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02 Dec, 2021
Finally found a high quality pack of extra charging cables. The outer layer is heavy duty and will protect even the most careless of users ( kids? ) With this pack there is enough for all of our famil... read more »

Keep it tidy

18 Apr, 2021
The mat is wonderful. I am working on a 1000pc puzzle right now and don't have to leave it out in there open until I finish not only that but you can taker it with you. Easy Peasy!   i.... read more »

Great for learning

18 Apr, 2021
Hubby and I are going Italy to meet family and neither of us speak Italian these are great for that. I put English in one side and Italian on the other. The rings help keep organized. I can put food i... read more »


18 Apr, 2021
This mask is great for a rave but who is going to raves now that covid is here?, Nah, not I . It's excellent at night though especially if you have to move through traffic or walking you're do... read more »


02 Mar, 2021
Planning on using this elegant decor for my husband's birthday cake. I believe it can be reused and it's a great product for the price. read more »

Must buy!

28 Feb, 2021
I bought this for my four year old grandson. It lights up and makes noise in the form of actual songs which can be turned off separately. The car is rechargable and the remote needs 2 AA batteries. Th... read more »

Stocking stuffer

24 Jan, 2021
Bought these as a stocking stuffer for Christmas however it came much too late for that. I opened it and used it once so far. The colors are much more red and vibrant than pictured. There was a lot of... read more »

Grandson loved them

24 Jan, 2021
Santa got these for my four year old grandson. He loves dinosaurs ????????, his father helped him put them together which kept him busy for at least a good hour.  read more »

Victorias Secret fur canines

19 Nov, 2020
Will fit my mother's princess of a dog,Shih tzu. Looks similar to some items of my Victorias Secret items. Thin so be careful washing it.  read more »


19 Nov, 2020
I bought this adorable set for my grandson. Decent quality multiple items. I plan on making Christmas cookies soon and this will be so adorbs.  read more »

Works as well as highly advertised competitors.

10 Nov, 2020
Works as well as highly advertised competitors. They came pre-charged and ready to use. Having extra batteries around the holiday is so helpful.  read more »

So versatile

09 Nov, 2020
These arrived yesterday and I was so excited to try them out. Bought them to make ???? Christmas ornaments. I don't have a cricut so I did ittit old fashioned way by hand cutting them by hand with... read more »

Love these!

29 Oct, 2020
No more misplacing my mask. It stays where I put it and helps keep it clean when not in use. Not bulky, I'm able to wear it under a jacket or hoodies.  read more »

So many options!

29 Oct, 2020
I originally bought these too use on my windows but they were smaller than I not, my fault not the seller. They are completely reusable. read more »

Nice set.

29 Oct, 2020
Nice functional set however my compass was off, everything else was in working order. Nice to take with you on hikes and guys easily in a backpack pocket.  read more »


29 Oct, 2020
Got the set of four for my family. My 4 year oldgold found them and actually put them on his feet and they went past his knees ????. I love the look and that they will compliment each other. read more »

Excellent quality

29 Oct, 2020
This is such a nice simple print and guys on my standard flag holder with ease. Have had about a week now and it hasn't faded. I recommend.  read more »

Great for desk at work

29 Oct, 2020
This is great for a desk at work. It's cheaply made but for the price you can always jazz it up a bit. I'm happy with it.  read more »


18 Oct, 2020
From far away they look like the picture in description however the quality is somewhat sub par.  read more »

Nice quality

18 Oct, 2020
I'm very pleased with this puzzle as it is a very good quality and some I've gotten in the past were not. It looks exactly as advertised and it's bigger than I thought. Makes a nice gift.&... read more »

Adorable ????

18 Oct, 2020
Bought these for my grandson and mistakenly gave them to him too far in advance. He loves them! He likes putting his toys in them and transporting all over the house. He tells me that only the pumpkin... read more »

Comfy ❤️

18 Oct, 2020
I wasn't expecting the excellent quality when they arrived. These are very comfortable and just thick enough to keep warm without making you sweat. The designs are cute and these make great stocki... read more »


10 Oct, 2020
This guy is smaller than I imagined which in my case is fine. It is made very well and looks exactly like the picture. Exceeded expectations. i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #WISREMT read more »

Higher than expected quality

04 Oct, 2020
This is a great way to spruce up your home for Thanksgiving. They quality surpassed my expectations and is durable enough to use for more than one season (reusable).  read more »


25 Sep, 2020
They are cute for Halloween but very thin. I think washing will ruin them but since I have two it's not a problem finding out. They fit my 75lb dog great and are easy to put on. read more »

As advertised

25 Sep, 2020
Long lasting and holds a charge well.  I trust these in my medical device (insulin pump).  read more »

No more hair pulling

25 Sep, 2020
My husband loves these mainly because they are cordless and convenient. He is relieved that he no longer has his hair pulled. They are easy to charge and comparable to barber clippers. They seem to be... read more »

Much better than pipe cleaners

18 Aug, 2020
When making masks I was previously using pipe cleaners because they are cheap and easy to find. I made a mask last night and this worked wonderful. It has a sticky back to aid in placement.  read more »

Ridiculous looking.

22 Apr, 2020
Outrageous, unrealistic and clown looking. read more »


12 Apr, 2020
These are absolutely fantastic for those windy days when poor outages can occur. Keep them charged and accessable and never worry about being in the dark again! read more »

Works Great

12 Apr, 2020
I love that both Alexa and Google home can be used with this. The amount of color options is amazing. Setup wasn't bad. I would buy again. read more »

Used many times.

13 Dec, 2019
This travel clothesline is handy for both travel and at home. This can be used not only after washing clothes but also if the are wet from rain or snow. It takes very little space to store. It's s... read more »

Great quality

12 Dec, 2019
This made a great gift for my 5 year old grandson. I love that it comes with a box for easy storage and makes them portable. The magnets are very strong and results in instant attraction. These can be... read more »

Very Glittery

12 Dec, 2019
I was expecting more color in these eye shadows. It's basically a gel like residue that contains glitter. Product is somewhat thin which would be good for those who don't like heavy make-up. Y... read more »

Great assortment

12 Dec, 2019
Love the assortment in this set. Has many different sizes of pine cones, acorns and berries. I used these to dress up some Dollar store wreaths to use in the cemetery. I simply glued them on and voila... read more »


12 Dec, 2019
I did not even know these existed and I always wanyed to record myself playing the keyboard. This is great!, Now I need to find an Android version as I'm not much of an apple fan. It is so easy to... read more »

No more bedhead.

12 Dec, 2019
The one thing I noticed while using these is that my hair still looks good when I wake up. No more bed Head! This is a great set of pillow cases. They feel nice against my face, the fabric is excellen... read more »

Great butter dish.

12 Dec, 2019
Much larger than expected and the quality is excellent. The spreader is a bonus. Came in a nice box and would make a nice gift.    A Butter Dish with Lid- Elegant Melamine  &nb... read more »

Works like a charm

29 Nov, 2019
Bought this because my daughter has a terrible habit of not charging her cell phone. She can put this compact battery in her purse for a quick recharge. It has the capability to charge phone from dead... read more »

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