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I run a small farm in south central Kentucky. I have been an Amazon reviewer for years now and am feeling very lost without being able to post on there any more. Thank goodness for sites like this that are still up and going strong with fun stuff to review so it is helping me with my addiction to reviewing :) When I was wiped, I was in the top 9000 ranking. I do reviews on just about anything and the animals here even get in on the fun.
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main one I got it for is off in its measurement

21 Mar, 2022
I got this mainly for the one part that I could do measurements on my own easier and it doesn't measure correctly due to it starting at 2 inches instead of where it is supposed to so the whole thi... read more »

stay up

09 Oct, 2021
These don't shift in my sneaker which is something I have had an issue with before.  They stay where they are supposed to!  These seem to be well made so should last me for a while. ... read more »

always wanted a big kite

25 Sep, 2021
I have only ever gotten the cheap kites that we all get to fly around when we were younger or had/have little kids of our own but I wanted a "real" kite so I got these to try out.  I lo... read more »

very impressed

25 Sep, 2021
Was very impressed with the quality of the stones that were included in this set.  My son and I had fun going through them and matching them to what kind they were.  Some we knew without eve... read more »

Home from surgery

25 Sep, 2021
I am home from having surgery done and have a few puzzles I want to work on but have cats.  Yeah, those of you with cats get it.  I needed a way to put the pieces away when I wasn't work... read more »

with 2 new puppies

25 Sep, 2021
With 2 new puppies, we are going through collars like crazy around here!  They are growing like weeds!  I wanted this collar because of the reflective strip on it so when we are walking at n... read more »

friend of mine just had a baby

25 Sep, 2021
friend of mine just had a baby and I wanted to get her something that was not the traditional pink that a little girl normally gets so this was just perfect.  What a way to keep a baby warm and s... read more »

Love the rooster!

25 Sep, 2021
This clock is great!  So far have had no issues of it losing time or going too fast.  The look of it was something that I was going for since my house is decorated in a country/farm style.&n... read more »

these are going into my she shed

25 Sep, 2021
I plan on buying a shed that will hold my exercise gear and be a place for me and I wanted solar lights in there for in the evenings.  This way, it has soft lighting which is something I love as... read more »

wow is this small!

29 Jul, 2021
I cannot believe the price this started out at!  I thought this thing was going to be a decent size that I could have out in the yard for the birds but it is really small so it will have to go up... read more »

love the tones

29 Jul, 2021
This has such a nice tone to it!  I do wish though that the two wooden pieces were at different hights to keep them from hiting each other on windy days but otherwise this one is the prettiest so... read more »

I could not afford

25 Jun, 2021
I could not afford the ones that go with the exercise program I am doing so these are a nice fix for that problem  They are affordable and do stay where I put them.  They are working and you... read more »

When you are losing weight

25 Jun, 2021
When you are losing weight, jeans are expensive so you want to keep wearing what you have as long as you can.  Thse are perfect for me as I cannot wear a belt due to my body shape without the bel... read more »

with all these people checking my foot

22 Jun, 2021
Since I am having such MAJOR issues with my right foot, doctors, physical therapists, chiropracters and others have been working on my heel, I want it to look its best.  Yeah, I know it is a foot... read more »

Disappointed in the back of seat pillows

22 Jun, 2021
The backs of the seats are really short!  I mean it is is not comfortable to lean back in these.  The bottom cusion is comfortable and feels like it is memory foam in it but the cusions that... read more »

stumbling out to my car at 4:00am

11 Jun, 2021
When I stumble out to my car on a snowy morning at 4-4:30 AM, I cannot say that my favorite thing to do in the cold is scrape my windshild so I can get on my way to work.  This handy thing keeps... read more »

pretty colors for cleaning

11 Jun, 2021
Nice towels that work great for getting things clean.  They came in really nice colors so even though I am cleaning, I have a cheery towl to clean with :D  They are great for dusting, scrubb... read more »

This is so handy!

11 Jun, 2021
I love this thing.  Funny how something so simple can make you happy.  I love taking off a shirt and dropping the hanger right on this so it is easy to find and I can take the whole thing wi... read more »

doing physical therapy

11 Jun, 2021
These came in just as my physical therapist started me working with some stretches where I needed resistant bands.  These did just the trick for me!  They give me enough resistance and help... read more »

I have lost weight

11 Jun, 2021
I have lost weight and these help me get back into my smaller pants which is saving me money.  Anything that does that is worth 5 stars to me!  I have so many pairs that I haven't been a... read more »

really cute lights

03 Jun, 2021
I put these in with some other real flowers and they blend in nicely during the daytime and look so pretty at night!  Am really glad I got these as they add a touch of light in the garden read more »

everyone at work loves them

03 Jun, 2021
These make wearing a mask much easier on me as they tend to hurt my ears otherwise.  With this product, my hair stays out of the way and the mask gets worn.  I can even make it so I can brea... read more »

so excited to have these

08 Mar, 2021
It is about time for me to start my potatoes and since I cannot plant them in the ground due to the clay soil here, I got these to try this year.  I am looking forward to seeing how they do. ... read more »

really cute puzzle`

08 Mar, 2021
I have been stuck home with Covid issues for over a month now and things like this are sure helping keep my mind busy even if I am not!  Really enjoying doing this puzzle.  The pieces seem w... read more »

never got it

17 Feb, 2021
I never got the item but they were quick to respond back to me and did give me a refund.   read more »

Very bright!!

01 Feb, 2021
Wow.  When a friend of mine told me these lights are bright he was not kidding!  They sure light up the space that is for sure!  Glad I got this because the area I needed it in is very... read more »

was bigger than I expected

01 Feb, 2021
Nice quality magnet and I hung it right away on  my refrigerator.  It has a nice strong magnet on the back so the repeated opening and closing of the door has not dislodged it at all. ... read more »

Have it on my desk

01 Feb, 2021
It seems to be working.  I haven't had as bad allergy attacks in awhile and there seems to be less dust around my desk. The filter seems to have caught a lot as I can see it in there.  I... read more »


01 Feb, 2021
These are really cute but I am not sure with this backing how well they will stay onto a jacket that I wanted to use them on so am going to iron them on and then add some stitching just to make sure t... read more »

Some day I might be able to use this for what I got it for!

08 Dec, 2020
Someday we might go back to having potlucks at work where I always bring deviled eggs and gott this to carry them easier.  Hopefully next year will be the year to do so again.  This is the p... read more »

I am always breaking cords

08 Dec, 2020
These are holding up to my abuse on cords.  I like the length of these too as my phone gets knocked around on my desk and this length keeps my phone from being unplugged.  Have not had any i... read more »

Never got

08 Dec, 2020
I cannot give this a good rating because I never got them.  I have messaged the seller and still have not received an answer about these masks.  I really wanted them too.   read more »

was disappointed

26 Nov, 2020
One of these didn't even last a month of use.  The button that you click to turn it on decided that it would only stay on for 3 seconds and shut back off.  I really liked the weight of t... read more »

I lost a few of mine

18 Nov, 2020
and needed some new ones.  These fit perfectly on my clippers.  Glad to have some spares on some of the other sizes just because I have a way of loosing some even if they are in their bag.&n... read more »

work great!

18 Nov, 2020
I have a friend with constant migraines and these have been a lifesaver to her.  They fit well and hold cold long enough to get her through the worst part so it saves her from getting a full blow... read more »

this little guy is cuter than the photo!

09 Nov, 2020
He will be a wonderful addition to my Christmas decorations.  I think it is cuter than what the picture showes.  He actually is bigger than I thought he would be too.  Overall, just a g... read more »

I just started to do diamond painting crafts

30 Oct, 2020
I just started to do Diamond crafting and let me tell you those bags that the diamonds come in are a pain in the behind so needed something else to keep them in that would keep them safer than the bag... read more »

Love these towels

23 Oct, 2020
They fit my long hair in them just great and I get faster drying time on my really long hair. I have always wanted to use a towel to hold my hair like they show all these people on tv or in ads and I... read more »

I like other products this company has

19 Oct, 2020
I like other products this company sells but these are not my favorite.  They are hard and I am afraid of them scratching the enamel off my teeth.  They were hard to fit between my teeth as... read more »

I thought they would be like the picture

09 Sep, 2020
But they aren't as clear as they are there.  I mean they are cute but it is hard to see what they are unless you really look at them.  When you see the model wearing them, it looks like... read more »

I got these for a different reason than most people

18 Aug, 2020
I have chickens.  These chickens forget where to nest now and then or I have new chickens to "train" where to lay and fake eggs like this come in handy for that purpose.  Plastic e... read more »

I have loved these since I was a small child

18 Aug, 2020
I have always wanted a set.  Somewhere in my childhood, I remember playing with one of these for hours and loved it.  Now I finally have one of my own.  These are well painted and shoul... read more »

I have a friend that suffers from extreme migraines

18 Aug, 2020
I got this for a friend of mine that has really extreme migraines that they haven't found the cause of.  I got this for her to try as nothing else seems to work well and she said that this hi... read more »

gotten quite a few compliments already!

08 Aug, 2020
Yes this just came in and I started using it right away because I have been lookin for something exacly like this and I am thrilled with this!  It goes over my head and across my chest and rests... read more »

for my shoes at work

06 Aug, 2020
my heals were killing me at the end of a 12 hour shift so I got these to try and they are making a huge difference.  I stand on cement floors so they wear out your shoes pretty quickly and I was... read more »

Very cute!

06 Aug, 2020
Some of these are really adorable!  I have some sitting on my desk and they make me smile.  There is a mini cow, horse and a few other animals.  I love this item.  I was not sure I... read more »

help at work

25 Jul, 2020
My ears were getting really sore from wearing a mask at work for my 12 hour shift.  These came in and I was so thankful!  I have shared a few with co-workers and man, have they made a huge d... read more »

The color was pretty

23 Apr, 2020
The rug is nothing special though.  Very thin and if you have it on a hardwood floor like the picture, it will slide all over the place!  It slides around my bedroom all the time and it is c... read more »

Very cute stickers!

23 Feb, 2020
I found these to be very cute and am using them at work on my clipboard.  I even shared some with a coworker of mine to help decorate our boards so they are not so boring to look at.  I have... read more »

Better than the picture!

18 Feb, 2020
This went right into my kitchen window and I absolutely love it!  When we have a sunny day, my room is filled with rainbows.  It looks really pretty hanging there even when the sun is not sh... read more »

2 halves were not lined up properly

18 Feb, 2020
One of the sides is smaller than the other so that you can see the side of the metal plate that separates the two halves.  I was hoping for more of a glow in the dark feature but it barely glows... read more »

Pretty color which is why it gets two stars

18 Feb, 2020
VERY thin!  I mean super thin!  I was hoping for more considering the price of it, but was disappointed when I got it.  Love the color but I am afraid that it won't hold up to the u... read more »

great gift for a little girl

29 Jan, 2020
this set was really cute and a big hit at the holidays!  I got this for a little girl of a co-worker and she really liked it.  The little bag is big enough to hold the kinds of things little... read more »

disappointed in the strength

16 Jan, 2020
This ended up being a really weak tea to me.  There was hardly any flavor no matter how long I left the bag in the hot water.  I love this type of tea and wanted it to be  a robust flav... read more »

iPad at work always missing a charger

19 Dec, 2019
We have 2 iPads at work and we are always one charger short and really needed a quick charger to get to where we can use it faster so I got this one to have with me when I need it. This works well wit... read more »

really bright

19 Dec, 2019
I got this to go outside in a spot tht really isn't easy for me to hang an electric light at and this is brighter than I thought it would be  Really pleased at how well it lights up the area... read more »

Gave these away as a gift

14 Dec, 2019
and the person I gave them to loved them!  She and her daughter fight over who is going to wear them.  I love giving gifts that people fight over because they like them that much.  The... read more »

why haven't I gotten this before

06 Dec, 2019
I had a power strip in my bedroom that I plug way too much stuff into and when I saw this, I knew I had to get it.  I love that I no longer have to waste one spot with the adapter to plug my phon... read more »

Really cute butter dish

06 Dec, 2019
We use a lot of butter in my house and sometimes I even get fresh butter and that stuff is hard to find something to hold it well and this dish does it. I could even buy a block of butter from the sto... read more »

I needed shelves in my shower!

28 Nov, 2019
Between my conditioners and shampoos, I really needed a shelf or two in the shower.  Well these are perfect.  Very simple to put up and I left them for 24 hours before putting anything on th... read more »

Mittens always keep my hands warmer

12 Nov, 2019
I love mittens.  Not to say I don't love gloves too but mittens really do keep my hands warmer and in the winter, that is what I want most.  When I am heading out shopping or getting off... read more »

Love these picks!

12 Nov, 2019
in fact, so does one of my friend's when I let her try one.  She quickly took the small container I gave her and filled it right up :D  These are stronger than some others I have bought... read more »

using everyday to carry my things to work

12 Nov, 2019
This bag is really cute!  I was going to give it away as a present but fell in love with it myself so it is staying with me.  It holds more than I thought it would.  I can fit a change... read more »

great cross body bag

03 Nov, 2019
I love cross body purses as my hands are then free for whatever I need.  I work a lot of stadium events where we have to bring our things in a clear bag.  This was perfect for what I need!&n... read more »


03 Nov, 2019
I was really disappointed in this case.  I had gotten it to go on my son's phone as his was not protected.  I really liked the fact that this one had a scratch gurard to go over the fron... read more »

working well for me

03 Nov, 2019
I happened to look at my brush that was hanging in my shower and saw that it was way past time to order a new one.  I guess it is pretty obvious that I bought this one to replace it.  So far... read more »

Very warm

23 Oct, 2019
was glad to get these as just the other night, the weather changed and it got a bit chilly walking around without something on my feet.  My house is usually cold as it is not well made and the co... read more »

Perfect for what I need it for

02 Oct, 2019
I have gotten other grinders in the past that were more expensive than this one and didn't come with all the extra stuff this one does.  It has a nice bag to keep it in, 2 different type of s... read more »

Looks good on him

02 Oct, 2019
I have one dog that loves to go for walks...without me.  He is good for a hike and I want to make sure he comes back like he is supposed to and with this collar, anyone that finds him will know t... read more »

love the price!

26 Sep, 2019
The price on this collar is so worth it as it is really worth more than what it says.  I have a blue heeler that loves to run at night and since I live on a dead end road in the country on a smal... read more »

Not sure how long it will last

26 Sep, 2019
the handle on this does not feel very strong so not sure how it will hold up to normal use.  It is a toilet brush so there is not that much to say about it as it does clean the way it was suppose... read more »

loved the concept but it didn't do what I was hoping for

17 Sep, 2019
I have really long hair and wanted to use this to deep condition my hair but it just is either too hot or not hot enough.   Love the hair towel though as I am always using those things after... read more »

Help in a way I need it

17 Sep, 2019
Looks like I will have some new cages for my plants next spring!  These look strong enough to hold up some of my plants that currently have no help and boy do they really need it :D  I am lo... read more »

it does work

17 Sep, 2019
I got home after a 12 hour shift with my lower leg and knee throbbing for some reason.  It would not let me rest so I got up and put some of this on and within 5 minutes I could FINALLY relax and... read more »

Use all the time

29 Aug, 2019
I cannot stand when I get something stuck between my teeth after eating.  I always have to have something like this on hand for this reason.  I don't like wooden toothpicks because they... read more »

Keeps my sheet in place

29 Aug, 2019
I am one of these that is very picky about their sheets and when I make the bed, I want my sheets to stay where I put them.  I cannot stand when the bottom sheet gets bunched up or untucked. ... read more »

Looks so much nicer than the picture showes

02 Aug, 2019
I never thought I would really like a blue polish but man do I love this one!  I put it on over a darker color and it really is eye catching.  I cannot wear nail polish on my fingers unless... read more »

needed a mic for some of my oral reports we do in college

02 Aug, 2019
I have some professors that want us to do an oral report and I had been using the mic on my computer but it was not picking up well enough without me almost shouting the whole time.  Now most peo... read more »

use these when cleaning

01 Aug, 2019
I am alergic to dust so like something over my mouth and nose when cleaning areas that don't get cleaned as often as the rest of the house like behind furniture, book cases or even the chicken coo... read more »

it is waterproof

01 Aug, 2019
This apron is waterproof due to the plastic backing on it.  It will keep grease from getting onto your clothes when cooking.  I use it when fixing bacon or anything else that can splatter ea... read more »

Really wanted this to work

01 Aug, 2019
I have a pool that I love to be in but have long, thick hair that I don't always want to get wet.  I did tie my hair up like they recommend but I guess it is too long and thick for this cap t... read more »

small but mighty

22 Jul, 2019
this little purifier works better than expected.  It is small small that I really didn't think it could do much but it sure surprised me.  I even put it in my car when I spilled gas in t... read more »

too small

22 Jul, 2019
the size I got should have been huge on me, but unfortunetely they are sized for China not USA.  They were about an extra large size so no good for me.  They were cute too so am disappointed... read more »

It does glow in the dark

30 Jun, 2019
I get this blanket to glow just with the overhead light in my bedroom.  It is not a very bright glow so it is not disturbing when you are trying to go to sleep but a soft glow that looks really p... read more »

fit my off brand electric toothbrush just great

30 Jun, 2019
I have a generic electric toothbrush that I love and I hate trying to find replacement heads for.  I decided to try this one since you get so many in the pack versus the ones I have been buying t... read more »

helps me when I am baking

30 Jun, 2019
These help me when I am baking making sure that all the batter is out of the bowl and nothing is wasted.  These are made of one piece of plastic so I know that when I wash them after use, they ar... read more »

HDMI is spotty

30 Jun, 2019
Everything else works alright but the main thing I got this for was the HDMI as I wanted to hook up a second monitor.  It works sometimes.  I can get a great picture at one point, walk away... read more »

really cute water bottle!

25 Jun, 2019
Thought this was a really cute design for this water bottle.  I use it almost daily since I got it as warm weather is here and a drink is always going with me these days.  I like that it isn... read more »

very disappointed in these

20 Jun, 2019
I loved the tubes that these came in and most of the incense smells really pretty but it is hard to know which one you are burning since none of the tubes have any English on them.  The reason fo... read more »

always using cable ties out here

20 Jun, 2019
I use them to hold fencing to a post, holding cages together, tying up my tomato plants to many other uses around here. I like that these came in different sizes and the color helps them to blend into... read more »

so far so good

20 Jun, 2019
I used something like this all winter to keep from getting the flu and colds that normally go around work and made it!  Now there is a summer cold going around and I have been taking these to mak... read more »

too big of a string of lights for mason jar

20 Jun, 2019
but that is not why it lost a star rating.  In the picture, it shows them with a kinda clear cord and the ones I got are on a brass cord.  They still work, but would have rather not have had... read more »

does what it is

20 Jun, 2019
Not much you can say about something like this.  You either put it in the fridge to make it cold or nuke it for less than a minute to make it hot.  Then place it on where you want it to do i... read more »

winter will come again

20 Jun, 2019
I am writing this review and winter is still a long way off, but it will be here soon enough.  I love that these already have the glove attached to them as I normally don't wear any.  Th... read more »

cute shirt

02 Jun, 2019
I got this for my 6lb yorkie mix that I keep shaved most of the year due to her creating knots in her hair constantly.  So, that being said, she gets cold in the winter as she has gotten older.&n... read more »

This is a beautiful hummingbird feeder!

02 Jun, 2019
I could not be happier with this feeder and as you can see from the video, the hummers agree!  It came with everything you need and then some extras.  You get a cloth to clean it with that i... read more »

tired of no wifi in my room

09 May, 2019
I don't live in a huge house by any means, but the router is in my son's room as he needs the direct wired contact and since that has the ports for ethernet cords, makes it need to be in his r... read more »

use these for so much stuff

09 May, 2019
I use these constantly to put the change of season clothes up, the blankets we use in the winter, quilts, extra pillows etc.  These keep them clean and smelling fresh when I take them back out.&n... read more »

holding down my weed block plastic well

09 May, 2019
If you go to the site, you will see reviews for a tomato cage instead of for these as this is a company that reused its page.  I can say that they do what they are supposed to do which is hold do... read more »

got these to use when out on the mower

09 May, 2019
I like to listen to music when I am in the garden and wanted somethin gto help keep my hair out of my eyes as well.  This is light weight and is doing its job well so far.  I have tried... read more »

Not my favorite flashlight.

06 May, 2019
I love rechargable flashlights.  We have them all over the house plus I have 2 at work.  This one, is not my favorite by any means.  Yes it is a bright flashlight, which is the main rea... read more »

run a kerosene heater

06 May, 2019
I wanted this for the winter when we run a kerosene heater for heat.  I get scared at night that I don't have one of these things in the house.  Now we do.  It will help put my mind... read more »

wanted an American flag for the 4th of July

06 May, 2019
Nice price and will look great for the 4th.  Couldn't ask for more at the price this one was.  It looks well made and hopefully will hold up to our winds out here.   read more »

I use a lot of garlic

25 Apr, 2019
I even grow 3 different kinds here every year.  I cook lots of roasts, veggies and other dishes that use garlic and was looking for a good way to get it to the consistancy I needed it to be, and... read more »

Got this for an early Father's day gift

25 Apr, 2019
I like the fact that this comes with a stand to hold the brush.  This should help make the brush last longer since it isn't sitting on the bristles when not in use.  I was really happy t... read more »

Not crazy about this water bottle

25 Apr, 2019
I do like the size of it.  That is great and there are no complaints there.  Where the complaints come in, are in three major areas.  One, the straw will not last the way it is con... read more »

They are poptarts, of course they are going to be good :D

16 Apr, 2019
What else can I say about them other than they are pop-tarts.  This is a really big box of them and even my son asked if we had enough now!  For the price of this box, you could not go wrong... read more »

Love this hair towel

16 Apr, 2019
I have long hair and some of the hair towels I have gotten just are not long enough to hold all my hair in it without me having to bunch it up at the ends.  This one, I actually have a bit of roo... read more »

love that it is two shirts for the normal price of one

16 Apr, 2019
I have noticed lately that dog clothes are more expensive than my clothes sometimes and so much more fabric goes into mine, so when this was two shirts at the price I normally pay for one of them, I g... read more »

soft and light weight

16 Apr, 2019
I got this just as an added blanket for the bed for those nights that are not cold enough for the quilt I use in the winter, but too cool for my other quilt I use during the warmer months.  This... read more »

I like it

16 Apr, 2019
I have this in my kitchen to hold a few things that cannot fit well into a cabinet or due to lack of cabinet space.  It was very easy to put together and easy to move around to where I need it to... read more »

a bit bright to be considered warm white

16 Apr, 2019
This is a really cute tree that comes with a really long cord so you can get it into where you need it if an outlet is not right near it.  I was hoping for this to be a softer light but instead i... read more »

not worth $80

16 Apr, 2019
It is a charging cord plain and simple.  Not sure why they were charging so much for a cord that you can get anywhere for much less money.  If I wasn't getting this for a very reduced ra... read more »

got this set to keep in my car

16 Apr, 2019
I work far from home and am always seeming to break a nail somewhere between work and home and spend more time looking for what I need to fix it.  This set helps me do just that.  It has ple... read more »

needed something to occupy the pack with the rain

29 Mar, 2019
We have seen our share of rain here in Kentucky which means my pack had to stay inside for many days.  I needed something to keep them entertained while they were in and these bones fit the bill.... read more »

dogs were ready for new toys

29 Mar, 2019
I like when I get a variety of toys since this way, they have more to chose from.  With this set of toys, you get 1 x racoon 1 x wolf 1 x monkey 1 x skunk 1 x duck Dogs are loving the... read more »

needed a cover for my weighted blanket

28 Mar, 2019
I love my weighted blanket but needed something, like a duvet to cover it.  Man did I find the perfect one!  This is so dang soft!  I have sensitivities to fabrics so am always careful... read more »

the one I was using died

28 Mar, 2019
The one I was originally using for years finally died and I had to get a new one.  I knew I wanted one that was a dual port because there are times I need to charge my phone and my Kindle so that... read more »

bigger than I thought it would be

06 Mar, 2019
This holds way more than I thought it would.  I was really surprised at the size of it.  I was expecting something I could barely fit my phone into but this holds that and more.  It is... read more »

Needed some new ones

06 Mar, 2019
These work really well on my toenails even if I use them before my shower instead of after it.  It came with a tool to help with ingrown toenails, which thankfully, I have never had to deal with,... read more »

I wanted something to store blankets in after winter

06 Feb, 2019
When the warm weather hits, I want to pack up the blankets that are only needed during the winter and get them out of my way.  These are exactly what I wanted.  I have plastic totes I use fo... read more »

easy to breath through

06 Feb, 2019
I like these when I am cleaning out the animal areas because I am so allergic to dust, dander and hay/straw.  This helps to keep the particulates down when I am breathing so I don't have an a... read more »

one aggressive chewer

16 Jan, 2019
Have one dog that is a big chewer on toys so got this for him.  He is still a puppy at just under a year old and sometimes just needs something to gnaw on and this works well for him.  read more »

dogs are happy!

16 Jan, 2019
  Dogs have been having a blast with these since they came in! Love the bag to put them in when they are done so that they are not all over the house. They are holding up well to my crew of pl... read more »

works well

16 Jan, 2019
I got this for my son's Switch because his desk tends to "eat" things he puts on there.  This way, it has a set spot and sits upright so is easier for him to find.  So far, the... read more »

always need this in my house

16 Jan, 2019
I can use it to strain oil when I have used the fryer to get out the extra bits that get in there to keep  my oil fresher longer, use it to wrap up herbs when cooking so they are easier to remove... read more »

Liked that it came with the cover for the toilet should I need it

21 Dec, 2018
Got this for my kitchen drain as that tends to clog almost weekly it seems.  I had to use it over and over again so it didn't really get rid of the clog quickly, like I hoped it would do.&nbs... read more »

used to have something like this years ago

21 Dec, 2018
Used to have something like this years ago and it got lost in one of the moves.  I missed it terribly because it was the one thing that really worked at unclogging the drains!  Now I have th... read more »

right weight to keep me just right temp

21 Dec, 2018
I tend to go from freezing cold when I first get into bed, to roasting hot about an hour later.  This quilt is the right weight and material to keep me just right.  Wish it was a king size s... read more »

was tired of my wrists hurting

16 Dec, 2018
GOing back to school, I spend a lot of time at my computer and needed something to help keep my carpel tunnel at bay.  These did the trick and have helped keep me going.  I work on my comput... read more »

Very thin and picture is deceptive on Amazon

27 Nov, 2018
I have ordered these in the past and for the price they are offering these at, I normally get more than one towel.  The picture makes it look like you would be getting 3 for the price or even 4 o... read more »

great for sore muscles

27 Nov, 2018
I work on cement floors and I come home with knots in my legs.  Roll this up and down my legs and it helps to relieve the knots that formed.  It makes it easier to go to sleep after working... read more »

nice set of tools

27 Nov, 2018
I cook a lot with cast iron cookware and needed something a bit better than the normal type of utencils that are made of a type of plastic.  These are able to handle the heat of a cast iron pot a... read more »

tiny lights

30 Oct, 2018
These lights are so cute!  They are seed sized if that gives you an idea on how small they are.  I was going to put them outside, but due to how much I really like them, am going to do a dif... read more »

got a kick out of the bag they used to put it in

30 Oct, 2018
Oh the bag was the best laugh I had all day.  It is for a fashion Maternity Dress!  I about fell onto the ground when I opened the package and saw that!  I am a bit disappointed that Tr... read more »

got these to put out by the mail box

22 Oct, 2018
it always look so bleak out there around Christmas time and I got these to try and make it look more cheerful and I think they will do the trick!  These seem to be well made and should hold up to... read more »

Hoping these will work

12 Oct, 2018
I have a favorite pair of jeans that got a rip in them and I am hoping these will hold up well enough on my 12 hour shifts to make it so I can again wear these jeans.  It is hard enough for me to... read more »

new dog needed new bowls

12 Oct, 2018
Got these so that I could put water and food in with the new dog that has moved into our home.  I like the rubber on the bottom as it helps to keep them from moving around too much as he eats and... read more »

Fully fits the crate

22 Sep, 2018
Right now, we just got a new dog so am working on crate training and this fits inside of it perfectly.  I was hoping it would be a bit thicker than it was, but overall, it is a decent bed for the... read more »

Still going strong

18 Sep, 2018
I just got a new dog, a Blue Heeler, which tend to be a bit tough on toys.  Just in a week, we have found many that cannot hold up to him.  Now these toys are still going strong!  He lo... read more »

not the best on Bluetooth

18 Sep, 2018
does not pair well on the Bluetooth functionality and you cannot use Bluetooth if you put in an SD card.  I downloaded my music directly on it and it works fine.  Battery life seems pretty g... read more »

I think it is prettier in person than pictured

18 Sep, 2018
You can use it as a shawl and wrap scarf, but would not recommend using it for what it says as there is now way this coul be a beachtowel.  I mean you could use it as a wall hanging I suppose, bu... read more »

already doing its job

18 Sep, 2018
These have caught some pretty tiny mice so I know they are very sensitive to things stepping on the platform.  I live in the country and mice are a part of life out here.  You learn to just... read more »

Love the smell of this stuff!

14 Sep, 2018
This leaves my body so soft and smooth.  I love the smell, the way it makes me feel...well, I guess I just love it!  Wish the jar would not end :D  I cannot say enough about this produc... read more »

way over priced

14 Sep, 2018
I am sorry that I have to give this one star but lets be real...for the price, you should get more than one.  Don't picture it with 5 balls and then call getting one a hot sale.  Sorry,... read more »

wanted the voice recording feature and the FM radio

13 Sep, 2018
This little MP3/MP4 player came with a cord to charge, headphones and of course, the device.  It says you can use it as an E-Reader but the screen is so small tha tit would be a real strain on yo... read more »

Needed one of these

13 Sep, 2018
You would think with as many knives as I have here, this would be something I already have but nope, there was not one in my collection :D  Some of my knives have been getting really dull and if... read more »

will update this review if anything changes

13 Sep, 2018
I think this is a really pretty water bottle.  Yeah, I know, it is a water bottle so how pretty can it be :D  It did come with a great brush to clean the straw with, which I wish more bottle... read more »

Cute to look at

13 Sep, 2018
I only get a very light scent from this due to the fact that when it got to me, the bag it comes in, was open and I think that let out most of the smell from when it was on the shelf.  It is cute... read more »

really expected it to be fuller and didn't keep me cool

13 Sep, 2018
Not sure where they get that it is using cooling technology as it made me hotter than my old pad!  Also, there is not much padding in this.  Yes, it looks like it will protect the mattress,... read more »

Use these for so many things

13 Sep, 2018
I use these all the time for holding water buckets on fencing to holding fencing closed.  They are very handy to have around and these I like because they stay closed better so if there is someth... read more »

LOVE Grandma's cookies!

05 Sep, 2018
Oh I was sooooo happy when these came in!  I have always loved these cookies.  I even eat the oatmeal raisin which normally I would not touch, but these, taste like something I would make, n... read more »

works well on my hair

05 Sep, 2018
I have really long, thick hair and this stuff works.  I usually keep it up, but now and then, I do like it down and I am constantly fighting tangles and knots when it is down.  This helped m... read more »

I must admit, I love squishies

04 Sep, 2018
I love the jumbo ones.  They are very relaxing and fun to play with.  Yes, I am an adult and I have to come clean about loving these things.  I love the smell of them and the way they f... read more »

nicer than I expected!

04 Sep, 2018
Wish this had come in before I went out today because it would have been worn.  This is really nice.  Love the little tag on it that says wish too.  The chain is long enough that I dont... read more »

great for Halloween

04 Sep, 2018
These come apart easily and go back together well.  Cute idea for decorating for Halloween.  I think they would have been even better if they had been painted with a glow in the dark paint b... read more »

cute idea for those going to school

04 Sep, 2018
This comes with some nice fine point pens, 2 highlighters and a pad of sticky pages that are lined and tabbed.  I wish I had something like that when I was in school because it would really have... read more »

Glad I rechecked how I installed it!

04 Sep, 2018
I was upset with this at first...then I looked more carefully at the instructions.  Yes, instructions come in handy sometimes :D  I had put it in upside down so it was blocking my view when... read more »

one was broken

03 Sep, 2018
was really sad that one of these came in broken.  The other one is in perfect shape.  They are not that big to begin with and to lose part of the cooking surface due to it being broke off, m... read more »

Very pretty

31 Aug, 2018
This looks more like a perfume bottle than a diffuser so looks good almost anywhere you put it.  I like that it has an auto shut off so I put it on before bed, I don't have to worry about it... read more »

seems to be a good cord

31 Aug, 2018
Well, it stays plugged into my Samsung phone which is more than most do.  Most tend to pop out easily which does not work well for getting your phone charged fast if you always have to check to s... read more »

wanted one for awhile now

25 Aug, 2018
I used one of these when I was younger but never got one when they old one broke, which has been about 30 years now (LOL).  Now I wonder why I haven't gotten one sooner!  My teeth feel 1... read more »

VERY sensitive scale

25 Aug, 2018
In the description it tells you that even your breath can make the weight fluctuate and this is true.  You have to make sure that there isn't an airflow or a vibration from a TV, stereo or so... read more »

Keeps my hair back

25 Aug, 2018
I have long hair and it tends to get in the way when I am doing stuff outside so was looking for something to help keep it out of my way.  I didn't want something that was going to make my he... read more »

Trying to update a few things around here

22 Aug, 2018
I am trying to update a few things around my house to look nicer and less cluttered.  I am using one of these on a shelf to hid some of our snack foods that I get in bags or boxes so that it look... read more »

Took to the state fair with us

22 Aug, 2018
easy to grab and go.  I was able to hand one out to everyone that went with us and they helped us stay nice and cool.  It was great to have a towel handy to help keep us fresher and the colo... read more »

Works really well once you figure it out

16 Aug, 2018
The directions leave much to be desired but once you get it going, it works great.  My son found that he had to unplug it and replug it back in for us to change it from celcius to degrees. ... read more »

This is a very different looking bottle

16 Aug, 2018
It has two extra compartments that you can add your shake mix to so if you need to take it more than just once a day, you can have it ready to go.  It also came with 2 funnels that also seal, so... read more »

Have wanted one of these things

16 Aug, 2018
Talk about a nice lighter!  This is so cool.  I have wanted one of these since I first saw them but never thought I would get one, and now I do have one!  I sat here at my desk just pla... read more »

Very soft and nice looking

16 Aug, 2018
These look like very expensive socks but aren't in price.  They are very soft sock and feel really good on your feet.  I loved the colors that they came in as it is hard to find a light... read more »

Talk about a FULL box!

16 Aug, 2018
This box is PACKED with sticky notes!  I mean every kind of sticky notes!  There are signature line stickys, tab stickys and even your normal stickys.  I was really impressed by how ful... read more »

cute storage idea

13 Aug, 2018
These came as a flat package and you open them up, place the bottom inside and you are good to go.  They seem well made so you should get long term use from them.  Each box has an attached c... read more »

going strong

13 Aug, 2018
these are working well with my work shoes.  I love trying different supports because each one works a bit differently.  Funny that you can keep trying these and get different results from di... read more »

old fat woman here

08 Aug, 2018
that stands on her feet for 12 hour shifts on cement floors so anything that makes my feet feel better is a blessing!    So far, these are working well.  They have taken some of the sho... read more »

much nicer than they show

08 Aug, 2018
Love the little Scotty dog that is on it...makes it look more expensive than it is.  Really nice leather that is comfortable to hold, even if you have a dog that loves to pull you around like min... read more »

love the dustpan, broom leaves much to be desired...

08 Aug, 2018
The broom on this will push very light dust or hair around but having 7 dogs here, we have a lot of hair and kittly litter too so need something that really can move dust, dirt and hair.  Love th... read more »

Not sure why the description is in Spanish but we shall go on :D

30 Jul, 2018
Anyway, these headphones work well and sound great.  I had to change the piece that goes into my ear to get the one that fit best and kept the headphone from popping out.  Once I did that, t... read more »

With the way the garden is producing, I needed the extra time

30 Jul, 2018
With the way the garden is producing, I needed the extra time to get things put up for the winter.  These mats helped with the zucchini and cucumbers by just giving me that time I needed.  I... read more »

Love the colors

29 Jul, 2018
This is nicer when you get it than it looks online.  It has hard plastic around the outside of it to help protect your Kindle Fire.  You will have easy access to your buttons and charger por... read more »

Looks better than the picture.

29 Jul, 2018
The colors in this are nicer than it shows.  It does have some harder plastic around the outside to help protect your Kindle Fire.  It seems like a nice cover and should hold up well. &... read more »

these are great

29 Jul, 2018
I cannot have enough of this type of towel during this time of year.  I use them when mowing the lawn, gardening, working the animals, etc.  Always something going on here especially when it... read more »

I needed this so badly!

19 Jul, 2018
My vacuum is about 2 years old now and I keep washing out the filters it came with and having to wait till they dried before using them again, and, one filter that came with this, I didn't even kn... read more »

Glad it is waterproof!

19 Jul, 2018
Some idiot (me) knocked this off the grill and into a dog pool that is near the grill.  Fished it out of the pool, washed it and, whew, it still worked great!  It did an accurate read on the... read more »

use these all the time

19 Jul, 2018
I need these especially during this time of year as I divide flea medicine up between the zoo here.  This way I can get the larger flea med and divide it to save some, everyone can ha... read more »

these are so handy when out mowing lawn

09 Jul, 2018
I have a huge lawn to mow and when the heat index is over 100 degrees and you HAVE to go mow, these towels can be a life saver.  Just run under cold water, wring it out and go.  You can then... read more »

I have needed this

09 Jul, 2018
When this came in, it was right around the 4th of July and I wanted to hang my new flag up.  So I opened up the box, got what parts I needed for it, and the flag is now up and proudly waving.&nbs... read more »

get compliments every time I have worn it!

09 Jul, 2018
When I wear this out shopping, people have stated how pretty the bracelet it and where did I get it :D !  It is such a pretty blue and it catches peoples eyes.  I have really loved wearing i... read more »

Very pretty

27 Jun, 2018
I got this to go for a silent auction benefit at work and it was a big hit!  Brought in quite a bit more than I thought it would.  Everyone loved it and wanted it so it was a huge success.&n... read more »

brought it into work

27 Jun, 2018
and you would not believe the people that picked it up and started to play with it.  Three people said they had to get one of their own.  It was picked up and played with by people I never w... read more »

came in today and my son already stole it on me!

16 Jun, 2018
He took one look at the jug and asked if he could have it so off it went :D  He drinks a lot of water so this really is perfect for him.  It is really big and he should get a lot of use out... read more »

looks good on the dog :D

16 Jun, 2018
I have a leonberger which is a VERY large dog and the collar fits nice on him.  It is thinner in width that some larger collars, which I like, since it is used more to show he is owned, rather th... read more »

Got to give as a gift, but became a gift to me :D

12 Jun, 2018
I was planning on giving this away, but after looking at it and now using it, I am glad I kept it for me!  I love that it has so many different choices on the type of cut you get as I am experime... read more »

got this as a gift for a friend

07 Jun, 2018
was really surprised by the pretty fabric they used to make these.  They seem to be well made and with the color choices, they will go well with many different outfits as she grows.  I wish... read more »

really nice necklace

07 Jun, 2018
This has a lot of sparkle to it and looks great with a summer outfit that I have.  I got so many compliments on it and a few asked where I got it from.  The chain didn't get tangled in m... read more »

I keep breaking my chargers

02 Jun, 2018
Yeah, I am a bit rough on them, will admit it.  Got this one for my Kindle and for once, a cord locks in and doesn't easily pull out!  I am loving that fact big time.  I have so man... read more »

the weight of this is perfect~

02 Jun, 2018
I have a Chinese Creasted dog, which are the hairless ones.  They HAVE to have a coat or sweater on in the winter since they have no fur/hair to keep them warm.  I like this one because what... read more »

needed a large clear bag

22 May, 2018
I work sporting events such as the Tennesse Titans games and a few other venues like this.  These places require you to use a clear bag if you have anything to bring into the stadium.  Now y... read more »

Looks good and flies well :D

22 May, 2018
It is getting to be that time of year again when we all show our pride for the red, white and blue flag that shows our support for our troops and our country.  This is a well made flag that came... read more »

This is much nicer than expected!

22 May, 2018
So many times when I have tried to order a blanket online, it will say it is soft and I will get it and it is anything but.  Well, this one IS SUPER SOFT!  I have very sensitive skin to diff... read more »

very cute teether

14 May, 2018
Got this for a lady I work with as her baby is starting to teeth.  Love the size of it as it is just perfect for small little hands.   The other great thing about this, when they are le... read more »

Everyone loves it!

06 May, 2018
I have shown this around as it is so great!  We all love the design of it.  This thing is best I have gotten in a long time!  I love that people don't even know it is a grinder!!!&n... read more »

was hoping for a stronger smell

26 Apr, 2018
When I got these, I was really hoping they would smell strong and last once they burned like some of my other incence, but these really didn't have a smell to me.  I am not sure if that is be... read more »

lost pads that went with my TENS unit

26 Apr, 2018
Lost the pads that came with my TENS unit or should I be honest here and state that my son lost them on me when borrowing my unit, but anyway :D...I was really happy to get these in as I have missed b... read more »

for over my glasses

08 Apr, 2018
I was hoping these woudl fit a bit better over my regular, everday glasses, but they fit somewhat.  They did help remove some of the annoying glare that happens to me when driving at night. ... read more »

Soft towels but not that absorbent

03 Apr, 2018
I have other hair towels that I have used in the past.  These, while very soft and comfy on my head, didn't seem to take out as much water as some of my other towels.  This caused my hai... read more »

cut through my son's mop

03 Apr, 2018
I was tired of chasing plugs in my house to cut my son's hair on a floor that could be swept. He will not go to a barber or hair stylist, so I am it.  With these, I was able to get the job do... read more »

will be nice in the summer

02 Mar, 2018
I was looking for something that I could rinse my feet off after working in the garden and this will be perfect for that purpose.  The hose is always too shocking for me to do that with so this w... read more »

Very pretty

16 Feb, 2018
this is a really pretty shade of blue and it does look like the picture.  It is extremely long and covers my 5'4" frame and then some :D  I was hoping it would be a bit softer yarn... read more »

Nice little bowl

10 Feb, 2018
This was a bit smaller than I was expecting but will do the job.  I have a badger brush to go with this and am giving it as a gift to a friend of mine.  He loves using this kind of thing for... read more »

Cat approved

10 Feb, 2018
When the chance to review this came up, I jumped at it. I have wanted one of these for my cats for some time now. My cats like to drink out of something the dogs cannot reach (no surprise there) and t... read more »

was going to give it to a friend

10 Feb, 2018
I have a whole cabinet of different teas and didn't really think this one would be that different and boy was I wrong!  This is one of the best mint teas I have tasted in a long time.  T... read more »

Bigger than I thought it would be

10 Feb, 2018
I thought this would be smaller, like some of the other ones I have gotten in the past.  Imagine my surprise when I got this and it was much nicer than I had hoped for!  Yep, that is rare in... read more »

for my Kindle

10 Feb, 2018
I love to read and watch Netflix on my Kindle but I don't have a case with a good stand on it.  I got this to help with this issue.  I watch my Kindle in my car as I download things to w... read more »

Got for my son but I kept them :)

06 Feb, 2018
My son wanted sunglasses but these were a bit big on his face so they became mine :)  They fit well over my other glasses that I have to wear for vision so the fact that they are large sized work... read more »

Ordered for my son

06 Feb, 2018
My son decided that he wanted to get some sunglasses so the search was on. When someone has social anxiety, you know you will not be taking him someplace to try them on and have to hope for the best.... read more »

I got this for me :)

06 Feb, 2018
I have issues with seatbelts and wanted something to help  make them a bit more comfortable so decided to give this a shot.  Boy am I glad I did!  This makes the strap so much nicer for... read more »

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