »

Looks like it will work well.

17 Aug, 2020
Nice to have a variety of files.   The Emery board files feel a bit harder than 100/180 grit. Seems to be more like 80/100 grit. All in all. . .   Nice set of files & buffers... read more »

Fits my Dragon Touch 9.7 Tablet Perfectly!

17 Aug, 2020
Fits my Dragon Touch 9.7 Tablet Perfectly! My tablet is the same size and looks exactly like an iPad Pro 9.7    #viralixreview  #Sponsored    #[2 Pack] iPad 9.7 Sc... read more »


21 Apr, 2020
Haven't had the chance to use it yet. When I do, I'll give a different review.  #viralixreview  #Sponsored  #Gocheer Professional Airbrush Kit read more »

Will not arrive from CHINA until the end of April 2020

19 Mar, 2020
Didnt realize this was being shipped from CHINA ! #rankboosterreview  #sponsored   #SuperXC Silver Ring for Women Bridal Zircon Diamond read more »

Nice variety of sizes!

19 Mar, 2020
With 5 different sizes, these are great for people, like me, that have multiple ear piercings. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #UHIBROS Hypoallergenic Studs Earrings  read more »

Bought as a gift for our new Grandbaby.

19 Mar, 2020
The mom likes it, says it is soft, colorful. Size could be bigger. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #Organic Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket for Boy or Girl read more »

Received, but haven't tried on yet.

19 Mar, 2020
I received the dress.  It is very pretty and light. I just haven't had the time to wear it yet. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #LitBud Womens Summer Dresses read more »

Haven't tried this on yet.

19 Mar, 2020
I haven't tried this on yet to see how it fits. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #LitBud Womens Summer Dresses read more »

Very Beautiful.

02 Mar, 2020
Looks similar to the necklace from Titanic. #rankbooster #sponsored #MoonHome Angel Wings Heart read more »

Not feeling it. . .

16 Jan, 2020
Although these are a Gel type material, they felt hard under my feet. So its not helping me - - -   Maybe it will help you, depending upon your foot issues. #RankBoosterReview  ... read more »

Purchased this as a gift,

30 Dec, 2019
I purchased this as a gift for our son & his wife, for their first baby.  I haven't even opened the package. I just wrapped it and gave the gift. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored&... read more »

Have been wanting this for a long time!

15 Dec, 2019
This hard case fits so nice and snug! . . . I had to make 2 small edits to the case where the off / on and sound buttons arelocated and at the bottom for the charger port. I just cut the thin piece... read more »

Looks like it will work well.

03 Dec, 2019
Havent had the chance to use it yet. When I do I will edit my review. read more »

CHeap toys

02 Dec, 2019
Fell apart within 5 minutes fo playing. Glad it was inexpensive, wasnt worth returning.   read more »

Nice to have on hand...

21 Sep, 2019
Dental Floss Picks are a nice thing to have on hand, either at home, or on the go. A few can be stored in a baggie & taken with you wherever you go. These were on sale too, so I got an exce... read more »

Made a Great gift for Hubby!

21 Sep, 2019
Purchased this as a gift for the Hubby, who like to go out in the woods & hunt. He Likes all the ammenities this has attached. I would recommend this to anyone who lokes to hunt or hike.  ... read more »

Really great item! Totally waterproof!

10 Sep, 2019
Purchased this 2 pack of waterproof bags for our trip to a Water Park. Kept our phones, ID's and money dry all day! Has a velcro closure - - - Just make sure to double roll the top down to faste... read more »

Great Silicone Baking mats!

30 Jul, 2019
I really like these silicone baking mats! Package comes in 3 sizes, to fit different baking pans. These are great for placing cookie dough & other items right on the mat, then you can lay the m... read more »

Love the size and Material.

30 Jul, 2019
The size is perfect to keep the sun off your face & part of your shoulders. Well, keeping the sun off your shoulders is dependent upon your size. I am a small person, so this woeks great for me!... read more »

Not as advertised!!

29 Mar, 2019
Item is advertised as being "Wireless Bluetooth Speaker(s) (as if there were more than one speaker). . . Speakerphone TF card/AUX-in supported" THIS IS NOT WIRELESS, or Bluetooth!!  &n... read more »

Love these!!

24 Jan, 2019
I love this set of seedling trays! Each tray has 12 cells, and you get 10 trays!  These also have a dial at the top to control the humidity. Easier for me to rotate and move these small trays.... read more »

100 in pack. . . will last us for awhile!

24 Jan, 2019
We have an Upholstery company, so these will will come in handy for organizing customer's keys. We use white board markers, so we can wipe off customer's name when done, or can just give it... read more »

Bought these to use in our Upholstery Business

02 Jan, 2019
Nice to get a bag of 500 pieces.  They came in several colors & types. The guys were happy to see this when I gave it to them. I got this big bag cheaper here, than having to order just a f... read more »

Gift for Hubby. . .

02 Jan, 2019
Purchased as a gift for Hubby. . .   He saw the vest I got as a gift for our son & said that he has been wanting one.   He was surprized to open the box & see it! #rank... read more »

Purchased as a gift for a friend.

02 Jan, 2019
Purchased as a gift for our friend.  I am sure she will like to use it. #rankboosterreview  #Sponsored  #Women's Winter Scarf read more »

Nice & Soft

02 Jan, 2019
Needed a new mattress cover & found a discount code for this one. Its really nice & soft!  Feels so good under the sheets! #rankboosterreview  #Sponsored  #Quilted Fitted Ma... read more »

Gift for Son

02 Jan, 2019
Purchased as a gift for our son. I am sure he will like to use it. #rankboosterreview  #Sponsored  # Goture Lead Ice Fishing Jig Kit read more »

Love them!

17 Dec, 2018
Good Size! Worked great for hand painted Gift Tags! #rankboosterreview #sponsored  # Gift Tags Personalized Kraft Paper Tag read more »

Just what Ihave been looking for!

17 Dec, 2018
This set of rolled hemming foots is just what I have been looking for! 3 larger sizes--- 1/2 in., 3/4 in., and 1 in. size. Great item, good price!  Will fit most machines with a drop foot. #... read more »

Nice heavy duty wheels!

17 Dec, 2018
These are very nice heavy-duty wheels... Unfortunately, the shaft is larger than the chai9r leg it was intended for. I will find another application for them... Always something around here needing... read more »

Purchased as a gift. . .

05 Dec, 2018
Bought this for an anniversary gift for the Hubby. He said he wanted one, this is great!  Holds alot of necessary stuff for hunting! #rankboosterreview  #sponsored  #vAv YAKEDA Tact... read more »

Grand babies will love this!

05 Dec, 2018
Purchased as a gift for the Kiddles. . . They will love it! #rankboosterreview  #sponsored  #Button Art Toy read more »

Purchased as a gift for Son

05 Dec, 2018
I purchased this as a gift for our son. Hoping he can use it as described. #rankboosterreview  #Spomsored  #vAv YAKEDA Tactical Molle Single Pistol Mag Pouch read more »

Purchased as a gift. . .

05 Dec, 2018
Purchased as a gift for someone.  Cant say anymore than that. #Rankboostreview  #sponsored  #Realistic read more »

Not as good as expected...

05 Dec, 2018
Purchased this brand due to cost. . .  Was really hoping they would be as good as other brands. I was wrong. . .  3 of the 5 bags had pin holes in them, making air seep back into the bag.... read more »

Absolutely LOVE this!!

29 Oct, 2018
Absolutely Adorable!!   I have my desk pens in it right now! The only con I have about this is: - - The plastic is sort of cheap & it doesn't sit flat on the desk. It has a slig... read more »

Havent tried yet. . . would have been nice if the bands were marked.

29 Oct, 2018
Seem to be of decent quality, for just being varying thickness of an extremely wide rubber band. It really would have been nice if the manufacturer would have marked the bands. Besides feeling the... read more »

Nice little drill kit...

29 Oct, 2018
This si a nice little drill kit, great for projects that need small drill bits, you cant use a regular screw gun for. Easy to change bits & it all comes in a handy box!   #rankboosterr... read more »

Makes a nice gift!

28 Sep, 2018
I bought these as a gift for my landlord. . .  He is always wearing suspenders! These seem to be of good quality. #rankboosterreview  #sponsored  # Rigma Mens Suspenders read more »

Nice gloves!!

23 Sep, 2018
These are very nice pruning gloves!  Soft on the inside & soft leather on the outside. I ordered a medium, but I am a size small. . . these fit comfortably with a little wiggle room. I woul... read more »

Absolutely love this! Fits more than just iPad!

23 Aug, 2018
I have a DragonTouch E97 Tablet (9.7inch) This fits perfectly.. . .  Even the camera hole in the back! This is a great sturdy cover for my tablet.   Love the color variety this seller... read more »

Works as it should.

15 Aug, 2018
This mouse works as it should, no issues when hooked up to the laptop. #rankboosterreview  #sponsored  # Philips USB Wired Mouse read more »

Mixed emotions about this - - -

15 Aug, 2018
As others have reviewed on Amazon, I have also found certain issues. It is sort of hard to get the coins in & you have tyo insert them slowly for it to register correctly. The + button is not... read more »

Great soap! Fresh scent!

15 Aug, 2018
Very nice soap!  Makes the critters smell fresh & leaves their coat soft & shiny! Not just for the critters - - - I used it & it made my skin feel very soft! #rankboosterreview #s... read more »

Love these! Great for baking!

15 Aug, 2018
Absolutely LOVE these!!  They are NOT just for grilling---  Great for baking!! #rankboosterreview  #sponsored  # WISHPOOL Grill Mat Set of 5 read more »

Not as expected. . .

15 Aug, 2018
This item had mixed reviews on Amazon & I took a chance, as I have had these streaming boxes before. I currently use a VStreamTv 4. . .  Bought this for a friend. . . .  Although trying... read more »

Great fun for a 4 year old!

15 Aug, 2018
Bought this as a gift for my great-niece. . . She loves it! So does her 16 month old brother! #rankboosterreview #sponsored # Bowling Ball Games read more »

Absolutely love this!

13 Jul, 2018
Beautiful, soft, & covers arms full length... Also fully covers the back! No sunbrn on out outing on the boat! . . . . well except for my upper thighs... lol The only 2 cons about this suit (f... read more »

Its about as good as any other brand

28 Jun, 2018
Definitely Not worth the inflated "List price" of $499.00 Value is closer to the selling price of $59.99. . . . However I have used other brands of Vaccuum sealers that were less expensi... read more »

These are great for people who cant use regular snoekels!

28 Jun, 2018
I cant use a regular snorkel because of having a small face, the water tends to leak in. ( Water goes straight thru my nose... & I choke. Have had No problems with this full face mask.!  T... read more »

Dogs really love playing with these!

17 Jun, 2018
Dogs really like them. . .  But we keep needing to tie the ends back up. #rankboosterreview  #Sponsored  # WOOF EXPRESS Dog Rope... read more »

Absolutely Love this!

17 Jun, 2018
My Niece purchased this thru my Amazon account. . . She Absolutely Loves this!  Nice bright colors... Can see at a distance! Holds laptop, cord & mouse without being bulky. Soft cove... read more »

Not just for treats!

28 May, 2018
I am using therse to wrap my handmade soaps. (made from scratch) They are a good size for what I need, and I can use my heat sealer to seal them. I do like all the colored twist-ties & the bows... read more »

Husband absolutely Loves his gift!

21 May, 2018
Purchased this as agift for my dear husband. He loves the over-all Wolf pattern!  Will be wearing this alot when Fall comes again! This pull-over hoodie is lightweight, but should keep him wa... read more »

Absolutely Fabulous!!

21 May, 2018
This dress was purchased as a gift for my great-niece. Her mom absolutely Loves it!  It fits well for the size of the child and will be worn in an upcoming photo-shoot! read more »

Cute little night lights!

21 May, 2018
Cute little nightlights!  I was not expecting there to be 2 of these in the package. That was a nice surprise.  Its great that these plug into the wall, and also have 2 USB ports attached w... read more »

I have used these types of pH meters before.

11 May, 2018
I have used these pH meters in the past, when testing the pH of my handmade liquid soaps. They do seem to work well, however you have to be careful not to break the glass bulb on the bottom. It is a... read more »

Purchased as a gift for great-Nephew

11 May, 2018
I purchased this for my great-nephew. He's getting so big, and outgrowing his clothed rapidly! I know his mom appreciates the clothes for him!  And it is such a cute outfit! https://www.a... read more »

Nice and adorable set!

11 May, 2018
This was a gift for my great-niece... Both her and her mom like it! #rankboosterreview  #sponsored  # Dhas... read more »

Smaller than expected

11 May, 2018
Although these are smaller than I had expected, They will serve me well for many uses! #Rankboosterreview&nbs... read more »

Looks to be of good quality

11 May, 2018
Item looks to be of good quality. Haven't had the chance to use this yet.   Saving it for a future camping trip. Will update review when I use it. read more »

So cute! New Grandbaby will get good use of this!

11 May, 2018
This is soft, has 3 silicone nubs on the end. Looks to be of good quality.  Hoping it will last a good while. read more »

Nice & Light... Love this shirt!

08 May, 2018
I love this shirt!  It's so light & comfortable! I ordered a size small... but with my small stature, I still had to take it in around the back of the neck, and at the bottom of the el... read more »

Cute outfit

30 Apr, 2018
This is a cute outfit I purchased for my great-neice. As per Amazon reviews, it tends to run a size small.No disrespect, but I would expect that, being made in china... LOL they are smaller in statu... read more »

Nice Light Stick

30 Apr, 2018
This is a nice light stick.  It has a touch sensor on one end that glows in the dark so you can find it. It has 4 different settings, that you control by tapping the spot at the end; Bright... read more »

Just the right size!

30 Apr, 2018
These (set of 2) lights are just the right size. They are small, fit in the palm of your hand, & are bright without being blinding. I have used solar rechargable lights in the past, but having t... read more »

Nice Deck of cards

22 Apr, 2018
This is a regular deck of cards that have basic German phrases, numbers etc written on them. I guess I was expecting this to be more like *flash cards*.  I already know the basics, lol It's... read more »

Absolutely Fantastic!

22 Apr, 2018
Absolutely fantastic!   Nicely made -all glass, taller than I expected.. about 10 inches tall. Makes a nice piece for the collection.   And you really cannot beat the price--- les... read more »

Nice dress!

22 Apr, 2018
This is a decent quality garment.   Although it is titles as a nightgown, the material is thick enough to wear as a summer dress. Since chinese attire sizes seem to run small, I ordered a m... read more »

Nice Felt Cover

08 Apr, 2018
This is a nice Felted cover... Seems to protect the tablet very well. My only issue, (and it is my fault). . .   I didnt realize the actual size of this. I only needed 10 inch cover, a... read more »

This is a great system! However, my garden is bigger & needed another one!

29 Mar, 2018
I set up my square-foot gardening & was looking for a watering system because I do not have an outside water line. I have purchased another set from this seller, but I found that I needed anoth... read more »

Very Nice & Soft!

18 Mar, 2018
Bought these as a shower gift for our newest grandbaby, when he/she finally arrives. The front of the box has a cut-out where you can touch the wash cloths, and they are sooooo soft!!  i know o... read more »

Absolutely love this!

18 Mar, 2018
Nicely made, easy to use, easy to clean! I really like the fact that it has a removable bottom. Makes it so easy to get the patty out!. . . --- Have been wanting to make sliders as well! You can... read more »

Just what I was looking for!

15 Mar, 2018
I'm starting my square-foot gardening & was looking for a watering system because I do not have an outside water line. this will be just what I need -- along with a submersible pump to use... read more »

Nice & compact storage

06 Mar, 2018
Nice compact storage containers!  Stackable & has enough space for what I want to store. #rank booster  #... read more »

Love this! Lots of room for 2 people!

06 Mar, 2018
Love this Double sleeping bag!   Lots of room for 2 people. Sleeping bag can be made into 2 single bags as well. . . Good item for the price paid! read more »

Only time will tell

06 Mar, 2018
Received this the other day, and havent had the chance to use it yet. Will update the review if I find any issues (as other reviewers have had). read more »

Absolutely LOVE this drawing set!!

26 Feb, 2018
Absolutely LOVE this drawing set!!  It comes in a nice zippered carrying case!  Bonus included a 8.5 x 5.5 inch sketch pad! read more »

I love them!

27 Jan, 2018
I just LOVE these tongs!   Easy grip handles, strong silicone grippers, and easy clean-up! #r... read more »

Very Nice!

18 Jan, 2018
Looking forward to installing this in my new bathroom! Only time will tell if it will stay stuck on the wall of the shower. Nice item for the price! read more »

Nice, supportive & easy to attach to foot.

12 Jan, 2018
Nice, supportive & easy to attach to foot. Soft on the ankle, yet supportive. I purchased this for my sister who needed the extra support after she injured her ankle. https://www.amazo... read more »

Exactly what we needed!

12 Jan, 2018
Will work exactly for what we needed. . . Great push in clips that lock tight.   Nice replacement for broken clips. read more »

Worked great as a rain shield!

01 Jan, 2018
Worked great as a rain shield over the tent, when hubby went hunting with the son. #rankBooster  #Sponsore... read more »

Love it! Will look great in my bathroom!

01 Jan, 2018
Love it!  Will look great in my bathroom... when we get it finished! #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored&n... read more »

Good item at a great price!

01 Jan, 2018
Havent had the chance to try this out... Waiting for Spring & Summer! #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsore... read more »

Nice, Lightweight, & warm enough, . . .just not big enough.

01 Jan, 2018
this is a cocoon type sleeping bag.  Although is will keep you comfortable in temps between 30-40 degrees,  the husband found that this cocoon style sleeping bag, was too snug for him.&nb... read more »

Very Pretty.

14 Dec, 2017
Fits well, looks great and very protective.   #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored &... read more »

Bought it as a Gift.

21 Nov, 2017
I bought this as a gift for our son. . .  It looks to be of decent quality, and we are hoping he will like it. Once the holidays are over, I will update my review, based on our son's re... read more »

Great set of knives!!

16 Nov, 2017
I bought these for my niece - who really needed a nice set of knives. It was a suprise for her when they arrived--- she really loves them! Now I am thinking of getting another set for myself!&nb... read more »

Bought this as a gift for Myself--- I love it!

16 Nov, 2017
I have been doing alot of Early Holiday shopping. . . But I bought this for ME!!   And I just Love it!! #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  # Keychain Multi-function Keyring https... read more »

Bought this for a friend as a gift...

16 Nov, 2017
I bought this as a gift for a friend, as the Holidays will be here soon & I want to have everything done well before time. I know my friend will love this case!  Its very colorful & ha... read more »

Nice money clip.

16 Nov, 2017
Nice & thin, yet strong enough to hold many bills.. Its light weight and stylish.  Appears to be strong enough to last a long time. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #Carbon Fib... read more »

Nice little amplifier!

16 Nov, 2017
This is a nice little amplifier.  Great when you want to play & not disturb anyone. You just plug it in, add the head phones & play away! Bought this as a gift for the son & I'... read more »

A bit smaller than normal guitar picks.

16 Nov, 2017
Was really suprised when these arrived.  Needless to say... I'm not real happy about my purchase. These guitar picks are small. . .  Barely big enough to hold onto to use. . .  a... read more »

Nice & wide.

16 Nov, 2017
Nice & wide enough to hold many bills and/or cards. Its light weight and stylish.  Appears to be strong enough to last a long time. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #CL Carbonlif... read more »

Love the gradient colors

16 Nov, 2017
This is a very nice, slim & soft cover!  I love the gradient color from Purple down to blue. I feel it will be decent protection for the phone.   #RankBoosterReview  #Spons... read more »

Great Spinner

11 Nov, 2017
Nice spinner, spins well, will be a nice addition to my collection. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsor&nbs... read more »

Light weight, Bright & Colorful

09 Nov, 2017
These fishing lures are very lightweight. . .  not too sure how they will work, as we have not had the chance to try them. The hubby likes to use lures, so I thought these would make a nice gift... read more »

Looks, good, feels good!

09 Nov, 2017
This waist pack looks good, feels good and has enough pockets to hold the necessary items needed for a hunting trip. Its not too big, so it really wont hold alot, but enough to items you would need f... read more »

Nice Money Clip

09 Nov, 2017
This is a very nice money clip.  Its smooth carbon fiber has a cool texture & the background color shows up nicely. Looks as if it will hold a number of bills sufficiently.  Looks... read more »

Bought this as a gift. . .

05 Nov, 2017
I have used these types of UV nail lamps before & they do work pretty well.  This model is really a great size!  You can just about fit your whole hand in there! The selling pri... read more »

Nice, Neat, Compact, Easy Setup!

05 Nov, 2017
I have to agree with most of the reviews posted on Amazon about this product. It is Light, Compact, has a super Easy setup!  If using charcoal, the bottom is V-shaped to hold the charcoal dir... read more »

Nice assortment of tools.

05 Nov, 2017
This set has a nice assortment of tools to use for removing pimples. black heads and hard cores. Its packaged in a nice zippered case that you can take anywhere.  All tools stay in place inside.... read more »

Absolutely Love This!!

05 Nov, 2017
I absolutely LOVE this CUSIBOX Premium 304 Stainless Steel Water Kettle!!! My initial reason for purchasing this was, so I wouldnt have to use my coffee maker to heat water when I want to make... read more »

My niece... The queen of power squats!

02 Nov, 2017
I bought this as a gift for my niece, who works out alot. In the pics she shares on FBk, I have yet to see her wearing a belt. She tried this on & was immediately happy!! It fits well and g... read more »

Waterproof--- and it Floats!!

02 Nov, 2017
These waterproof bags seem like they will do the trick of keeping your phone dry, or any other small items like ID, License, Matches for camping or picnics... etc. Although I havent used this yet,... read more »

Just what I have been wanting.

02 Nov, 2017
These waterproof bags seem like they will do the trick of keeping your phone dry, or any other small items like ID, License, Matches for camping or picnics... etc. Although I havent used this yet,... read more »

Nice bags!

02 Nov, 2017
These are great bags, and you get 3 each of 2 different sizes. You can enclose your delicates in the zippered bag & throw in the washer. These also make nice packing bags to separate items f... read more »

This is so cool!

02 Nov, 2017
I bought this as a gift for our son.  I know he will like it!  We are Irish & he shows his Irish pride, The plaid covering shows that off a little bit. . . and any Irishman knows you ca... read more »

Solar Powered motion light...

01 Nov, 2017
Review Updated: Nov. 13, 2017 The replacement light is no better than the 1st one I received. . . 1. Charged in full sun. - OK 2. Pushed button in back to turn on  - OK 3. Mounted on wall s... read more »

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