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I'm 27 years old. Mother of two. I have an 8 year old daughter and 3 year old son. I am married. I have all my fur babies. Cats and dogs. I am very active and enjoy being outdoors as much as I can. I am very crafty.
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Okay okay

07 Nov, 2020
I had never heard of a cat taking a stick so I was very skeptical of this. I didn't even shave anything off the stick as suggested. My cat started going crazy for them. He loves them ! I do recomm... read more »

Really adorable

18 Oct, 2020
My kids and I have loved scratching cute little designs into these. My kids are ages 1-11. So, it's fun the whole family can get in on .  read more »


18 Oct, 2020
I no longer need to find bowls and lids. These slip right over practically anything. I gave 4 stars because they do start to tear... which is still okay because it comes with many. This has been a lif... read more »

Soooo fun

15 Sep, 2020
These are so fun. Not only do my children enjoy stretching them around and playing with them but it was even fun for my husband and I. We had a blast playing right along with the kids.  read more »

Happy happy

15 Sep, 2020
I am very happy with how large this spider is. That was my favorite feature out of everything! Love it! Makes great for room decorating or just Halloween decorating in general. Beyond happy.  read more »


15 Sep, 2020
These stencils are so fun and easy to use. My husband can use them for his wood burning and I can use them for my painting. They are very sturdy stencils.  read more »

Fantastic camera

09 Sep, 2020
This camera is simply amazing. Very user friendly. I'm not very tech savvy and it worked out great for me.  read more »

Nice Size

09 Sep, 2020
This is a very nice size and works really well. Very convenient.   read more »

Great Heater

09 Sep, 2020
This heater actually pushed out more heat than I thought it would. I would highly recommend.   read more »

Hair be gone

19 Aug, 2020
This is a great and painless shaver. I definitely feel like I get my moneys worth out of it. I've purchased many shavers and for the size of this thing this one is one of the best!  read more »


19 Aug, 2020
These are very cute party favors or children's rewards... the only complaint that I have is our Santa's carrying the sack look like scream. A little creepy and not so cutesy. Besides that thes... read more »


18 Aug, 2020
These Pins are amazing quality.  I'm quite pleased with the quality for the price paid.   read more »


15 Aug, 2020
OKAY, so this is an okay size for a toddler . In the description it made me believe that I was getting ornaments we could actually play with...not ones that are glued to the tree. I do think ther... read more »

Great Variety

15 Aug, 2020
I love the variety these stencils provide. The biggest one is about the size of a placemat. They aren't super flimsy. I definitely feel like I got excellent quality for my money. I would highly re... read more »


15 Aug, 2020
These are bigger than I expected which is great. They have some good weight to them and are made very sturdy. I will definitely be ordering more ! Worked great to make a room petition.  read more »


11 Aug, 2020
This teether is adorable. It was bigger than I expected which is great. I love that it is so gender neutral and has such a fun design. Well made ! You are definitely getting excellent quality with thi... read more »

Get your moneys worth

11 Aug, 2020
These masks are well worth the money.  They are very comparable to the ones you get at a hospital and cheaper than a lot of the masks out there on the market. 5/5 on quality and value for your mo... read more »


11 Aug, 2020
I give these masks 5/5 stars. They are fun and comfortable.  I can breathe easily in them ! The shipping took a little while but they were well worth the wait !  read more »


05 Aug, 2020
This thermometer works great. It has been handy for all things cooking. Very easy to read and use...very user friendly.  read more »

Small but mighty

05 Aug, 2020
This may be small but it is full of power.  Gets the job done better than any other pump I've used in the past. It is very portable and takes up very little space!  read more »

Games are fun

17 Jul, 2020
This game is easy to tote around wherever you go. I really love how fun it is and easy to take to game nights anywhere I go. Definitely not suitable for children lol.  read more »

Very simple and cute

17 Jul, 2020
I love the very simple , clean , and cute design these offer. They are very elegant and give you that vintage/ farmhouse feel. These are very easy to use . I love them and would definitely purchase th... read more »

So much fun

27 Jun, 2020
So much fun for kids and adults. Takes me back to when I was younger.  My children ages 1-10 love this handheld as well. It's made a great bonding experience for all of us. I love that it com... read more »

Small and mighty

27 Jun, 2020
These are very small but my kids love them. They are a perfect little fun activity for them to do . I have 6 kids so I just love they come with so many!  read more »

Very sturdy

27 Jun, 2020
These stencils are surprisingly sturdy . I expected lesser quality for the price but was blown away by quality I would have never even of imagined. I paint and my husband wood burns so these have been... read more »


05 Jun, 2020
I was very pleased with how this was so easy to use. Hooked right up to my phone and then go. It allowed me to transfer my videos and pictures to open more storage on my phone. Works well and fast.&nb... read more »


30 May, 2020
OKAY, so I was expecting cheap quality but to my surprise it was made excellent. This is way better than my actual name brand case I have. Plenty of space for games and I can even fit my kids 3DS in i... read more »


30 May, 2020
This is very lightweight. It plays great.  Has plenty of game options. I do love the two player options. This makes me feel like a kid again. I love almost every game on it. Endless game options... read more »


30 May, 2020
These are very fun and exciting.  I personally think they are worth every penny ! These are the latest trend.  I do wish all were sequins but love the backs of the glitter ones.  read more »

Great Value

30 May, 2020
These scratch cards are well worth the money. They have been a fun activity for my kids and I. These are the most affordable ones I have come across so far.  Will purchase again.  read more »

So soft

30 May, 2020
THESE ARE AMAZING. They work great to remove your makeup.  These are the best and softest that I have ever used ! Well worth the price.  read more »

Amazing stencils

11 May, 2020
I love how sturdy these stencils are. My husband is in to woodburning so I made this purchase for him. They come with a variety of sizes which is always a plus. They are so versatile ! Would purchase... read more »

Stay on well

11 May, 2020
I got these stickers with very little faith they would actually stay and still look good ! I have them on my cellphone and have since the day I received them and they are still holding strong and look... read more »

Take me back to the good ole days

18 Mar, 2020
This game system definitely takes you back to the good ole days. It's worth every penny. My kids and I enjoy the two player feature. Many games ! Love Mario , Pacman , etc. So many games to choose... read more »

Bigger than expected

30 Dec, 2019
This tree was much larger than I expected. We love it. With all my kiddos we used it to keep them away from the real tree and so they could actually put their hands on. Made very thick and sturdy! Wou... read more »

So cute

16 Dec, 2019
These are so much cuter in person. I did read reviews and ordered the smallest size for my kid to be able to wear this summer and that part was a mistake ... I personally think they are very true to s... read more »

Small side

12 Dec, 2019
I read other reviews before making my purchase.I read they ran more on the smaller side , which was perfect for me. So , I ordered anyways and it fit my antique high chair perfect. My highchair didn&#... read more »

Used to make memories

12 Dec, 2019
We used these 300 pipe cleaners to make Christmas memories. My six kids and I gathered together and made Christmas ornaments. These were amazing quality and very flexible. Great price for the quality... read more »

So bright

12 Dec, 2019
These gloves are so bright and amazing. They are larger than I thought. They fit an adult. I thought they were kids . Still amazing though and very fun to play with. I'm 29 and enjoyed playing wit... read more »

Fun for kids and adults

22 Nov, 2019
This helecopter ball is so fun and easy to use. Way better and more affordable than the drones I purchased my children for Christmas last year. This has great speed and you can feel the wind pressure... read more »

Fun while it lasted

13 Jan, 2018
Cat teaser toy- Your package comes with one rod, 2 feather toys , and 2 caterpillar toys. The rod extends about 40". The rod actually reminds me of miniature version of a fishing pole. I do like... read more »

Child proofing

02 Jan, 2018
12 Clear Corner Guards & Universal Cabinet Locks 2 Pack - These are great for child proofing your home . I don't really care for the cabinet locks but the silicone guards are great and easy to... read more »

Big things come in small packages

29 Dec, 2017
Mugig Clip-on Tuner -  My Dad has multiple instruments he uses these for which is great because you can tune guitars , bass, violin , and ukulele.  Very accurate results with this tuner. I... read more »


25 Dec, 2017
Nano Multi Purpose Gel Pad Sticks to Any Flat Surface- Sticks to practically anything ! You wash it with water as needed and it acts brand new. My favorite one is the stretchy one. I feel like it is l... read more »

Perfect size

25 Dec, 2017
Santa necklace - This fits my 8 year old daughter perfect and came just in time for the holidays. She loves it . She wore it today and will wear it tomorrow. The charm is perfect size. Not too big and... read more »


22 Dec, 2017
Skull Cap Helmet Liner Running Beanie - Head Wrap Bandanas Pirate Hat Kerchief-  This design is pretty amazing. This is a very comfortable liner/headwrap. It is great to wear with or without a h... read more »

Beautiful and comfortable

22 Dec, 2017
This is a Mugig Guitar Strap in a beautiful flower pattern. I love how soft and comfortable all the materials have been made! Normally guitar straps are irritating but that isn't the case at all w... read more »

Little too firm

22 Dec, 2017
This #Mugig guitar pick set comes with 50 guitar picks. I purchased these as a gift for my dad. I love how firm they are . I feel this was a great choice when choosing 1.2mm picks! They also come in a... read more »

Great tuner

22 Dec, 2017
Mugig Tuner, Guitar Tuner, Multi-Functional Colorful LCD Display Clip on Tuner for Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Violin, Battery Included, Auto Power-off- I love that this is so small. It turn... read more »

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