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Very small & looks very cheap.

16 Feb, 2020
Not realistic looking and is very small. Probably a child size throw. I bought it for my significant other and she isn't a huge fan, which is disappointing. I wouldn't recommend this. read more »

My best purchase thus far!

16 Feb, 2020
I loooove this iPad case! It makes doing my homework a breeze, without having to drag my laptop out. It's very heavy duty and makes your iPad feel like a mini laptop - which is awesome! I can haul... read more »

Wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

16 Feb, 2020
I was expecting more of a case, not two separate parts. However, it isn't bad for the price. It was a little difficult pairing because of operator errors, but when I got it, it seemed to work nice... read more »

I wanted to love this...

29 Oct, 2019
I wanted to love this, but I don't unfortunately. I bought this for my chinchilla, Pepper, and I thought that she would love it! I was right, she does, but only to use it as a stepping stone to ju... read more »


29 Oct, 2019
I can't praise these ENOUGH! I thought they were a big fad, but boy was I wrong! They bring out the white head if you have a pimple, allowing you to pop it and get rid of the pimple! These definit... read more »

So cute for winter!

29 Oct, 2019
These are such a cute winter accessory. They match my coat wonderfully and I absolutely love them! They're comfortable -- but admittedly a little bit big for my small hands. I love the cable knit... read more »

Freshest breath ever!

29 Oct, 2019
I never knew what fresh breath was until I found this -- no lie. My teeth and mouth have never felt so clean!! It's so satisfying and I love the feeling of scraping off all of the grime in your mo... read more »

So cute and bring back great memories!

29 Oct, 2019
My mom recently passed away and loved troll dolls. I purchased this set for my dad and brought a huge smile to his face. I absolutely love these and these are such a cute, nostalgic toy.   ... read more »

Such a cute top!

29 Oct, 2019
I love this top! Quirky graphic tees are my favorite. The only thing I will say that I wasn't super pleased with was the material. The material is a type where it will stick to your dry patches. O... read more »

I haven’t been using this long enough to see results

29 Oct, 2019
I love this serum and I haven't been using it long enough to see results. However, I have used quite a few of them throughout my life and I find that this one doesn't irritate my eyes at all -... read more »

Best facial shaver I have tried!

19 Oct, 2019
I have several of these, or had. I use them because I cannot stand any peach fuzz on my face, at all. I use them to make my makeup appear smoother and my face appear smoother. This is quite loud,... read more »

Perfect for in my purse!

19 Oct, 2019
I have tried so many collapsible reusable straws that I was hesistant in trying these. However, they surprised me so much and I LOVE THEM! They're perfect to store in my purse for when I grab Star... read more »

Wonderful for the price!

19 Oct, 2019
I purchased these because I thought they would help my girlfriend and her odors in her shoes. However, they didn't work for her, at all, or so she says. I have been using them nonstop in my shoes... read more »

My favorite acne patches!

19 Oct, 2019
I absolutely love these! They help so much and you can visibly see the difference. I had a huge pimple on my forehead, left these on overnight, and when the morning came, I could see the pus from the... read more »


10 Oct, 2019
I love the tiny and dainty size of these. They are very small and are comparable to the ball end of a sewing pin. They are beautiful, though, despite that. They are perfect for using up the entire ear... read more »


17 Sep, 2019
There is nothing that makes me happier than feeling like I’m doing my part in saving the planet. These produce bags do so much more for me than rid my life of those annoying supermarket plastic... read more »

A must buy!

17 Sep, 2019
I don’t call things a “must buy” unless I absolutely love them. These are no exception! I had a pack of dryer balls before that I was okay with - I didn’t mind them but they ne... read more »

Not my favorite..

09 Sep, 2019
I wanted to love this shirt, but I can’t stand the fabric. The shirt looks identical to the photo, but it’s the fabric that gets me. It feels almost like felt and clings to any dry spot on... read more »

Some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!

09 Sep, 2019
I had always wanted converse, but I had never wanted to spend that much money on them. I love the look of white shoes as I think they add a really cute, classy look to any outfit. I was thrilled... read more »

Quite possibly the worst reusable straw I have ever used..

09 Sep, 2019
I purchased this for my girlfriend so we could start with more of a “zero waste” type of lifestyle. The moment she opened it up, the sprint on the inside came out without have so much as o... read more »

Best couch cover ever — especially for older style couches!

09 Sep, 2019
My girlfriend’s grandma passed away about a year ago and she wanted to have something of her grandma’s to remember her by — so she chose her couch and chair. While they are okay (not... read more »

Very impressed!

29 Jul, 2019
I’m not going to lie - I have always wanted a vibrator like this. After seeing one from a popular company - I was very intrigued. I am so excited to have stumbled across this one for a quarter o... read more »

Not impressed.

29 Jul, 2019
I think, unfortunately, I was expecting too much from these because I have been using them for a few days and I haven’t noticed much of a difference, if any. I take it when I’m feelin... read more »

Very cute and flattering!

12 Jun, 2019
I love this bathing suit more than I was expecting to! It’s very cute and flattering. It’s very good quality and runs true to size.   #rankboosterreview #marianvida #sponso... read more »

Definitely a favorite!

05 Jun, 2019
This keyboard case is SO cute! It compliments my gold iPad well and works amazingly. This is exactly what I wanted and needed for my iPad. It makes working on my iPad a complete breeze. I love this an... read more »


05 Jun, 2019
This keyboard does exactly what I need and want it to without it being huge and bulky. I love the idea of it and it makes using my iPad such a breeze! I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for... read more »


02 May, 2019
I love these lashes! They’re very comfortable, easy to apply, and beautiful. They look easily more like expensive and higher end brands, but they’re a bargain at the price! https://www.... read more »


29 Apr, 2019
I like this toy! However, I HATE the charging port on it. It’s discreet and hard to find unless you know what you’re looking for, which sucks. The toy itself is very nude, sturdy made, and... read more »


28 Apr, 2019
This bikini is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color of it and how it fits. My favorite part of it is the top. It’s extremely comfortable and stretchy and I don’t need to worry about &ldqu... read more »


03 Feb, 2019
I really liked the idea of this. I like how big it is and how convenient the that it is. However, when I received it, it says on the front “travel bag” and underneath it says “foreve... read more »

Way better than traditional dryer sheets!

25 Jan, 2019
I have some of these wool dryer balls and I absolutely love them, I had to order another pack! They are great. They are exactly what I wanted and a lot better at drying my close, reducing wrinkles, an... read more »

Exactly what I wanted!

25 Jan, 2019
I honestly love these! They make meal prep such a breeze and make freezer meal planning even better. I wish they had bigger bags and some more bags, but for the price you can’t go wrong. They ar... read more »

Love this!

20 Dec, 2018
this is my new favorite piece of lingerie. Not only is it gorgeous, but it fits nicely and is extremely comfortable.  https://www.amazon.com/ENJOYNIGHT-Lingerie-Babydoll-Sleepwear-Nightwear/dp... read more »


09 Dec, 2018
I would give this set zero stars if I could! I normally wear an xl and I ordered an xxl to be safe. Unfortunately, the sizing runs VERY small and this would probably fit a small - if that! The clothes... read more »

Love this!

02 Dec, 2018
I have shoulder length hair and find this wonderful to use. I was surprised at how much I like it, especially due to the price. It gives beautiful curls, you can either make it loose and wavey or tigh... read more »

Way better than expected!

01 Dec, 2018
Honestly i didn’t have high hopes for this at all, but I am pleasantly surprised. I used to shave my face (I hate body hair) and it would always irritate my skin. I have also tried numerous shav... read more »

Okay.. not my favorite.

01 Dec, 2018
I tried this on a whim and am kind of disappointed. It is extremely large and uncomfortable to use, no matter how much lube you put on. The “kink” in it doesn’t make it more sat... read more »

Love this!

01 Dec, 2018
This robe is so cute and soft, I love it! I love the sherpa detailing and the color is gorgeous - very neutral and matches everything. It’s very soft and cozy, I would recommend to anyone! It is... read more »


30 Nov, 2018
I love this but I feel like the sizing is very odd. I ordered my regular size and it doesn’t fit me as expected, which is unfortunate because it is sooo cute! I would recommend if you are lookin... read more »

Great budget friendly diffuser!

30 Nov, 2018
I loved this diffuser so much that I ordered a few as Christmas presents! They’re so cute and are the perfect size for a small apartment or home. If you have someone who loves essential oils, th... read more »

Love this!

26 Nov, 2018
I love this oil diffuser, it’s perfect to keep our year round and goes with my already dark choice in decor. It’s not nearly as large as I was expecting, but it does the job just fine. Def... read more »

Exactly as expected

23 Nov, 2018
I purchased this for my dad’s car who is older and has started to get matted fur. She is a very mean cat to everyone besides my dad and with the mats she was even angry towards him. We have used... read more »

Good, but could use some fine tuning

23 Nov, 2018
I like this as it’s extremelt convenient, especially because I’m so short. However, the part where you extend it ALWAYS gets stuck and it takes nearly a miracle to pry it part to open it.... read more »

Pretty decent for the price!

18 Nov, 2018
I personally didn’t have high hopes for these, but I have alwYswanted to try them! To my surprise, they worked a lot better than I was anticipating. I thought I would hate them, but they proved... read more »

Wasn’t impressed.

15 Nov, 2018
I was super excited to receive these, but honestly I am less than impressed. They all smell exactly the same. They don’t have any scent to me other than baby powder or a “powder fresh&rdqu... read more »

Another gorgeous budget friendly palette!

15 Nov, 2018
I was so incredibly skeptical about this makeup brand, but I am so excited that I look the plunge and decided to purchase from them! The palette looks a lot like a high end palette that I have wanted... read more »

Unexpectedly gorgeous!

14 Nov, 2018
This palette is unexpectedly gorgeous! I didn’t have very high hopes for it, but the swatches proved me otherwise. The black color, I will say, is a little bit patchy but is buildable. The... read more »

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