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I'm a Huge gadget fan and i always like to try something new and unique out. I will always give my honest and unbiased opinions on anything that I buy and also I will share my experiences and products with all my friends and follows on my various social media accounts.
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Perfect protection

09 Jan, 2021
I've recently moved in to a new house but the garden is like a jingle very overgrown with thorn bushes, weeds etc so I needed a strong sturdy pair of gloves that's going to protect me while I... read more »

Absolute Bargain

09 Jan, 2021
What a fantastic price for a really great product Ive been looking at getting one of these endoscopes for a very long time now but the price of them has always but me off so I was very pleased to see... read more »

Does the job

21 Dec, 2020
When I purchased this I thought it was a standard sized torch and didn't really expect much from it but boy was I surprised when I received it this torch is big and got some good tlwrithr to it, i... read more »

Lovely tags

07 Dec, 2020
These are an absolute bargain buy a lot of gifts at Christmas and use a lot of gift tags but most of them are are the same there isn't any originality to them. saw these and loved them instantly t... read more »


07 Dec, 2020
These are an absolute bargain I buy a lot of gifts at Christmas and use a lot of gift tags but most of them are are the same there isn't any originality to them. I saw these and loved them instant... read more »

Lovely lights

07 Dec, 2020
Bought these lights as my old one after a good few years have decided to pack up and not work anymore, I didn't want to spend a lot of money iny a replacement and I came across theses ones they ar... read more »


27 Nov, 2020
Bought these as my wife has started to get in to crafts making card etc and this will be a great addition to that.  They come in a lovely gift box and there is oleb5 of different types of type fo... read more »

Great for presentations

22 Nov, 2020
I'm a training supervisor at work and I d alot of work on using my computer doing presentations etc and was looking for a Lazer printer like this to help me and I'm really glad I came across t... read more »

Brilliant for the price

15 Nov, 2020
Bought this as I needed a light walking coat just to throw in my rucksack whenever I go on my long walks I needed something that was light but protected me form the elements when I need it too and Tha... read more »

Brilliant for the family

06 Nov, 2020
Have to say this is absolutely brilliant I wanted something where the whole family can get together and watch films and have that cinema experience but I didn't want to pay a fortune for other pro... read more »

Brilliant for adults and kids

03 Nov, 2020
Love this I initially bought it for my son for his birthday but I must admit I've used it more myself ( im just a big kid) it's easy to set up comes with a charging cable that you just plug in... read more »

Very festive

03 Nov, 2020
I wanted some new lights for Halloween and wanted them to be a bit different from the rest and these are certainly different they have a golden look to them but when you turn them on they have a silve... read more »


03 Nov, 2020
I've already bought one of these cushions from the same company nor long ago my other one was double sided print and have to say I was really impressed with the quality it's lovely. Its my mum... read more »


31 Oct, 2020
Nice lovely little rug that I bought for the upstairs landing, it's a good size and made really well it looks very nice where it is I'm going to buy a couple more but in larger sizes so I can... read more »


31 Oct, 2020
Bought this as with it being lockdown we was unable to go to the cinema and as a family we used to go a couple of time a month and we miss it a lot so we decided to buy the next best thing a projector... read more »

Beautiful bright lights

27 Oct, 2020
They lights look really beautiful when illuminated you get a lot of lights for the price and you can use them indoors or outdoors and also they come with a remote with 8 different light settings from... read more »


27 Oct, 2020
Bought these becaude we just love decorating our house for Halloween and there are a great addition to the collection, the lights are well made and long so you get plebt of little pimpkins there are t... read more »

Hours of fun

24 Oct, 2020
Bought this for my son to pass some time and have to say he's already had hours of fun with it good job I bought some rechargeable batteries the other day we have gone through two lots already ha... read more »


21 Oct, 2020
Bought this as my beautiful cat sadly got ran over last week and we are gutted, we wanted something to remind of him and came across these cushions, we had plenty of pictures of him and once we had ch... read more »

Lovely tree

13 Oct, 2020
I bought a smaller version of this tree last year and love it it's very bright and looks very nice on the fireplace, I wanted some more and came across this bigger version which I had to have. Thi... read more »

Great piece of kit

13 Oct, 2020
What a fantastic telescope this is for the money, I bought this as my son who is 4 has a very keen interest in the moon and anything to do with space and he keep asking if he can see it close up so I&... read more »

Love it

10 Oct, 2020
My old hair clippers had recently died on me and so I needed a new pair I saw these and at the price which was very good undecided to purchase them I'm really glad I did because they have quickly... read more »

Just like the real thing

10 Oct, 2020
As the title suggests these are just like the real thing, I bought these for a project my partner is doing for Halloween she's making a wreath out of tree twigs and needed some leafs to add to it... read more »


10 Oct, 2020
I actually bought these for my little son who was interested in looking at small bugs while in the garden but when they arrived I couldn't believe how good the quality was, I wasn't expecting... read more »


10 Oct, 2020
Great pair of scissors with everything you need to cut, open bottles etc. These are very sharp so be careful they are made of very tough plastic and metal. The price is very competitive for a pair of... read more »


10 Oct, 2020
This back is fantastic it's got plenty of storage space for all your clothes/shoes etc and also has some other pockets for your smaller items like mobile phone wallet keys etc. What I like about t... read more »


04 Oct, 2020
Bought these for Christmas as my partner and little boys loves anything to do with nutcrackers and this is no exception. I bought this to put up outside of the house and will be putting one each side... read more »

Great little torch

26 Sep, 2020
This might be a small torch compared to others but don't let that fool you this packs a big punch for the money, it's well constructed and super bright it has 4 different light modes from brig... read more »


24 Sep, 2020
I bought these to use for Christmas but when I received them my little boy whonis 4 years old wanted to use them so he can make things and draw pictures on them. He had hours if fun making things and... read more »

Super bright

24 Sep, 2020
Bought these as back up lights to my main pair ibuse on my bike but upon receiving them I actually placed them with these as they are superior to the other ones the build quality is superb and the lig... read more »


19 Sep, 2020
These really do come in handy when you have multiple wires tangled up in your office or home. I attached mine to the side of my pc desk and it neatly organises and separates my wires so there is no ta... read more »

Worth every penny

14 Sep, 2020
I've bought Hoover's like this in the past to clean my car out but they haven't been that powerful so gave up with them and just started to use my house vaccum.cleaner instead until I came... read more »

Great as always

14 Sep, 2020
I've bought numerous powerbanks now as I can never have enough they go with me everywhere so I can charge my phone and tablet up while out and about. This powerbank is well constructed and feels l... read more »

Another great powerbank

07 Sep, 2020
This is another Poweradd Powerbank to add to my collection and I just say I do have quite a lot from this manufacturer as always the build quality is superb this one is a bit smaller than some of thei... read more »

Fantastic for kids

28 Aug, 2020
Bought this for my 4 year old son to take with us on while he is the car so he can watch his movies without disturbing us with the noise. These headphones are very well made and are really kis friendl... read more »

Lovely watch

20 Aug, 2020
This is a very stylish smart watch that really is value for money the watch itself looks great on your wrist looks like an expensive watch and feels great. The watch comes in a nice presentation box.... read more »

Does the job

20 Aug, 2020
This is a great addition to any laptop or tablet if you want extra usb slots also there is a ethernet port so you can have wired internet. The item itself is small very light and portable and very wel... read more »


17 Aug, 2020
Bout this for my 6 year old cat as he was struggling to bend his neck to eat and he looked really uncomfortable and more often than not he couldn't finish his food because of the discomfort so I w... read more »


13 Aug, 2020
This is a great multi functional stand I bought it to go with my go pro so I can use it while out on about on my little adventures with my son we have both used it in different string including attach... read more »

Great for kids

13 Aug, 2020
Bought this for when we go away for a week so I can use it at an indoor swimming pool we already have a vest but this is unique as it has arm bands built in to the vest and it's very lightweight i... read more »

Didn't receive

10 Aug, 2020
I can't review this product as I never received it, I waited a month for delivery but it never turned up I contacted the seller who was helpful and has issued me with a full refund. read more »

Lovely play tent

02 Aug, 2020
My son loves hiding away in little dens to play and he also loves anything to do with knights and castles so when I saw this I just thought I had to buy it him, the price was great and it had good rev... read more »


29 Jul, 2020
Bought this as I have a few camojmg trips coming up and my headtirchbi have been using gas finally packed up so I've been looking for one to replace it when I came across this one. This headlight... read more »


25 Jul, 2020
Must say this is one of nicest powerbanks I've had and I have had a lot in the past. It's size is really compact and feels nice in the hands into very light and you can easily carry it around... read more »


25 Jul, 2020
Bought these at a great price and I'm really glad I did they are brilliant they come in a handy pouch so they are easily transportable. The colours are really nice and there's two ends to the... read more »


25 Jul, 2020
I saw this at a great price and had to have it they really do come.in handy to carry around with you soy ou can store all your documents,videos,and pictures quickly and safely. The transfer rate is ve... read more »

Great lights

20 Jul, 2020
I've just recently bought a new bike and I've been looking for accessories for it and needed some lights for when it's dark. I saw these at a reasonable price and bought them in glad I did... read more »

Brilliant product

17 Jul, 2020
My friend is an artist and bought these for her she's loves them the zipped pouch contains various paint brushes and also a pallette knife. The quality of the products are great feels like a prope... read more »


17 Jul, 2020
My little boy is mad about anything to do with dinosaurs so when I saw this light I just had to buy it. Th lamp itself comes with a small black base when the dinosaur light slides in to. Tj box also c... read more »


04 Jul, 2020
Bought they as I have a VW camper van and like added new and quietly things to the windows/ body. These stickers are fantastic there is loads of different varieties to choose from and there's some... read more »

Quality as always

04 Jul, 2020
I have bought so many different things from Poweradd and have to say they are fantastic quality and value for money Im never disappointed that's the same for these batteries they are quality and a... read more »

Does the job

01 Jul, 2020
These are great, I work nights and have to sleep during the day which can be difficult with all the noise that goes on outside but these work a treat I just slide them all the way in to my ear and it... read more »

Great little product

21 Jun, 2020
This is a great little product very useful for keeping things tidy and for storing your remote controls. I have mine attached at the side of my bed and keep my book remotes and earphones innit and it&... read more »

Great for emergencies

19 Jun, 2020
These are fantastic incase of little emergencies when you cget caught short with nowhere to go I always keep one in the glovebox of my car and also take one with me in my rucksack whenever I go walkin... read more »

Brilliant bundle

01 Jun, 2020
I saw this at a great price and decide to but it in really glad I did as the bundle includes two luggage straps with a combination code, two combination pad locks and two luggage I.D tags. My family w... read more »

Small but packs a Big punch

01 Jun, 2020
This electric air pump maybe small but don't let the size fool you it does pack a big punch it is really powerful. I needed an air pump to use whilst camping and for just blowing my little boys po... read more »

Love it

29 May, 2020
Love this little gaming device it's fantastic takes me back to when I had my Nintendo game boy. The computer is great it's got lots and lots of good games including mario, paperboy, donkey Kon... read more »

Great little cleaner

29 May, 2020
I've had plenty of toilet brushes in the past but they have been bulky and taken up room ok my bathroom and was looking for something smaller I came across this by accident and imreally glad I did... read more »


29 May, 2020
This is such a great products I can charge numerous devices on one machine rather than having loads of different plugs. It especially comes in handy for when I go camping it's very oortxbkd and li... read more »

Great covers

29 Feb, 2020
I recently was in a very heavy downpour on my way to work and my rucksack took the brunt of the rain and when I opened it it was full of water and everything inside as soaked I looked around for somet... read more »


29 Feb, 2020
I bought these to store all my fruit and vegetables as I really didn't want to use any types of plastic bags anymore and I have to say they are a great alternative they have a multitude of uses an... read more »

Great little Robot

25 Jan, 2020
Bought this for my son who loves robots and thought it would be good for him as you can interact with it straight away after unpackaging it my son loves it the robot itself is well constructed my son... read more »

Great idea

22 Jan, 2020
I came across this by accident as I was looking for a couple of new bra as my old ones have seen better days, I saw this and didn't even know it existed it's such a fantastic idea combining tw... read more »

Fantastic price

16 Jan, 2020
Bought this to use in my tablet computer to up it's storage space and I can't fault it , the price I paid was less that a cup of coffee and it's a brilliant little thing I put it in my com... read more »


16 Jan, 2020
Bought this for my little boy who loves to draw I got it so we can take it away with us on days out so he can use it in the car or wherever we are without the need to bring paper and colouring pencils... read more »

Great product

09 Jan, 2020
I've had a lot of powerbanks now from POWERADD and have to say I'm really impressed with there products they are fantastic the build quality is amazing the price is great. The powerbank itself... read more »

Nice sunglassees

09 Jan, 2020
Bought these as a back up pair and I keep them in the car just in case I forget my main pair.bi mist say I wasn't expecting much from these but I was pleasantly surprised that the quality is good... read more »

Fantastic value

09 Jan, 2020
I bought these for my son who is 4 to use while on his tablet computer he loves watching cartoons and playing games on it but sometimes the noise is too loud soni bought these so he can use it as much... read more »

Greta lights

03 Jan, 2020
I've bought a few of these lights now and have to say these are the best ones I have bought so far, they are super bright have plenty of different settings to chose from. I put mine around a tree... read more »

Great lights

03 Jan, 2020
I've bought a few of this types of lights now but have to say that these ones are the best I've had so far they are super bright have plenty of different settings to choose from. I put mine ar... read more »

Bright torch

28 Dec, 2019
I work outside at night all the time and needed something for when I'm on my patrols and this is brilliant the light is very bright and I live the different brightness settings and to have a UV li... read more »

Fantastic sound

23 Dec, 2019
I love anything to do with POWERADD there products are always of the highest quality and at affordable prices and these earbuds are no different. They are easily soundpairable with my phone and the so... read more »

Brilliant Mat

12 Dec, 2019
Bought this for my cat because everytime he eats he always leave food and biscuits in the floor and this looked liked it will help with it being silicone and supposed to catches food and I must say it... read more »


25 Nov, 2019
This is a nice Christmas jumper good the price it's made from good quality materials and feels really nice while wearing it. I will be wearing it at Christmas when I visit relatives. I'm looki... read more »

Great as always

25 Nov, 2019
Iust have about 6 powerbanks now and all of them are from POWERADD the quality of their products are great and this is no exception it's solidly built. I use these all the time when I'm campin... read more »

Great fun

18 Nov, 2019
Bought this for my little lad who loves anything that lights up and loves flying things and this has both. This is very light and easy to use tlyou just hover your hand under the ball and watch it fly... read more »

Nice tree

18 Nov, 2019
This is a really nice addition to my Christmas collection that I'm going to use this year the treehis a great size and looks really lovely when lit up all you need to do is add your own two batter... read more »

Nice pants

18 Nov, 2019
I wanted to get in to the festive spirit and buy some panys really for Christmas and I saw these and just had to have them the price was great and when they arrived I was surprised at how good the qua... read more »

Very bright

18 Nov, 2019
I have just moved in to a new house and it is very dark at the side and back at night time and didn't feel safe coming home. I saw this while looking around and looked like it was just what u need... read more »

Great powerbank

18 Nov, 2019
This is the fourth POWERADD powerbank I have bought and I'm definitely not disappointed this is another great powerbank that has plenty of juice to charge my phone and tablet a couple of times ove... read more »

Great quality

13 Nov, 2019
Bought these for my little boy as he is plane mad and he loves them they are made from really good materials they are not too heavy or light they are just perfect and he loves that the top glows in th... read more »

Great light

09 Nov, 2019
Bought this for when I next honon my camping adventure and must say I'm really impressed by it firstly it's a good compact size diesntcweugh much do it's easy to carry with you. The light... read more »

Close shave

26 Oct, 2019
I've been wet shaving for years but don't really like it and I've tried plenty of electrical shavers but my skin just didn't like them. I saw this and thought at the price it was worth... read more »

Great goggles

16 Oct, 2019
Both these for my son who loves swimming but hates getting water in his eyes. The package that came with these Google's are great nice case that keeps them secure and safe. The Google's themse... read more »

Very good pump

11 Oct, 2019
I bought this as I needed something lightweight but portable to attach to my mountain bike and use whenever I need to pump my tyres up or have a flat. The quality is great it fits on to my bike perfec... read more »


11 Oct, 2019
Love these monoculars they are so powerful IV just took them out with me while walking in the countryside and used them to look at wild animals and birds from far away the quality is amazing there the... read more »


02 Oct, 2019
For the price this case is great I've seen similar ones at a higher price but less quality this is made to a very high standard and fits the phone perfectly it protects it really well and feels li... read more »


02 Oct, 2019
I bought this for my son as because we are trying to teach him how to tell time at the moment and wanted something fun to use so it would help with his learning. This watch is fantastic it's a gre... read more »

Endless fun

02 Oct, 2019
I've heard A lot of good things about these and as my little boy is at the age where he loves to draw and colour I thought I would buy one and see what there like. Firstly the price was great very... read more »

Great heater

28 Sep, 2019
I've been anting a small portable heater for a while now and stumbled across this while searching for one . I read reviews and bought it, I'm glad I did as this might be a small beater but it... read more »

Good product

28 Sep, 2019
This is a great little thermometer it's small lightweight and compact it's very easy to use. I bought it for my little lad for when he gets I'll so I can tel what his temperature is and ki... read more »

Bright light

23 Sep, 2019
Bought this for my hallway for when my little boy and wakes up and needs the toilet I didn't want to keep the main light on so this was perfect I just added the 3 AAA batteries and stuck it to the... read more »

Rs delight

14 Sep, 2019
This is a fantastic little RC car I bought Thai for my son who loves anything that moves and has lights and sounds and he certainly wasn't disappointed with this it lights up plays great music and... read more »

Great toy

11 Sep, 2019
Bought this for my little son who loves Lego and loves anything military, the item came well packaged and my son couldn't wait to open it up when he did he was very excited to see what he had got.... read more »


11 Sep, 2019
This is a really cool gadet that actually works really well I was surprised at how powerful it is. I've used it a few times now to wash my pots and it cleans then really well the faucet is made of... read more »

Great all in 1

30 Aug, 2019
I bought this for my partner as she doesn't like the idea having 3 different separate tools to do her hair this is fantastic it drys your hair without damaging it, it curls your hair so if you jus... read more »


30 Aug, 2019
Bought this as I fix quite a lot of mobile phones and wanted a tool set that was very compact but still had all the tools and accessories i need and this has it all I'm super impressed with what y... read more »

Good straws

17 Aug, 2019
I've had a few portable straws and this on is the best I like the idea of it being telescopic. It comes with a nice little case and round carabina so you can hook it to your bag or anything you wa... read more »

Lovely light

14 Aug, 2019
This light looks so much better than in the pictures its a lovely light made of glass and a plastic base it has mini lights attached inside and is battery operated. The light itself gives of a warm an... read more »

Nice kettle

12 Aug, 2019
This is a great kettle for the price or looks very stylish and works very efficiently it does fast boil which is good.i needed a new kettle and didn't want to spend a fortune but luckily I found t... read more »

Nice lights

12 Aug, 2019
These are the second lot of lights o have boufh and must say I love them they are great for putting up around the garden and they look great at night. There is plenty of different options so you can h... read more »

Great set

30 Jul, 2019
This a really great artists set it has everything you need and more.whay I live about this item is it's portability you can just roll it up and the it away with you anywhere you go it's very l... read more »

Best canera

25 Jul, 2019
Since having a young boy I've been concious about the security of my home and wanted to make sure I had things in place to maximise safety. I bought this camera after reading the good reviews onli... read more »

Superb camera

25 Jul, 2019
I've been wanting a sports camera for a long time now to use it while I'm away on holiday or just at home. The camera itself comes with lots of various attachments which is nice and also come... read more »

Super bright

18 Jul, 2019
Another quality product from Morpilot they always impresse me with the items they sell. This torch is really well made is very bright and also come with a UV light which will come in handy for a few t... read more »

Bright light

18 Jul, 2019
Brilliant set of torches that work really well and are very bright they are handy to keep in your bag or in the car and they can be attached to anything as they come with a handy clip. I have had vari... read more »

Fun for all

15 Jul, 2019
I love this kite, since I was a kid I've always had kites and remember enjoying playing with them with my dad and now my boy is growing up fast I wanted him to have the same fun as me so I was loo... read more »

Great belt

11 Jul, 2019
I've been needing a new belt for a while now and decided to purchase this one after reading good things about it. The Bukit quality is great it is very well made and looks like it's going to l... read more »

Sleek design

11 Jul, 2019
I've had many power banks in the past and this ranks as one of the best in design and function it looks great feels.agrwat and is slim.and lightweight so it is easily portable. The power bank itse... read more »

Nice little robot

04 Jul, 2019
Bought this as a bit of a novelty really Adobe been curious about these vacuum cleaners since I first saw one. This one is well made very light and comes with rechargeable batteries once you put them... read more »

Slim and lightweight

02 Jul, 2019
For the money this is a really good portable hard drive its sleek and very light the best thing about it is you just plug it in to your computer and it recognises it straight away without having to do... read more »

Quality at its best

01 Jul, 2019
Well what can I say this is another quality product from Poweradd I am really impressed with their products they are well designed and they work flawlessly and this power bank is no exception its very... read more »

Great float board

27 Jun, 2019
Bought this float board for my 3 years old soon to aid him with his swimming lessons it's a really good size and it's very very light . My son had now trouble using it and he managed to swim b... read more »

Best pump

27 Jun, 2019
I've been using a regular manual pump for years now to inflate footballs etc and always wondered if there wa an easier way to do it and low and behold this Morpilot pump popped up and I just had t... read more »

Nice but smashed

25 Jun, 2019
Would of been nice if it wasn't delivered to me all smashed emailed the company and they are looking in to it what's a shame. read more »

Great dash cam

15 Jun, 2019
This is a great little dash cam packed with a lot of cool features I wanted to get one just in case anything happened to my car while my partner and little boy was inside it's peace of mind. The c... read more »

Great for little explorers

15 Jun, 2019
Bought this for my 3 year old boy who loves going out exploring and seeing what nature has to offer he especially loves insects and he enjoys collecting them and looking at them and this is why this k... read more »

Great charger

11 Jun, 2019
This is another great charger by Poweradd I've bought lots of there power banks and they are brilliant and this is no exception its a fantastic wireless charger it's nice and small and very sl... read more »

Great for teavel

08 Jun, 2019
These are my fourth lot of straws I have bought now and they are great for traveling or just keepinggin your bag or glovebox. I don't like the feel or taste of cardboard straws so these are perfec... read more »

Plenty of charge

07 Jun, 2019
I have a thing about buying powerbanks and always try and find new ones as I'm always in need of them for when I go camping etc. I saw this one and read some good reviews the specifications seemed... read more »

Works really well

07 Jun, 2019
Bought this as I always try to live a healthy lifestyle and I always want to know what my blood pressure is like, I've been meaning to buy one of these for a long time now and I came across this o... read more »

Great remote

06 Jun, 2019
I have a Android TV box and it came with a remote but I needed one with a keyboard pad built in to it so I could search for programmes etc. I looked around and saw this one's the price was very re... read more »

Nice little fountain

06 Jun, 2019
I was looking for a small water fountain that I could just add to my pond that I have just built in my garden and whilst looking around I found this, I decided to take the plunge and buy it and I'... read more »

Nice charger

02 Jun, 2019
Bought this as I used a lot of batteries for my camera equipment and always need plenty of supply so this really does come in handy. It can charge different sizes of batteries and it charges them real... read more »

Plenty of juice

02 Jun, 2019
I've bought a few products from Poweradd now all powerbanks ane I must say I'm really impressed with this company the products they make are extremely well made and this powerbank is no except... read more »

Fantastic sound

01 Jun, 2019
Got these as I wantes something different than the normal headphones to use while I go to the gym and I'm definitely not disappointed in these firstly the build quality is superb they really do fe... read more »

A party in a box

28 May, 2019
WOW what can i say about this fantastic gadget well first things this speaker is very well made and looks very smarti needed a portable speak that I could use for house parties etc and let's just... read more »

Very comfortable

23 May, 2019
Bought this as I do a lot of travelling and wanted something that I could use while relaxing and fallin asleep. I must say this is very comfortable I've used it a couple of times now and it has he... read more »

Perfect for lunch

22 May, 2019
Bought this for my partner so she could take her lunch to work. The bag itself is very stylish and looks really good, on inspection the build quality is excellent and feels like a very premium product... read more »

Cool little gadget

22 May, 2019
I've been reading about these key finders for a long time and wanted to get one as I'm a frequent flyer and wanted something to keep on my hand luggage just in case it gets lost or stolen so I... read more »

Works flawlessly

15 May, 2019
Got these so I can keep them in car so I can use them whenever I need to so there always to hand. It's well made and fits perfectly on my mobile phone which is a Google Pixel 3 and works without a... read more »

Plenty of bass

11 May, 2019
Must say this is a fantastic Bluetooth speaker it packs a very big punch for such a small item. The build quality is excellent with touch screen controls which work smoothly and flawlessly. The sounds... read more »

Great sound great price

10 May, 2019
Bought these as my old pair had finally given up and I needed a new set, I love my music so I need a pair of headphones that will meet my needs and these do just that they are fantastic there wireless... read more »

Great wireless charger

08 May, 2019
Bought this because I liked the 8dea of having a power bank a d a wireless charger all in one, i must admit I wasn't expecting much from this product but lest just say I'm so happy I purchase... read more »

Long leads

07 May, 2019
bought these as i needed extra leads for my phone and at the price i got them for it was a bargain especially that there is three leads in a packet which is good. ive ussed these a couple of times now... read more »

Bright little lights

03 May, 2019
Bought these to replace my old bike lights that have just decided to stop working for me and I needed something quick and that wasn't too expensive but still did the job I needed it for. I came ac... read more »

Works perfectly

03 May, 2019
I recently bough a Chromebook and wanted to show friends and relatives pictures and videos of my holiday that were on there on the big screen and I came across this adapter. It comes in a nice box and... read more »

Best shaver

28 Apr, 2019
Bought this as my previous shave packed up and stopped working on me and I needed something portable to take away with me but didn't want to spend a lot of money. I searched a lot and finally cane... read more »

Perfect fit

20 Apr, 2019
Bought the straps for my partner who has a Fitbit charge 3 and wanted new straps so che can change them to make 4hem look different. I read the reviews and decided to buy them they were a very good.pr... read more »

Grinds to perfection

14 Apr, 2019
I've been using a manual grinder for years now and it hasn't really been grinding the coffee to how I liked it so I thought it was time to look for a new one. After a lot of searching I decide... read more »

Cool Cool Cool

11 Apr, 2019
Bought this for my Cairn terrier as during the summer months he gets too warm with him having a lot of hair and nothij really seems to cool him down. I heard a lot about these coolin maps and wondered... read more »

Leak free pouches

09 Apr, 2019
Bought these for when I go away travelling next month to Thailand to keep my phone and money safe and dry for when I'm ok the beach and travelling around. I've had a good look at these and the... read more »

Best Snorkel Mask

08 Apr, 2019
I've always loved snorkeling but haven't been very successful in the past with the old traditional snorkel set I used to find it hard to breathe and even harde to see anything due to the mask... read more »

Great grinder

05 Apr, 2019
I've been needing a Coffee grinder for a while now and wanted something that was small light and portable to take away with myle while I go travelling because I always need my fresh coffee every m... read more »

We have light

05 Apr, 2019
Bought this to replace an old light bulb in my living room and wanted something modern. I've seen all these smart builds lately and wanted to try one out for myself so I took the plunge and bought... read more »

Perfect heat

04 Apr, 2019
Got this to help keep my room warm withough have to put the heating on. It's small but it packs a big inch it heats up very quickly and also is oscillates which is really good. The heater is also... read more »

Brilliant rucksack

04 Apr, 2019
Bought this bag as i needed a new one for work and let me tell you this is one of the best bags I've purchased it's very well made has more than enough space for all your items and even comes... read more »

Compact travel bag

03 Apr, 2019
Bought this for my partner to store all her make up in while we go away on holiday. I was surprised when it arrived that it was larger than I expected which is good, there's plenty of space inside... read more »

Versitle multitool

30 Mar, 2019
Well to begin with this multitool is so much better than u thought it would be the built quality is fantastic feels nice in your hand and what's more there is plenty of different tool to use and a... read more »

Long lasting cables

30 Mar, 2019
Bought these as I wanted a really long cable to take with me when I'm working away. I stay a lot in hotels and sometimes the sockets are to far away to use my phone while charging but with these c... read more »

Fantastic lights

29 Mar, 2019
Must say these lanterns are fantastic they are so much better than I thought they would be the design is very compact and they are very kight. Slide the lantern up and you are greeted with a nice brig... read more »

Fantastic lead

25 Mar, 2019
This dog leas is brilliant it's long enough to let my dog walk ahead without him feeling restricted it's very well made and sturdy and I like the fact that it's tangle free and the lead it... read more »

Perfect Coffee everytime

25 Mar, 2019
Love this little gadget it makes perfect Coffee everytime the taste is really nice just how I like it. The dripper is very portable so you can take it away with you and use it whenever you need it, al... read more »

Fantastic reusable cup

24 Mar, 2019
Bought this cup because I didn't want to keep buying cups from coffee shops that can't be recycled I wanted a cup I could re-use time and time again and this cup fits the bit it's small li... read more »

Good little smart watch

09 Mar, 2019
This way h is really good for the money it has everything I need including pedometer heart rate monitor and sleep.tracker I have used it for a couple of days now and really liking it the battery last... read more »

Small but packs a big punch

04 Mar, 2019
This is a really good powerbank it's lightweight and very portable nice that it comes with a storage pouch. The powerbank itself charges my phone fully without any issues I would dedindefin recomm... read more »

Great hub

01 Mar, 2019
Fantastic compact hub with many uses I have used this quote a few times now and it works perfectly it's nice and light and very compact. read more »

Great hub

01 Mar, 2019
Fantastic hub it has everything you could need on one small compact box Ive used this a few times now and it works perfectly. read more »

Nice lights

30 Jan, 2019
These lights are very nice it's great that you can use them indoors or out. read more »

Brilliant headphones

30 Jan, 2019
Bought these to use on my PS4 and they don't disappoint they sound quality is brilliant and the microphone works really well. read more »

Great pens

30 Jan, 2019
These aare great for all different types of crafts. I bought these for my little son to used to decorate pebbles and he loves them. The colours are great and the price is brilliant. read more »

Good writing tablet

25 Jan, 2019
Bought this for my little boy who loves to draw and colour and this is perfect for taking in the car or out and about with him. The tablet writes really good and with one press of a button it deletes... read more »

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