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bring me wine

09 May, 2018
these socks are cute, fun, even comfortable to wear, im size seven not sure how much comfort they would be on bigger feet, im not a fan of leaving negative feed back but the writing at bottom has alre... read more »

where's this been all my life

09 May, 2018
i purchased this as my phone really old and battery power don't last long, i also have no car charger socket in my car and needed it for holiday and sat nav, this was brilliant, like saved my baco... read more »

comes with remote

07 Feb, 2018
great disco lights, filled a living room with its light beams and ripples, kids loved it, the adults after party also loved it turned our loung into a mini rave, easy to use, sturdy unit and remote co... read more »

brillant set

09 Jan, 2018
i gifted this to a 2 year old girl for xmas, it was a big hit, loads of fun for that age and little older also good parents kid games to play, it gets everyone involved and loads of fun to be had.if u... read more »

looks stunning and professional

02 Dec, 2017
this is stunning microphone, looks amazing quality, comes perfectly packaged, with long arm to mount on to desk, i purchased this for my son to make youtube videos, which we havent done yet so unable... read more »

looking good

26 Nov, 2017
not used these yet as purchased as christmas gift, my plan is to gift with a remote control car, and the plan to use them to make courses out of them to drive the car round, they look good comes with... read more »

puzzling puzzle

26 Nov, 2017
i cant do it argh, is there a trick to it, so many hours so much fun and frustration definetly keep the fun going in room everyone taking a turn trying to fix it back to, fun game overall, and brings... read more »

perfect fro photography prop

26 Nov, 2017
these are fab i take amatuer photos and i used these to prop in photos i was taking, they are reccomened for table decorations which i totally get they would look great few scattered round tables... read more »

perfect for this weather

20 Nov, 2017
'i bought these for my 16 year old she never has phone out her hand, even after moaning her hands are cold, she wouldnt wear normal gloves as meant taking them on and off, she loves these they are... read more »

scrub a dub dub

12 Nov, 2017
these are really good i dont think i will ever go back to normal dish brush, they clean amazing and they are easy to clean after use, much more hygenic, more so you can scrub potatoes also, i love the... read more »

good quality

12 Nov, 2017
this is lovely, nice pattern, very good material and quality feel to it, holds well, feels good wearing it read more »

great tuner

11 Nov, 2017
this is a perfect easy to use tuner, nice size, nice clear display, everything you want in a tuner read more »

the g string

08 Nov, 2017
perfect strings, sounds great, came well packaged, good delivery. great price, all in all very well for the money and lovely sound read more »

santas sack is bigger

08 Nov, 2017
this is red felt bag for xmas presents, it doesnt seem great quality, and the felt santa is badly glued, i dont think its strength will see through more than one xmas, or hold many presents, its not t... read more »

lightweight good value

27 Oct, 2017
i got this for my elderly grandfather, he isnt able to move or lift as he used to, this lightweight cordless easy to use hoover, will help him keep his little area clean without relying on others to e... read more »

good quality

22 Oct, 2017
these are very good if you suffer chronic pain, nothing cures but it does help slightly i dont know why or how they work, but i like them, these are grat quality, comes in box, with a bag as well for... read more »

nice product

21 Oct, 2017
like these are strangely good, i dont know how it works, but i have fibromylagia and often in loads of pain, i used them on myself last night and the pain slightyl moved whilst they were on, early day... read more »


17 Oct, 2017
the go pro lens cap and case, was great does as says on box. with the zip up case can also be used to hide your stash, seems secure, as in you drop it i think the case will protect it well.  read more »

something fishy

14 Oct, 2017
i have bought this for a gift, i plan to make a seafood hamper for someones xmas, so i cant give exact on how it worked, though first impressions seems solid, good quality, perfect for what i wanted.... read more »

lovely, happy with purchase

14 Oct, 2017
beautiful little mirror opens up to three mirrors with stunning lights round it, pull the activation slip out battery and you are away, stands up great for when on the unit, light to hold if you want,... read more »

great gift or for yourself

06 Oct, 2017
something dodgy about hairy ears and noses, thankfully with this hyloon nose trimmer thats not in this house,, great does as says on box, doesn't pull hair like others i've used, its water res... read more »

amazing gadget

06 Oct, 2017
every house should own one of these, can pick up stains, urine blood marks on carpets or beds, great for everyday use, or wife detective skills, you think your house is clean till you shine this torch... read more »

a wee dram for yer mam

05 Oct, 2017
i like this, love the tartan being scottish got a thing for a wee tipple and tartan things. comes with 4 shot cups and a funnel. all seems great and very smart, 6oz stainless steel hip flask... read more »

what sunshine is to flowers smiles are to humanity

04 Oct, 2017
two nit combs in a cute little bag, seems good quailty and the teeth are metal, fortunately we've not had lice since ordering, but handy to have, one comb has magnifying glass on it, the other lon... read more »

very happy

04 Oct, 2017
this is smart, got a good sticky on back, makes great stand or to hold it. feels expensive metal rather than cheap feeling plastic ones on market, got a great quality to it, and bonus its a fidget spi... read more »

this is great

03 Oct, 2017
love this, got prime delivery so was here next day, larger than i had thought, which is bonus, comes in a smart t90 bag, got easy hold handles too, very happy with purchase and cant wait to teach my 5... read more »

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