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Really Good oil

17 Oct, 2021
I really liked these oils, I use an aromatherapy burner in my house daily and they worked perfectly for my needs and always set a good setting in my rooms. Scents that come in this set are amazing, read more »


08 Jan, 2020
The flavors are awsome and looks really beautiful serving in a glass tea set. Well worth the money and if you love tea then you should check this out. Will be back for more. read more »

Very nice

08 Jan, 2020
I am really happy with this small speaker  sounds great but does not really have a lot of bass to it , but works great and love the lights in it, No problem with setting it up for pairing. read more »

Cat fun

08 Jan, 2020
My cats are going crazy with this toy , they want to get the balls out of there so bad with no luck so far. It is very sturdy even with 2 of them playing with it,   read more »

Great Product

10 Nov, 2019
Very happy with this product   Was really easy to set up and works great with my Amazon  Echo  Just need to download an app and set it up and you are ready to go,   read more »

Works good

31 Oct, 2019
Finnaly  got to use this and worked out pretty good took the grandkids camping and came in very handy getting them all cleaned up before bedtime . Hung on a tree so was easy to use  read more »

Very fun

26 Oct, 2019
wow I am very happy with this 3d pen set  My Grandkids have so much fun using this and I do also. Quality made and so easy to use.  Great gift for anyone who loves to be creative read more »

Really cute backflow burner

20 Oct, 2017
This is so nice it uses the backflow incense that has a hole in it and feeds through the figure so that it looks like the smoke is coming out of the waterfall section and is a nice size to set on a ta... read more »

Great Many uses

13 Sep, 2017
This works really well for so many different uses, I have put these in my bug out bags because they will come in really handy for covering handles, wounds, sweat bans, hair holders, compression for bo... read more »

Very nice effects

09 Sep, 2017
Great price for these big size quality 100% cotton Bandanas, The designs are very bold and cool looking on these, Large enough to wear in so many ways. Great to use for outdoor hiking, camping or any... read more »

works really well

03 Sep, 2017
Really nice light weight hammock with all the materials that goes with it to be ready to hang. Was super easy to use and held up great when used for camping with the kids. Fit 2 adults very comfortabl... read more »

Awsome energency pack

02 Sep, 2017
This is a really cool item to carry around with you for basic emergency events, Has 29 different very useful tools to use in case you get stranded or even when camping out. Also is great to put in a b... read more »

works really well

25 Aug, 2017
I am very happy with these mosquito repelent bracelets. Very easy to use and can carry in your pocket or purse to grab out and use if need to use in infested areas, Great for fishing , camping and jus... read more »

Wears pretty good

25 Aug, 2017
They are comfortable when wearing but a little short on the side of my feet so I have to adjust them so they stay on my feet, I have large feet so that might be the case.  read more »

Awsome power strip

21 Aug, 2017
What a great way to be able to plug in your normal cords but also has 3 USB ports fr other electronics to be plugged in too. It has a 6 foot cord  really great quality cord and plug in base. Can... read more »

Works Great

18 Aug, 2017
These are really useful for kids to play with or for Adults to use when the kids are out playing to call them in the house , I tried them about 6 blocks from my Apartment and they worked perfect It sa... read more »

Works Great

15 Aug, 2017
Seems to work great put on my Kindle fire and added memory to it and seems to be as it should, Quality made and fits in the slots perfect. read more »

Very nice effects

09 Aug, 2017
I love these color bulbs, I have 5 now each one hanging in my overhead light, Very easy to set up, Just screw the bulb into a regular size socket, It comes with the remote control and has different co... read more »

Very Nice

07 Aug, 2017
I got this for my Grandkids who are older to pratice with till They get a larger one for hunting and to learn how to hunt with one if the time comes when this will be a good skillfor them to know. It... read more »

Very cute

05 Aug, 2017
Love the way this looks so cute over my swimsuit. Fits me just right and looks great while lounging around at the pool or beach when I want to be covered up a little more but still look good. The mate... read more »

Really nice

22 Jul, 2017
This is a really large Ultra thin and if used as a mosquito net you do not have to worry about any bugs flying through the screen. It is very well made and is beautiful hanging around or even over the... read more »

Very nice

17 Jul, 2017
This is really an awesome net to use for decorating purposes over the bed or I got this to use outside on my upstairs balcony , I am going to hang it from the ceiling and put over my 2 chairs and smal... read more »

Very useful Table

14 Jul, 2017
This is a very handy folding table that comes in a carry bag that you can take along anywhere you go to set up and use as you like. I used it out camping and it came in really handy, was super easy to... read more »

Beautiful color

09 Jul, 2017
I am so happy with the led lights that I recieved,  They add such a cool effect around the flat screen tv, It has a remote control with it that is really easy to use and the set up for the lights... read more »

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