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Bright and fun

23 Nov, 2021
The LED is great. It's easy to operate. It's places on the tree just like any other tree topper with bright and  fun lights at the flick of a switch. The range is fantastic.. I have a 7 f... read more »

Great quality

11 Jul, 2021
Great quality leads. Strong and work perfectly. The longer leads are great for use while operating the phone.  read more »

Handy kit!

10 Jul, 2021
Very hand little kit. Easy to operate. It's great for siphoning water out for tank changes. It's good for filtering bits of food and waste from the stones or even algae which has formed. Would... read more »

Great item

07 Jul, 2021
Very well made. Purchased cheap guns front value stores which has broke with use. The kids have been running around using this and it's been great, pumps well and great distance. Would recommend. read more »

Fun item

07 Jul, 2021
Great fun sprinkler for these warm summer days. It's cuts and very well made. Some sprinklers I have purchased is a drip.. This works as is supposed. read more »


08 Jun, 2021
These are easy to install.  Great battery life. They are very bright. There is no chance of missing these on the road. read more »

Fantastic gun!

08 Jun, 2021
I have putchased many water guns like this that have broken after a few uses. This is a brilliant. It is easy to pump and shoot and the water pressure is very good. read more »


08 Jun, 2021
Great BBQ. Its compact but holds a lot of food. It's perfect size to pack into the car for a weekend camping trip, a day at the beach or just a quick bbq for dinner. Easily cleans and stored  read more »


08 Jun, 2021
Beautiful case! The photo quality is fantastic. Unfortunately I had ordered the wrong model. I messaged the customer service who were very helpful.  read more »

Great torches!

08 Jun, 2021
Great torches. Small and easy to use. They are very bright and have a huge range on the torch. The UV is great for smaller areas.  read more »

Very handy

04 Dec, 2020
Very handy gadget. Its compact and stores easily when not in use. It comes with different adapters which also comes in handy when you don't have the correct plug at hand. Works very well and no is... read more »

Great item

04 Dec, 2020
This is a great compact laminator which is easy to operate just switch it on and wait for the light. Came with a corner rounder. Which is like a punch and rounds off corners. It also came with a paper... read more »

Super soft!

21 Nov, 2020
Item is a bit squashed and looks effortless when it comes out of the package. You need to give it time to settle. Its a beautiful soft little rug, very fluffy and looks good. read more »

Love it!

21 Nov, 2020
Absolutely love this!!  The shirt is beautiful. It feels very soft and comfortable. The sizing is very good. The design looks chaotic but is absolutely beautiful, colourful and bright. Gr... read more »


21 Nov, 2020
Bought this for DIY jobs around the house. It's powerful and one exactly what it was supposed to do. Coming with the dust collector was very handy due to being asthmatic. It greatly reduced the du... read more »


08 Aug, 2020
Such a handy item. I honestly didn't expect much for the price but it's actually really good and stays accurate whilst moving. It's very well made and comes well packaged. I like the fact... read more »

Perfect for dashcams

22 Jan, 2020
I had a big brand card which I misplaced after looking at dash cam footage. I couldn't find it and we were going on a long journey. I bought this to pop in. It was easily installed and works just... read more »

Great card low price

22 Jan, 2020
I bought this little card to pop into my daughter's digital camera. Easily popped in and works a treat! read more »

Great cutter!

17 Dec, 2019
When I opened the packaging for this I will honestly say I didn't have high hopes for it. It was small, light and didn't seem fit for my purpose (Scrapbooking). I was wrong it's in fact a... read more »

Good fun!

07 Dec, 2019
Great fun gift for kids and even adults! Well structured little car and very well made. read more »

Perfect stocking filler!

24 Nov, 2019
I purchased this as a stocking filler for my child. Although I haven't used it yet, I have opened it to peak. It looks well made and a lot of fun. Many hours of enjoyment for minimal cost. read more »

Ideal set for experienced or DIY jobs

24 Nov, 2019
Bought this set for myself, but also one for my brother. My brother would be more experienced than me with DIY jobs may it be with laptops or Electricals. It has a variety of heads. Come in different... read more »

Great set!

24 Nov, 2019
Great set with a lot a did range of heads. It comes with many accessories. My favourite has to be the memory mat which is always helpful for an inexperienced DIY job! Great quality. read more »

Reliable leads

04 Jul, 2019
Very good leads. The colours help determine in a bust household who's is who's. They are a great length and do exactly as the should. Worth a purchase read more »

Great set!

04 Jul, 2019
Fantastic little set. The colours are great and great coverage. The stencils are very handy when a child wants to paint Mummy and not make her look like an oompa loompa. Also handy for the less artist... read more »

Small but fun!

04 Jul, 2019
This is a great and fun item. I love how it can be used as both a lamp and a disco ball very easily, and quickly. It's very bright colours, coverage around the room and so easy to use. read more »

Great seat

27 Apr, 2019
Perfect as a hammock or a car seat! Fits in well. Great quality and protects your seats from those muddy paws. Also great as a seat cover to protect the seats from young kids and spillage. read more »


27 Apr, 2019
Great little scarves. Very nice designs and very colourful. Can be worn many ways and the colours and patterns makes the ideal for any wardrobe. Can go with many outfits. Would recommend  read more »

Soft and colourful

27 Apr, 2019
Great little scarves. Soft, lovely material and well made. Great size. The colours and designs are colourful and cute. Great to accessorize and outfit read more »

Great thick quality

27 Apr, 2019
Great dog hammock. Quality material and well made. Plenty of leads for the dog incase you misplace. Very easy to fit and it fits inside the back of the car well. When the dogs not in the car, it can b... read more »

Fun item

13 Apr, 2019
Looks can be deceiving. The box is so small and isn't every attractive but you should never judge a book by its cover. This item is great, good quality and comes with all the accessories. Have had... read more »

Handy dog lead

13 Apr, 2019
Fantastic dog lead, especially for larger breeds. My golden retriever pulls quite a lot and is very strong so the second handle helps me keep control on him while walking but also helps me keep him cl... read more »

Quality hammock

13 Apr, 2019
Great quality hammock. Stitching looks well and it seems made of good strong material. Which backs up the strength of it. Mosquito net is a bonus as we camp in a forest. Can't wait for the warmer... read more »

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