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I am an experienced reviewer and was one of Amazon's Top Reviewers. I love testing and sharing about new products! Tech products, home and garden, anything! It's always and honor and my friends and family love hearing about my latest finds! Send me offers and I'll gladly accept! I review on 5 Channels and my Blog!

If you need a good, simple, honest review I'd be honored to try your product. Send me a coupon now! Thank You!

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Excellent Design and Construction. Stands out from the Rest!

07 Apr, 2019
Excellent design and construction.  From the packaging to the sturdy terminal connectors...they did a great job on this cable. It feels like a premium cable that will last.  It charges my No... read more »

Great Quality and Variety -Must have for your sander!

17 Oct, 2018
Don't pay the high prices for individual sanding disks.  This pack has plenty of variety from p60 to p240.  The dusk's seem to last a long time and work perfect .  These will la... read more »

The Best Lights Yet!

10 Jul, 2018
This is the best set of fairy lights I've purchased.  Beautiful white light, nice patterns, handy little remote and delicate looking but strong.  I love the fact that you get two sets so... read more »

Great Speaker!

05 Jul, 2018
I ordered a couple Looking products this past year hecause of the price and the quality is always good too.  This speaker is awesome too!  Great size with good, loud sound and it's durab... read more »


18 Jun, 2018
This 3 pack was just what I needed!  Thank you! read more »

Great Sound and Fit for Running

12 Apr, 2018
I like these headphones because they can be turned up loud and still sound good and they fit comfortably around my neck even while runing.  The earbuds stay in my ear and I know if one fell out,... read more »

Case in Point re: Selling Tactics, Going the Extra MIle and Building a Solid Brand Name. Yes, eSamcore Got it Right. Buy this Rechargeable LED Flashlight. It's Worth It.

09 Apr, 2018
I just bought two different LED Flashlights back to back from Amazon.  One was for an elderly neifghbor who was using some old, rinky dink flashlight to see his back yard at night and n... read more »

Good Quality & Variety at a Good Price!

01 Mar, 2018
Great variety of AC outlets and USB ports at a super price compared to what is available.   It works just like it should and I'm happy to have found it. read more »

So Cute - Best Unique Gift

01 Mar, 2018
For a totally unique gift, this is a must have!  I fot them simply because I had never seen anything like it and I like collecting unique items.  But, since I had them, they've been used... read more »

Mooncity iPhone X Battery Case keeps Phone Slim, Stylish & Charged!

24 Jan, 2018
I like this battery case in particular because it doesn't add too much extra bulk or weight to my iPhone.  I was Leary about getting a battery pack at first because I've used some in the... read more »

U-Love's Solid Color Scarf Large Silk Shawl is Inexpensive and the Perfect Alternative to a Cashmere Scarf

22 Jan, 2018
Just received this and I am completely in love with this scarf!  It is absolutely gorgeous and soft as can be!  My neighbor was there when I opened the package and we both couldn't get o... read more »

Impressive so Far

20 Jan, 2018
I cannot wait to use this microphone.  The packaging and the quality is far more than I expected and highly impressive.  It doesn't seem too difficult to set up but I'll update this... read more »

Should have gotten this years ago! Being able to see things clearly saves a lot of frustration

11 Jan, 2018
This is exactly what I needed like a year ago but glad I found it now!  The light on the magnifying glass makes all the difference in the world!  I've used this daily since I got it..... read more »

The Dimeshy Magnetic Wrist Band Tool is a Big Hit!

11 Jan, 2018
This is perfect for my aluminum installer boyfriend.  For work he wears a heavy, overloaded tool belt around his waist everyday.  Even on small jobs where he just needs to put in a few screw... read more »

Great light!

03 Jan, 2018
Great light. Works to show you things you wouldn't normally see.  Helps you Todo an extra good job cleaning.  I highly recommend. read more »

Great for Working Out and for Use in Conjunction with Lobkin's Single Earbud

30 Dec, 2017
I use the Lobkin single earbud for daily use and these dual, in-ear, neckband style for working out.  It's a great combination to get the best use out of headphones and the price is low enoug... read more »

Perfect Camera for Home Office

28 Dec, 2017
This is by far one of the easiest cameras I have ever set up.  Through the App you follow the steps and its set up showing a clear picture in minutes.  Then you simply put it where you want... read more »

Has its Purpose

28 Dec, 2017
It turned out to b different than I thought it was going to be, but its useful still the same.  The way that the light rotates on its base and can even be removed is very nice.  It's a n... read more »

Great Universal Earphone Perfect for Hands Free Daily Use!

28 Dec, 2017
You can't go wrong buying this for yourself or for someone else as a gift.  It fits just about everyone comfortably, has excellent sound quality with easy to use, convenient controls right on... read more »

Superior Quality Bike Tail Light.... Makes Me Rethink Buying Items Sold as a Set.

14 Dec, 2017
Normally, I would buy a bike light set and not just a tail light but in this case, I only needed a tail light.... thus this purchase came about.  I'm glad I did purchase this bike tail l... read more »

Awesome, Unique Blanket Worth Every Penny!

14 Dec, 2017
This comfy crocheted mermaid tail blanket totally exceeded my expectations.  It took longer than the average wait time to get here but it was worth it.  The blanket is a great length. ... read more »

Look good!

13 Dec, 2017
I haven't used these yet since I'm still waiting for my phone but they look good and I've heard good things about this brand so I am confident these will be great screen savers. I will upd... read more »

Provides the Most Useful Port Options at a Good Price

13 Dec, 2017
XUANR USB-C Hub to HDMI 4K, Type C to HDMI 2 USB 3.0 PD Adapter, Portable Converter Adaptor for 2017 MacBook Pro/Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, Multi-Port Charging & Connecting Adapter (Plug and Play)... read more »

These are Better Suited for our Outdoor Fireplace Nook than Copper Fairy Lights

07 Dec, 2017
These are a little different than the copper wire fairy lights, with slightly bigger bulbs and plastic material rather than copper stringing.  I like the copper wiring but this material... read more »

The 9" Hommate Tipan Ceramic Frying Pan - Preferred Over a Rachel Ray Cookware Set and Spurs JCs Cookware Project of 2018.

04 Dec, 2017
This 9" Healthy Green Ceramic Titanium Non Stick Frying Pan by Hommate sold by Phoenix Sapphire on Amazon was the reason for this realization all of a sudden this Sunday morning and officially pa... read more »

The Only Adapter One Truly Needs

29 Nov, 2017
Best Essential Type C Hub for 2017: MAKETECH's Type C Adapter is comprised of the fastest, most reliable connection points to date: USB 3.0 and ETHERNET RJ45, and that's it! Simply brillian... read more »

Luxury Transmitter for a Luxury Car

26 Nov, 2017
I bought this for my parents for their older Lexus and it looks fabulous in it.  They are loving their new "Hands-Free Techy Gadget" with its big, nearly 2” display, the 32GB MP3... read more »

Excellent Transmitter! Simple, Functional with Extras!

21 Nov, 2017
I'm glad I chose this transmitter.  It's just the right size as this plug style works better than an extended arm and display version would in the busy console area of our SUV. ... read more »

The Simple Macro/Wide Angle Lens Kit for Professional Mobile Photographers

16 Nov, 2017
This is a simple Lens Kit by Aike that only contains a Wide Angle Lens and a 15X Macro Lens.  Less is more absolutely suits this situation.  I would rather have two excellent quality, well b... read more »

What's Not to Love About this Bike Light?

16 Nov, 2017
One of the coolest, most stylish bike lights available! Be careful someone doesn't steal this unique bike light off your bike, because it's tempting.  Besides giving your bicycle a new hi... read more »

The most useful lamp we own.

03 Nov, 2017
This is my second lamp of this same kind.  It is the most useful, versatile, durable light I've ever owned.  Compared to a more expensive, taller LED lamp and another more expensive ... read more »

Didn't turn my phone into a Nikon but close enough for now.

18 Jul, 2017
THE QUESTION: Will these smartphone lenses by Whyzyv provide the extra clarity, zoom and other photographic options mising since I ditched my Nikon camera in lieu of the portable convenience of my... read more »

Ideal for Teen Daughters

18 Jul, 2017
My girls and I are very happy with this hair Styler. I like the nice finishing touch it gives my already straight hair. It makes the ends even and really gives it a smooth, professional look. For my t... read more »

Great camera gets even better with slight upgrade

18 Jul, 2017
It's a good, actually great, camera. This UltraHD version is the upgrade to the ProHD version and incorporates 2 significant changes: 1.) an increase in resolution to 3MP @ 20fps; and 2.) dual... read more »

3 Top Quality Bike Accessories

18 Jul, 2017
Nice assortment of accessories in one pack at a great price. These are all quality accessories that individually would cost way more. We get more use out of the phone holder than I thought because you... read more »

Close to Perfection for us

12 Jul, 2017
They are right, this is a great sounding headset....crisp, clear sound with distinctive, heavy hitting bass. I love to escape into music and these are perfect for that. Now the style isn't my favo... read more »

Best Taillight Ever!!

12 Jul, 2017
One of the best bike taillights ever. It's bright w/ multiple settings, rechargeable, and easy to take on and off. I love it and can't believe they have it priced so low. It's so nice that... read more »

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