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I like to review Items, I tend to only order items I like and normal research them first so when I receive them I normally leave good reviews, however it the item is bad I will contact the seller and then review accordingly.
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Great light weight light up mask

14 Nov, 2021
This is a great lite weight light up mask. two AA batteries is all you need. Fits comfortably and easily adjusted for all head size from my son who is six to me at 39! battery pack is on a... read more »

Great fun for all including big kids

18 Apr, 2021
There is not much to say about this, other than they are great easy to use and a super great price for two! To load with water just open the cap at the back, fill with water and close and pump away... read more »

Brilliant low cost smart watch!

18 Apr, 2021
This is all I wanted from a smartwatch. It's so cheap but brilliant, links easy to my iPhone, records steps and heart rate, notifies you of all messages and calls via the screen and vibrates on... read more »

I've now bought 4 for all our bikes!

25 Mar, 2021
As I have said before, this is super Super bright on its full setting and then very bright on the second setting, exactly what you want on these now dark nights and bike rides to keep safe a... read more »

Great spare controller

15 Jan, 2021
I got this to play alongside my daughter and these are great no lag at all movements are all correct charges fast and lasts a long time. I like they also hold game cards too! They feel a little light... read more »

bright well made torch

23 Dec, 2020
This is a great well-made torch, VERY bright and weighty which is nice as others torches I have owned are to light and do not have the high built quality of this torch. the five setting are good as... read more »

Amazing clear projector

23 Dec, 2020
This is an amazingly easy to use projector. With all these lockdowns going to the cinema is something we can't really do, however we still love the big screen experience to watch moves. So we d... read more »

Super bright powerful torch

19 Dec, 2020
Winter nights dog walking in fields is slippery and dangerous so a powerful torch that can keep you safe and light up a large area was needed and this does the job. You light up a large area and can a... read more »

Lovely blue glow fairy lights

19 Dec, 2020
These are great fairy lights for our outdoor Christmas decorations they are battery operated and are also water proof they give out just the right amount of glow to nicely light up our free and front... read more »

Great low cost fairy lights

19 Dec, 2020
These are great fairy lights for our outdoor Christmas decorations they are battery operated and are also water proof they give out just the right amount of glow to nicely light up our free and front... read more »

Great replacement ps4 controller

29 Nov, 2020
  This is a great low-cost replacement for a PS4 controller, love the touchpad feature.    I own another version of this controller by Gamory and have to say I like these better... read more »

Fun kids drone

29 Nov, 2020
Great little self flying drone for the kids super easy to set up and play with.  no need for remotes which is great as it's guided with your hands so easy for kids to pass across room to e... read more »

Great fun for kids

29 Nov, 2020
Great little self flying drone for the kids super easy to set up and play with.  no need for remotes which is great as it's guided with your hands so easy for kids to pass across room to e... read more »

All you need for a great Halloween!

29 Nov, 2020
Great complete set all you need for a brilliant Halloween party, really well made and at a great price too. Loads of items which if stored correctly will last for years (apart from balloons obviously... read more »

Great well made signs

01 Nov, 2020
Brilliant for lockdown 2020 Halloween, really well made and look great, they hang really well and look lovely the print on each banner is great. They are Full door length i. #RankBoo... read more »

Brilliant strong well made

01 Nov, 2020
Brilliant strong well made. Carving two massive pumpkins was so easy with this set. Comes in a great little bag for storing. this is perfect so buy it you will not be disappointed   ... read more »

never worked returned

28 Oct, 2020
This never worked and was returned so can not confirm anything about it. a replacement was not requested. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Poweradd read more »

great long lasting clay

28 Oct, 2020
This is great long-lasting clay for the oven. For a crafty afternoon with the kids you can make anything you can think of with 42 colours and within a 20-25 in the oven its all done! allow to coo... read more »

Winter is coming! protect yourself with a bright bike light!

28 Oct, 2020
This is super Super bright on its full setting and then very bright on the second setting, exactly what you want on these now dark nights and bike rides to keep safe and see where you are going and so... read more »

Great warm blanket

28 Oct, 2020
This is a great larger warm well made outdoor blanket, I used to for a fishing trip and although caught in the rain as one side is waterproof this was not a problem. It is big enough for two as I s... read more »

lovely little xmas table lamp

28 Oct, 2020
This is a lovely little xmas tree purchased for my daughter's dollhouse, small not too bright fits perfectly can run on batteries or plug in with a usb. lovely warm glow and set the scene lovel... read more »

Great replacement controller

14 Oct, 2020
We always need extra controller for kids and friends when playing and needed good ones as we don't want excuses why they lost and try to blame the controller!  So we got this Gamory one as... read more »

Great for my daughters doll house

14 Oct, 2020
My daughter loves these they are well made and are a great size for pretend play in her doll house in the run up to Christmas. they are really cute too! for the price and the amount of items you... read more »

Super strong and sharp!

14 Oct, 2020
Brilliant well made strong and sharp scissors. they have a protective sleeve when not in use which is a good thing too. bottle open and nut cracker work as expected and this cuts through bones o... read more »

Easy to install toilet seat

14 Oct, 2020
Great easy to install replacement toilets seat with soft close so helps with kids slamming it closed! really easy to install and well made comfortable to sit on which is always a good thing with a... read more »

Just buy it, Really I mean it

04 Oct, 2020
Ok Cinema's are over for the foreseeable future, unfortunately. So everyone needs a small compact home set up that gives good results now to enjoy movies fully at home either with your partner or... read more »

Great PS4 replacement controller

04 Oct, 2020
This is a great low-cost replacement for a PS4 controller, love the touchpad feature.  Charging is about 2 hrs and I get over 8hrs of gameplay. This a really good replacement I stuff no lag in... read more »

Good tv wall bracket

12 Sep, 2020
Not the best but not the worst it does what it said it would out the box, it does not have the same number of tv fixing screws other brackets I have used in the passed have come with and as such I had... read more »

It’s a flute what was I thinking...

12 Sep, 2020
Thought this would be a good idea for my daughter for home schooling, it is a good well made flute and there are no problems with it, constructed well, plays a good note, however I now have to teach h... read more »

Powerful power bank

12 Sep, 2020
Great easy to use power bank, large capacity means many charges of devices of one full charge of power bank, works exactly like any other 6-8 hours for a full recharge of power bank but this is a powe... read more »

Well made replacement for switch pro controller

04 Sep, 2020
This was bought as an addition to our other switch pro controller, This is a great low cost alternative and really well made, I had no problems linking to switch or response times of buttons or c... read more »

Beautiful flowing ink colouring pens

04 Sep, 2020
These are great flowing ink colouring pens, I used them for a adult colouring book. I loved the two tip design which allows for larger fast colouring for big areas then the small tip for fine details.... read more »

Easy use face covering

30 Jul, 2020
Face coverings are a must in most places so this is comfortable and easy to use,   pull up from neck and then down again when you leave saves searching pockets for the forgotten mask. &n... read more »

All your outdoor inflatable needs filled!

30 Jul, 2020
This is exactly what i needed for all the kids inflatables, from balls to beds to boats this has you fully covered with all the attachments you could possibly need.    so easy to use and... read more »

Great Nintendo Switch remote replacement controller

15 Jul, 2020
So this is my second slightly different low cost replacement for a Nintendo switch remote control  Once again when, like the other gamory controller it is charged you get hours... read more »

Great low cost Nintendo Switch remote

15 Jul, 2020
This is a great low cost replacement for a Nintendo switch remote control  Once charged you get hours of use without the need to constantly have to recharge, my son has been using it for over... read more »

Powerful bike lights

15 Jul, 2020
This is a powerful and useful not only as bike lights but also as a torch. love this is a double pack so one for me and one for my daughter at a really great price. They fix nice a securely... read more »

Good power AA batteries

15 Jul, 2020
These are great low cost AA batteries I've used them now with kids Thomas track master trains and they are giving a great length of power use before needing to be replaced.    for th... read more »

Best fan Must have for the summer

15 Jul, 2020
This is a powerful and useful compacted fan. It sits nicely on a desk or you can clip it onto a side and then it also has a hook which we used in our tent during a fishing trip. the battery... read more »

What a great fan!

18 Jun, 2020
Small but powerful, I was a little worried when I orderd this that it was not going to be that strong. But I was very wrong! This has three settings and it's very powerful giving a lovely breez... read more »

Must have lockdown scissors

16 Jun, 2020
Light easy to use lockdown must have for hair cuts. super sharp cut beautifully cut my son and daughters hair and the results were amazing. brilliant price for a great pair of hair dresser sciss... read more »

Easy great outdoor Bluetooth speakers

31 May, 2020
These are brilliant and I really do have to rate them, not only can you pair the two speakers so you can position them in different places so everyone can hear them, I had one around the kids pool and... read more »

Brilliant powerful power bank

31 May, 2020
This is a great small but powerful power bank charges really fast and easily charges iPhone twice and kids fire tablet before running out which had been great during lockdown. power remaining... read more »

Handy holder

24 Apr, 2020
We use this for our Nintendo switch to play in bed. holds nice and tight and lets you adjust angle to have a good view. Very well made and makes playing while laying down a treat #RankBoosterRev... read more »

Great small but powerful torch

24 Apr, 2020
Easy to use does exactly as it should very powerful but small which is great to have on you when needed. solid made and feels great in hand when using, dropped a few times by kids and still works p... read more »

Brilliant switch controller

24 Apr, 2020
This is a brilliant addition to your switch controller needs as I have to kids they need a controller each for Minecraft and this works a treat exactly like a Nintendo controller but cheaper! Love it... read more »

Great fast large USB flash drive

12 Mar, 2020
This is a great large 64GB flash pen drive. I had to format it when I got it but apart from that can't fault it, fast transfer speeds and working really well as of two weeks of hard use uploadi... read more »

Brilliant Retro gaming!

12 Mar, 2020
This is brilliant! if you are an 80's kids then this is just made for you I love it 400 classic arcade games you can play on a gameboy style handheld gaming machine or hook up to the tv for either... read more »

Great for kids who are afraid of the dark

02 Feb, 2020
These where bought for the kids and the hall to the bathroom as are kids are still little and afraid of the dark easy to use and set up and work perfectly as soon as motion is detected in the dark.... read more »

Batteries are always needed these are great

02 Feb, 2020
These are great as you need batteries for everything and these are long lasting and a great price for the amount you get  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #EBL read more »

Great multi pack batteries

02 Feb, 2020
Great long lasting batteries with kids toys all requiring batteries these do the trick at a low cost #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #EBL read more »

Fast dual charging usb plug

02 Feb, 2020
Great low cost dual charging usb plug. great as can charge bout tablet and phone at the same time. small design means plugs nicely into plug very pleased with purchase. #RankBoosterReview ii.... read more »

Great fast micro sd card

02 Feb, 2020
Bought for my cars dash cam, great write speeds and does exactly what it is meant to. very happy with a great low cost micro sd card  #netac #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored read more »

painfully slow

10 Jan, 2020
These 5gb pen drive were bought for kids movies and music files however they are painfully slow to transfer data, 4GB in 21 files of different music taken over 25 minutes. This is too slow for... read more »

Great USB C power brick

07 Dec, 2019
What can I say I love a good power bank as between us we have so many tech items that need charging on the go or away from a power source and these do the job so well I just keep buying them for gifts... read more »

Power house of additional power

07 Dec, 2019
This is a great well made portable powerbank it more than covers all your needs for charging tablets and phones while away on holiday with the kids. we managed 4 fire tablets and 2 iphones and that wa... read more »

Get selfie/YouTube set up

28 Nov, 2019
This is a great bit of kit for those wanting to do YouTube videos with your phone or selfies. Set up is easy and it's really easy to use.   holds phone well and is easy enough to use, s... read more »

A power house of additional power on the go

09 Nov, 2019
Poweradd are not my go to power banks for additional power on the go for all my devices for me and the kids. And this one too does not disappoint, it's large 15000mAh is huge and give's 3 a... read more »

Super fun the kids loved!

09 Nov, 2019
Super fun and easy to set up fun for the kids and adults too.  Blow up and tie around head and then inflate the rings by blowing them up too and within two minutes you are having loads of fun.... read more »

Perfect anti crease screen for projector

27 Sep, 2019
This is a great foldable easy to store when not in use projector screen. comes with everything you need and works great for us when we used it to project my daughters switch to play games on a big... read more »

Fun little RC stunt car

21 Sep, 2019
This is a great fun little RC stunt car that lights up and also plays music if you want too.  It's great as it comes with a built in battery so you save a bit of money not having to buy ba... read more »

Brilliant bright bike lights

09 Sep, 2019
These are brilliant bright bike lights. In the box is everything you need two front lights and two rear lights with rechargeable for the front. they light up the floor really well and can be adjusted... read more »

Fit and work exactly as they should

01 Sep, 2019
Very comfortable and true to size low cut socks great for trainers and shorts read more »

Brilliant re-useable straw

24 Aug, 2019
This is a brilliant re-useable straw, perfect for my car keys as it comes with a key chain so that i always have it to hand as i can't stand paper straws as the ruin the taste and stop working aft... read more »

Kids love the explorer kit

22 Aug, 2019
We go on forest walks a lot and the kids are alway off exploring and this is brilliant for that. great little bag to carry everything they need in and they have a whistle in case they get lost a To... read more »

Great easy to use electric air pump

27 Jul, 2019
This is great as summer is now here we needed a pump for all the kids balls, footballs/basket balls etc and this could not have come at a btter time. So easy to use pop in three AA batteries and se... read more »

Great family fun with a beautiful kite

27 Jul, 2019
This is a beautiful well made kite, easy to make and fly kids loved it and took me back to being a kid flying a kite over the park. Has a easy to hold ring handle that has loads of line on it to le... read more »

Great small powerful power bank

19 Jul, 2019
Great fast charging power bank that has come in handy on days out with the kids ipads needed topping up after being left on most of the day in bags. It is very good and the fast chaging was very we... read more »

Easy to use wireless charger

13 Jul, 2019
Does exactly what it should wireless charges my iphone 8 small compact love it and very pleased with it read more »

Great for cable free charging

08 Jul, 2019
I bought this as I needed a power bank that requires no wires when being used as we are not allowed phones or cables at work so this was purchased to go in draw and charge my iPhone. It's great... read more »

Clear and easy to use camera

08 Jul, 2019
This is a great esy to set up and use camera. All you need is wifi and set up is really easy, once set up you can completely monitor the room and as it's small you can move it room to room as n... read more »

Brilliant small powerful power bank

07 Jul, 2019
This is a very well made large capacity power bank in a small design. It has a great led screen to inform you of remaining power which was handy when we were camping.   i got over 3 and a h... read more »

great for kids for summer trips in the car/plane!

01 Jul, 2019
We got this for my daughter in the car on our many trips and it's perfect for what we needed. Fits nicely around her neck is super comfortable and she now happily sits for hours in the car and... read more »

Great for camping beds and chairs

01 Jul, 2019
This is brilliant for inflating blow up camp beds/charis without the need to have a power cord. We have used it also for paddling pools at BBQs which is so handy and as it's got a Battery... read more »

Easy to use/clean, small and hand for on the go!

27 Jun, 2019
This two pack of reuseable straws are great!  not only do you get two for a great price, they are so easy to use my 8 and 4 year old use them on their own. The container is nice and small a... read more »

I love this easy to use bluetooth speaker!

24 Jun, 2019
I love this little but really power and loud speaker. really amazed by the power andhow clear it is along with the tone of music it can put out. really easy to pair and then control via your phone... read more »

Powerful light and easy to use

24 Jun, 2019
This is a great little but powerfull power brick to charge on the go. So small but you get about two charges on an iphone with it and my wife uses it on the train to and from work and it fits nicel... read more »

Brilliant strong hooks

23 Jun, 2019
These are brilliant strong hooks and these come in a pot and have a little sticker you place on the bottom of each one to stop it scratching anything you use them on which is great. They can hold a... read more »

Easy to use as long as you remove cover

09 Jun, 2019
This was purchased to use with my phone cover on for quick hassle free charging. Although the charging works really well it doesn't charge through the case of my phone so I have to remove it to... read more »

perfect for charging on the go

09 Jun, 2019
This was bought for my wifes bag to charge her phone on the go. Very small and light but powerful! really well made feels great in the hand and you also great around 4 charges on a iphone whic... read more »

Great working iPhone cables

09 Jun, 2019
These are great replacement iphone charging cables, great length and very well made very please as these were a replacement for a cheap cable that broke very quickly. These however feel made to last.... read more »

Great for putting the kids pictures on the fridge!

07 Jun, 2019
These are brilliant you get a great 12 strong clip magnets which come with non scratch stickers you just stick over the magnet and you're done and ready to use. The clip is nice and tight and h... read more »

Perfect for the switch!

23 Feb, 2019
This was exactly what i wanted for the switch, plug in and power up via the switch power cable and then you can play on the go without the need for the switch's tv dock which is great for when we... read more »

Great for the nintendo switch!

16 Jan, 2019
These are great well made super strong. The Nylon braided cable is nice and thick and it holds in the port of the device very well charging and snycing devices is as oringinal cables that ca... read more »

Super strong well made micro usb cable

16 Jan, 2019
These are very well made super strong Micro usb cables. The Nylon braided cable is nice and thick and it holds in the port of the device very well charging and snycing devices is as oringinal cables t... read more »

Beautifully made Santa sack must for Christmas

29 Dec, 2018
This is really well made and a must for Christmas presents for kids and adults alike. is big enough to fit loads of gifts in and the printing on the front is really well done I can see this lasting... read more »

Really well made must have for Christmas morning

29 Dec, 2018
This is really well made and a must for Christmas presents for kids and adults alike. is big enough to fit loads of gifts in and the printing on the front is really well done I can see this lasting... read more »

Great for comfortable holding

29 Dec, 2018
tjis simply is amazingly comfortable for holding the switch while playing for hours compared to not having it on the switch.   fits exactly as it should with access to all the buttons corre... read more »

Perfect replacement micro usb chargers

29 Dec, 2018
my kids have broken other poorly made micro usb cables I have bought in the past.   however these are very well made and really hold onto the charging port of the device being used on. The... read more »

great for

13 Aug, 2018
Really great piece of kit, no longer stuggle with all different angles when doing projects at home. must have for any tool kit as it will save you loads of time messing about with caboard templat... read more »

Good for a colourful night light for the kids

13 Aug, 2018
Got this as a little colourful night light for the kids before and it's lovely, not to bright as and as rechargable cable free can be placed anywhere in the room. It creates nice ambient light... read more »

great for the summer holidays

13 Aug, 2018
Over the holidays trying to keep the kids entertained this is great, sat done for a good hour or so making a lovely keepsake box, purse and mirror (mirror not too great) but the others are fine and he... read more »

Ok don't over fill with heavy clothes or they will split

13 Aug, 2018
They are ok as long as you don't overfill them. It you push your luck by trying to cram to much in they will tear or split so as you get 10 in the pack my advice is to under fill and use more t... read more »

Great for any dinosaur or train track fans

13 Aug, 2018
With the jarassic park movies my kids love a dinosaur now and also love trains so this is a win win. The tracks is flexible along its sections meaning you can make different layouts as yo... read more »

Fit and work exactly as they should

13 Aug, 2018
These are easy to fit bubble free tempered glass screen protector screen. With kids this is a must and have saved my phone from multiple drops not a crack anywhere to be seen. Really easy to app... read more »

Great fire engine that actually shoots water

28 Jul, 2018
This is a really fun fire engine that really shoots water. it comes with a load of fire fighting tools too which make fun pretend play even more enjoyable for my son. fill the tank with water an... read more »

Great fun bath/pool fishing game for kids!

28 Jul, 2018
These are brilliant my kids love them!  Each rod comes with 3 fish that also squirt water when filled under water by squeezing them. you can them use them as a squirting game like water pistol... read more »

Brilliant easy to use bluetooth headphones

09 Jun, 2018
These are great bluetooth headphones Fully charge under in about an hour and well over 8 hours use. Sound is great as is the base tone. really easy to use my 7 year old daughter can even work th... read more »

Lovely easy to use rotating cake stand

15 Apr, 2018
This is a lovely easy to use roating cake stand, I needed for making birthday cakes for my child to decorate as the last one I purchased had a base that slipped when using, However this one has slip p... read more »

Great easy to use multi colour drawing board

15 Apr, 2018
Great fun little drawing broad for my 3 year old son, each quarter has a colour which is a very nice changed to the normal drawing boards you can get. you get 4 shapes to make patterns and a pen th... read more »

Great work exactly as they should at 6 foot long!

05 Apr, 2018
Great work exactly as they should at 6 foot long! Exactly what you need when you require a long length HDMI cable works perfectly and at 6 foot long it's great. No lose of picture or sound love... read more »

Brilliant easy to install and use TV bracket.

05 Apr, 2018
Perfect TV bracket for above our fireplace. Brilliant easy to install and use TV bracket. Comes with all you need to install on the wall and mount your TV too. You get the wall screws, TV mou... read more »

Great small powerful lights

05 Apr, 2018
  These are brilliant little camping lights that take three aaa batteries, they operate by pushing a button on the side and have three light settings super bright, bright and flashing, they ha... read more »

Making laundry easier!

05 Apr, 2018
Handy Collapsible laundry basket, we got this for our daughter's room. It's so handy as it is Collapsible when not in use she just folds it up and puts it in her draw then when it's get... read more »

Get learning aid for toddlers

03 Apr, 2018
Purchased to help my son learn his alphabet in a fun way. Each letter piece has a picture behind it such as A for apple. I really liked it and so did my son. It's light wood and well made. y... read more »

Amazing beautiful strong beauty and the beast tote bag

28 Mar, 2018
This is so lovely my daughter always takes it out with her to carry her toys on trips. It's a good size also for shopping trips as it's really strong too, it's very well made and I was... read more »

Great replacement micro usb cable

28 Mar, 2018
Needed a replacement micro usb cable as kids break them so easily, these are great nice strong thick cable and connect really well with great data transfer speeded along with great charging speeds als... read more »

These are so comfortable and great sounding

08 Mar, 2018
These headphone are brilliant, really comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I've had long gaming session and used them via blue tooth and have had no drop offs. they last a long time to... read more »

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