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I would give these 10 stars if I could!

02 Aug, 2017
This product is awesome. The 2 stands work great! I love crunchy flour tortillas so I can place them in the rack and bake and they are perfect every time! This also works great for corn tortillas. I h... read more »

Exactly what i needed!

02 Aug, 2017
This is great. 136 pieces in different sizes. They are perfect. They stick on easily and really protect the floors! They make it easier to move things around too. The color blends in nicely and with t... read more »

Just what we needed!

02 Aug, 2017
My kids love the Nintendo Switch, but we were worried about the screen being cracked and nor having a good case for it. This package was exactly what we needed. Both items in one order. The case is pe... read more »

The perfect salad chopper!

02 Aug, 2017
I love salad. But I hate cutting everything, so this is perfect! You put all your ingredients right into the white bowl part, then slide your knife into the slots, turn and do that again, then open th... read more »

Perfect set of 2 for the price!

02 Aug, 2017
These are great charger cables. I love that I can get two for one low price, and they ship FAST with prime shipping. They are long, at over 3 feet, and they are really fast to charge. I usually leave... read more »

3 for the price of 1!

02 Aug, 2017
I gave this to my best friend on his birthday. I thought it was great that I could give him 3 puzzles for one low price. He loves them. We used them togethere for a while, taking turns with each and t... read more »

Two for a great price!

02 Aug, 2017
I love that I can get two of these for one low price. I gave one to a friend and we challenged eachotehr to see who could solve it first. These puzzles are not easy, but they are fun! There are so man... read more »

Works like a microphone

02 Aug, 2017
I bought this product to use in speech class. I think it's great that I can bring and use my own personal microphone with me and it can just sit attached to my pants and the headpiece in my hand u... read more »

Awesome set for a great price!

02 Aug, 2017
I can't believe you get 10 of these for under $12. They are awesome, they come ready to use which is amazing. The light is bright and just the right amount for trying to use your keys or read a pa... read more »

Perfect Size and Shape!

02 Aug, 2017
I am in love with this. It's just the right size for my airpods. Holds them securely, and I don't have to ever worry about not having them on me. The case is very nice real leather, and I have... read more »

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