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Excellent quality

26 Nov, 2020
These cushions are fantastic! A great quality feel and the print is also looking great. The kids will be very happy with these for Christmas! read more »

It looks and performs great!

17 Aug, 2020
A nice looking hair trimmer. Nice weight and a great hold/feel in your hand, Comes with different size combs and a cleaning brush and also a spare battery! Nice! It has a quiet operation and... read more »

A great selection

10 Aug, 2020
A nice selection of different grade pencils for sketching. Comes packaged in a detailed cardboard box. The pencils feel of great quality and nice to hold. A bargain price too! Highly recommended... read more »

Great quality

01 May, 2020
Great quality phone case with a great quality imported picture. The girlfriend is going to love this! Easy to import your photo and resize as needed. Would buy again! read more »

Not bad

31 Mar, 2020
Quality seems good, however, I have struggled to get this connected to my Wifi. I believe I need to change my wifi settings to rid of the 5ghz band before I can connect. When it tries to pair, the... read more »

Great quality

17 Jan, 2020
Great quality SD cards for use on my action cameras. Fast read/write speed and they also have a good look (although, that doesn't really matter as you won't see it) Overall, great for my... read more »

The complete kit!

11 Dec, 2019
This item is fantastic! With numerous amounts of bits, you have your need for virtually any type of screwhead! This is perfect for those that tend to fix phone screens as has everything you need... read more »

Excellent quality

15 Nov, 2019
Great quality and feel to these (Apart from the stickiness, but this does go away) A great replacement for cling film. Sticks to itself well in order to create a seal. They should sell this on a... read more »

Great quality

04 Aug, 2019
Excellent build quality and resolution from this camera. Really easy to setup and use the app on phone to view the feed. Nice smooth control also when panning the camera. A great bit of technolo... read more »

Good choice of colours

04 Aug, 2019
A good choice of colours with these bracelets and plenty of the repellent tablets too! Easy to use and insert the tablets. Comfortable to wear and no overpowering chemical smell. They seemed to... read more »

Excellent quality

24 Jul, 2019
Nice metal construction when it comes to these torches. A nice weight to them when held in yoru hand. They come with 3x AAA batteries, and also some plastic sleeves. The sleeves are so you can use... read more »

Excellent charger

27 Jun, 2019
Solidly built charger for my 18650 batteries. They fit snugly in the trays. The LED's are quite bright but give a good indication on its charging level.  Great bit of kit and does exact... read more »

Nice premium quality

10 Jun, 2019
Strong and strudy construction (although the adjusting wheel seemed a bit loose) but it still does the job. Comes in a handy carry case of which there is another section, but was empty so not sure... read more »

Great bit of kit!

10 Jun, 2019
Comes nicely packaged in a sturdy box. Comes with all you need (apart fromt he paint!) Very easy to use and setup. The fact its USB chargeable is great trailing wires and its po... read more »

Makes a great gift!

19 Mar, 2019
An abundance of different colour clays, woth accessories all stored in a handy storage cube, with different sections that clip off. I found the clips a bit tough to get undone as there is some flex... read more »

Larger than expected

05 Mar, 2019
Received these in good time, and arent they big! These were bigger than expected, but more than suitable for my needs. They feel strong and durable so no worries of them failing at any point. read more »

Strong and long!

24 Jan, 2019
Sturdy and great quality cables. Good lengths too for different uses. Not much more to say really as a charging cable is a charging cable! Does the job as expected read more »

This is great!

05 Dec, 2018
Nice, compact and sturdy! This little vacuum is perfect for getting into those nooks and crannies where the big hoover won't. Being cordless too is a bonus and you can easily take out to the... read more »


11 Oct, 2018
After having the rubbery type screen protector for some time, and wanting to replace it, it was time for a tempered one! Comes with everything you needto get you started....its a shame only 1 lot o... read more »


03 Sep, 2018
These are fab! Good big size, so can comfortably fit duvets and pillows in them. These also keep the air sucked out due to the double zip it has. Highly recommended!   read more »


29 Aug, 2018
Great for the hot summers we have been having! Solid build, with 3 speeds. Can be a bit noisy however, thats the only downside.   USB charging is fab too! I'd highly recommen... read more »

Works great!

28 Aug, 2018
Nicely packaged. The serial itself is thin, but sturdy. Easy to set up with or without the aerial booster. Managed to find over 70 channels for me, which is great! read more »

Love this!

22 Aug, 2018
Good looking and looks smart too! Nice bright display, easy to use functions and looks great on my wrist! Easy to set up and pair with my phone and it seems accurate enough too! read more »


22 Aug, 2018
A great selection of colours included in this. Come nicely boxed so can be used for a gift. Very easy to use and as expected! Great! read more »


22 Aug, 2018
A great selection of colours included in this. Come nicely boxed so can be used for a gift. Very easy to use and as expected! Great! read more »

Great piece of kit!

22 Aug, 2018
Awesome bit of kit to give you that coffee kick whenever you need it!   Comes nicely packaged, however, I found the instructions not overly clear. Once I figured out how to set it all up... read more »

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