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I love to shop online! This especially became a passion during the pandemic. I do a lot of DIY’s and do them with affordable quality items. As a shopper that relies on the feedback of other shoppers, I love to review products as well giving my honest opinion. I always communicate with sellers before leaving feedback about a product if it won’t be a good rating to allow an opportunity to correct or improve any issues. I look forward to purchasing and reviewing a lot of products through this platform!!!
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05 Apr, 2022
I love these storage containers. The are perfect for the fridge and for pantry. They keep everything in order and love the flexibility of having different sizes. 10 out of 10 I recommend and will... read more »

Five star quality! I’m in love!!!

25 Feb, 2022
Omg! THE QUALITY! This wig bleached well when bleaching the lace an knots. The hair is so silky and such good quality. I barely had to pluck this wig. She is definitely giving big spender energy. I wi... read more »

Great For Beginners

22 Feb, 2022
My husband and I just moved into a new home and realized we didn't have very many tools. This kit has everything you need to really get started. We are so happy we bought this it has all of the es... read more »

So Handy!

22 Feb, 2022
This kit gets the job done. It come with trimming shears, thinning shears, clips, and a comb. It's also have a very nice case. It's super convenient to take when traveling . read more »

Great For The Trunk

22 Feb, 2022
This is a great item to keep in your trunk. Wonderful to p pull out for trips to the beach, park, or if you have to change a flat I'm very happy with this purchase. read more »

Love them!

22 Feb, 2022
I love the rich color these headbands come in. They give great coverage and stay in place if your hair is down, not so much if your hair is up in a ponytail. Pins can keep it in place if you are weari... read more »

Not as large as you think

11 Dec, 2021
The sprayer works great but it is pretty small. Based in the image I thought I would be getting something that was a bit larger more like a traditional sprayer but it is very small. If you don't m... read more »

Very Convenient

08 Nov, 2021
I love these. They keep my stove top nice and clean catching all the spills from my spoons abs spatulas. They are a great buy. I would definitely recommend these. They are easy to clean as well.  read more »

They really work????

09 Sep, 2021
I've been seeing the benefits of ashwaganda everywhere and totally wanted to try it. These gummies have a great taste and are a good value. My husband and I have definitely noticed a change in our... read more »

Love these!!!!

09 Sep, 2021
It often feels like my house and car eat my hair ties????. These hair ties were a great price and do not pull your out. I love that they came in a nice pouch to keep them all together as well. I... read more »

Pretty Good

25 Aug, 2021
The quality of these bans is pretty good. While they do feel on the thin side they have proven to be durable. They are easy to use as well and arrive in a nice little tube. The finger device is thicke... read more »

Perfect night light!!!

25 Aug, 2021
This nightlight is perfect. It provide enough light so you don't bump into things in the night, but not too much that it will keep your child or you awake. I love that there are different rotating... read more »

Breathable, but Tight

27 Jul, 2021
This is very breathable and comfortable for temperature, the fabric feels good too, but this is definitely tight around the neck had face. It's a little bit of a snug fit.  read more »


27 Jul, 2021
This star is beautiful!!! I can't wait to put it on my Christmas tree. If you don't like glitter (what's wrong with you lol) this is not the star for you. It is glittery and has good proje... read more »

Great for braiding ????

22 Jul, 2021
I received 12 of these little clips and they are perfect for holding my braids when I am braiding or twisting my hair. I use them to secure the hair when adjoining braids and it works great. They aren... read more »

It’s Bright!

22 Jul, 2021
If lighting is and position are an issue to you, the. You definitely Need this selfie ring with tripod. It's super bright but also has other light settings. I love that it is remote control operat... read more »

High Quality

20 Jul, 2021
I purchased these for my husband and he loves them!!! They have the just are comparable to his Nike and Reebok compression garment and are a fraction of the price. They fit his Samsung 11 plus with no... read more »

A good buy????

17 Jul, 2021
I love this kit because it's easy and convenient to take with you to your nail appointments. I clipped my nails and the clippers don't feel as strong and sturdy as other clippers I've used... read more »

Super Cute☺️

16 Jul, 2021
My goddaughter loved these clothes for her dolls! They are cute. You can also mix and match some of the tops and bottoms! read more »

Not Just For Polish!!!

16 Jul, 2021
I love these false tips for display. They are great for color swatches for polish, gels, and acrylics. The convenient fan design lets you easily add and remove swatches. I definitely recommend!!! read more »

Cute and Convenient

12 Jul, 2021
I love these little tooth brush covers. They are great for at home or travel. They come with a suction cup that's easy to attach allowing you to stick the cover on the mirror or you can simply cov... read more »

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