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I order the wrong one

01 Feb, 2021
Got the wrong item not compatible with ny cell read more »

I have not used them yet

01 Feb, 2021
Right now i have not used it but the material looks good  read more »

Works wonders

01 Feb, 2021
I use it to removed my diping powder nails. Be careful not to put some in ypur skin because it burns, trust me ????  read more »

My kids love them

16 Nov, 2020
I purchase these for my kids  read more »

Easy to use

16 Nov, 2020
It last a full day, easy to use and love the color read more »

Helps with RA flare ups

29 Sep, 2020
I have Reumatoid Arthritis and when my hand snd wrist are swallen these gloves helps me a lot, ty read more »

I received it not used yet p

29 Sep, 2020
I hope it works  read more »

Love it love it

15 Jul, 2020
I use this machine for my lower back and shoulders!! It helps a lot!   read more »


26 Jun, 2020
It was a gift  read more »


26 Jun, 2020
I ordered the wrong size but it fits my kids phone  read more »


26 Jun, 2020
Me encantan los masajes y esta maquina funciona bien  read more »


16 Mar, 2020
My daughter spend hours playing with her dolls. I will buy again it is endless hours of playing read more »

Love it

16 Mar, 2020
Love it  my phone needs to get charged at night but with this adapter i can also use the headset read more »

Too small

14 Feb, 2020
It is smaller than the actual size, need to order a size up, i will not buy again, to small,  read more »


14 Feb, 2020
I ordered the wrong size, it is a little small but still works good, i like the privacy and i will order again the right size now read more »


14 Feb, 2020
I love essential oils,these are a very good quality i will buy again read more »

Help my feet

22 Jan, 2020
It help my feet to relax  read more »

My nefew loved it

13 Jan, 2020
It is so cute! read more »

The shoe base too heavy

13 Jan, 2020
I like high based shoes, these are too heavy for me read more »

I will purchase again

13 Jan, 2020
I like to keep my toes clean  read more »

Easy to use

13 Jan, 2020
My husband loves this knife   read more »

I used it on Christmas

13 Jan, 2020
It is warm to be inside the house and not bulky.!  read more »

I use it every day

13 Jan, 2020
It works very good read more »

I like it

13 Jan, 2020
It is a wonderful I recommend it   read more »


12 Jan, 2020
my daughter love these leggings  read more »

It was defective

18 Oct, 2019
This piano was defective and it was very dificult to get a reimburstment from provider, they wanted me to pay for the piano at diacounted price and keep it because it was very expensive for them to se... read more »

It is great

11 Jun, 2019
This hair dryer is very nice! I love it!! read more »

I love it!!

20 Nov, 2018
I bought this Gideon shiatsu foot massager with soothing heat for my plantar fasciitis... I love it!! It helps my feet feel better and relaxed.  read more »

I love it!

02 Nov, 2018

they work good

29 Dec, 2017
i use them for my back pain, they work good and help me released my back pain read more »

i love my bracelets

29 Dec, 2017
i love them, they are so pretty read more »

love it

29 Dec, 2017
i love it becuase my child can watch her movies while I am driving and she signs along with the music. read more »

love it

29 Dec, 2017
My child was so happy to see that santa left a bag full of toys for her. she was so happy!! read more »

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