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Sd card

21 Sep, 2020
Came fast in the mail works great, love the price very good. read more »

Air pump

26 Jul, 2020
Works great easy to use small in size so great for traveling and wont take up much room. Thanks read more »

Bark collar

31 May, 2020
Works great perfect size was worried it would be big but it's good size easy to use. Thanks read more »


05 May, 2020
Shelves are great I didn't really read the dimensions so bit small to me but they will work for what I need them for they are sturdy well made comes with all hardware which is great. read more »

Key chains

19 Apr, 2020
Love them perfect size tones to put pictures in for my family very nice. read more »


28 Mar, 2020
Nicely built definitely not an inside toy definitely make sure to hold out at a safe distance fun to play with. read more »

Squirt guns

13 Mar, 2020
Larger then I thought which is great well made easy for my son to use we love them. Totally recommend getting them read more »

Earrings card

13 Mar, 2020
These are well made nice and thick and would hold earrings well but they are also great for other Kraft ideas which is what I'm using them for very happy with them. read more »

Floor lamp

13 Mar, 2020
Very nice absolutely love it it's great that it has more then one bulb for brightness. read more »

Bluetooth keyboard case

13 Mar, 2020
Exactly as described very nice good and sturdy well made works well read more »

iPad keyboard

08 Mar, 2020
Nicely made keyboard sturdy works well. read more »

Magnetic dart board

04 Mar, 2020
Love the dart board good size darts attach well safe for my kid he loves it comes with good amount of darts also. read more »

Ovulation and pregnancy tests

31 Jan, 2020
Comes with good amount of tests good price work well easy to use. read more »

Neck cream

31 Jan, 2020
Neck cream works well makes skin feel soft you do start to see a difference. read more »


31 Jan, 2020
Rose is gorgeous just love it perfect size very shiny and wonderful looking will last long time. read more »

Pressure Gauge

22 Jan, 2020
Nice and sturdy works well does what it's suppose to thanks read more »

Milestone baby blanket

22 Jan, 2020
Just the cutest thing exactly like it's suppose to soft nicely made love it thanks. read more »

Baby mitten/necklace

17 Jan, 2020
Just the cutest thing well made soft good for the baby's teeth and for protection of the nails. Holds good. read more »

Pooper scooper

17 Nov, 2019
Good pooper scooper sturdy works good wish it was a little longer though but good for what its needed for. read more »


12 Nov, 2019
My son loves this flies well very fun read more »

Spray head

09 Nov, 2019
Nicely made sturdy works well easy to attach. read more »

Milestone blanket

09 Nov, 2019
Just the cutest and softest blanket love it especially the little headbands that came with they are so cute. read more »

Cushions pads

19 Oct, 2019
Soft works well read more »

Face shaver

19 Oct, 2019
Nice good size  works pretty well read more »

Wedding backdrop

19 Oct, 2019
Cute nicely made love the little scissors  read more »


30 Sep, 2019
Drone looks amazing nice and sturdy well made great price thanks read more »

Night light

28 Sep, 2019
Love this light very neat how it just attaches like a magnet to charge good amount of light my son love it. Nicely made read more »

Luggage bags

27 Sep, 2019
Very nice bags light weight good material well made  read more »


27 Sep, 2019
Love the hammock sturdy well made nice material  read more »

Pumpkin mask

21 Sep, 2019
Just got today looks good pretty sturdy cant wait to use. read more »

Bathing suit

20 Sep, 2019
Super cute looks to be true size love it. read more »

Survival bracelet

17 Sep, 2019
Very cool looks good thanks read more »

Wine Bottle opener

15 Sep, 2019
Looks good pretty sturdy gifting as a present. read more »

Money clip

12 Sep, 2019
Nice and sturdy nice color good metal read more »

Airbrush gun

12 Sep, 2019
Very nice sturdy looks well made it's a present for someone very sure it will work well. read more »

Coloring tablecloth

12 Sep, 2019
Looks nice, large my neice is going to love it thanks read more »

Neck pillow

12 Sep, 2019
Feels nice and soft comfortable thanks read more »

Mini spy camera charger

06 Sep, 2019
Have not used it yet but looks well made more then sure it will work well thanks. read more »

International plug

06 Sep, 2019
Very handy nicely built many options to choose from. read more »

Sink sprayer

06 Sep, 2019
Totally love this very handy well mad east install so didnt know it had 2 different sprays very nice. read more »

Air conditioner/ Humidifier

04 Sep, 2019
Haven't used it yet but looks like good quality well made I'm more then sure it will work great thanks read more »

Nose trimmer

03 Sep, 2019
Looks nice good size well made thanks read more »


03 Sep, 2019
Very cute flowers cant wait to put them up will buy more  read more »


03 Sep, 2019
Very cute shoes very well made love them thanks read more »


29 Aug, 2019
Very nice very handy very durable good price thanks read more »


29 Aug, 2019
Good belt fits great very nicely built love it thanks read more »


29 Aug, 2019
Absolutely love it wasmt sure it was going to fit my son but it fits him perfectly with room to grow thank you read more »

Screwdriver set

28 Aug, 2019
Love it tones of bit options very nice thanks read more »

Posture corrector

28 Aug, 2019
Fast delivery looks good nice and sturdy thanks read more »

Wrist brace

26 Aug, 2019
Nice material very sturdy thanks read more »

Fishing pole

23 Aug, 2019
Looks good havent used it yet but happy with it except that it took a while to receive it buy it's nice product read more »

Rainfall showerhead

23 Aug, 2019
Love it very large for full cover sturdy thank you read more »


19 Aug, 2019
Very nice belt good quality thank you read more »

Sticky bra

16 Aug, 2019
Bra is nice and sturdy holds up great love the price thank you. read more »

Sticky bra

16 Aug, 2019
Bra holds up well very good price thanks read more »

Soap holder

16 Aug, 2019
Soap holder looks nice would totally work for what I need but it wont stay up on a plastic like shower wall so I'm not able to use at the moment. read more »

Airbrush gun

13 Aug, 2019
Very nice airbrush got for my sister she loves it looks sturdy and easy to use going to buy one for myself thanks read more »

Samsung Galaxy Case

09 Aug, 2019
Case is cute love the color sturdy magnet holds well thanks read more »

Gift box

04 Aug, 2019
The little boxes are adorable especially the table cant emai to give them to somebody  read more »

Flamingo straws

04 Aug, 2019
Very cute cant wait to use for a party good quantity amount and get price thanks read more »

Letter set

04 Aug, 2019
Very cute paper with envelopes love them cant eaiy to use them thanks  read more »


04 Aug, 2019
Nice feel to them sturdy easy to put in shoe nice price for them thanks read more »


04 Aug, 2019
Comfortable good price true to size thanks read more »


04 Aug, 2019
Good price sturdy nice feel to them thank you read more »


30 Jul, 2019
Drone is tiny and cute easy to travel with frys very well. read more »

Harry potter cake topper

30 Jul, 2019
The cake topped is adorable was sad that the stick to put in the cake was broken but it's an easy fix love the sparkle thanks. read more »

Kids camera

30 Jul, 2019
This camera is tiny and so cute I almost want to keep it instead of giving it to my neice sna adorable  read more »

Phone case

30 Jul, 2019
Very sturdy nice and clear easy to get on thanks read more »

Phone case

30 Jul, 2019
Phone case is cute looks sturdy love the color. read more »

Coffee Grinder

15 Jul, 2019
Love the coffee grinder sturdy and compact nice size good for traveling. read more »

Mermaid cake topper

10 Jul, 2019
The cake topper is gorgeous I love it and will definetly be recommending it. Thanks read more »

Full face snorkle mask

02 Jul, 2019
Absolutely love the mask it's so much better then just the regular ones you can see everything it's a better experience for sure. Love it thank you.  read more »

Animal Grooming clippers

28 Jun, 2019
The clippers are nice looking look very durable super happy I got them thanks. read more »


24 Jun, 2019
Works well very useful thanks read more »

iPad keyboard

24 Jun, 2019
The iPad case and keyboard is very well made sturdy well put together I love it thank you read more »

Electronic mount

24 Jun, 2019
Works well it's very handy thank you read more »

Dog nailer trimmer

24 Jun, 2019
The trimmer set is very nice looks very sturdy works great thank you read more »


24 Jun, 2019
Love the drone although its much smaller then I thought love that it come with 2 batteries and a very nice case thank you. read more »

Full face snorkle mask

24 Jun, 2019
I absolutely love the full face snorkel mask it's so much better then just a regular eye mask you can see everything clearly the price is outstanding compared to some that I've seen on Amazon... read more »

iPad keyboard

21 Jun, 2019
The keyboard is great very nice wish the top was little sturdier but for the price it's good deal thanks. read more »

Digital clock

19 Jun, 2019
I love the clock. I think it's so cool that its shapped like a ball its unique. Very good working clock thanks read more »


18 Jun, 2019
Pillow is very comfortable fast response with code thank you read more »


18 Jun, 2019
Very quick response with code very sturdy looking earmuffs my husband loves them thank you will be ordering more later down the road. read more »

Animal clippers

18 Jun, 2019
Very nice and sturdy looking looking clippers. Received the coupon pretty quick thank you. read more »

Small desk clip fan

17 Jun, 2019
I absolutely love the fan its powerful larger then I thought very good size. I definitely recommend it. read more »

Ceiling Pendant light

16 Jun, 2019
I like the light very nice took a bit to get the code but the light seams sturdy I would have like what it hangs from to he chain like but looks just like the wiring but I still love it. Thanks read more »

iPad keyboard

14 Jun, 2019
I love the keyboard very nice and sturdy and I even more love that the code was sent to me right away very quick response thank you. read more »

Unicorn cake topper

08 Jun, 2019
The unicorn cake topper is adorable I love that its durable and can be saved as keepsake after using. I love it. I also love how fast I received the coupon for the cake topper thank you so much. read more »

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