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Kawaii Squishys

16 Aug, 2018
These pack of 4 Squishy arrived well packaged. The quality of the squishiest was fantastic compared to other I have bought. They are a good size 2 white and 2 grey. They are on the bulky side compared... read more »

Dual Charger

16 Aug, 2018
I bought this for my son as I was tired of him losing his controllers  now he can just put them both on charge at once and only needs one wire in the ps4 a lot neater. Good quality.  read more »

Nice lighter

16 Aug, 2018
I love this lighter as it doesn’t need gas or anything. It can be charged via usb. Last for ages. Wind proof perfect for the weather in the uk. My husband realy this it’s fab. Good quality... read more »

Lovely little toy

16 Aug, 2018
This is such a lovely toy for active little children can be taken along with them. They can sit on it and carry it along with them. Perfect for little ones. Will keep them busy for hours. read more »

Nice starter set

16 Aug, 2018
nice starter set for piping icing. Well packed. Nozzle are abit small so wouldn’t say great for a professional as I’m baker by trade but lovely for my little daughter who enjoys baking wit... read more »

Perfect Fit

16 Aug, 2018
This ipad cover is as decribed i bought it for my daughters ipad new . Easy to install and fits perfectly. Good quality strong and has saved the ipad from having a cracked screen. read more »

Heat Shrink Bags

23 Apr, 2018
These bags are very flimsy not the best but ok. Good size easy to use . Although I found when wrapping bath bombs the wrap doesn’t have a neat shrink but for he price this is ok.  read more »

Amazing so soft.

17 Apr, 2018
I bought his for my slime obsessed son who loves making slime this is very similar to the model magic which cost so much. If you add little lotion to this turns it in to slime. You can also add your o... read more »

Nice tutu

17 Apr, 2018
this is a very cute tutu good quality and comes with headband which is super cute. Nice colours I have bought this for a gift let’s hope my niece like it :) read more »

Very Cute

17 Apr, 2018
This large teddy bear squish is lovely it’s scented. My kids are obsessed with these things. My daughter takes it to school with her. Good quality slow rising squishy. read more »

Omg to cute

17 Apr, 2018
These are jumbo squishy my daughter loves them. The milkshake and the cat is her favourite. Good size good quality they smell nice. Very slow rising perfect for your child who is obsessed with slime a... read more »

Love these squishy

17 Apr, 2018
I bought these squish for my daughter. There are 10 small squishy various designs. My daughter loves these. They come nice  little box so they can be put away easily. These can be washed asw... read more »

Good Forks

17 Apr, 2018
These forks are good quality and perfect for cakes. Great addition to my baking and dessert collections. Good for mini cheese cakes.  read more »

Great Quality Watch

02 Apr, 2018
We love this watch my husband said it’s good quality sound quality is clear and good. Screen is a good size. Looks nice when on. read more »

Great Fineliners

02 Apr, 2018
My children loves these pens and my sons says they are perfect for handwriting. Nice range of colours and comes in plastic sleeve so easy to put away. read more »

Amazing Colours

02 Apr, 2018
my children love this light it’s a nice size and portable my son uses at bedtime. Perfect for children. Good quality. read more »

Great Light

02 Apr, 2018
Lovely light can be used without cable which is perfect as you can move it around. Lovely colours and great for bedtime. Space saving light which gives off enough light to light up a room. read more »

Love this Unicorn Squishy

14 Mar, 2018
Nice size as described my daughter loves this squishy. My kids love squishy this is her favourite one from all of them. read more »

Great mulit pourpose basket

11 Mar, 2018
This basket is ideal for the car boot for shopping. It can also be used for picnics or even laundry. Nice size and it also folds up so it can easily be stored.  read more »

Lovely Cake Stand

11 Mar, 2018
I bake for living and this was perfect love the colour so much prettier than my white one. The nozzle are good quality. The turntable for the cake is great and not to fiddly. read more »

Great for practising KS1 maths

11 Mar, 2018
Great little maths set. Perfect for practising basic maths. My daughters in year 1 we have been doing number bonds half’s and and doubles . She loves this set as it’s nice and colourf... read more »

Nice Quality Musical Instruments

05 Feb, 2018
My daughter loves the musical instruments at school so I bought these for her. Lovely set enough to share when you have friends over.Very Good quality. read more »

Cute interactive Panda

05 Feb, 2018
My daughter loves this little panda she loves these finger toys was nice to get something other than a monkey. read more »

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