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Perfect size for my space!

08 Nov, 2019
This little tree is like that bright star you see in the sky. I am anxious to decorate for Christmas so this was a great way to get a headstart without seeming like a christmas-crazy person. The tree... read more »

Great fun banner set

21 Oct, 2019
It has been windy where I live so I have to be careful how I hang stuff of this sort- there is the hanging rope at the top and the bottom has 2 grommets so you can secure the banner pieces. I love how... read more »

Love this black pad!

20 Jul, 2019
I am a beginner painter, and always looking for ways to practice without spending a lot of money- so nice weight paper is pretty great for me, before painting onto a canvas. I didnt want to waste blac... read more »

No more waste!

17 Jul, 2019
I have taken a personal vow to do everything I can to reduce waste and add to the global footprint. My kids and partner LOVE playing xbox one, so they seemingly go through batteries faster than underw... read more »

Awesome and comfy

04 Jul, 2019
This pillow is so soft, and molds so well to my head. I love that it has a bit extra stuffing material so you can add extra, but you can customize the thickness to your liking. This doesn’t keep... read more »

Best nights sleep in a while!

04 Jul, 2019
I love pillows. I could have 10 and still want more, because I have been looking for something that truly helps me have a good night sleep- this Jiaao pillow (along with another Jiaoo I have also used... read more »

Great, sturdy, fresh smelling

03 Jul, 2019
Doctor Shield 13 gallon trash bags Have been great thus far. I have been using another brand, with larger bags since my family seems to make an abundance of garbage- but wanted to give these a try. Fi... read more »

Perfect for everyone!

03 Jul, 2019
Straight out of the box, this Power By ES mirror exceeded my expectations. The setup was super easy. The option for light dimming is a great feature most beauty mirrors don’t have. Having the va... read more »

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