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Hi, I'm been an Amazon reviewer for the past 3 years. I'll would love to review clothing, makeup, home, pets, kitchen and gardening products. I'll give my honest review and I'll be sharing it with my friends and family too.
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Very good quality bags great for veggies and fruits!

05 Oct, 2019
I bought these to reduce our plastic use especially when going to the grocery store and buying fruits and veggies. I like that this came with a variety of sizes. I am very happy with these produce bag... read more »

Great straw for on the go!

05 Oct, 2019
Love these straws! now that so many restaurants are going straw free or to the terrible paper straws, we have an easy to travel option to bring with us. These straws are great and easy to clean. They&... read more »

Great and lovely phone case!

05 Oct, 2019
I like the color and the decorative design for the phone case with this price. It looks wonderful! Also, inside the case there are places for cards and a string to hold the phone, which is a perfect d... read more »

Great gloves!

05 Oct, 2019
The gloves arrived quickly and fit perfectly. The touch screen feature is great and they are not too bulky. They are beautifully made and my husband really loves how they fit. They're also good fo... read more »

Very good quality straws

05 Oct, 2019
I really like those collapsible metal straws in telescopic design, and long enough for any drink. It comes in a nice case which is light and small to carry around easily. Worth the money and good qual... read more »

I love this Halloween costume!

05 Oct, 2019
Wow! It looks so cute! My cat looks cool! (I won't show you it because I'm afraid you will fall in love with it). This wing is perfect for Halloween, making your cat look more noble and myster... read more »

Great leather case!

03 Oct, 2019
And it's super cute. I would highly recommend it This is exactly what I needed, and it's super cute. I would highly recommend it. read more »

Great portable light solar power

03 Oct, 2019
It’s very important to have portable solar panel lights in case of an emergency where the power goes out. This is great for any emergency situation no battery required and stands up by itself fo... read more »

Good swimsuit!

03 Oct, 2019
Tankini top features double up tankini top and removable soft paddings. The bottom is separated and bikini style. I absolutely love this bathing suit! Cant beat the price either! It seems like i... read more »

Lovely Sarong

03 Oct, 2019
I love this cover! I bought the elephants printed and when I saw it, I just felt in love with it. The best thing about this is that it is completely adjustable to your size and you can also adjust the... read more »

Great mirror!

03 Oct, 2019
Great mirror! It's perfect for applying make-up, tweezing, shaving, inserting contact lenses and so on. Come with two suction cups can be easily fixed on a flat surface. Can be past... read more »

Great velvet sofa cover

25 Sep, 2019
I love that this is ONE PIECE and elastic. My sofa measurement was in the range specified, and I had no problems putting it on and it feels nice and soft (it's summer now, will feel even nicer in... read more »

Great water bag!

24 Sep, 2019
It comes with a bag and a phone case. The dry bag is very well made with quality material. I wish the material is softer, but both bags do the work.made well, very thick plastic, roll top closure. It&... read more »

Almost as good as a razor

24 Sep, 2019
Nice close shave ... not as close as a razor but what it? It does its job, nice electric read out. Can shave wet or dry cause its waterproof. Good product overall. read more »

Nice at-home piece of workout equipment

24 Sep, 2019
Gets the job done and can use it in many ways to strengthen self. Doesn't take up a lot of room.  It works on lower, upper chest, forearms and back,depending on your grip. You can feel where... read more »

Beautiful and excellent quality swimsuit

24 Sep, 2019
The ruffled fabric does hide the belly.The tankini top gathers in a way that provides great flattering coverage. Long enough to not ride up. It has pads that are removable and without underwire. I'... read more »

Precise fit. Quality better than expected.

24 Sep, 2019
The phone case is exactly as advertised and is standing up well to daily use so far. Lovely blue color. I'll definitely recommend this phone case to my family and friends.  read more »

Package open and bra missing

24 Sep, 2019
Today I received this bikini but unfortunately the package arrived open and the bra was missing I received just the panty. I contacted the customer service at Amazon and they'll gonna gi... read more »

Excellent hair trimmer!

22 Sep, 2019
I gifted this hair trimmer to my husband and he loves it. Excellent quality not lousy trimmer. Great design and packing. I'll definitely recommend this hair trimmer to my family and friends t... read more »

Great foundation!!

13 Sep, 2019
Nice size bottle for the price. It has a nice medium coverage that last all day. It does not clump and settle in fine lines. And it dont seem to dry out my face. read more »

Lovely bathing suit!

13 Sep, 2019
I received this lovely bathing suit 4 days ago and I love it. It has been made from great materials, seems a good quality too. It's  true to the size, it has gorgeous colors and makes you loo... read more »

This is a fraud!!!

11 Sep, 2019
I received this crap after almost a month since I made the order. I just a piece of foam not a yoga mat. This is definitely a fraud. I just want my money back!!! read more »

Never received

11 Sep, 2019
I never received the pant and the seller issued a full order refund. read more »

Didn't work!! Don't waste your money!!

07 Sep, 2019
During this days I try the wisoap and follow the instructions but this thing didn't work. I charger for 3 hours and put water and detergent in a plastic container then I put a blouse and the wisoa... read more »

Love it!!

31 Aug, 2019
I’m 5’4" about 131 lbs. and this fits perfectly. As a dress it is a little pass my knees and as a skirt right at my ankles. Yes it’s really light but it’s comfy. It’... read more »

Meets and exceeds our expectations

31 Aug, 2019
  These bathroom shelves are good quality and easy to install. The're able to place where needed and no tools needed. Hold adequate weight of face towels in the bathroom. Great p... read more »

Small garbage bags, great for the bathroom cans.

28 Aug, 2019
The box contains 6 folds of bags which I can approximately use for 6 months. The bag is tough and suitable for my bathrooms need. It is biodegradable so it is safe for the environment. The size is qui... read more »

Good lamp!

28 Aug, 2019
Love how Bright it is. A little concerned about how well it will hold onto the umbrella pole over a long period of time. I would love it more if it would have an USB port to charge it. But, overall,... read more »

Great handheld fan!!

28 Aug, 2019
Absolutely brilliant, it gives quite good cold air, I was surprised after taking it to outdoor, was not expecting that much cool air from this little fan.  It was definitely worth the money, spec... read more »

Great straw!! Perfect size!!

28 Aug, 2019
I was in search of a reusable straw because I didn't like the paper straws I got from stores when I bought drinks. So, I decided to go green and purchase my own reusable straw! And, this one is gr... read more »

Reusable cotton pads that you can have.

27 Aug, 2019
These pads are wonderful. They take off my make up so well. Best thing about them is that they're reusable. I think every body should own a pack or two of these and you can throw them in a laundry... read more »

Good quality jumpsuit

27 Aug, 2019
I ordered for my husband cause he loved cats like me. Very good quality of the fabric and great colors and prints too. My husband love it as pijama cause it's comfy and fresh. It's true t... read more »

Very good anti pollution mask

27 Aug, 2019
This anti pollution mask help me a lot with my allergies. I live in Puerto Rico and during summer the Sahara dust affects my sinuses. With the meds and the mask help me a lot to keep my allergies unde... read more »

Great bandanas for the lovely babies

27 Aug, 2019
Those lovely bandanas are the perfect gifts for the cats or dogs. I know that my little ones will be very cute when they wearing them for Halloween costume. I'll definitely recommend this bandanas... read more »

Comfy jumpsuit

27 Aug, 2019
Fits so comfortably and can be dressed up with just a cute hairstyle or bit of jewelry or casual with a pair sandals and a pony or bun. read more »

Very good flat iron

27 Aug, 2019
I have very thick, long and curly hair. This flat iron truly is the best! It heats up quickly and it's the perfect size to do my bangs as well as my entire head. You no need expend a lot of money,... read more »

Helpful, but doesn't hold up very much

27 Aug, 2019
I was using this for cat litter and now I'm a little self-conscious about my cat maybe she just poops alot! Because it won't all fit in the scoop!! It's a little difficult to get the clump... read more »

Great Baby stuff organizer

26 Aug, 2019
TIt helps me a lot to organize all my girl stuff as shampoo, soaps, creams, wipes, etc. I can save a lot of space using it and it also comes with a changing pad. It's perfect for a mom to be. read more »

Nice and artistic ring!

26 Aug, 2019
This is definitely a different look in a ring, but that's a good thing. I like the shapes and the placement of the stones. It works! True to size. I'll definitely recommend it to my family and... read more »

Great socks!!

22 Aug, 2019
Honestly, these are great socks. they have a little bit of rubber to keep them in place, and they really do stay in place. I've had others that slide down the heel, but these stay put. They are ve... read more »

Great makeup remover pads!

22 Aug, 2019
These pads are super soft and remove makeup very well especially with my cleanser. They are easy to hold & shaped nice to use on your face. They are easy to wash too! I love these alot. Highly rec... read more »

Excellent quality trash bag

22 Aug, 2019
Very good quality trash bags. Decided to try them out because they were a much better price than the name brands in the grocery store. I received a box of 150 tall kitchen bags with a drawstring closu... read more »

Beautiful and good sling back.

11 Aug, 2019
This sling back is smaller than I expected but it well made and the color is beautiful. The straps are generous and easy to adjust. Its perfect for shopping mall trips and outdoor activities like them... read more »

Pretty swimsuit for the little ones.

11 Aug, 2019
This pretty swimsuit is smaller than expected in the legs area. It has adjustable straps. The sizing chart isn't accurate I recommend that you select a one size up for a better fitting. It's w... read more »

Beautiful and excellent quality swimsuit

11 Aug, 2019
I love this bathing suit, the top is cute and supportive. Pretty pattern, bright colors and goog fabric. It's true to size and the straps are adjustable. And the best of all it's that you can... read more »

Amazing palette!

11 Aug, 2019
This is a lovely palette, the colors and pigments are amazing.  It's an affordable palette that you can compare with the high end at the market but cheaper. The colors are bright and very pig... read more »

Absolutely beautiful ring!

11 Aug, 2019
This ring is so pretty and I love it. It fits perfectly well and it's well made too. Its come in a beautiful and elegant red velvet box. Definitely a good option to gift or to treat something grea... read more »

Too large and long for me

11 Aug, 2019
This blouse has brighter colors for my taste. The length sweept the floor is too long for petite person like me. And the size is larger so I suggest to down a size. But in general this blouse isn'... read more »

Too long for me.

11 Aug, 2019
This jumpsuit has very nice bright and bold colors. The material is stretch and feels cheap. You could down a size cause its fit large. And if you're on the petite side definitely this jumpsuit is... read more »

Very cute Halloween costume

02 Aug, 2019
Today I received this very cute costume for my sister cat. I'm going to gift to her this weekend. I now that it's gonna be a lovely surprise for her and for her cat. I hope that fits ok to her... read more »

Beautiful and excellent quality swimsuit

02 Aug, 2019
Today I received this beautiful swimsuit for my niece and I love it. I know that she is gonna love it too. The fabric is from excellent quality. It has straps to adjust the length of the sleeves.... read more »

Excellent lock

01 Aug, 2019
  I received it yesterday and while I haven''t gone on any trips yet to test these locks out, I did try to set the lock, making up a numerical code. It was easy to do (one needs a pen... read more »

Gorgeous ring!

01 Aug, 2019
Today I received this gorgeous ring and I am amazed with it. It looks so real and the material is from excellent quality. I was thinking in giving to my niece but I'm going to keep it cause I real... read more »


27 Jul, 2019
I received this fanny pack on yesterday. This fanny pack is perfect for storing my Samsung phone, my keys and my cards or money when I was walking or jogging at the park. It's small, great quality... read more »

Very good quality

25 Jul, 2019
Today I received the swimsuit and I love it. It's a little bit larger for me but doesn't matter. The fabric is very good and breathable. It's seem that dry quickly too. The color is bright... read more »

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