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I am a long term sufferer of chronic dysthymia and fibromyalgia. I like to try new things to help my cats and myself feel better. It has been hard for me to learn to upload pictures and write about different items but with practice I will get better.
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great product

05 Sep, 2021
This is a great product, my son uses it for his fish tanks and 4 USB to charge phone etc, 2M isn't very long for reaching places but was perfect for what I need. Plenty of outlets for all you... read more »

very handy

04 Sep, 2021
These headlamps are bright, I find them very useful to help finding things in dark places and being rechargeable saves on buying batteries. They are exactly like shown on the Amazon page. I have probl... read more »

so cool

16 Jun, 2021
I have found something I love, so cool and with the water my face doesn't dry out like when using a normal floor fan. The instructions are easy to follow, the unit is easy to use just keep upright... read more »

I love this

24 Apr, 2021
I've used these a few times now and made fried eggs to my liking, easy to clean, easy to use non-stick egg rings, always oil the rings.  read more »

I love it

26 Nov, 2020
I love this pillowcase, it is a great keepsake I could do with one for each of my cats. The printing is pretty good and I like that you can choose a font for the writing. I haven't washed it yet b... read more »

ice cubes

16 Oct, 2020
When I filled the squares just under the top level I thought I'd never get it to the freezer without spilling, But despite the movement of the silicone tray while carrying there was no spillage, t... read more »

Toilet Brush

28 Sep, 2020
The good points to this item is that it can reach places a normal toilet brush can't(eg:under the rim), I couldn't get the handle on properly and still find it hard to clean the almost un... read more »

Eye mask for sleeping

05 Sep, 2020
I find this eye mask good for blocking out the light and keeping my hair off my neck, I like that my eyes have room to breathe. It is also very comfortable to wear and is by far the best eye mask I ha... read more »

great product

04 Jun, 2020
I have now 2 different T shirts from this company, all I can say there is a consistancy in good sizing and good print. Photos of front and back show the bright detailed print. read more »

very surprised

27 Apr, 2020
I'm always a bit sceptical with handheld vacuums but boy was I surprised at the suction on this one. The plastic parts are very sturdy and exactly what I needed, it is easy to assemble and use. I... read more »

good fit

27 Apr, 2020
I got this for my son and he loves it, the material and the pattern very good quality. Photos showing front and back size small. read more »

great product

03 Jan, 2020
A great product for very delicate work aswell as some usual chores like the hex key you need to tighten everything. I hope the photos show clearly what is in the box, the plastic parts are very&n... read more »

great product

03 Jan, 2020
I was pleasantly surprised about how pretty these lights are and the length seems to go on for ages. As for the photos one is with main lights on and the other is with main lights off, it shows how mu... read more »

The best so far

01 Dec, 2019
I love this mainly because of its size 3ltr and you have a few choices of how to spread the water, my cats also love this water fountain as I have chosen the waterfall effect  so they have a choi... read more »

Does the job

12 Oct, 2019
You can never have enough USB chargers these days, this charger is a good design to make it easier to use USB chargers and works great.   read more »

My cats love this

24 Sep, 2019
I've never been sure about this style of pet water fountain but it was easy to assemble and my cats will either drink from the fountain or the little puddles inbetween. I hope it lasts as well as... read more »

great product

31 Jul, 2019
I love solar fountains once I found some sun I tried it out and it works perfectly.This one is a bit more weighty and a stronger pump altogether a bit more well made. As I was taking photos the sun we... read more »

I really love this

31 Jul, 2019
I was impressed with the photo print, I thought it was pretty perfect but my son says it isn't but he loves it anyway as it is a picture of his cat as a kitten, on the other side I added text(cats... read more »

Iphone chargers

10 Jun, 2019
You can never have too many chargers, I needed this for friends who need to charge their phones etc as they always forget to bring their own. They are pretty good chargers. read more »

great product

10 Jun, 2019
Much larger than my other clip fans, what I like the most is that you can place it on a flat surface and also clip onto many things. Another thing I like is that it is portable clip it onto my rollato... read more »

I really love this

03 Jun, 2019
This is my favourite item at the moment, my son is the one that gets bought speakers but this time I thought 'what about me'. At first I tried attaching plug from speaker to phone but I got a... read more »

I love the design

03 Jun, 2019
A cute pair of key rings, I found spare house keys to put them on to help me find the keys easier. They are very well made.     read more »

great product

21 May, 2019
This LED mirror is a good size and you can take it wherever you want to use it(not handbag size), this has helped me see what I'm doing rather than guess especially with the light which can be lig... read more »

Good CD DVD drive

21 May, 2019
I have had no trouble with this item, my biggest bug about it is the length of the cable. It is much smoother at ejecting than my previous CD drive and plays well. I have yet to try transferring data... read more »

Keep warm

27 Apr, 2019
This little heater has priven to be very useful in the cold, it takes a couple of hours to heat my whole bedroom, when oscillating try not to put the heater on anything that might cause vibration as i... read more »

handy product

27 Apr, 2019
This is a good item for many uses, I like the ambiance of the flame function. It is battery use only , I had a little difficulty shutting the top down and lifting again to make the light change but I... read more »

still scared my cat

09 Apr, 2019
This is a good working clippers we used it for my sons guinea pig( poor thing gets too hot in his fur), also the other bits that come with makes for a complete pet grooming kit.  read more »

great product

09 Apr, 2019
A very helpful pair of locks where any TSA can open your luggage, it will save time going through on flights etc and a tag. Exactly the same as picture.   read more »


26 Mar, 2019
I thought these earphones were quite good but my son says they aren't as good as all the ones he's got, when I tried them they stayed in my ears when most of the time I can't get earphones... read more »

A good smoke

26 Mar, 2019
At first I found this pipe a bit fiddly to hold and put together, now I am used to the weight(it is heavier than it looks) and can hold the pipe properly. As for the smoking experience it is a very co... read more »

very useful item

15 Mar, 2019
I am so glad I have this, especially for hex use as my furniture that uses this come loose quite often, it also helped me tighten the toilet seat down too with quite a large flathead screwdriver. I ha... read more »

holds a heavy load

15 Mar, 2019
I wasn't sure about this laundry basket to start with but it holds a lot of laundry, it also has a different way to carry and close which would be helpful in a few situations eg: carrying somewher... read more »

good fit for anyone

15 Feb, 2019
A very well stitched and good material apron with many uses, very long waist straps. Both myself and my son tried this apron on and we are very different body shapes and height, this product works for... read more »

super quiet

17 Jan, 2019
My son uses these hair trimmers for his pet guinea pig and to do his friends hair, they are so quiet his friend didn't even know they were on. These clippers are as precise as stated on the a... read more »

Adjustable Apron

18 Dec, 2018
I really love the quality and stitching of these aprons, I am 5ft tall so the adjustable neck strap and pockets is very useful for all the family. My only bug with this item is the back ties coul... read more »

A good strong set

26 Nov, 2018
I have very thick toenails that I can't fit into normal clippers, the curved blade scissor was my best choice to get through my big toenails with ease, having fibromyalgia makes small tasks like t... read more »

Quality oils

20 Nov, 2018
I found these essential oils to be very good quality, not watery like others I have bought. You can smell the aromas as soon as you open the box. They come presented in a lovely box. I would recommend... read more »

Very shiny

13 Nov, 2018
I have bought a few of this type of soap dispenser and they have all stopped working or broken. This dispenser has a slightly different bottom piece to protect against soap and water getting into the... read more »


13 Nov, 2018
I love salt lamps and colour changing lights so this lamp has both, I expect each of these lamps are individual in their making, This lamp doesn't get warm like most other salt lamps, whether that... read more »

20 colours

12 Nov, 2018
These beautiful hair scrunchies have a lovely velvet feel, when I counted them there were 21 but I couldn't find two of the same colour. They are a reasonable size I would think they would suit an... read more »

A lovely set

12 Nov, 2018
I was very surprised at how big these are as the picture makes them look fairly small. A very smooth grind which is adjustable. This set as a whole looks lovely and would make an ideal addition to any... read more »

soft silky feel

09 Nov, 2018
These leggings that I bought are a size 16(I'm 14-16), when I sit and stand the top does roll down on me. They are very comfortable and keeps legs warm even outside in the cold. I love the pattern... read more »

very good fit

31 Oct, 2018
I ordered the 14-16, I am closer to a 16 though. It can be a bit complicated getting into the top due to the straps but it is easy to get into, I was quite surprised there is plenty of room for larger... read more »

Funny socks

29 Oct, 2018
When these were delivered everybody wanted a pair, I gave one to my son and one to my friend, I love novelty socks and these look much better in reality, the print is very clear, the socks are very we... read more »

I really love this

29 Oct, 2018
A very unique lamp, it is quite heavy too so need to be careful when moving it. It creates a lovely warm light and I am sure no two lamps are the same. I am a lover of all kinds of lighting but this i... read more »


23 Oct, 2018
These lights are quite bright, I chose to put them in a bottle to light up the bathroom at night as the normal bathroom light is too bright, most of the battery lights I have tried don't seem to l... read more »

Great fun

22 Oct, 2018
This is such good fun for all the family, it seems to drive easier on the wall than the floor, did some 360 rotations on the floor then attached to the wall and drove it around on there which is easie... read more »

Great size

16 Oct, 2018
This sturdy laundry hamper is great, even for larger families, it is easy to assemble and with handles to help carry downstairs and wherever you need to take your laundry. Waterproof outer material an... read more »

very good

14 Oct, 2018
This beautiful made cable knitted scarf is exactly as advertised, very long and wide. My son will be needing this when it gets really cold. I would recommend. read more »

great product

13 Oct, 2018
A very well made product, good for BBQs use at home or camping, The glove is a very large size, the tools are all stainless steel and unlikely to break, cute little salt and pepper shakers. I would re... read more »

I really love this

06 Oct, 2018
I love this diffuser, it is difficult to find a wood colour to match but this one goes well in my bedroom. Unlike some diffusers that are a bit fiddly to open and close, this diffuser is simple just l... read more »

Very bendy

01 Oct, 2018
This is my first LED floor standing lamp which comes with remote too, very bendy so you can point it wherever you need to. Adjust brightness on the lamp switch or use remote(see pic) for various setti... read more »

A good buy

26 Sep, 2018
This Xbox One battery pack will save you lots, no need to buy more batteries, being a 2 pack means you can also play with a friend. A reasonable price for a good quality item, I recommend it to anyone... read more »

I really love this

19 Sep, 2018
This beautiful multi use shawl is one of the best items I have bought so far, easy to put on, I am 5ft tall and am able to put my arms out without it getting in the way, nice soft touch material, I lo... read more »

very comfortable

19 Sep, 2018
I'm not sure how these socks work, I have a few different pairs and they are all different. These socks are easy to put on and comfortable. I have fibromyalgia so I am interested in this item to h... read more »

very good pet grooming tools

11 Sep, 2018
This brush my cats like the most with two different sides they can rub against, Large size brush head can cover more area on your pet, a brand I  can trust, they do many other pet items all good... read more »

works well

05 Sep, 2018
I wasn't sure about these at first but they really are non stick and easy to clean, I used one for grilling bacon which usually stick to the grill pan bars. I can't  wait to try these wit... read more »


02 Sep, 2018
It took me a while to get used to this drinking bottle and now I use it every night, no leakage of any kind and I can drag to drink through the night without worrying about spills. Easy pop up lid and... read more »

very pretty

02 Sep, 2018
I  liked that these lights come with remote control and battery operated so they can be put somewhere that has no power socket. Lovely colours except one downside is that there are 5 green lights... read more »

I don't know how they do it

29 Aug, 2018
I have purchased a range of TUONROAD items now and every time the print has been perfect. A good sturdy backpack with plenty of pockets and somehow looks exactly like the picture. The inside(as shown... read more »

I love the design

29 Aug, 2018
It took a bit of getting used to this mouse, it is very smooth moving, there is somewhere to rest each finger(very comfortable) and I like the buttons on the left side they have been very useful for m... read more »

I'm impressed

22 Aug, 2018
As usual this seller and it's products are very well made, the print is perfect and the inside has plenty of  pockets to separate items, also a nice padded back, the zip works smoothly. If I&... read more »

Very good

22 Aug, 2018
This large laundry basket is sturdy and outer fabric is strong with inner fabric also. Very good quality overall and big enough for the whole family to put their dirty laundry in. I would definitely r... read more »

I love the design

20 Aug, 2018
I have a few of these now and I can say the very good quality of fabric and print are consistent. I haven't tried all the ways of wearing this item, it is a very versatile item lovely feel to it,... read more »


17 Aug, 2018
I always go for watches with the day and date aswell as time, I need to these days, I needed a new one and I love how clear the digits are on this watch. How long it will last who knows? It comes in a... read more »


14 Aug, 2018
I love this pet water fountain, it is easy to install and good to know my cats are getting pure water. It is silent except the water flow which is quite relaxing. It also comes with some extra filters... read more »

I love the design

08 Aug, 2018
this multifunctional headwear is really nice material, strong and stretchy enough to wear many different ways. The pattern is very nice I love blues of all shades but they also do many other patterns... read more »

Love this

04 Aug, 2018
I love the fabric it is soft to touch even the bag it is stored in is soft like satin, multi use hammock is a great product for whatever you choose to do with it.  read more »

great product

04 Aug, 2018
I have tried a couple of these type of body toner and not got on very well, this one I tried and found a setting I liked and it was very therapeutic, almost like a massage and it did switch off after... read more »

Perfect fit

31 Jul, 2018
Fits perfectly and changes your body shape, you can definitely feel the heat in this body shaper but at least it is comfortable to wear. There was a rubbery smell at first but that does go away as it... read more »

very good fit

31 Jul, 2018
You might look at this and think "I'm never going to get into them", but they are very stretchy strong material, extra sewing on the inside leg I'm hoping that means they will last l... read more »

Very pretty

23 Jul, 2018
As pretty as it looks, lovely lace design. Fits almost well except when I am bloated then my stomach is squashed(my fault), definitely a good buy, I would recommend this item to anyone. read more »


20 Jul, 2018
My first try I used bread that was to tall which is something to consider when using this toaster. It does do the edges of the bread which I really like and an even toast. I also like to switch toaste... read more »

satisfied customer

18 Jul, 2018
I gave this to my goddaughter for her iphone as all her other chargers have broken, She really loves it(especially that is also a cute keyring) and it is less likely to get damaged, even though it is... read more »

I really love this

09 Jul, 2018
This is the first robotic vacuum cleaner I have had, it's not the quietest but it does the job. It is my favourite gadget so far, easy to use with two settings for small room and large room. It do... read more »

I love the design

07 Jul, 2018
This product comes with many surprises, I love the way it spins with the wind, it is easy to put the air freshener in the diffuser unit. Spare air fresheners in a nice little pot. Instructions are not... read more »

I love diffusers

30 Jun, 2018
I wasn't entirely sure where to put this one, in the end I decided on the kitchen and looked up essential oils to repel flies etc, As it turned out  I had all the necessary oils and the flies... read more »

handy kitchen gadget

30 Jun, 2018
I don't know where the peeler is but I thought I would try onion first, the first couple of tugs were hard then I could fully pull the chopper cord to achieve fine chopped onion(see picture for en... read more »

very pretty

26 Jun, 2018
Very pretty earrings with strong hooks to put them in easily, however after some time my ears were getting a bit itchy(might be just me on occasion I can be allergic but not usually with silver). A de... read more »

So smooth

26 Jun, 2018
This is the best mouse I have used so far, it works on most surfaces, smooth to hold and use, like it was made for my hand.  read more »

very good pet grooming tools

26 Jun, 2018
Once I got my long furred cat who has some very bad matted patches, I used the rake comb and could see the matting come away quite safely even though my cat didn't like it much. A very good tool f... read more »

I really love this

26 Jun, 2018
This fleece blanket is so soft and snug, very roomy would fit most people, I also used it as a blanket to sleep as I find duvets too hot, great quality I highly recommend this item. read more »

I love the design

26 Jun, 2018
I love the design of this belt, the two poppers to do up the belt come undone too easily as a size 14 I cannot get it to stay around my waist, however I can use it above the stomach to add  a bit... read more »

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