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it's lightweight and easy to hold

05 Jun, 2018
Nice design and size, product was in good condition. But it does not charge at the speeds that it should - using the provided type C to type C cord I'm getting far slower charging speeds than with... read more »

Deserve 5 star

05 Jun, 2018
I have used this phone for a couple months now and feel that it deserves a 5 star review.   Here are some of the things I like about it: - Good call quality Sleek look - Good functio... read more »

Good product

05 Jun, 2018
Just received it, so far it is working great.I like most about this tablet is that it brings Office system and I do not have to download it comes included Word Excel and Powerpoint simply with create... read more »

Great product

27 May, 2018
Bought it this thermometer becuase it is very nice product . Light, works like it should be. Quite accurate, Have an  automatic shut off feature .    read more »

Looks great

15 Jan, 2018
Compact , lightweight.Good makeup mirror.  Easy to stand position. Like the LEDs. Battery powered, But it is plenty enough for your make up time.Last days and days. Fits in you purse . ... read more »

Very nice looking bracelets

15 Jan, 2018
Nice gift option.  Nice made . Yes it is not expensive metal. But it do not matter, nice gift .    read more »

nice backpack

15 Jan, 2018
Slim, lightweight. Nice colour choice from a seller.  It is small, ipad could fit in. The handels can be chage to one, and be like cross body pack .  So nice choice. Good quality . do... read more »

good rechargeable clippers

14 Dec, 2017
 It is very easy to cut the hair. WhilI love that these are rechargeable. No more getting tangled up with cords while trying to give a kid a hair cut or finding a decent workspace in relatio... read more »

Nice instrument

14 Dec, 2017
 Its sound was funny at first but when I play it for a while it got more interesting. The Ukulele sound very nice. There are 1 bag and back up strings for this Ukulele.  The tune of this... read more »

Nice to have illuminated numbers

14 Dec, 2017
This little scale, moderately priced was sufficiently effective.This hand scale is so easy to operate if you want to change it to pds,Oz etc. you have to do it soon as it cuts on. There's only one... read more »

not really like it

14 Dec, 2017
I was a bit disappointed in these sponges.These are so different feeling. These don't work to scrub much at all. The little feelers just glide over anything on your pans. For washing glasses... read more »

Lovely case

14 Dec, 2017
This case is amazingly wonderful. It does a way better job the the otterbox I had previously.Looks colorouful and nice. Not boring black cases.  Hard case, really protects the phone. Love it .... read more »

Fits well

14 Dec, 2017
Fits well. This is a great case for the phone.The case also has been extremely durable.Small case doesn't seem to detract from protection factor. read more »

Good product

14 Dec, 2017
Bought the case for iPhone X. Wasn't expecting a lot . But it is good. Durable, fit tightly on a phone.It has a great look and seems quite sturdy. It was very easy to put it on my phone. read more »

Never receive it

14 Dec, 2017
Do not know what a problem was , but i didn't receive it . The seller do not contact me .  read more »

Good speaker

08 Dec, 2017
Compact and colourful made of soft touch plastic, with anti slip silicone bars on the bottom, has lights built into it that change colour in tune with the music being played. The sound quality is g... read more »

Nice looking basket

28 Nov, 2017
Great looking laundry basket but it doesn't stand up when 1/2 full as well as I would like. If your laundry basket is visible in the room this makes it far more attractive. Sturdy and large capaci... read more »

Nice quality

28 Nov, 2017
These lights are just as cute as they look in the photo. They are bright and you get six of them!I like that they came with batteries already in them and bonus of extra batteries too.   I... read more »

Great gadget

28 Nov, 2017
This ring stand grip/fidget spinner is a nice idea, keeps my hand occupied when im waiting in line at the store or bank or wherever it is I might be.This works great for a cell phone stand and also sp... read more »

Great tool for any kitchen

28 Nov, 2017
Great tool for lemons, nutmeg(watch your fingers) and any micro shredding. So much easier than anything else I have tried.  It cleans up easy and the guard is a plus. It's time to put the... read more »

Dual charger is twice as nice

23 Nov, 2017
Batteries are working great in both my Canon 70D and 5D Mark III. They charge fine on the Canon charger and seem to last a bit longer than my Canon batteries. .Good to have several of these around... read more »

Good product

23 Nov, 2017
This item came quickly, were packaged well, and appear exactly as they were described.   This item does a good job charging our controllers, however it is hard at times to tell if they are... read more »

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