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Beautiful choker Necklace!!

08 Nov, 2017
My daghter loves this necklace! Its beaitiful  This is a two layer necklace that is connected togther to make one necklace. The stone is really pretty and has some sparkles inside of it. Pictures... read more »

These Foot Peel Masks work amazing on your feet!

08 Nov, 2017
OH MY!! These REALLY work!! I'll tell you a few secrets with these foot peels, if you DONT soak your feet BEFORE putting them on to loosen up your callouses on your feet. I soak mine for about 45... read more »

So soft and comfortable!

08 Nov, 2017
These are very nice leggings! They stretch and are very soft and comfortable! I love the style of them and the design!  These look really cute with a tunic top and a pair of knee high boots and a... read more »

Great Beard and nose trimmer!

08 Nov, 2017
I bought this for my husband who thinks hes a Viking haha! He has been growing out a beard forever now, but he likes to trim around it. I gave this 4 stars only because if your trying to use this in a... read more »

These are great sponges BUT one does NOT last all month long in a family of 4!

08 Nov, 2017
We really liked these sponges they worked really well. I gave this 3 stars ONLY because it states ONE sponge is supposed to last a month. It does NOT last a month in a family of 4 that does dishes 2-3... read more »

Lots of fun!

08 Nov, 2017
This is a fun Adult toy! It lasts a long time on a single charge! I like the shape, it stands up on its own on a flat surface when not in use. I like that its 100% waterproof so you  can use it i... read more »

Oh this is perfect for those sore muscles at the end of the day!

08 Nov, 2017
This is amazing! I have sciatica, Multiple Sclorosis, and Fibromyalgia  and at the end of the day my muscles are hurting so bad I cant even sit still. I take this guy and just run it across my ne... read more »


08 Nov, 2017
I bought this set of face paint because my daughter was working at a Haunted House for the month of September and October every single weekend. We had to do our own costumes and makeup. Well this make... read more »

Such a cute little cellphone bag/holder!

08 Nov, 2017
I bought this to keep my phone in while riding my bike or walking. So I can use it without having to take out of my purse etc for music and shows for my son! This is so nice! Its made of syntetic leat... read more »

A perfect nightlight for any room!

07 Nov, 2017
This light  is perfect for any room especially a child's room. It's perfect and squishy and pretty much unbreakable. It puts just enough warm light into the room that it won't keep yo... read more »

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