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cute cozy little bed

10 May, 2018
By 10 pound little chiwini loves his new bed.  its very soft and has the padding sewed in so it doesnt all clump up when its washed.  it has the nonslip bottom  check them out! ... read more »

Super CUTE!!

10 May, 2018
Love this colorful owl shower curtain.  It really brightens up my bathroom.  it comes with white hanging hooks and is a nicer plastic that is mold resistant.  check them out! https:/... read more »

light weight and runs small but is cute

10 May, 2018
Very light weight hoodie, almost see through but is very cute and comfortable.  it fits good and is a cotton material not that foamy dog hair attracting kind. It runs very small so make sure a... read more »

cute but no stretch

03 May, 2018
This is one of those shirts i ordered larger to make sure it fit and it was WAY to big.  The material is not a stretchy type at all or shrinkable either so really look at the size chart when orde... read more »

sweet lights and fits comfortably in my hand

01 May, 2018
Ergonomic USB Wired Gaming Mouse is really awesome!  it has a color fade when you use it.  It fits perfectly in your hand and the clicks are so smooth and nice... i know that is weird but yo... read more »

great reflector strip that is very noticable in light

01 May, 2018
This soft mesh/fabric collar is perfect for my Zoey.  the reflector strip stands out when hit with light and really does look nice on.  The clip is a sturdy trustable one that you can be ass... read more »

very light weight...

30 Apr, 2018
Light weight shelf that looks annoying to put together but actually went pretty fast. you can not put anything heavy on this shelf its very light. i think some baskets with socks or maybe my shoes w... read more »

comfy with a drawstring

29 Apr, 2018
Stretchy yet high quality material that is thick and very comfortable.  they have a draw string in the waist. These shorts have cell phone pockets on each hip that are sturdy and well made.... read more »

these are so neat with the cell phone pockets on each side

29 Apr, 2018
Comfortable heavy duty yoga capri pants with cell phone pockets.  pretty neato and feel good when you wear them.   they have lots of different colors, this one is supposed to be purple but s... read more »

great workout tank

29 Apr, 2018
cool, cute workout tank top.  They "T" shaped back is so comfortable and breezy when you are working out in the sun or doing a workout.  plus when you are out in the sun you get mo... read more »

smart watch is pretty awesome for 25 bucks

26 Apr, 2018
This smart watch is pretty awesome for 25 bucks! i thought these were way more expensive to get a good one to link up with your phone but i was wrong! it has the step counter, phone and text messaging... read more »

perfect for my car!

26 Apr, 2018
this is a great way to have heated seats when you have a basic car.  This pad is not super thick so it doesnt feel weird when you are sitting on it.  there is a simple 12 V plug and a little... read more »

love this swim wear!

26 Apr, 2018
very cute swim wear.  the design is super cute and it fits well.  it covers everything but has style too. it is not super stretchy so dont get one you think you will squeeze into.  the... read more »

nice padded harness with locking clasps

26 Apr, 2018
I really like these harnesses for the dogs... i admit it took me a bit to figure out how these went on but once i got it the dogs didnt mind wearing them at all.  they have locks on the clasps so... read more »

padded harness

26 Apr, 2018
I really like these harnesses for the dogs... i admit it took me a bit to figure out how these went on but once i got it the dogs didnt mind wearing them at all.  they have locks on the clasps so... read more »

Very comfortable soft shirt

25 Apr, 2018
love this shirt with the pleet in the back to give it a little shape.  Its a little larger around the bottom but looks super cute.  its light weight and will be perfect for summer time. read more »

these are amazing!!

24 Apr, 2018
i had no idea this kind of salt and pepper grinder even existed!  they are super big too!  so you put 4 AA batteries and then once you tip the shakers over they turn on.  SO COOL!! you... read more »

comfortable walking belt

24 Apr, 2018
Cool neopreme belt that has 2 zipper pockets able to hold your phone or key.  Pretty comfortable and stays up well when you are walking.  I dont run so i didnt try that long enough to report... read more »

Very comfortable night shirt

24 Apr, 2018
So perfect for the warmer nights to be able to have a night shirt that is comfortable and covers everything when you are the house. I got a  XL and its really big.  so dont worry about it no... read more »

adorable night light humidifier

19 Apr, 2018
i absolutely love this little lady bug night light humidifier!  holds alot of water and uses a android charger for power. simple touch of the button turns it on and then one more to get the light... read more »

This makes walking 3 dogs a breeze

16 Apr, 2018
Very nice quality hands free leash. its bungee strip makes its so there is not slack that will trip you or your dog while walking. adjustable strap fits right around your waist. This makes it super ea... read more »

my new favorite earrings!!

18 Mar, 2018
I have found my new favorite earings.  They are perfect size for me, a person who doesnt wear alot of jewelry so when i do i dont want bulk.  These hang so pretty on your ears and do not mak... read more »

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