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Oct, 2016







About Me

I enjoy life on the coast, I have always been attracted to the ocean. I like the way the sound of the ocean can bring calmness. I enjoy going to movies or having a movie night with friends in our homes. I work at a casino on the coast, I enjoy talking to the guest who come to the casino, where they are from and what bought them to the coast.
I spend as much time as I can with my family, go out to eat lunch with my daughter at least once a week, spend time with the little ones, either by going to the library, watching a movie together or taking a walk.
I like to stay healthy by taking walks on the beach, going to the gym, doing yoga and using powder supplements and making protein or matcha drinks.

I got into to doing Amazon reviews about a year ago. I had an Amazon Prime account, and when I received an invitation from a seller to do reviews, I thought why not, it was one way for me to utilize my prime account. I found out I liked doing reviews and joined a few more groups on Facebook. I feel like I make a contribution to both the seller and the buyer by receiving products and doing HONEST reviews. Since the change in Amazon TOS, I now post reviews on my social media pages. I also promote products by getting friends and family to give me their opinion on the product, either by giving them the product to try or use, sometimes I order products to give to family or friends because I know it's something they have wanted or needed, and they are always honest with me about the product, I also direct them to the sellers page. I have gotten family and friends interested in doing reviews for sellers on Amazon, and several of them now belong to review groups. My Amazon Reviewer ranking is #51,292 which I worked hard at achieving. I did reviews not only for discounted prices but for products I paid full price, for myself or as a gift for someone. When I receive a product to review and I will tell my co-workers about the products and direct them to the sellers page. My reviewer ranking is now #54,541, which unfortunately changed due to the new TOS on Amazon. I do reviews on social media such as Facebook and Pinterest. I still do reviews on Amazon for my verified purchases, which does not affect working with sellers for discounted prices. I appreciate each and every seller I have worked with in the past year since I started doing review. I also do reviews on,, the disney store and other websites where I make purchases.
I know I can do a great job at reviewing products, because I try/use the product and give it a honest review, should I have a problem with the product I always contact the seller to let them know what the problem is and find we always find a way to resolve the issue. I find most sellers are willing to work with you on a issue or problem.
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Great Tasting Tea

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Fragrant and Smooth

03 Dec, 2018
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Small by Mighty Pop up Trash Can for Car

20 Nov, 2018
The pop-up car trash can is the perfect size to fit the back floor area of my car.  It's waterproof and easy to clean, I can just wash by hand and let air dry, it's sturdy, yet lightweigh... read more »

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