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great sink stopper

24 Mar, 2022
This is what I needed. The sink stopper work perfect and fit well in my sink. The sink stopper is easy to install and easy to use. One push to fill up the sink with water and one easy push to let the... read more »

Bedee power strip

08 May, 2021
I was looking to buy a power strip and came across this hexagon power strip by Bedee. This is one in all strip with cordless phone charger. It came in a nice package with easy instructions. I just plu... read more »

wrist ice compression sleeve

22 Jul, 2020
I got this wrist ice compression sleeve for my sprain wrist. I have been using  thecold therapy to relief my right wrist pain. It works well because I do not need to use a separate ice pack and a... read more »

face mask

18 May, 2020
I needed to purchase face mask for going outside. This package came with two masks. Men and women can wear this mask. It a good quality cottton masks and breathable. I can wash the mask after a few us... read more »

solf cover sheet

18 May, 2020
One of the best duvet cover set I have purchased. It fits perfectly on the twin bed. Extremely soft and the quality of the fabric feel nice against the skin. I sleep well because of the smooth sheet.... read more »


02 Apr, 2020
The face masks is extremely thin and foam material. I thought it was cotton. It comes in three in the pack. I tried washing it after my first used and since it was so thin and foam material the loops... read more »


02 Apr, 2020
I purchased this to try it out and see if it actually help the hair loss. So far the smell is fine. I am not sure if it actually work. But I will continue using it and hopefully it will give a better... read more »

comforter alternative

10 Mar, 2020
This is an incredibly comfortable comforter. The material is so light and it's amazing that it can be so warm. It’s truly light-weight and perfect to put inside a duvet. It lays pretty flat... read more »

colorful keyboard for ipad 7th

10 Mar, 2020
The keyboard work perfectly on my iPad 10.2 7th generation. It is easy to install and remove keyboard. The case is well made to protect my ipad. The soft lining really prevent my ipad from scratching... read more »

received Amazon cancelled order

05 Mar, 2020
I gave it 1 star because of the order was intercept by custom not by seller. I have no idea why the order was cancelled. Received an email below from Amazon. We're writing to inform you that... read more »


21 Feb, 2020
This is very versatile baby milestone blanket. It can be for a baby boy or girl. It is a great to track my baby milestone. It is soft and cuddle when it is all done. I think it is a great for any newb... read more »


10 Feb, 2020
The scarf was a disappointing. It has a very strong chemical smell to it. I tried to wash a few times and it still have a strong odor. it was not what I expected. #rankboosterreview #sponsored read more »

essential oils

10 Feb, 2020
This is one of the nicest essential oils I have ever purchased. It comes with so many different essential oils. It has six of the element of the essential oils that I used. I am getting another one fo... read more »

neck cream

10 Feb, 2020
The neck cream smell. So good. The cream is very light and silky. It  is not greasy at all. This is a good moisturizer. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #melao read more »

double sided tape

20 Jan, 2020
This tape works well on wall. It is double sided and easy to use. It does not ruin the wall when you need to remove a picture frame or fairy light. I like using this more than the other expensive bran... read more »

license plate covers

17 Dec, 2019
I have never seen this kind of license plate covers holder before. I think it is a good purchase. It is made out of silicone and so it is not only rust proof and weather proof it is quieter than the o... read more »

super soft fleece

10 Dec, 2019
This is amazingly soft fleece for the baby. I purchase this for my sister's baby. She loves it so much that she even use it as a floor blanket because it is super soft. She loves fleece. It is a p... read more »

dental lloss

10 Dec, 2019
I ran out of denal floss picks and came across this package. There are 250 pieces and a nice storage carry box for on the go. What a great idea. I am so glad someone thought of it. I normally throw th... read more »

baby car mirror

08 Dec, 2019
This is exactly what I was looking for my twins counsin. Most baby car mirror are small frame and distorted plastic. This baby car mirror is big enough to view the twins in rear facing seat. I like th... read more »

butter dish

08 Dec, 2019
I had an old butter dish and it cracked so I was looking for a new one to replace it. I came across the butter dish with lid and knife. The design was cute. The butter dish was huge much more than I e... read more »


01 Dec, 2019
I purchased this because I gave all my old bedding duvet away. I need new bedding duvet. This is well made bedding duvet with zipper closure. My old duvet were buttoms and it was always come apart. I... read more »

facial hair remover

23 Nov, 2019
The portable small facial hair remover is an ideal for traveling. I purchase this one for on the road. It is small and compact. The facial hair remover is so discreet. I love how it does not pull the... read more »

5ft charger

20 Nov, 2019
All my chargers was out of juice and needed a long enough fast charger to replace my old one. I came across this 2 pack 5 feet nylon phone charger and it is working spendidly. It is compatible with my... read more »


20 Nov, 2019
I needed a new computer backpack and I found this reasonable price online. The backpack is very well made and light weight. I got the charcoal. This backpack hold so much stuff including my 17" l... read more »

silicone lids

20 Nov, 2019
The best silicone lids invented. It actually save me on using seran wrap and helps the environment. It comes in 12 different sizes. I have used on my water cup on the go, used to save half of my cut a... read more »

great acne patch

03 Nov, 2019
This is another great acne pimple patch that I had to test it out. I wanted to compare the one that I have and see if this is better. I feel this is as good as other brand. They stick well and invisib... read more »

floss and picks

19 Oct, 2019
How many dental floss and picks can a girl need? Well, apparently a lot. I use them daily. I use them in the morning, during snacks and lunch. Oh, definelty at night time for sure. It comes in eight i... read more »

Shaver Razor travel size

19 Oct, 2019
I purchase this travel shaver razor due to my peachy hair near my mouth. There is no pain. It leaves my skin smooth and silky. There is no stinking feeling afterward. I will try it on my legs soon. It... read more »


05 Oct, 2019
I purchased these curtains for my girl's room. It looks lovely and blackout the sunlight. The curtain size was 52 x 63. It not only keeps the sun out but keeps the heat out. It is insulated. The c... read more »

9v battery

05 Oct, 2019
I purchase this 9v battery for my safe. However, I have it test out by my mechanic and he showed me that it was not charge to 9v . So I am disappointed. I though I purchased a 9v but got less than exp... read more »

Pimple patches

15 Sep, 2019
These are very thin and transparent acne dots. It is very absorbent and a bit thicker than the other. It does absorb pus and gross fluids from the acne. I used it overnight.  I have not use it un... read more »

great rechargebale lithium batteries

15 Sep, 2019
First off, these batteries ares exactly the same as normal AA batteries. They are better quality. I used the batteries in my flashlight and could see the  difference from regular AA alkalines. Th... read more »

fast charger

06 Sep, 2019
It is a well built charging cable.  I just wish it was longer than 3 ft.  The old one I had was a lot longer. This braided cord is a lot better than my old one. It has a better reinforcement... read more »

Portable blender

25 Aug, 2019
I purchased this blender since I work really early in the morning. But I love juicing and do not have time for pulling out my big blender. This mini personal blender is great for quick and easy on the... read more »

Acne pimple patch

24 Aug, 2019
I need a new and different approach to my acne. I came across this acne pimple patch. It is great absorbing hydocolloid spot dots treatment with tea tree oil. It works amazingly. After I wash and clea... read more »


15 Aug, 2019
Great little dash cam. Work well. Very clear image. Easy set up. Happy with the purchase. It is nice the 1080p can capture the motion really clear. I haven't driven at night to review the night vi... read more »

very cute organizer

30 Jul, 2019
This is a great purchase. I really like the design. I also light the snap button to close over velcro. It has seven tabs perfect for a week of organizing.  It seems durable plastic. Just hope it... read more »

aweful smell bags

30 Jul, 2019
I purchased these bags and hoping to save the environment. However, after opened up my package. The aweful smell just made me nausea. I cannot even describe the smell. I am pretty sure their some kind... read more »

stong floss

25 Jul, 2019
I purchase the floss for a long trip. So glad I did. There are 250 floss that came in a big package but individual wrapped. I think that is a brilliant idea. I am able to carry some in my purse and st... read more »

not impressive camera

29 Jun, 2019
This camera is small and need to be hung on a wall. The camera is black but cord came in white and very short. The cord is not long enough to reach the plug unless you place the camera low to the grou... read more »


14 Jun, 2019
I purchased this sleevesless tops and it was not exactly what I expected. It looks nice on the website however it was thin and the description of the fabric was different than what I received. On the... read more »

grommet belt buckle

29 May, 2019
The cutest belt design. It is really nice that there are so many holes. This is why I chose this belt. It is hard to find a belt that actually fit and adjust when I needed it. Already, my friend wante... read more »

rechargeable AA

18 May, 2019
This  rechargeable AA battery charger works very well and efficient.  I needed to charge the AA batteries so I can use my flashlights, facial brush, fairy lights and much more. It charges ve... read more »


09 May, 2019
It took a while to receive these floss. It comes in a nice small clear plastic box. There are 50 floss. The floss is quite strong and easy to use. I wish the floss has a minty flavor to it like the ot... read more »

eye patches

27 Apr, 2019
I have puffiness under my eyes and the eye masks may have made very small improvement but it wasn't anything significant for me. I did not notice much of a difference. But it is still new and hope... read more »

fast charging

12 Apr, 2019
I was excited to get a fast charging cable but unfortunately it was a big disappointment. Not fast charging at all. Very disappointed. Not worth the money. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #henist read more »

car phone mount

30 Mar, 2019
Easy to set up with no direction needed. There are suction cups that easily attached your phone. However, it does not stay on very long. The phone falls off while I am driving. the car. phone has trou... read more »

magnetic calendar

30 Mar, 2019
The package came in 2 pack. It has the magnetic calendar and weekly planners. The marker writes well and does not leave any residue after erase. This is a really nice magnetic calendar and weekly plan... read more »

camping lamp

28 Mar, 2019
These are the cutest amazing little camping lamps. It comes in a box of two, not one but two camping lamps. Oh, it included AA batieries which is super nice. You can use the LED lamp or flicker flames... read more »

great set

18 Feb, 2019
I really love this set. It came in a plastic bag. It comes with the duvet and 2 pillow shams. This is lightweight and feel so soft.  Soft, smooth, and comfortable feeling. Nice color to match my... read more »

under bed storage bags

31 Jan, 2019
I need a large storage bags for under my bed to store old clothes. That was the reason I purchased this under the bed storage. I was not happy with this purchase at all. The zipper was defective and i... read more »


29 Dec, 2018
I bought this swimsuit for my girl friend for Christmas. She literally loved it. It fits her perfectly. She loved the high waist bottom that cover her flaw according to her. The white ruffle top hide... read more »

men's wallet

21 Dec, 2018
This bi-fold wallet is made in Italian leather. It is stylish looking and great craftsmanship.  It is not bulky but nicely compact. The best thing is the wallet has RFID blocking. Everyone need p... read more »

love it

13 Dec, 2018
I love this beautiful light green sweatshirt. It is the most comfortable sweatshirt. I love the inner fleece to keep it nice and warm plus soft. It does not feel stiff. I love the baggy look and it wo... read more »

baggy sweatshirt

06 Dec, 2018
Love the baggy pink hooded pullovers hoodies. The fabric is mostly cotton and 26% polyester. It feels so warm and comfortable to wear over tank top. I like the inner fleece inside it feels so soft aga... read more »

perfect in every way bathing suit

04 Dec, 2018
I am not disappointed at all. The color is so pretty. I really like the design too. I like the padded top solid dark navy blue with the tie around the chest. The bottom with a small slit around the wa... read more »

fireproof money bag

22 Nov, 2018
I bought the pouch for extra security for important papers and mad money that will be kept in my safe. The pouch is an extra layer of safety for important stuff. But I like the peace of mind of having... read more »

eyelash curler

18 Nov, 2018
The curler itself feels very solid in my hands. I have to do my lashes in sections with this curler but it's definitely worth the better results. I just have to get the hang of it on getting all o... read more »

drain catcher

13 Nov, 2018
My sinks clog easily, and this has been a lifesaver. It seems to be working well. I use metal washing machine lint traps and I thought that they were doing a pretty good job. I try to flush with extra... read more »

white sneaker

01 Nov, 2018
I needed a white simple sneaker and this Camel Crown is exactly fit the description. It goes well with my dress and pants. It has a nice rubber sole. The sneaker is mostly white and a bit of pink trim... read more »

set of 3 canisters

26 Oct, 2018
The canisters of 3 are nicely design. It comes in many colors but I like the color black and that was what I purchase. The canisters comes in size 8, 12 and 16. It is tightly sealed. The canisters als... read more »

fast charger

26 Oct, 2018
I did not know there is such a thing called fast charger. All this time I have a regular charger and it took me forever to charge my phone. I compare this fast charger with my existing charger and thi... read more »

sous vide bags

22 Oct, 2018
I have never tried or used sous vide bags before but I heard so much about it. So I had to try. It works just like it says and the seal is very tight. I am not sure how many usages it will endure befo... read more »

moonen curtain

17 Oct, 2018
This is just what I wanted. At night I cannot see any outside or even the  moonlight. They are perfect and feel nice to the touch. They don't feel cheap either. These are black out blinds. Yo... read more »


12 Oct, 2018
It is one of the light weight men's short I have ever felt. The design is very simple which is nice. It has a reflection trimming on the side for night jogging or walking. Oh and it is very soft t... read more »

phone holder

26 Sep, 2018
I got this light weight easy to clip on my car vent. I like the light blue color contrast. This holder can hold my S8 and my friend's Iphone. It grip the phone well. It also tilt side way for land... read more »

hyaluronic acid serum

25 Sep, 2018
I cannot get enough of this Ebanel Hyaluronic acid serum. The serum applies to my skin so soft and silky. Just a beautiful feeling on my face. I like that it does not leave a sticky feeling and does n... read more »

handheld portable mini steamer

25 Sep, 2018
First of all, this is a nice design clothes and facial steamer combo. I like how it is one smooth steamer. To add water just turn the knob on top.  The water heats up pretty quickly 15 seconds or... read more »

cute tripod

21 Sep, 2018
What a cute little tripod. I do not have a GoPro but I do have a iphone and it works great. It was easy to connect with my bloothtooth. I like how this can easily bend for any angle shot. It came with... read more »

BIG makeup holder

19 Sep, 2018
Oh my this is amazing BIG. I just love it. I cannot believe this rotating makeup tray is so big. It can rotate 360 degree. It has eight adjustable compartments so you can change it to your preference.... read more »

Love this mattress pad cover

13 Sep, 2018
The first thing about this mattress after opening up the sealed plastic cover was how soft and plush it feels. I have not washed it yet. I wanted to test it out and see if this mattress fit my twin be... read more »

mesh laundry bag

11 Sep, 2018
They are good quality and exactly what I am looking for my delicate hand wash laundry.  They are a lifesaver. I like the tuck in the zipper so that it does not tear any other clothes in the load... read more »

Hamper with style

31 Aug, 2018
I'm very happy with the size, construction and the quality of this product. It has a built in handles so the laundry bag is quiet easy to carry. Yet, somehow it feels heavy-duty to keep the "... read more »

cutest pillow ever!

31 Aug, 2018
This was a perfect purchase for my sister's toddler. She loves it so much that she won't leave home without it. It comes with two pillow cases. It's a cute cat design. The baby pillow is 1... read more »

Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

22 Aug, 2018
I like this face wash and have been using this for a few days now. It is very gentle face cleanser! Contains Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, Salicylic and Lactic Acids and a combination of other valuabl... read more »

12 pcs cosmetics tool

22 Aug, 2018
They are the SOFTEST thing I have ever felt!! They do not shed at all! Looks exact like the picture and is very soft and seems fairly good quality for the price.  Best of all it is antibacterial... read more »

cinsey USB Endoscope

16 Aug, 2018
Cinsey USB Endoscope came and was really excited to use it for my kitchen sink. The camera is out of focus and there was a halo affect on my cell phone. It did not give a clear picture. I followed the... read more »

grill cover medium

15 Aug, 2018
The BBQ cover arrived nicely packaged. It feels durable enough but hopefully it will withstand outdoor weather. The grill cover seems a bit on the thin side. However, it does fit well on my BB!. There... read more »

storage bins cube

15 Aug, 2018
My shelves constantly look messy and these look AMAZING! These storage bin cubes are made out of strong material and don't cave when empty like cheaper ones I've bought in the past. It comes w... read more »

Smart Night Light

08 Aug, 2018
One of the best and smart night light all in one. It came in a very nice well packed box. I have it at my night stand. It automatic turn on when I pass by. It has a sensor that turns on and off. It is... read more »

women v neck short sleeve

30 Jul, 2018
This v neck short sleeve shirt button down remind me of a baseball shirt that my brother like to wear a lot in the summer time. It super soft and flannish fabric. The fabric is very comfortable not st... read more »

compact pocket blanket

27 Jul, 2018
I did not expect this compact pocket blanket to be so big! I really like the bright green neon color. It is definitely lightweight and waterproof material. I definitely will use it at the beach. It ca... read more »

Ottbox oil diffuser

27 Jul, 2018
I am happy that I purchase this really nice aromatherapy diffuser. I loved the 7 changing colors! Super easy to set up and use. It's beautiful and I love being able to move this diffuser from room... read more »

Lace bralette

24 Jul, 2018
Super sexy and beautiful lace lingerie set. I am wearing it like a bralette than a sleepwear style. It is stylish just to keep it hidden. The lace is not stiff at all. It nice and soft to the skin. Th... read more »

goddess denim skirt

18 Jul, 2018
First of all, the style is super cute. I love the cut and the design. The denim skirt is not too short or too long. The length is great. I am giving it a 3 stars because there is no button hole cutout... read more »

charger cable

13 Jul, 2018
I have been looking for a mesh cable and I found this one. It is fast charging and the design it really nice. I bought this cable for my iPad because I had to many flimsy cable. This cable is brillian... read more »

quality dash cam

07 Jul, 2018
A very nice day and night clear recording. This camera has a 140 degree wide-angle lens. It covered pretty wide area. The dash cam can detects any abrupt movement. It has this automatically lock and s... read more »

X-Herr Women bikini set

07 Jul, 2018
I really like the design and the look of this sexy halter top padded pushup bikini set on the model. It is a set that has top and bottom. The color is winter green. It seems like it is very well made.... read more »

dog leash

07 Jul, 2018
It is a very cute dog leash with the blue bone printed on the leash. I like the fun bone design. A color leash for sure. It is definitely heavy duty. I have a small dog this dog leash is a bit big for... read more »

sexy swimsuit

04 Jul, 2018
My friends think this is the most sexy swimsuit ever. I guess since I am not use to sexy swimsuit. But it does shape my body very well. It does give a peek of the front cleavage which is enough for me... read more »

Best laundry hamper

01 Jul, 2018
This is a great laundry hamper for my daughter college room. The quality is much better and heavier than other collapsible laundry hampers. It feels a lot stronger and better material. The flip lid is... read more »

Tote Bag Backpack

30 Jun, 2018
Such a cute tote backpack. The quality of this bag is well made. It has a soft handle for carry instead of wearing as a backpack. I like the wide mouth opening for put my laptop or books. It has a zip... read more »

yoga pants

30 Jun, 2018
I really like this yoga capri pant. I like the soft material and the style. I have purchased this brand before and I really love it. I wanted more capri pants so I purchase this gray yoga pan. I alway... read more »

Joly Joy LED floor lamp

30 Jun, 2018
I needed to replace my floor lamp. It was so old and bulky. I need more space. I found this lamp online and thought I would give it a try. I love the sleek look and the modern design of this lamp. I f... read more »

Fuury yoga capri leggins

27 Jun, 2018
I brought this black high waist yoga capri leggins and I just  love it.  It is a size small and fit perfectly. The waist stays in place while running and the fabric is thick. They are the be... read more »

Henzin 120 inch projection screen

18 Jun, 2018
I have HD Projector as a gift so  I wanted to get a good quality screen.  So far the movie image is quiet perfect on the full white background screen. I have even using this screen inside ou... read more »

gray laundry hamper

07 Jun, 2018
I like the look of the laundry hamper. It is light weight and easy to put together. However, the part where it comes together to lock it in was a bit of a challege. I used a bit of muscles to push it... read more »

Gorgeous CZ 2 carat pendant necklace

24 May, 2018
This is so beautiful and elegant piece of necklace I have ever bought. I have been wearing this daily. I was looking for a pendant necklace that had a chain that did not look cheap--and this is defini... read more »

Waterproof picnic blanket

24 Apr, 2018
I was impressed with its quality and their attention to detail, use of quality materials, and strong stitching. The blanket is huge yet very light and compact to not take up too much extra space when... read more »

long blouse

15 Apr, 2018
I purchase this blouse for my neice. She likes the look of it and how it is long. The shirt is vey soft and feels nice to the skin. However, she is not too thrill about the sticky white bands around t... read more »

open back workout top shirts

10 Apr, 2018
Love it,love it,love it! Fits great looks great and feel great. I like the material that is light weight and the fabric is super soft. Pertfect and roomy for workiing out. I get a lot of compliments.... read more »

Massager for Neck and Shoulder

10 Apr, 2018
I couldn't be more happier with this neck & back massager. It definitely helps me wind down after a long and exhausting weekend. I really like the velcro strap that can be adjustable to my res... read more »

bikini set

01 Apr, 2018
This is a super cute bikini set. It fits perfectly. I love the design. It dried quickly as well. I like how the ruffles covered my chest a bit. It is not flashy. The bottom fit so no complaints at all... read more »

Grinigh whitestrips dental

17 Mar, 2018
Wow! I really like this Grinigh coconut oil whitestrips. It has a great bonding unlike the other whitestrips I have tried. It is much easy to put on my teeth. It is much comfortable than the other bra... read more »

Micro Line Ultra Fine Point Pens

06 Mar, 2018
Amazing pens! It comes in five 0.05mm, 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm in nib sizes. It is perfect for my drawing and writing. I am starting to learn how to calligraphy and these are kind of cool to try... read more »

plain casual blouse

14 Jan, 2018
The best and the cutest long sleeve tunic top. It feels soft to skin and the quality is very nice. It simplcity design makes it easy to wear on a casual or dress up.I prefer to wear it casual. I am a... read more »

12 colorful sewing thread spools

24 Dec, 2017
I have been learning how to sew and were not sure if I should buy this thread. I have to say this is the best thread I have bought yet. I recently bought some at the store and the quality and bad. Thi... read more »

helmet liner cap

24 Dec, 2017
The cap works great.  It stays in place while riding my cycle.  This cap is an adult one size fits all. The material is very lightweight, not stuffy, and very comfortable. There was no smell... read more »

Midi dress red

09 Dec, 2017
This dress is SUPER PERFECT for the holidays. I love the flowing loose light soft fabric. It feels so good on the skin and my body. I really love it. It is the best purchase I made so far. I took a ri... read more »

pearl stud earrings

08 Dec, 2017
I ordered these to supplement the pearl necklace I got for a year ago. The pearls are gorgeous and I love them. I am very impressed with the quality of the product. The earrings arrived promptly and n... read more »

IcyZone Activewear shorts

02 Dec, 2017
It is active athletic shorts for the gym or just hanging around. I mostly like to lounge around in this really comfort thick short. It is well made. Definitely not cheap at all. The material is very s... read more »

Swing Tunic Shirt Dress

02 Dec, 2017
This dress fits me perfectly. The color is perfect for the holiday. I have been getting a lot of compliments. It is so versatile. One day I can wear as a short dress and another time I wear it wi... read more »

IcyZone bra

18 Nov, 2017
Sports Bra for Women Workout Yoga Tops Athletic Strappy Padded Bralette is beautiful. The design is super cute. It reminds me of a cow pattern. I really love it. It is super soft and the quality is su... read more »

Laundry bags

10 Nov, 2017
I am so happy with my mesh laundry travel bags. I use the round cylinder bag for my bras. It helps keep the bra shape in place. The other bags I use it for my workout delicate clothes. What great abou... read more »


02 Nov, 2017
This is super comfy jogger sweatpants. It fits exactly as I expected. I like how there are pockets in the front of the sweatpants. I like the black color which is my favorite. It is so nice that it do... read more »

Wallet - by ivesign

14 Oct, 2017
I love it! It came in a cute nice box. The wallet is wrapped nicely in tissue paper. The quality of this wallet is beautiful. It is well made. The design is quite nice. The leather is soft. It ha... read more »


09 Oct, 2017
This yoga top is super soft against my skin. It is light flowing fabric. It is fun to wear. I wear for yoga, shopping and just about anywhere. It is easy to wash. I wash mine in cold water. I like the... read more »

PRINT Tunic Blouse

26 Sep, 2017
This blouse is a really pretty and the material is quite soft. I like the floral design. The 3/4 sleeve is coral color but the front and back design have I believe it is either roses or camellia... read more »


21 Sep, 2017
So glad I purchased this bike lock cable. It is durable and very well made. It works well for my bike, moped, and ladders. It is really easy to use. I like that it is a combination instead of a key lo... read more »

Speaker case

19 Sep, 2017
I just received the lightweight and durable speaker case for my JBL. Unfortunately, it didn't fit my speaker. I am so bum. However, I do like the cover design and how lightweight it feels. It does... read more »

The one to use for dry skin

16 Sep, 2017
I have dry skin and I use this Vegetable Glycerin Kosher and mix it with lavender oil. It helps soften my dry sensitive skin and leaving it smelling good. For my children that has dry itchy body skin... read more »

Magnetic Screen Door

11 Sep, 2017
I find this magnetic screen door very sturdy and beautiful. I like how the screen is see through without extra seam and obstruction. It is easy to install and the look makes looking outside really nic... read more »

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