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Best reviewer ever!! Honest and detailed. USA, Tennessee. Rank booster is number 1!
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My favorite!!

19 Oct, 2019
I have a few different bluetooth speakers. This is the best one I own. The sound is clear...can use for phone calls...but the led lights are the coolest.  You can pair two of these together...... read more »

By far the easiest

19 Oct, 2019
I take many drugs..twice daily. And now have others to include. This organizer is what I needed. Easy to set up for the whole week. Mine came with a splitter/crusher and a keychain holder. I used the... read more »

Coolest thing in my car!!

19 Oct, 2019
I am impressed!!  Had one of these(not like this one) a year ago...and this one I figured would be the same. Nope! You can carry on a phone conversation, it is crisp and clear. Scans for a free f... read more »

This thing is awesome

08 Oct, 2019
Never have I seen so many things packed into one wristband!! Will be a big plus on the next hike or camping trip. Get will love it!! read more »

Very easy to install

08 Oct, 2019
Super easy. Very flexible. Spray pattern is helpful in removing stuck on food from dishes. I like it... Doesn't take but a few minutes to install. read more »

Very strong

26 Sep, 2019
These are quite strong to be so thin. Made my home smell much nicer. Sticks are very thin and easy handling is required. read more »

The best!!

26 Sep, 2019
Don't use the round ones...these are far better at seeing everything easily behind you. Covers blind spot 100%. Easy to apply to mirror! read more »

Neat little charger

26 Sep, 2019
I like having three available charging ports...but not as fast at charging as I expected. still does the job. read more »

Nice shaver for the price

26 Jul, 2019
Battery doesn't hold more than 2-3 shaves. Overall it's a very decent shaver...nose hair clippers is a big plus. read more »

You need these!!

06 Jun, 2019
Full nylon zip ties. All sizes, plus, mounting pads! This will be such a big help!! Tough material but easy to bend and manipulate. Happy!!! read more »


02 Jun, 2019
By far the biggest kite I've ever owned. Easy to setup and really fun to fly. Little kids will certainly have a hard time with this, I'm guessing 11-12 age could handle with ease. Certainly we... read more »

Wow! Just wow! Incredible strength

26 Jan, 2019
I've had some of these before but not quite like this! The strength of this and the accuracy are by far the best I've seen!  Use a dime size brass pellet and Target, usually no more than... read more »

So convenient!

23 Jan, 2019
Plug it in and plug in your stuff! Fast charger, 2 of them. And an awesome blue led light inside the USB. Love it! No more searching for my charging blocks!! read more »


23 Jan, 2019
Got this for my uncle Bobby. He lives in the country and this will be so helpful til he gets lighting installed. Easy to use, securely stays on hat perfectly! read more »

Best one I have found!

19 Jan, 2019
This unit replaces our mishadled broken one of three years. Which saw nearly daily use. It's great! Last longer than what the manufacturer suggest. And works well as a nightlnight in our bathroom.... read more »

So beautiful!!

19 Jan, 2019
I have always been a fan these fairy lights. I was pleasentlu surprised when I realized that this set has several function settings. Very nicely packaged too, didn't have to fight with tangled wir... read more »

Holds strong

19 Jan, 2019
What can I say. I flip and flop!! read more »

These are so cool!!

19 Jan, 2019
This will be the future of straws, they are going to do away with the plastic straws all together. This is your solution. Comes with cleaners too!! Awesome,!! read more »

Super bulbs!!

19 Jan, 2019
These are very bright and not harsh to the eyes like some LED lights. My only problem is height. Bulbs are a bit tall, and don't fit most of my lamps, but fit fine in my now brighter dining room.... read more »


19 Jan, 2019
My wife looks amazing in this with her leggings and boots!! It's not sweater material, it's more a high quality cotton feel, like a brand new t shirt. She is very happy! read more »

Covers nearly all situations

13 Jan, 2019
My wife was so surprised by just how much this kit has to offer.  She tells me this sewing kit by far passes any she has owned. Great product and deal!! read more »

Great quality

13 Jan, 2019
Amazed instantly at the texture and look are that of canvas. Actual wood frames. Well built and beautiful pictures. Great addition to the house!! read more »

I want one now!!

09 Jan, 2019
I had gotten my son one like this at Christmas but it was defective.(charging port was broken inside) I ran across this one and it's much better than the previous, it has better sound and it's... read more »

Finally! A humane solution!

09 Jan, 2019
We have tried a non bark collar that gave two warnings(long beeps) and then would give a shock if the dog keeps barking. It worked really well, but, when someone he didn't know came in he couldn&#... read more »

Easiest ever to use.

09 Jan, 2019
No kidding, from box to app loaded to looking at everything like a little kid in less than 5 min. I do like having one of these around. I like to mess with electronic boards, I plan to use it as my ey... read more »

Well made

09 Jan, 2019
My beautiful wife loved this, it fit perfectly! Now I get to take her somewhere and show it off! LoL! Great material, it's super light and flows nice. Thank you!! read more »

Works as stated.

07 Jan, 2019
The person I got this for tells me it works very well, but is not a permanent solution. It does shave very close. It does pull every now and again but still does the job.  read more »

Scored big points with the wife!!

05 Jan, 2019
If you have someone in your world that love the solar outdoor lighting accents, you must check these out. Last nearly all night on a sunny days charge, look great with other led solar light. Wife is v... read more »

TV just got upgrade!!

05 Jan, 2019
These lights made my boring wall behind my TV come to life?? Easy to put in, power from USB, and remote works great from across the room!  Great product! read more »

Very nice!

02 Jan, 2019
With the option to plug in or use Bluetooth, these are my daughter's favorite! And loud enough for her to hear when she cuts the yard! They are great! read more »

Sounds beautiful

02 Jan, 2019
Most wind chimes sound "tinny". These have several tones throughout, it's a pleasure to listen to. I want more now!! read more »

Why spend so much $$

02 Jan, 2019
First, easy to trim to shoe size. Second, after my wife tried them for a day, she noticed a difference. I did some research and found that the expensive inserts that are "decent" have the ex... read more »

Very durable!!!

02 Jan, 2019
I've bought many shower curtains, happy most times. This curtain is made of a very strong material. And the included roller hooks are awesome. No more fighting with the shower rod! Great deal! Gre... read more »

Perfect fit!!

26 May, 2018
It seems they are making these different and smaller.  These here fit my neck and don't fall off!  Great sound and phone calls are clear.  Great headset!  read more »

Nice unit. Easy to install!

26 May, 2018
Really looks nice in my bath.  Temp works well and massage setting feels great!  Fast and easy to put in.  read more »

Around the koi pond.

12 May, 2018
These really glow and look so unique. Just an afternoon of sunlight and they glowed for several hours. Nice.  read more »

Scored big points!

12 May, 2018
My wife was thrilled when these came. She put them right in the garden. They get several hours of sun, and stay on all night. They look great!  read more »

Love these lenses

12 May, 2018
Very comfortable, not mirrored so it doesn't feel like you're looking through window tint. Nice sunshades!   read more »

This is the one!

12 May, 2018
It is perfect for soaping up the car or boat. Not a pressure washer by any means, but gets after it better than just a water hose. I found it was perfect for cleaning my vinyl siding on my house. ... read more »

First one I've had

12 May, 2018
I've had drones and such, but this is so much more fun!  I suggest if you're new to choppers, start out in a low cut grass area, you're gonna crash. It only takes a minute to get it,... read more »

Totally amazed!

12 May, 2018
No kidding, coolest gloves I've ever used. I use charcoal grill and find it annoying everytime I burn off my hairs on my wrists over the heat. And I saute in an iron skillet as well, so, these glo... read more »

Most comfortable one I've used!

12 May, 2018
By far my favorite earbud, hard to believe that you can make phone calls and have such quality with such a small device. Battery life is very good and charges quick and easy. Love it!  read more »

Best ever!!

02 May, 2018
Feels like I can see forever! I thought they would be too bright for oncoming traffic, but no one flashes me. Easy to put in, love them!  read more »

Fun little boat!

02 May, 2018
Boat is smaller than I thought, but it makes up for it in speed and agility. Battery life is good, don't let it get to far away from you, starts acting weird and loses controls. Keeps up with the... read more »

Super Smart watch!!

02 May, 2018
Absolutely love it. Does everything the big brand names do. Put you a SD card in it, and music, photos, and all right on your wrist. Connect Bluetooth headphones and answer your phone, jam your music.... read more »

Pocket knife

02 May, 2018
In received the knife and was a little disappointed I received the wrong one. However, I really like the one got. Handle is strong, is spring assisted, and can tell its well made. So I can't revie... read more »

Indoor digital antenna

02 May, 2018
I thought I lived to far away to get a good signal. After hooking it all up, I ran a scan with my TV. Within minutes I had all the stations available out here. Great little antenna!  read more »

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