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I'm a stay at home mom with a husband, three kids, and a large dog.
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My Daughter LOVES These!

10 May, 2018
These fit my 6 year old daughter very well. She has room to grow, and they are not loose around the waist. She mostly wears 6T now. We love giraffes, and her favorite color is pink. The fabric is soft... read more »

Works on the Lawn - Not so easy to keep tight

07 May, 2018
This does exactly as advertised. Our lawn has not been maintained by the old seller. It needs dethatching and aerating. We had to build these shoes upon arrival because they come in small pieces. From... read more »

Perfect Height for My Wolfhound

01 May, 2018
My Irish Wolfhound has been raised to eat from a bowl in his crate. His water has been splashing around in the kitchen. We wanted a single solution to putting his food and water together and keeping t... read more »

Big, Sparkly Gold Party Kit!

15 Oct, 2017
The circle hanging pieces are much smaller than I thought based on the photo, but the link to hold them is the longest. We drapped the banners in our kids' toy room to make things look more whimsi... read more »

Wolfhound Approved!

15 Oct, 2017
We drive a Honda Odyssey and have a puppy Irish Wolfhound. We knew we needed something in the third row to keep him comfortable and to keep our leather seats safe. This waterproof dog seat cover is th... read more »

Slight Learning Curve but Super Convenient

15 Oct, 2017
I think because this is brand new out of the box, I had a little trouble opening the container and popping in the attachments. I suspect that will get easier with each use. I decided to test a Sweet P... read more »

Every Kitchen Needs One of These

15 Oct, 2017
Where have I been the last 32 years? I have either been buying garlic pre-minced or have been cutting them up on a cutting board with my dull knives. I prefer cutting them up because most recipes requ... read more »

Absolutely Love This Handy Speaker

15 Oct, 2017
This is exactly what we were missing in our home. Someone around here is usually playing songs on their cell phone, and it drains the batteries. This speaker's ability to sync up in the bathroom d... read more »

Fits the Whole Family

15 Oct, 2017
This waist pack is surprisingly lightweight. The zippers, stitching, and buckles all feel really well made. My husband and I are plus size, and it fit us just fine. It even sized down to my young chil... read more »

Runs Small

12 Oct, 2017
I normally wear a size XL and ordered this in XXL. I have never had a problem with sexy nightgowns fitting when ordered from Amazon, but I could not get this over my shoulders. There doesn't seem... read more »

Small But Mighty

10 Oct, 2017
This sharpener was much smaller and lighter than I was expecting. The batteries were not included but easy enough to install. I sharpened a brand new pencil and must have done it too deep or too long.... read more »

Pleasantly Surprised

09 Oct, 2017
I received this in a cute, blue box. I ordered it for my 5 year old daughter as she's spent all summer wishing on dandolion seeds. This feels very high quality and will bring a smile to her face c... read more »

Clingy but Comfortable

09 Oct, 2017
I sized up thinking this would be baggy but ended up clinging to my waist. I can see visible pants lines and my belly button area. The armpit region of this shirt is wonderful though. The sleeves are... read more »

Flexible and Solid

09 Oct, 2017
These are so much fun! I always need spares of these when baking or making special recipes. These particular spatulas feel very solid in my hand but still have some nice bendable flex where it's n... read more »

Fresh Scent and Feet

09 Oct, 2017
I love this. I was confused about the product type because Amazon features peoples' feet peeling. This was only a 30 minute treatment which left my husband's feet feeling softer. He has no pee... read more »

Light Support with Cute Straps

06 Oct, 2017
This bra by #icyzone is meant for Yoga and other light activities. I purchased it for the cute straps on the back and wear it with shirts that show off the straps (when I can). There is nice, light pa... read more »

Baby Foot Succeeds at Pretty Feet

05 Oct, 2017
I've used a similar product before and was not let down by this one. The smell was a bit strong at first. I soaked my feet for roughly 30 minutes before putting the booties on. I let mine soak for... read more »

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