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Family first! I am a super mom who gets things done! I love trying products at a discount because I might have never tried them otherwise, I have found some great products that I continue on a regular basis buying after trying them. I love beauty products because I am in the beauty industry and I'm always looking for that new magical tool or product. If it looks interesting, I will want to try it!
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Absolutely beautiful

19 Mar, 2019
Bought this for my daughter to remind her how much I love my mini-me. She absolutely loves it and wears it every day.  The chain links were a little off and I may buy her a new chain but its defi... read more »

Quick & strong

19 Mar, 2019
Locks in the gel polish quickly and completely.  Very nice and can be used in a professional setting.   read more »

Great precision cut

19 Mar, 2019
Quiet & low vibration.  These clippers don't irritate my hands with a noisy hard vibration. Very soft vibration with an excellent cut. The attachments fit perfectly and I love that you ca... read more »

Quiet & sharp

19 Mar, 2019
These clippers are working great to trim & cut & buzz off even the thickest of hair. Very quiet vibrations.  I always hated how obnoxiously loud other brands have been, this set has been... read more »

Great way to transport the dirty laundry

19 Mar, 2019
Stylish way to transport my dirty towels from the salon to be laundered. Easy to carry with plenty of room to carry quite a bit. This has made it so much easier! read more »

Handsome pup

19 Mar, 2019
Cute design. Makes my Humphrey look like a smart nerd. He doesn't mind wearing the bow and looks pretty awesome in it read more »

Precise and sharp

19 Mar, 2019
This tweezer set is sharp & precise.  Grabs the hairs firmly and makes tweezing a breeze read more »

Great pack

26 Jun, 2018
My daughter loves it. Instructions on using the charging cords would have been nice to include in the package but we figured it out. Nice having multiple pockets and compartments to store many items a... read more »

Sorted bliss

26 Jun, 2018
So if I can get everyone to read the bin and throw their laundry into the correct side, it would be bliss, but I am happy that the laundry is at least making it into the bin! Keeps the house from pile... read more »

No more ironing

26 Jun, 2018
Ok, so I am awful at ironing clothes, sometimes they look even worse when I'm done with them! This steam iron is fantastic! No more unkept wrinkled shirts. And I can steam my pores too...! Great b... read more »

No more sloppy shoes

26 Jun, 2018
Since my son refuses to tie his shoes and it looks sloppy and unkept, these laces are awesome and keep him looking neat. Super easy to use, I am absolutely happy with them! read more »

No more dry looking cracked feet

26 Jun, 2018
Beautiful feet without psying the high price of a pedicure. After this treatment,  throw some polish on and have beautiful summer flip flop feet for cheap. Pretty neat how this works read more »

Versatile charger

26 Jun, 2018
I love how this charger is so versatile in that its a multiple port charger that has its own wall plug but slso holds a charge so you can take it and go and always be able to charge your device. The w... read more »

Fun for kids

26 Jun, 2018
Pretty trippy glasses. Steampunk style with crazy kaleidoscope lenses that are really cool. My kids love them. Super fun read more »

Great for keeping the laundry in its place

26 Jun, 2018
Much better than having my kids throw their laundry in a pile. Keeps my hallway looking neater and they can carry it downstairs when it fills win. Fits into the decor and seems to be stu... read more »

Busy hands

26 Jun, 2018
Keeps my kid entertained for awhile. Good quality, bright colors. Nice stocking stuffer or small gift for a child. I even find myself playing with it. read more »

Black peel mask

26 Jun, 2018
Seems like a good product but I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly since all the instructions are in Chinese, there was no optional instructions in English so I'm not sure what the other... read more »

Good fathers day gift

14 Jun, 2018
Nice lightweight comfortable fit. Adjustable waistline and zippered pockets so you don't lose your items. Great for lounge wear around the house or pool. Good quality! read more »

Good light reduction

14 Jun, 2018
Really like the color of the lenses. They have a nice amount of bright light reduction in the sun. Comfortable oversized fit for good eye protection. Look stylish & fit great. Nice quality! read more »

Clearing the air

08 Jun, 2018
Works great for my husbands stinky work vehicle.  He doesn't like to use strong smelling air fresheners so this is the next best thing to remove those horrible work smells and sweat. He's... read more »

Works great

08 Jun, 2018
Its nice having a stand to use while watching videos or playing video games. Has the perfect angle for watching videos. Works for my kids Switch and also for my cell phone. Great buy! read more »

Good fit

07 Jun, 2018
These actually stick better and fit better than the ones that I bought from my phone carrier! Great deal too since a 2 pack of these was half the price of just one at the store... totally a great... read more »

Nice lightweight lounging shorts

07 Jun, 2018
These are very lightweight and great for hot summer nights.  Nice loose fit, my husband thinks they are very comfortable. Tie string waist so they can be adjusted. Great sleep shorts or for relax... read more »

Nice fit

07 Jun, 2018
This shirt fits beautifully,  it hugs all the right curves. The cuts outs in the back lay perfectly while showing the peak a boo peacock design. I really like the light feeling smooth fabric. Ver... read more »

Love to switch up the lenses

07 Jun, 2018
I love changing out the lenses and changing my look. Good quality.  Comes in a large case to hold all the lenses & glasses. My favorite lenses is the dark rainbow colored which are darker tha... read more »

Daughter love it

04 Jun, 2018
First of all, my daughter love this moon lamp, she was super excited to get it. I thought it would be bigger but it's still really nice. Looks nice in her room and her friends all want one now read more »


04 Jun, 2018
These are so cool but definitely trippy when you have them on. Comfortable fit and fantastic design.  My son loves these since he really enjoys the steampunk life. Fun and really cool! read more »

So pretty

04 Jun, 2018
My daughter and I both love these headbands. They have  beautiful designs and a stretchy snug fit. They stay in place without slippage.  They are a perfect fit for both of our heads, not tig... read more »

Fantastic husband gift

31 May, 2018
This is an awesome gift for any facial grooming Male! Keeps all of the little clippings of hair out of the sink and off of the bathroom counter and, floor. So much nicer to help keep the bathroom clea... read more »

Finally a harness that keeps my dog from escaping

31 May, 2018
I have tried numerous harnesses on my Greyhound. As soon as wit hit the driveway he always escapes because  he wants to keep walking instead of going back home. This harness kept him in it...perf... read more »

Brightest lights!

31 May, 2018
My husband absolutely loves these bulbs. They are a truly white bright light. They brightened up the darkest area... love them! read more »

Daughter loves it

27 May, 2018
Good quality,  smells like sweet vanilla. Slow rising and a very generous size. My daughter is very happy with it. read more »

Powerful little thang

27 May, 2018
Small but mighty, this packs a nice punch. Good quality and isn't so obvious.  read more »

Great for riding the quad

27 May, 2018
We love these for riding the four wheeler. They work great for getting a nice grip on the handlebars. Nice design and they fit just right. read more »

Better than the one I bought from my provider

27 May, 2018
I had to keep replacing the ones that I bought from where I bought my phone from. This screen protector seems to be working much better without sliding or popping off. Good product  read more »

Nice quality

27 May, 2018
They run a little on the small side so I ordered a size bigger than I thought that I needed and they fit perfectly.  Nice quality and you can't see through them. Great design and are very com... read more »

Syncs fantastically

27 May, 2018
Perfect fast syncing of my devices. Information transferred very quickly without any issues. Very happy with it!! Great! read more »

Super convenient

23 May, 2018
pretty simple to set up. Works fantastic for a comfortable lounger to lay out in the sun. I need to buy another since my daughter loves it too. Held air and makes being outdoors more enjoyable. ... read more »

Kids liked it

23 May, 2018
It was a little smaller than I thought it would be. Would give more stars if I could turn off the sounds it makes, it's a bit   obnoxious.  Overall the kids had fun playing with it.... read more »


03 May, 2018
Easter gift for my daughter, she absolutely loves it.  Slow rising and soft. She loves the feeling of it. Also had a pleasant scent read more »

Fresh face

19 Feb, 2018
Nice fresh feeling. Deep Cleans pores better than washing with your hands or with a cloth. Can use any facial cleanser. Came with 2 different changable heads for oily skin & sensitive skin. And al... read more »

Excellent quality! Look great on just about everyone in our family

19 Feb, 2018
Everyone in my family want to wear them because these looked great on all of us. They are comfortable to wear and perfectly block the right amount of sunlight. Good quality #Amazon #Rankboosterreview... read more »

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