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Whiter Teeth

20 Nov, 2018
My teeth are significantly whiter after using for just 1 week! The tooth powder is not as messy as I thought it would be, but it is better to wet your toothbrush fully before dipping into the powder.... read more »

Scratch No More

05 Nov, 2018
My cat is not declawed (I do not believe in it), so she scratches at our couch constantly. I was on the hunt to find a product! However, I did not want sprays that could damage our furniture or leave... read more »

Strong Enough for my Dog

05 Nov, 2018
My dog is rather large, so most leashes just won't work for our hikes and walks through the park. This one was strong and sturdy enough to hold her without it breaking. It is very easy to use! I d... read more »

Perfect for Girls

05 Nov, 2018
My daughter loves to play on my iPad! However, I know that it is very likely that she could drop it since she is young. I wanted to find a case that was age appropriate and very cute for a young girl.... read more »

No More Worries

05 Nov, 2018
You never know when a fire might occur at your home! Therefore, it is better to be prepared and safe, so if the unfortunate event does occur. I wanted to put all our birth certificates, medical record... read more »

No More Fears of the Dark

05 Nov, 2018
My daughter is terrified of the dark! I wanted a light that would help her not feel scared, but wouldn't be so bright that it would keep her up. This projector is perfect! Not only does it give th... read more »

Relaxing on the Lake

04 Nov, 2018
We have a local lake that we spend a lot of time at during the summer! I wanted something to lay on while my daughter plays in the sand. However, chairs just get really uncomfortable after awhile. Onc... read more »

Easy Cooking

04 Nov, 2018
I was so tired of using plastic utensil sets because they were scratching all my pans. With this silicone set, I no longer have to worry about that. They are so easy on my pans while properly getting... read more »

Safety First

04 Nov, 2018
Perfect for any man or woman that uses dangerous equipment around the house and/or work. These glasses do not fall off or slide down even when you are bending over. They are super comfortable behind y... read more »

Great Sound

04 Nov, 2018
High quality headphones! A lot of headphones have static sound and just do not last long. However, I have been using these over a month and on high volume all the time, and they still have not messed... read more »

Perfect For Halloween

28 Oct, 2018
These tealight candles are perfect for our carved pumpkins! They are just as bright as a regular candle, but we do not have to worry about anything catching on fire. The remote makes using them very s... read more »

Great for Kids

21 Oct, 2018
My daughter loves her chore chart! With over 80 magnetic pieces, we can switch out which chores she needs to do easily. No messy markers or erasing! It is very kid friendly with all the vibrant colors... read more »

Great Trim

30 Sep, 2018
Perfect for travel since it is perfect size for suitcase! It trims great when you are in a hurry. It is not as loud as I thought it would be which us a plus in my books. Good quality, good price! read more »

Perfect for the Lake

04 Jun, 2018
We spend a lot of time at the lake during the summer. I was tired of dragging around a cooler that was heavy and took up a lot of room in my car trunk. With this inflatable flamingo cooler, I can keep... read more »

Flawless Makeup Application

04 Jun, 2018
Super nice brush set that comes with 12 different brushes! The brushes come in a pink case that rolls up and ties, so it is perfect for throwing in your purse or suitcase when traveling. Each brush ha... read more »

So Cute

04 Jun, 2018
These are a steal! You get all 4 pillow covers for only $2.99. They are very thick, so they will not rip easily even if you have animals inside your home. They look super cute on my couches! Note: Thi... read more »

Does NOT Turn Yellow

23 May, 2018
This case does NOT Turn yellow over time! It stays a clear color even when exposed to moisture, heat, cold, etc. The case allows for easy access to all features because the cutouts line up perfectly w... read more »

Perfect for Kids

18 May, 2018
These are cute lights for my young daughter! However, the light is not that big, so I think I am going to have to buy 1 more set. The light isn't extremely bright, but it is bright enough for putt... read more »

Super Comfy

18 May, 2018
I am really pleased with these high-quality oven mitts! I bought some before that seemed decent while I was in the store, but I would end up getting burned while using them. These mitts are plush and... read more »

Perfect Eggs

18 May, 2018
Perfect hard boiled eggs! I no longer have to waste time peeling egg shells or worrying about leaving behind tiny pieces of egg shell. The egg boils fit perfectly in my pots and clean up is a breeze.... read more »

Gets The Job Done

18 May, 2018
Received the device in a well constructed package. It works well; however, there seem to be a few issues with Microsoft Windows. The reader does not enumerate as a traditional USB device. Therefore, i... read more »

Best Yougurt Maker

18 May, 2018
This is the best yogurt maker on the market! The jars are wide mouth, so you can easily get spoons in. Therefore, you are able to top/swirl fruit into the yogurt. There are enough jars for the whole f... read more »

Great Cleansing Benefits

16 May, 2018
Great cleansing benefits! The brush comes with 4 different heads, so you can get a maximum clean. The heads include: large body brush, small soft brush, sponge head, and pumice stone. With the brus... read more »

Hours of Fun

15 May, 2018
This hover ball is so much fun! My 5 year old daughter loves kicking it around the house. It floats on a cushion of air which allows it to glide over any smooth surface. It is the same size as a size... read more »

Must Have Kit

08 May, 2018
As the owner of 3 hydration bladders, this kit is a must have. It has made cleaning the bladders much easier. The brushes are heavy duty, so I do not have to worry about breaking them. The kit comes w... read more »

Prevent Dehydration

08 May, 2018
Great for any outdoor adventure! With the wide opening design, you can easily fill it with water and even add ice cubes. Therefore, you will have ice cold water when it is hot out during your adventur... read more »

Perfect for Smaller Spaces

07 May, 2018
I wanted a hamper that could easily fit into a small space without being bulky or in the way. With Tenquest, I was able to make that happen. It fits into my laundry room corner without taking up space... read more »

No More Pulling & Choking

07 May, 2018
With two adjustable straps, you are able to create a custom fit for your dog. Therefore, he/she will be able to be comfortable while walking. The straps go over your dog's belly, not their legs. I... read more »

Fantastic Clippers

07 May, 2018
I have used a lot of different clippers for my dog (he is 10 years old). However, I have to say without a doubt that these are the best ones that I have purchased. I was able to clip my dog's nail... read more »

Why keep buying new knives?

07 May, 2018
With this knife sharpener, dull knives will become sharp in seconds. This knife sharpener is perfect for: grinding knife, fruit knife, cut bone knife, chef knife, and more. While using this sharpener,... read more »

Why keep buying new knives?

07 May, 2018
With this knife sharpener, dull knives will become sharp within just a few seconds. This knife sharpener is perfect for: kitchen knives, pocket knives, carving knives, cleavers, utility knives, fillet... read more »

Must Have

03 May, 2018
As a cancer patient, chemo has caused me to lose all my hair. I did not want to wear a wig because they are itchy and feel uncomfortable. I decided to find a cute beanie hat that I could throw on and... read more »

Comfy while Fishing

30 Apr, 2018
We fish almost daily in the spring/summer! Therefore, I wanted to get a lounger that I could put on the sand. First, I was amazed that it fully inflated within minutes. I used a mini pump that I can e... read more »

Squeaky Clean

21 Apr, 2018
My makeup brushes are squeaky clean! I saw reviews that stated, "did not get my brushes completely clean", so I was very skeptical. However, I believe that individuals were letting the makeu... read more »

Cutest Pillow

20 Apr, 2018
My daughter is unicorn crazy! As soon as I saw this pillow, I knew that I had to buy it for her. When it arrived, she was so excited! The pillow is very soft and squishy, so the hair is attached very... read more »

No More Pet Fur on Couches

20 Apr, 2018
My dog sheds bad in the summer! Everytime that he gets on the couch, there is fur left behind all over. It is hard to get it all up with the vacuum cleaner and it is such a hassle. I bought this fur r... read more »

Perfect Baby Shower Gift

20 Apr, 2018
I wanted a unique baby shower gift that I knew nobody would buy the mommy to be. We all know that every parent takes a ton of pics that way they can document their child's growth and milestones. I... read more »

My Daughter Loves It

20 Apr, 2018
My daughter learned to ride a bike last summer, but I had never purchased her a bike bell. I really didn't think that she would love one. However, I was completely wrong. I saw this one and decide... read more »

Amazing Lashes

20 Apr, 2018
I was skeptical of these lashes, but I decided to give them a shot and purchased. I am so glad that I did! It took me 3 attempts, around 5 minutes to figure out how to put them on. You have to put one... read more »

Learn the Basics

20 Apr, 2018
If you want to learn the basics of another language, I highly recommend French - Lingo Playing Cards. You will learn greetings & introductions, eating out, moving around, and how to find a place t... read more »

No More Lost Wallets

18 Apr, 2018
I got this for my dad after he lost his wallet. In addition, he was ready to downsize from his previous one. My dad rarely carries cash, so he said, "it is perfect". However, he was worried... read more »

Perfect for Band Members

18 Apr, 2018
This is perfect for any student that is in band! The stand is adjustable, so it is perfect for any individual (no matter how short or tall). It holds your music books or sheets in place without them f... read more »

Colorful Yard

17 Apr, 2018
My yard is overly colorful! I have numerous solar garden stakes, so I jumped when I saw these. They was easy to install! You can use either the stake or screws, but I chose to use the stake. The solar... read more »

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

17 Apr, 2018
Perfect hard boiled eggs! I no longer have to waste time peeling egg shells off eggs or worrying about leaving behind tiny pieces of egg shell. The egg cooker fits perfectly in my pot and clean up is... read more »

Love the Double Compartment

16 Apr, 2018
I love the double compartment feature! It was the main reason that I decided to purchase this particular lunch box. I was tired of having to dig all the way to the bottom of a "normal" lunch... read more »

Our Family Book

16 Apr, 2018
I wanted a unique, old fashioned photo album! The photo album comes with the pages and cover undone, so you have to thread the rope through the holes yourself. However, it took me maybe 2 minutes and... read more »

Better than Expected

16 Apr, 2018
I love cleansing balms and have tried numerous brands! Each of them claim to do a bunch of things for your skin, but it is hard to see the effects (except makeup removal). However, just take one look... read more »

Perefect for College Students!

13 Apr, 2018
This backpack is perfect for college students! It has lots of pockets and storage space, so you have plenty of room for your books, laptop, snacks, etc. I love that it has a USB port, so I can hook up... read more »

We Love Baking

13 Apr, 2018
Me and my daughter make cakes multiple times a week! With this rotating cake stand, icing the cake is a breeze. The cake does not slide around while on the stand which was a huge fear when we first us... read more »

Better Burgers

09 Apr, 2018
I love this item! I am so glad that I added it to my kitchen collection. I can easily stuff burgers with chesse, pickles, etc. Usually when I make burgers, they seem to fall apart. However, I have not... read more »

Accurate & Easy to Use

02 Apr, 2018
Living in a rural area, gas stations are miles apart which means it can be awhile before I can check the tire pressure. In addition, it will cost me between 50 cents - $1 when I use it. However, with... read more »

Ready for Spring

21 Mar, 2018
I wanted a phone case that would be perfect for spring. Floral is the way to go! The case is slightly on the flimsy side, so it is easier to put on your phone than a hard case. However, the quality is... read more »

Whiter Teeth

20 Mar, 2018
Do you have stains on your teeth from drinking coffee or smoking? Coconut oil whitestrips are so easy to use! They stay in place on your teeth (non-slip) without having a nasty taste in your mouth. I... read more »

Simple to Use

16 Mar, 2018
This tuner is simple to use! I was worried that it would not be accurate since it was a cheap tuner. However, I quickly learned that it is very accurate. Also, it is not sensitive unlike many other ot... read more »

Supplements that Work

14 Mar, 2018
I bought this 2 weeks ago, I needed something for my 9 year old dog that has bad legs. We have used many medications from the vet, but they are just painkillers which makes my dog very drowsy. In addi... read more »

Camping Trip

14 Mar, 2018
I bought this for our upcoming camping trip because we need a solar shower bag that we can put in our portable shower. I decided to test it out the other day because I wanted to make sure that it was... read more »

Keep Your Feet Warm

14 Mar, 2018
I have been trying to find a mermaid tail blanket for months; however, many of the designs look childish. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. The color is perfect! As soon as my package... read more »

Ready for Fishing

07 Mar, 2018
I bought these power banks, so when we are fishing all day. Being outdoors, I have no access to electricity, and I prefer not to have to sit in my car to charge my phone. Since it was a 2 pack, I do n... read more »

Amazing Product

07 Mar, 2018
Amazing product! Everything fits perfectly and it makes it more convenient instesd of carrying a bulky purse. The phone is held on magnetically and the magnets are strong. Also, the card slots face up... read more »

Best of Both Worlds

06 Mar, 2018
I wanted a cord that could charge my phone, my daughter's tablet, and my mom's phone when we go to the park or shopping all day. I never thought that I would find one! However, this 4 in 1 USB... read more »

Saving Money

04 Mar, 2018
Our daughter starts school in the fall, so I wanted to start teaching her about money and saving money. I could not have found a cuter way! Not only is the cat adorable, but our daughter is interested... read more »

Fast heat

01 Mar, 2018
I bought this straightener because I needed one that heated up quickly. I am always in a hurry before leaving the house, so I do not have the time to wait. I have straight/thick hair that is hard to m... read more »

Great Wall Hanger

23 Feb, 2018
I needed a wall hanger for my guitar and ukulele; therefore, I bought 2. It hangs easily with just 2 screws, so there is minimal wall damage, and you can easily cover the small screw hole when you dec... read more »

Great Clip

23 Feb, 2018
I bought this clip for my husband. He has used a money clip for as long as I can remember (it is great for his job since he is a contractor). I have not been able to find him a decent one that would l... read more »

Nice Conference Microphone

23 Feb, 2018
I am impressed with this conference microphone. I use it for business meetings on a weekly basis. It is compact, so I can easily take it from my home to the office and vice versa. I love new tech gadg... read more »

Quality Wax

20 Feb, 2018
Quality wax! The wax is a beautiful color (dark purple) and has a lovely scent (lavender). The scent is not overwhelming, so people with allergies should have no problems. However, if you have allergi... read more »

No More Pain

18 Feb, 2018
I hate plucking my eyebrows! Plucking my eyebrows is painful and time consuming. With this trimmer, I can easily trim my eyebrows without any pain. It is easy to handle and does not botch my eyebrows.... read more »

Comfy as a Dinosaur

14 Feb, 2018
Dinosaurs are a "hit" with children of all ages! My child can't sleep unless the pajamas are 100% cotton and comfy. These pajamas do not overheat children while they are snuggled underne... read more »

Whiter Teeth

12 Feb, 2018
The container looked so small when I first received it. However, I can assure you that it will last just as long as a tube of toothpaste. I was scared that it would have a gritty taste and be repulsiv... read more »

Nicely Packaged

09 Feb, 2018
Nicely packaged! It is the perfect gift for any mommy to be and would be perfect for a baby shower. The album is a nice quality that comes in a cute little box. The album has 40 designed pages, so you... read more »

No Need Liner

09 Feb, 2018
There is no need for a liner! I've always disliked having to put a liner behind my shower curtain, but I no longer have to worry about that. With this shower curtain, I do not have to worry abo... read more »

Serve the Purpose

08 Feb, 2018
The glasses are plastic, so they can scratch easily. However, they serve the purpose that they are intended for. If you purchase glasses that are similar, you will pay twice the price. The do fit over... read more »

Protect Your Seats

06 Feb, 2018
I purchased this particular pet cover because I wanted the option to unzip and leave down part of the canopy. If you can't leave down some of the canopy, you can't have passengers. I own a sma... read more »

Works as Expected

06 Feb, 2018
Works just as I expected! This mouse is a simple left and right button mouse. It does have a scroll wheel which is what I needed. It's straight forward and very simple to use. I use it on a daily... read more »

Small & Compact

05 Feb, 2018
I am impressed with this product! This pedal power supply, powers all my pedals and there is no loss of sound. I don't require more than 9 volts, so it works perfect for me. The product is a great... read more »

Neat & Organized

05 Feb, 2018
I was tired of cords everywhere! With this charging station, I am able to charge all my devices in 1 spot and keep my counter looking neat and organized. The slots are wide enough for tablets that hav... read more »

Shine Bright

04 Feb, 2018
Super stylish! I was looking for a pair of sunglasses that were big enough to cover my eyes, but I did not want huge ones that would take up my whole face. The lenses are the right tint! If lenses are... read more »

Smooth Write

04 Feb, 2018
I needed pens that would write smooth. In addition, I needed a pen that would not be blotchy. These micro line pens are PERFECT! I can easily do my journals and prepare for my blogs. The pens do not h... read more »

Better than Acrylic

03 Feb, 2018
My daughter loves to paint! She has been painting since she was in diapers. We have always used acrylic paint, so I decided to switch it up and try something new. When my daughter saw her new oil pain... read more »

Perfect Home Decor

03 Feb, 2018
Nice photo frame! I love hanging photos on the wall, so everyone can see pictures of my family when they come to visit. I do not like having cheap looking home decor because I take pride in my home. T... read more »

Great Set

03 Feb, 2018
I am just beginning to draw! I wanted a set that included all the essentials that I would need for my new hobby. I love that it came in a carrying case, so I can draw at the park, waiting rooms, etc.... read more »

Stylish Sunglasses

01 Feb, 2018
Very pleased with these glasses! The frames are the perfect size for both females and males. They are neither big nor small, but the perfect size. They cover up your eyes without covering a lot o... read more »

Fit as Expected

31 Jan, 2018
Fit as expected! I wear a 34B, but I am bigger now due to the pregnancy. I was worried about ordering bras through the internet because the sizing can be different. However, I could not be happier wit... read more »

Fun RC

31 Jan, 2018
I bought this cute RC for my daughter's 5th birthday. She did not have any problem with figuring out how to make it do tricks. In my opinion, the RC is the perfect speed for younger kids. It does... read more »

DIY Projects

30 Jan, 2018
Perfect product for my DIY projects that we do around the house in our spare time! The angle measurement tool is made out of plastic, but I will say that it is sturdy. I think the plastic ones are gre... read more »

No Noise

30 Jan, 2018
I needed this phantom power supply unit, so I could power my condenser microphone. I have to say, "it works perfectly and gets the job done without any flaws". Overall, it is packaged well a... read more »

Great Product

29 Jan, 2018
I was so tired of over paying for testosterone products just because they were name brands. With this testosterone booster, I get better results than with the name brand ones that I have tried in the... read more »

Cleaner Teeth

27 Jan, 2018
I had never used an electric toothbrush prior to purchasing the sarmocare one. Therefore, this toothbrush was going to be my first impression of an electric one, so it needed to be great. It exceeded... read more »

Super Fast Charge

26 Jan, 2018
I bought this power bank for our fishing trips that can last over 12 hours in a single day. We are outside which means no access to electricity and no way of charging our phones. With this power bank,... read more »

Cheaper is Better

24 Jan, 2018
I didn't expect the quality to be that great because the brush set did not cost that much. However, I was wrong! These bamboo brushes are extremely nice and the bristles do not shed. The bag is a... read more »

Sleek and Protected

22 Jan, 2018
I think that when you put a case on a iphone, it changes the feel and takes away the sleek. However, that was not the case with this particular one. It maintained the perfect balance between protectio... read more »

Heavy Duty

22 Jan, 2018
Well made cables! These cables are heavy duty which means they will not break on you in just a few days or even a few weeks. What makes them heavy duty? They are highly insulated which is what I pr... read more »

Better than I Expected

21 Jan, 2018
I did not expect much since I only paid $18 for 3 pairs. I was immediately fooled when I opened the package. These drum sticks are made with quality wood that have a smooth feel to them. I bought thes... read more »

Decreased Back Pain

20 Jan, 2018
This back brace has been my lifesaver! As a back pain sufferer, I have tried numerous pain creams and pain pills. However, those 2 methods have nasty side effects that interfere with my daily life.... read more »

Sit Properly

19 Jan, 2018
In America, we see so many individuals suffering from.back pain due sitting for long hours on a daily basis. This seat cushion is the solution to your pain. However, I will say that your tailbone need... read more »

Block Out Noise

19 Jan, 2018
Great set of ear plugs! The silicone ones, I suggest that you use for swimming and/or showering. The rubber ones, I suggest that you use for noise protection. I experimented with both and came to that... read more »

No More Pop Interrupting

19 Jan, 2018
Mugig has produced a pedal that has great effects even though it is not pricey like other pedals. The sounds are just great and actually fun to play with. I was a little worried that all the 5 star re... read more »

Great Stand

18 Jan, 2018
Perfect stand! This is exactly what I was looking for when deciding to purchase a desk stand. It allows my phone to sit in both landscape and portrait view. Even when I have a case on my phone, the st... read more »

Quality Cable

18 Jan, 2018
Quality cable that gets the job done! The cable is braided with thick material; therefore, I do not have to worry about it fraying after only a couple of uses. With this cable, I am able to get clear,... read more »

Hands Free

17 Jan, 2018
Simple cell phone device, must have cell phone device! I was always dropping my phone out of my hands and having to worry about cracking the screen. With these anti slip rings, I no longer have to wor... read more »

Cellulite Gone

16 Jan, 2018
Super easy to use! They smoothly glide across your skin without irritating or leaving marks/bruises. You can put a little massage oil on your skin first and it makes even easier (although it is not ne... read more »

No More Messes

15 Jan, 2018
I was tired of pet hair getting all over the seats in my car. With this cover, I can easily clean up pet hair without the hassle. The cover is great quality, easy to clean, and fits almost any vehicle... read more »

Discreet & Fun

15 Jan, 2018
I was worried about purchasing a sex toy because I was scared that it would not be discreet and would be loud. I was wrong! I can easily fit this into my pocket or purse. The remote looks just like an... read more »

Easier to Play

14 Jan, 2018
Ever get tired of having to hold your ukulele for hours at a time? With this strap, playing my ukulele has become so much easier. My arms no longer feel sore after hours of playing because I do not ha... read more »

Block Out Light

14 Jan, 2018
I can't sleep at night when there is any light (tv, nightlight, street light, etc). This sleep mask is super comfortable because of the soft material. During the night, the mask stays in place wit... read more »

Life is Noisy

13 Jan, 2018
Life is fast paced and noisy! Why suffer through loud events and atmospheres? You do not have to! Ear plugs are the simple solution that not only can keep you from getting headaches, but they can prot... read more »

Slowly Shrinking

12 Jan, 2018
I have owned many waist trimmer belts; however, I have never had these kind of results. Let me just say, I love sweating now (which I used to hate). The more I sweat, the better the results and they t... read more »


11 Jan, 2018
Awesome pedal! This pedal has clarity, drive, and good volume control. You can easily get a soft distortion without much effort (just by using a switch). If you are looking for more sound selections,... read more »

Picks That Are Going To Last

09 Jan, 2018
These guitar picks are not only bright in color, but they are sturdy plastic that will last. I do not have to worry about them breaking or cracking after just a few uses. I can easily fit all 12 in th... read more »

Beautiful Sound

05 Jan, 2018
My 5 year old has discovered a love for music recently. It is so hard to find instruments for her that are age appropriate. As soon as the package arrived, she fell in love and it was super easy for h... read more »

Durable & Portable

26 Dec, 2017
Do not let the lightweight fool you! This guitar stand is highly durable and holds my instrument better than I expected. I love that the stand is extremely portable, so when I want to take my guitar w... read more »

Cute & Unique

26 Dec, 2017
I wanted a case that would be unique while still being super cute. The case is durable and sturdy ( I have even accidently dropped it and it never cracked). Every time I am out and about, I get compli... read more »

Lightning Fast

26 Dec, 2017
If you want lightning fast detection with your string pitch, I highly recommend that you buy this tuner. The tuner is highly accurate while being easy to use even if you are just learning. The tuner d... read more »

Great Tuner

26 Dec, 2017
This tuner is simple to use! I was worried that since the product was low cost, the tuner would not be accurate. However, I was very wrong! The accuracy is top notch and not overly sensitive even thou... read more »

Never Enough Picks

26 Dec, 2017
Having a whole family that plays guitar, we can never have enough picks. With 50 in a pack, we never have to worry about running out. The overall design is fabulous, and the color is rich and beautifu... read more »

Great for Learning

20 Dec, 2017
This ukulele is perfect for beginners! The tones are deep and rich which allows for a beautiful, loud sound. The wood is absolutely beautiful and does not damage easily. With the carrying case, you ar... read more »

Comfy Dog

19 Dec, 2017
If I was a dog, I would hate to sit in a hard crate while traveling for hours. With this crate bed, my dog can be comfy while on road trips. It fit perfectly into her crate and doesn't slide aroun... read more »

Snuggly & Soft

19 Dec, 2017
I have always wanted a mermaid tail blanket, but so many of the adult ones just look childish to me. With this mermaid tail blanket, I finally am able to keep my feet warm without the blanket falling... read more »

Blemishes Gone

01 Dec, 2017
Small kit that I can throw in my purse (that way I have it when I need it)! This blackhead kit has every tool that you need to quickly get rid of embarrassing blemishes. All the tools are easy to keep... read more »

Size Does Not Matter

01 Dec, 2017
This tuner may be very small, but it works just as good (if not better) than bigger and more expensive tuners. It gets the job done! read more »

Accurate & Fancy

01 Dec, 2017
As soon as I opened the package, I could not get over how fancy this scale looked. I buy hamburger meat in 10 pound rolls and use this to divide into 1 pound bags for my freezer. It is super easily to... read more »

Bigger Muscles, Fitter Me

01 Dec, 2017
I wanted to shed some pounds, but I wanted to gain some muscle. With xplosive muscle, I got the best of both worlds. I could not find a better supplement to recommend to anyone that is hitting the gym... read more »

Healthier Hair

30 Nov, 2017
Every hair straightener that I have ever tried, fried my hair and made it look so unhealthy. With this straighter, I get perfectly straight hair without burning and damaging it. It does not have that... read more »

Better Workouts

27 Nov, 2017
Must have for my workout routine! It gives me the extra boost that I need for lifting during my workout session. I can not go to the gym without.  read more »

That Natural Boost Feeling

22 Nov, 2017
I have way more energy at the gym! I can feel that "natural boost" that helps get me throughout an intense workout. Without testosterone booster, my energy levels would be almost zero and I... read more »

Better Air

22 Nov, 2017
The air quality is terrible where I live. The moment that I roll the car window down, you can feel the difference in respiratory symptoms. I needed a humidifier for my car, but I did not want a bulky... read more »

No Harm, Less Barking

21 Nov, 2017
My puppy loves barking at the deer. However, it annoys the neighbors and terrifies the deer. I needed to find a solution, but I wanted something that would not hurt my puppy. With this collar, she get... read more »

Easier Eyebrow Plucking

21 Nov, 2017
These tweezers are slanted just right which allows for easier plucking. They do not grab and pull your skin unlike other tweezers. I noticed minimal redness around my eyes after I was finished which w... read more »

Always Have My Phone In My Hand

18 Nov, 2017
I have received so many compliments! The case not only protects my phone, but it is super stylish with just the right amount of sparkle. I can see me using this case for a long time! read more »

Simple & Stylish

18 Nov, 2017
This case is simple, but is still very stylish! It fit onto my phone without having to force it on (unlike some cases). I have got many compliments about this case when I am out in town and many peopl... read more »

Phone Addict

09 Nov, 2017
I am very protective over my phone and always want to keep it from breaking. I needed a strong case that would protect it even if I was to accidently drop it. This marble case, is very cool looking an... read more »

Guitar Family

09 Nov, 2017
My pawpaw loves playing his guitar on a daily basis. I wanted to get him a stand that is sturdy, but that he can easily take with him when he is traveling. This stand is perfect! It is lightweight but... read more »

No More Nasty Looking Feet

09 Nov, 2017
I hated wearing flip flops because my heels were so dry and cracked. They looked nasty! Since using this foot file, I now have soft feet and they are flip flop ready. Since it is rechargeable, I do no... read more »


02 Nov, 2017
I love to coupon! I was so tired of putting my coupons in my wallet and them getting all messed up or ripped. These money pockets are the perfect size for coupons. Now, they are protected and easy to... read more »

So Much Fun

02 Nov, 2017
Fidgets are the hot item! Once they started becoming the trend, my daughter just had to have one. I'm so glad that we decided on this one. It is very sturdy and the spin time lasts around 3 minute... read more »

My Little Pony Fan

13 Oct, 2017
My daughter is a huge fan of my little pony! She has to collect all the figures, plush, and even watch all the episodes. As soon as she opened the package, she screeched with pure joy in her voice. Th... read more »

Pretty in Pink

13 Oct, 2017
I love a pink phone case! It makes me feel chickish and stylish throughout the day while I'm using it for work. This case has such great bling to it that makes it perfect for any woman. It fits on... read more »


13 Oct, 2017
My fiance is a contractor, so having measuring tools is part of his daily routine. He absolutely loved these measuring tools because he said, "he could get way more different angle measurements t... read more »

Bright Front Yard

13 Oct, 2017
These spot lights are bright enough to light up my whole front yard! Installation was very simple and just the same as other spot lights. Since they are waterproof, I didn't have to worry about pu... read more »

Night Sky

13 Oct, 2017
I was looking for a case that has a night sky feel to it. I fell in love with this case as soon as I saw it. It has exceeded my expectations that I had for a phone case. read more »

Blinged Out Phone

13 Oct, 2017
I love a case that has bling to it. However, most the cases that I have found with bling are just flimsy and break within no time. With MagicSky, I have not encountered that problem. I am able to full... read more »

No More Snoring

29 Sep, 2017
My fiance snores BAD! Since using SLEEPEACE, I am able to sleep more peacefully and he gets better quality sleep. It has changed both our lives at night. There is no more "cutting logs" nois... read more »

Owl Cute

15 Sep, 2017
When I saw this owl case, I just had to have it for my phone. It is hands down the most adorable case that I've saw. It fit in my phone perfectly and does not come off. My phone has been fully pro... read more »

Cute Elephant

14 Sep, 2017
This phone case is simply adorable! I love elephants, so I had to buy this case when I saw it. It is a thick case and not flimsy like a lot of cases are.  read more »

No More Cute While Cooking

14 Sep, 2017
I always get cut when trying to prepare food my family because I hold a knife funny due to arthritis in my hands. I no longer have to worry about that. These gloves are super comfy and soft while prot... read more »

Help My Bladder

12 Sep, 2017
Since having my daughter, my bladder isn't in the best shape. I suffer from embarrassing leaks when I sneeze or cough. I'm only 24, so I don't want to have ths problem for the rest of my l... read more »

Hide Those Nipples

12 Sep, 2017
These nipple covers are perfect for summer dresses and tops! They do the exact job that they are intended for. They stay in place without falling or slipping throughout the day even when your dancing... read more »

Getting Creative

12 Sep, 2017
I decided to get this face paint kit for my young daughter. My intentions were that I would do some creations on her face, but she had other plans as soon as she opened it. She absolutely had a blast... read more »

Let's Get to Measuring

08 Sep, 2017
This angle measuring ruler is perfect for any project that my dad may encounter (he loves doing DIY projects). With all angles possible for measuring, there is no need to buy different measuring tools... read more »

Mosquitos Gone

06 Sep, 2017
My daughter gets numerous bug bites every time that we step outside. I had to do something about it because she was always itchy and irritable from the bites. I wanted something cute and sassy to matc... read more »

Shower Curtain is Hung

01 Sep, 2017
These shower curtain hooks are rustproof, so I don't have to worry about them being damaged from the water while the shower is used. They hold up so much better than those plastic ones and do not... read more »

Stylish Case

30 Aug, 2017
This case is downright adorable and has a very chic sense to it. I love anything girly and dressing up my phone. Not only is my phone stylish with this case, but it is also well protected. I've dr... read more »

No More Scratches

30 Aug, 2017
I hated my phone always getting scratched up! With this hybrid case, there is no more scratches. It fits my phone perfectly! read more »

Let's Protect My Phone

19 Aug, 2017
With this stunning case design, I am able to protect my phone and be stylish when out in town. The case is very strong and protects even when the phone is dropped. read more »

Phone Protected

19 Aug, 2017
This S8 Plus Case is very sturdy and provides high quality protection for your cell phone. The deisgn is absolutely beauitiful and has a very chic sense to it. read more »

Peeling Feet

15 Aug, 2017
After using the foot mask, there will be a lot of peeling. Don't be alarmed! It is suppose to do this and will leave your feet feeling baby soft. The peeling can be yucky but if you wash your feet... read more »

Monster Energy Drinks Are Gone

06 Jul, 2017
I was living off 2 Monster Energy drinks daily! That was over $6 a day. I can get this bottle that lasts a month for what I was paying for just 2 days. I get the same amount of energy without the afte... read more »

Do Not Wake Up Baby

06 Jul, 2017
I have to watch numerous videos every night. These headphones have been a lifesaver. They are high quality and allow me to get work done without waking up my daughter who sleeps right beside me. The a... read more »

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