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I live in Texas and love camping outdoor activities as well as learning or try new things. I am a mother of 3 kids and own 3 dogs and 1 cat . I like trying new products and finding great deals on products I know I can count on. I review for different items and variety of products.
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Worth the price

09 Jul, 2020
The changing colors of the flying saucer is pretty neat but the flight time is short and a long wait time for a recharge but other than it's pretty neat. read more »

Kids favorite

09 Jul, 2020
The flying ball is pretty neat just needs charged no batteries only issue I had was the it dies after about 8-10mins of flying. read more »

Standard Soldering Kit

09 Jul, 2020
The soldering kit comes with everything you need for a beginner quality made performance is average so not a bad buy at all. read more »

Good price

09 Jul, 2020
It's a standard price and breadboard came in secure packing nice dense plastic material built. read more »

Quality breadboard wire

09 Jul, 2020
It's your basic diy raspberry pi made to build custom wires work when soldering I didn't have any problems with wires not connecting fully and work after setup. read more »

High quality military design backpack

09 Jul, 2020
Caption I'm so glad I found this brand the material isn't cheaply made and the color is perfect the water hydration bag works good as well the water doesn't get hot it stays cool whil... read more »

Raspberry Accessory

09 Jul, 2020
This diy raspberry pi accessory arrived quick new with no damages I personally didn't use it but my son did he said the material is a better quality than what he's used before this ones plasti... read more »

Specialized Backpacking

07 Jul, 2020
I'm an avid hiker and mountain biker with this backpack you have many compartments of different sizes which are great for a day trip to a camping trip. The Material alone is a grade A quality just... read more »

Flying Fishing Set

24 Jun, 2020
Nice and well made fly fishing set I got my father for Father's Day. All your basics are included I wasn't displeased neither was my dad.  read more »

Bluetooth speaker

24 Jun, 2020
I'm so glad I got this Bluetooth speaker I was nervous at first thinking it might not be loud enough for my husband. He used it in the garage while working on woodworking projects. It has a clear... read more »

Fast charging iPhone cables

05 Dec, 2019
I received my 2 pack flexible iPhone charging cords their good in length and work on my iPhone 7s as well as my sons iPhone 11. read more »

Fast charge and works with 2 devices at 1 time.

03 Dec, 2019
This is a small size not to big portable power bank, I can charge my iPhone and my tablet at the same time it will last me at 2 days before I need to charge it again what I really like is the duration... read more »

Great quality from your average BBQ or Professional Bbqer

20 Nov, 2019
I was thrilled when my bbq set came in it has the stainless steel bbq scrubber that doesn’t leave any residue or flakes or metal it’s an easy clean as well as you get the basting brushes m... read more »

Wireless charger

10 Nov, 2019
Fast IQ charger I didn't have any problems charging my iPhone 8 Plus it keeps a good fast strength to support a good charge. read more »

Smooth sounds and plays your 33rpm,45rpm and 78’s

03 Apr, 2019
You have your basic new upgraded vinyl retro record player sounds what you would expect it’s good but if you want to Blair it you need to buy a separate sound system. You got your 33rpms,45rpms... read more »

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