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Hi there. I am relatively new to reviewing (started last June) but am super excited about it. I have six kids from age 1-16 and am interested in reviewing a huge variety of products! I review on my Instagram page and have recently started a YouTube channel I plan to use as well as sharing on my Facebook page. I hope to work with you soon!
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19 Jun, 2020
I love this bracelet! Stylish and with attitude!  Beads are nice and the band looks sturdy.  Cute gift! read more »

Love the pattern and look

10 Jun, 2020
Cutest clock ever and I just love hearing the old fashioned tick tock. Too many electronics these days with lights and bells and whistles. This is perfect for a kitchen and country look. Well made, co... read more »

Love love love

16 May, 2019
So my sweet little pup has a super power— much like my children she just turns off her ears when she isn’t interested in listening. She has been having issues with jumping and nipping and... read more »

Works well

06 Apr, 2019
we got this hoping it would work where super glue failed. It definitely holds well and on some things better than super glue. I think it’s worth having around for times when super glue fails. Bu... read more »

Received broken

06 Apr, 2019
i really loved the way these looked and the weight was great. Unfortunately I received them broken and amazon would not replace them. I was unable to get a new code so never used them. read more »

So cute!

04 Apr, 2019
We love this!! It fits little heads perfectly with adjustable velcro. The cord to charge is hidden in the wrap itself. The controls are built in and are soft to touch and easy to use. Charged with mic... read more »

Not quite as expected but still cool

04 Apr, 2019
So from the listing I actually thought you could hold this up to a light or flashlight and kind of project it.  That’s not the case ( I discovered after standing there with a flashlight for... read more »

Cool pet tool

04 Apr, 2019
This thing it pretty cool— it’s a plastic cup split in two with two spouts to hold water and food.  The food side has a mesh plastic piece to hold it in place.  Comes with two si... read more »

Works well

05 Jan, 2019
Awesome Bluetooth headband for kids. Super soft, great sound. Easy to charge and pair. Can be controlled by the headband or the device. Would recommend. read more »

Fun but no instructions

01 Sep, 2018
I’ve been collecting toys for entertainment on our upcoming trip and got this magic ring. At first we couldn’t even figure out how to play with it since there are no instructions but we fi... read more »

Two pack!

01 Sep, 2018
got this two pack for our upcoming trip overseas. I like that they came with carrying bags to protect them and lots of different options for plug ins and configuration. I think these are going to be g... read more »

Good quality

01 Sep, 2018
got this to replace a cracked one and it works well. Came with everything you needed to place it- cleaning swabs and all. Good purchase. read more »

Work well

01 Sep, 2018
got these so we could sit further back and not nose up to the 60 inch tv. These work well and give us enough length that we can sit on the floor or the couch. Happy I got them. read more »

So cool we bought more!

27 Aug, 2018
Super fun fidget cube! My kids are already fighting over it so it must be fun lol. I’m hoping it will help with anxiety on the plane ride coming up.  #momlife #ganowo #fidgetcube #fidget #a... read more »

Harder than it looks

26 Aug, 2018
This is way harder than it looks but super fun!!! We might die read more »

Nice fidget

23 Aug, 2018
Super fun fidget cube! My kids are already fighting over it so it must be fun lol. I’m hoping it will help with anxiety on the plane ride coming up.  #momlife #ganowo #fidgetcube #fidget #a... read more »

Oh the glitter

19 May, 2018
these are pretty amazing! They are pure glitter. No base color, just clear with glitter. Admittedly the glitter did get everywhere within a few hours of wearing it but still it’s been amazing. &... read more »


11 May, 2018
So this board is shaped slightly different (it’s symmetrical instead of bowed out with a wing at the back) and I am told it is way better for a skate park. I don’t really know but the girl... read more »

Great quality and produce good sound

06 May, 2018
 ​​​​​​​I love these ukelele strings! This is a great set from #mugig of three full sets of nylon strings. These are awesome! We actually own 4 different ukeleles, one of them being a m... read more »

Restarts all the time

06 May, 2018
Perk is there are a ton of pets to pick from but the problem is that it resets almost every time you try to feed it .  The first one never arrived and they were kind enough to send another which... read more »

So fun!

06 May, 2018
We are totally new to skateboarding but since my oldest’s boyfriend has been hanging around with his board my kids have become interested.  I was lucky to get this one from #bluescratte and... read more »

Soft and fits well

26 Mar, 2018
Our steering wheel cover actually broke the plastic inside of it and so it wasn’t hanging on to the steering wheel anymore. We’ve been talking about needing a new one but it was official w... read more »

I’m in love

22 Mar, 2018
I am so in love with this organizer!!! Here’s the secret, I actually saw it and got it for my daughter and then put it together and decided it was going to my bathroom! My counter is clean and o... read more »

I like em but smaller than expected

22 Mar, 2018
I got these for the kitchen though I’m honestly not sure what’s going in them yet. They are vacuum seal that open and close easily with a latch- see the video. They seal very tightly. They... read more »

Pretty good set

22 Mar, 2018
So one of our cars (came to us used) has seen better days interior wise. We spent a few packages of Clorox wipes wiping everything down and then put on these seat covers. Set came together with 4 head... read more »

Whimsical and cute

30 Jan, 2018
My three year old saw this while I was cruising through some pages and totally freaked out wanting it. And I have to admit it’s really cute. It has three silicone mushrooms and two silk leaves.... read more »

Pretty and well made

30 Jan, 2018
Look at this Gorgeous 16 oz copper mule mug! Love it! Great for gift giving for use or just for sitting on the shelf and looking pretty.  Light weight but well made, seams for the handle are bare... read more »

Great set

23 Jan, 2018
This is a set of magnetic blocks and they come with a velvet carry bag and a book with instructions on how to make all sorts of things. This is a cool set in particular because it comes with solid blo... read more »

Great sound

21 Jan, 2018
I love everything I have from lobkin!  Their products are amazing with great sound. This is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. All the controls are sealed and protected which is awesome for Oregon b... read more »

Nice cup

21 Jan, 2018
I got this stainless steel shaving cup for my hubby. He usually just puts his shaving cream in the palm of his hand and let’s be serious here- makes a huge mess. I saw this and thought it would... read more »

So soothing

21 Jan, 2018
My kids are totally obsessed with these mermaid pillows. The sequins change colors depending on the way they are facing. We have one and they constantly fight over it so jumped at the chance to grab t... read more »

Useful and well made

15 Jan, 2018
So I keep hearing all this talk about hard boiled eggs in the instapot and I’m thinking you just pile them in there? Which I’m sure you could but then I saw these racks that hold 12 eggs a... read more »

Cool looking

15 Jan, 2018
So I ordered this edible gold leaf so that we could use it to decorate cupcakes or something for my daughters 16th birthday that’s coming up. I totally didn’t realize how small they are- m... read more »

Works but makes a weird sound

15 Jan, 2018
We got this foot pump to replace the hand pump we use for our air mattresses.  It stores much smaller than the hand pump we had.  Has two different valve sizes and has a deflate mode as well... read more »

Soft and well made

15 Jan, 2018
One of the girls got a ukelele for Christmas and it came with strap pegs predrilled so obviously we needed a strap to go with it. This one is bright and vibrant with flowers.  Adjustable with a s... read more »


15 Jan, 2018
This might be the prettiest ukelele I have ever seen. This is a soprano Ike, at 21 inches.  Totally gorgeous rosewood and has artistic additions including inlaid abalone!  Literally so prett... read more »

Good sound

15 Jan, 2018
These are some pretty fancy looking ear buds. They are corded and have a phone button on the cord that turns on and off the mic as far as I can tell. No volume on it. The base is pretty strong on it.&... read more »

Good sound

15 Jan, 2018
These are some pretty fancy looking ear buds. They are corded and have a phone button on the cord that turns on and off the mic as far as I can tell. No volume on it. The base is pretty strong on it.&... read more »

Soft and fits

14 Jan, 2018
This is a super stretchy chair cover to protect your chairs from everything- in my case small children. My linen chairs look awful and I am tired of scrubbing them. My chairs are pretty good sized, ab... read more »

Works well but a little dark

14 Jan, 2018
We have had several kinds of the led drawing boards for the kids. They are great because they are reusable and clean. This one the screen is definitely darker and harder to see than the other ones we... read more »

These are amazing

14 Jan, 2018
I am in love with these childproof locks. They are magnetic so way easier to use than all those weird sliding things and the clips to push down and all the other variety of things I have used over the... read more »

Single image projector

05 Jan, 2018
This is a cool holiday projector. It is just one picture that you can either have straight or can set it to rotate. It comes with 6 different preset images but several pages of options that you get pu... read more »

Fairy lights!

05 Jan, 2018
We are planning a murder mystery Mardi Gras party for my oldest sweet 16. I have been collecting outdoor lights and decorations for that and this caught my eye for a table decoration. This is a solar... read more »

Mantle scarf

05 Jan, 2018
This is a spider web mantle scarf. Got it on sale to add to my collection for Halloween (yes I know it’s January). It’s just about 8 feet long. I have on my table for pictures because my m... read more »

Love it

23 Dec, 2017
Got this awesome leather and what feels like rayon straps guitar strap. Has clips on each end so you put the strap behind your neck and the clips slide on to the hole of the guitar or ukelele so no da... read more »

work well

11 Dec, 2017
This is a pack of 500 water beads. A little odd because it just came in an envelope wrapped in saran wrap as you can see. Doesn't change the effectiveness, but just a little weird because there is... read more »

soft after fluffing

11 Dec, 2017
I got this knit mermaid tail for one of my girlies for Christmas. She has been asking for one for a while and so I finally grabbed one I saw. This on is pretty narrow and the tail fin is knit and pret... read more »

bigger charm than expected

03 Dec, 2017
This is a nice and much bigger than expected basketball charm. The crystals are sparkley and kinda made it tough to photograph on my phone. As you can see I have a theme tonight, we got an angel off t... read more »

super well made

03 Dec, 2017
This might be the coolest backpack ever. It is nicely made with heavy duty zippers and nice canvas. It has a charging port for your phone and other electronics. It has a laptop storage area. And the b... read more »

it's a hoot!!!

02 Dec, 2017
So I have to admit until I tumbled across this I had no idea what it was or that it even existed. This is a melodica and it is incredibly amusing! Every single person in this house has been taking tur... read more »

great mirror

02 Dec, 2017
This is a pretty awesome little mirror. I actually thought it was going to be bigger, but this is perfect for travel. Folds up protected, has a nice little stand on the back, and lights up with 8 supe... read more »

works well

02 Dec, 2017
Got these very nice screen protectors for the switch. Comes in a pack of two with a kit to help put it on. Basically just like a screen protector for a phone, just bigger. Works well and hopefully wil... read more »

less work for big awkward presents

27 Nov, 2017
This is a nice felted bag with drawstring for those presents to big or to awkward to wrap. I got it for that reason but not telling you for what because it’s a surprise! The stitching it nice, k... read more »

easy to trade colors

24 Nov, 2017 This is a totally awesome brow brush and brow pencil in one. And you can change out the color! This one came with black, dark brown and light brown. The... read more »

works well and options for different kinds of cameras

24 Nov, 2017
This flexible tripod is pretty cool. It’s rubber so won’t slip around and bendy enough to wrap around things to take pictures. Comes with a normal camera hookup and a action camera connect... read more »

soft and comfortable

22 Nov, 2017
As I am slowly healing I am preparing to get back to running so I snagged these super cute running leggings. They will be great for summer when it is warmer and I don’t want to wear full leg one... read more »

light weight, good sound

22 Nov, 2017
My daughter has been teaching herself to play guitar with my guitar and asked for some picks. This was a great deal! 50 picks! As you can see they are sturdy and they don’t give when I push on t... read more »

nice set of tweezers

22 Nov, 2017
This is an awesome set of beauty tweezers. Comes in a nice leather travel case. Three are included, straight, slant, and pointed. I love that there is someplace to keep them that hopefully they won&rs... read more »

nice bags

22 Nov, 2017
Got these laundry bags so I can assign children to use them to keep their socks in one place!! Plus we use them for delicates which we have a ton of. These have nice heavy duty zippers and nice weave... read more »

so useful and makes life easier!

20 Nov, 2017
We’ve been eyeing a laser measure for a while and since we are in the process of changing up the kitchen it seemed like a good time to get one. Oh man this thing is cool. Easy to use. You can se... read more »

works well

20 Nov, 2017
Got this acne management tool set to, well, clear things up. My teens have them and love them so I thought I would jump in. Comes in a really nice zipper case and the tools themselves are sturdy stain... read more »

works well, nice addition to our system

12 Nov, 2017
So we got a surprise for Christmas and picked up this cool charger and some extra controllers as well. This charges 4 at the same time with usb that I just plugged into my wall plug. Red light when ch... read more »

amazing sound and they can do so many cool things!!!!

12 Nov, 2017
These are some seriously awesome blue tooth headphones. Has a built in receiver for the radio, micro sd spot and can Bluetooth to phone or MP3 players. A little bit of static with base but pretty good... read more »

pretty cool and better than hot pads

12 Nov, 2017
Got these awesome heat proof gloves as a gift for someone. My hubby has some and they are awesome. Have nonslip design and soft lining that also protects from heat. You can grab a hot cookie sheet wit... read more »

awesome and fun to play with

12 Nov, 2017
I️ am so excited about this frisbee. We had a different light up one that the boys forgot in the park one day and of course it was gone. This on is way lighter because it is led!! So cool. Changes col... read more »

totally works!

09 Nov, 2017   Got this very cool water proof phone case because lacrosse season is coming and it is always wet. I took the pictures with my... read more »

Thin but works

04 Nov, 2017
So I usually use the netting scrubbers but lately have been feeling like something a bit more sturdy would be better so got one of these. Comes in a two pack with a nice strap to hold it to your hand.... read more »

nice strap

04 Nov, 2017
Got some very cute Soprano ukeleles for the littles and found this nice neck strap for it too!  It can clip on to any size guitar or ukelele. One clip on each side of the hole and it hangs around... read more »

Detailed skull mold

04 Nov, 2017
Couldn’t pass up these totally cool skull ice cube molds. They are thick silicone and seem to hold up well. I will say the first time I used them I only got one out while so there is an art to i... read more »

Nice lens bag

03 Nov, 2017
So I bought an awesome camera a while back that came with a huge camera bag that is a pain to carry.  So when I saw this little bag to hold the other lens without carrying a big bag I was super e... read more »

Nicely weighted spinner

01 Nov, 2017
We own several fidget spinners since I have 6 kids.  This one spins freely and is nicely weighted- enough that you can just kind of tilt your hand and keep it spinning which is awesome.  Wou... read more »

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