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Good fabric, hard to use

08 Apr, 2021
A bit hard to use with not hanging holes. But the material is good and clean read more »

Good set with a good varity

08 Apr, 2021
Good set, keeps the girl busy, nice variety. Peices are small though, make sure to store them. read more »

Good toy for girls

08 Apr, 2021
My daughter loved it and takes it and the baby toy every where. read more »

Strong light

08 Apr, 2021
Strong and adjustable. Also the UV light is bright. Great quality and pricing read more »

Fun toy

08 Apr, 2021
A lot of fun to play with and the remote is a nice addition read more »

Love them

08 Apr, 2021
Great pricing with the coupon. Stackable and sturdy read more »

Good quality

08 Apr, 2021
Love it. Nice packaging and good quality read more »


24 Mar, 2021
Material is a bit light but does the job read more »

A lot of fun for children and babies

24 Mar, 2021
Love it nice moves and music. Just more it doesn't charge if you leave it on while connected and the on off button isn't labeled. Gets a bit confusing read more »

Nice kit

24 Mar, 2021
Many good pieces except the compass doesn't work well. Everything else is fine. read more »

Good set

24 Mar, 2021
Strong sprayer. Love it read more »

Good value

23 Mar, 2021
Like it. No complains. Heats up fast and dispenses well, I also like the heat protection around the nozzle read more »

Very good

03 Mar, 2021
Love it especially with the different settings read more »

Very nice and colorful

26 Feb, 2021
Very colorful and nice camera. Wish they had more games pre-installed read more »

Good and easy to use but max 12 psi

14 Jul, 2020
Only complain is that it goes to maximum of 12 psi. Very practical and I love the portability. Don't plan on using it for tires :) read more »

Good value for the money

14 Jul, 2020
Good value for the cost after coupon. The pump in particular is really solid and nice, not cheap like others and will last without breaking. read more »

No complains! Awesome

14 Jul, 2020
Kids love it a lot. No complains so far. read more »

I thought it was for younger kids!

23 Jun, 2020
Vibrant colors, I thought initially it was a kids size, but it is for grown ups. No complains though. read more »

Great buy

23 Jun, 2020
Nice set, kids love them. Good value for the price read more »

Good but not the easiest to use

23 Jun, 2020
Does the job, but you lose a lot of the water melon. Not as simple as it seems read more »

Good for 3Yr children

23 Jun, 2020
I think it is good overall, but doesn't move easily. Needs a smooth surface. The sound effects and neck movement are realistic and good. read more »

Cool set

03 Jun, 2020
Love it read more »

Not bad

03 Jun, 2020
Not really 3D but nice side light read more »

Doesn't work

03 Jun, 2020
Just keeps going up until it is stuck to the ceiling read more »


03 Jun, 2020
Certainly an incredible toy and concept for young age artists! read more »

Great toy

03 Jun, 2020
Fun toy. Kids enjoy it, me as well. The packaging could have been nicer though read more »

Love it

03 Jun, 2020
Keeps kids busy. Nice game. The USB port is loose though read more »

Awesome game

03 Jun, 2020
Keeps kids busy. Very nice game read more »


01 Apr, 2020
Very sweet and good fit. My girl will love them. read more »

Love it

11 Jul, 2019
Works great, very easy to control and take photos/videos. The return button actually works and goes back to a GPS marked start position which is very useful. Haven't been able to get the fol... read more »

Very practical

04 Jul, 2019
I was a bit skeptical but it was amazing. Best feature is how it blocks water from going into the mask, so even if u dive too deep or water covers the air inlet, there is a ball that blocks it. There... read more »


17 Apr, 2019
Easy to install. Works perfect and camera is HD with clear pic.   Only feedback is make the cable from the backup camera to the mirror a bit longer read more »

Cool set

18 Sep, 2018
Cool set with many pieces. A lot of fun for young kids. read more »

Light weight

20 Jul, 2018
Light weight, clean and elegant. No complains so far. read more »

Good but a bit small

20 Apr, 2018
Serves the purpose yet it is small. read more »

Love it

19 Apr, 2018
Love it. Good quality matching expensive brands read more »

Looks good. A bit flimsy though

05 Mar, 2018
Feels a bit flimsy. Don't know if it will hold. Also, only one size. Looks good though read more »

Will keep u warm

09 Jan, 2018
Beautiful and cozy. Will warm u up! read more »

Good quality Vibrant colors!

29 Nov, 2017
The set comes with a total of 45 ballloons. We used some of them and didn't have any trouble with any. At the end of the party, kids enjoyed watching us pop the confetti balloons and seeing the... read more »

Good, but not great.

06 Nov, 2017
Sticks strongly to the dashboard. However, the magnet is not strong enough. I put the metal piece inside the iPhone case (so I don't have to stick it permenantly), and usually with other holders t... read more »

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