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Very nice quality

01 Aug, 2020
I was honestly surprised at how nice these really are as far as overall quality. If you like a variety of different size studs this is a great set. They have very small ones, medium, and large. T... read more »

Cool and comfortable

01 Aug, 2020
I like the lightweight, thinner design. This is much cooler and more comfortable than other facial coverings I have tried. It is easy to pull up and down when needed. It fits well and has an attr... read more »

Very Nice!

14 Oct, 2019
I love the long lasting scent and the lightweight non oily feel of the product. It mists on evenly and leaves my hair feeling softer and refreshed. My hair is less frizzy and more manageable too.... read more »

Good But Not Excellent

06 Oct, 2019
This is nice for mild to medium vibrations, but it is not overly strong. The design is well crafted and it has a lot of different settings and modes. There are some that are stronger than others but i... read more »

Good Quality Overall

19 Sep, 2019
This mask really does an excellent deep down clean. It is easy to apply and dries within half an hour. I had to be careful not to apply it too thickly, a thin coat is all that is necessary. I noticed... read more »

Very Small

03 Sep, 2019
This is much smaller than expected. Definitely not a pillow unless you are barbie size. I literally ended up using it as a pet toy. The design is very cute but the size was very disappointing.  read more »

Good Quality

03 Sep, 2019
Nice quality strong hair ties. These are well made and there is 45 in the pack. They not pull or snag my hair. I have long thick hair and they hold it up tightly and securely. I do recommend.  read more »

Not What I Expected

03 Sep, 2019
If you are simply looking for a very basic watch that is nice looking and keeps good time this watch is great. However it has none of the features described in it's listing. There is no light on i... read more »

Strong Vibes

04 Aug, 2019
Strong vibes, work well, and stay charged a good amount of time. Several different settings that really add to the fun. Very small and discreet with carrying pouch. I am very happy with it. read more »

Good Clarity

04 Aug, 2019
I am really impressed with the quality and clarity of these pretty earrings. They have a nice sparkle and look elegant. They are well made and sturdy. The metal is thick and non-irritating to my skin.... read more »

Nice Watch

26 Jul, 2019
This is a very nice watch...a bit on the plain side but perfect if you don't want something flashy. It is simple and keeps good time. The time is fairly easy to see on the dark face but it is a bi... read more »

So Pretty!

09 May, 2019
These little flameless lights really look romantic and pretty in our bedroom. They are very relaxing and provide just the right amount of extra light in the room. I have been using them the past coupl... read more »

Nice Flag

20 Apr, 2019
For the price this is a great flag. It is not a heavy duty thick cloth flag, but more of a lightweight style design. Even though it is a thinner style flag it is still very nice looking and sturdy. I... read more »

Sharp And Accurate

12 Apr, 2019
Excellent and precise hair clipper set. My husband really likes the results. He used them to trim his hair and they did a great job. No snagging or dullnes, just great cutting. Very good quality. read more »

Great Quality

01 Apr, 2019
My husband really loves this new drill. It is strong, good quality, accurate, and easy to use. It is not overly heavy and it holds a charge for quite a long time. Very handy for miscellaneous jobs aro... read more »

Wonderful Quality

23 Mar, 2019
Very nice and handy tools to have especially for home owners who like to do their own repairs. My husband has already found one project that he needed this great multi-tool. He actually tested out the... read more »

Gorgeous colors and good sound quality.

11 Mar, 2019
I really like this portable bluetooth speaker. It is very decorative and pretty. The speaker changes several different colors. It was very quick and easy to sync it with my phone. It holds a charge fo... read more »

Nice Brush

22 Dec, 2018
I really like the double sided pet brush to reduce the shedding hair on my dog. My dog has shorter hair but this brush definitely helps to pick up the excess and keep loose hair from flying around as... read more »

Good Sound Quality

13 Dec, 2018
Very good ear buds overall. Sound quality is good. Earbuds are fairly comfortable in my ears. No static or interference when listening to music. Attractive design.  read more »

Extremely Useful

24 Nov, 2018
Very good quality nail care set that is strong and durable. The tools work well for several different tasks. The clippers cut properly and are very sharp. The travel case keeps it all organized a... read more »

Bright And Efficient

21 Nov, 2018
Great quality light bulbs that work well. I love that they are sensor activated by day/night. Mine work well. I have had no issues with them. They luminate my front and back doors beautifully. read more »

Great Trimmer

21 Nov, 2018
This cuts with precision and accuracy leaving behind a nice trim. My husband used it to cut his hair and it worked great. Very professional style set. Sharp cutting. Charges fast. Works as it is inten... read more »

Good Shaver

21 Nov, 2018
This shaver is pretty nice. It works fairly well and seems to be good quality. Everything functions as it should. The rotary blades get a close shave but not quite as close as I can get with a ma... read more »

Small But Mighty

21 Nov, 2018
Even though the size is specified in the description, I was still surprised at the size of these magnets. They are very tiny HOWEVER they are super strong. I got them for holding up pictures and... read more »

Pretty Good

21 Nov, 2018
Overall this works pretty well at extracting stripped screws. We had a couple of them we needed to get out and it worked but it was a bit tricky on one of the two screws. These are not a quick an... read more »

Strong and Reliable

16 Nov, 2018
Great quality bit set. Great variety of sizes to select from. Very handy to have in my husband's work area. The bits are strong and made well. Built to last and will be a great asset to home proje... read more »

Fun Item

16 Nov, 2018
This is a neat item to have to display and show off where you have been. I have visited quite a few places and love this map. The whole concept is really great. I like the scratch off feature. It is n... read more »

Great Set

16 Nov, 2018
This set is super nice with a lot of extra tools that come in handy. I like having it organized in one portable storage case. It is really convenient. The tools are durable and work well. The drill fu... read more »

Smells Fabulous

16 Nov, 2018
I am really happy with these bath bombs. The essential oils are gentle and fragrant. The bath bombs dissolve nicely and leave my bath with a nice aroma, bright color, and light fizzy bubbles... read more »

Works Well

16 Nov, 2018
My husband has been working on several little projects and really loves this drill. It is great for getting into tight and narrow spaces. It's convenient and easy to use. The size is not overally... read more »

Rich Colors

10 Nov, 2018
The colors stand out really well on my skin and are long lasting. It does not fade away or wear off easily. I like that this collection has many neutral colors. It goes on evenly and looks great. It i... read more »

Nice Drill Set

10 Nov, 2018
This is a very nice drill. It works great and gets the job done. The bits have a good variety of sizes. The drill is very strong and reliable. The charge lasts quite a long time and it recharges fast.... read more »

Super Comfortable

10 Nov, 2018
I really love this pull over fleece lightweight sweater. Excellent, super soft material that is durable and well made. It is so cozy against my skin. The fit is perfect and plenty roomy. I am really h... read more »

Very Good Product

06 Nov, 2018
Fairly easy to apply although I get nervous putting anything around my eye area. I use it on both my lashes and eye brows to try and even out areas where there is less hair. I have been using it sever... read more »

I Like It

05 Nov, 2018
So far I like this product pretty well. It is a bit tricky to apply, but I generally have trouble with anything that goes on my eye lashes. I mainly got this for my eyebrows though actually. I am... read more »

Good Quality

05 Nov, 2018
I am loving this serum so far since I started using several days ago. The texture and feel are smooth and non-sticky. The product absorbs into my skin completely and leaves my skin looking moistu... read more »

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