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My Best Buy

23 Sep, 2020
These are one of the best buys I've made as far as decorative outside decor. The material is a medium weight canvas material and the colors are outstanding. So bright and colorful. read more »

Easy Open Lid

14 Sep, 2020
This case does exactly what I need it to. I particularly like the way that it is easier to open the lid now as I always felt the Apple case was too slippery and hard to open.  read more »

Very Pleased

14 Sep, 2020
I’m super pleased with this set. Use a primer and after application wait 3 minutes then apply setting powder over. It will last much longer and will speed up setting time. read more »

Worth every penny

13 Sep, 2020
This is a nice variety set. Exactly what I was looking for. It goes on easily and comes off with soap and water. read more »


13 Sep, 2020
It’s easy to follow and the plastic isn’t super thin read more »

Great Product

06 Sep, 2020
This product is exactly as described. Those who are giving bad reviews because they do not fit their grip are being unfair. Its not the sellers/products fault if they are not measuring correctly or ar... read more »

worked out ok

10 Aug, 2020
Install went well. Pulley seem to be holding strong. No complaints here. read more »


31 Jul, 2020
3 layers and easy to breath through. read more »

Perfect gaming controller

22 Jul, 2020
The controller features a USB-C connection for charging, meaning you could use the switch charger to charge it if need be. No need for multiple cables! read more »

So Simple

22 Jul, 2020
Simple to use, I used a heat gun and they worked great need to heat until the color starts to run. Must have a heat gun. read more »

Perfect Size

13 Jul, 2020
Perfect size for table.Super easy set up. Come with a handle. Easy to bring to outdoor.  read more »

Great Value Controller

12 Jul, 2020
Controller came in charged and ready to pair! Very easy to set up and feels really good in your hands. read more »

great value

10 Jul, 2020
I was skeptical about buying a non-switch brand remote, but it works great and we are very happy with it. Slightly bigger than the other remote, but I actually like that better. read more »


01 Jul, 2020
I love this magnesium. A friend of mine who is an Accupuncturist recommended i to me. I can feel it working, my muscles don’t hurt after a work out.  read more »

works for me

22 Jun, 2020
does the job. removes the lint quickly. read more »

Arrived loose without packaging.

10 Jun, 2020
No excuse for this. I received 25 loose plates in an amazon box. Someone really screwed up. read more »

It's a nice game

07 Jun, 2020
This is a great adult game. It is a lot of fun to play with a group of friends. It really shows how well you know your friends and how well they know you. We laugh so much while playing this game. The... read more »

great device

02 Jun, 2020
Great device. Battery needs to be charged daily. Lots of fun games. read more »

Perfect gaming solution

26 May, 2020
Very powerful unit here. 400 games to keep you playing all year long.  read more »


26 May, 2020
Very very good tea. Aroma is nice and the flavor is rich.  read more »

old school GOLD

08 May, 2020
If you remember the days on which any of the titles included in this system were something you crave, give this system a go. Just bare in mind it does feel 'cheap', maybe because it is. So fun... read more »

Love This Belt

17 Apr, 2020
Easy to put On and off and a really great price I would definitely recommend it read more »

Works Awesome

08 Feb, 2020
The charging case has blue indicator lights so you can see the progress of the charge. Each earbud glows either red when charging or blue when paired. They fit comfortably into the ear and don’t... read more »

works like a champ

22 Jan, 2020
This one works very well. The measurements were surprisingly on point. I really like this one over all others that i've tried. read more »

nice case

05 Jan, 2020
Fit was on point. Snug and no slippage. Overall nice case. 5 stars. read more »

love it

01 Jan, 2020
fit very well. I like them loads read more »

All Good

15 Dec, 2019
Received in excellent condition, Item wrks well. read more »

Does the job

15 Dec, 2019
The batteries works well so far.. No complaints from me. Thanks read more »

Top quality

13 Dec, 2019
loved this mountain tea. Flavor is top quality. Thank You. read more »

good quality

13 Dec, 2019
A very flavorfilled tea. Very good quality read more »

Works very well

09 Sep, 2019
This product works very well. I use it weekly and like it a lot. read more »

Works very well

14 Aug, 2019
works well indoors and outdoors with no winds present. read more »

5 stars

11 Jun, 2019
I reaaly do like this mask. Fits really good. Does not irritate me like other masks. read more »

Works very well

31 May, 2019
no complaints here. it does what a kite suppose to. so far so good. read more »

Fit is good

31 May, 2019
Fit nice. Soft materials on the skin. looks really good read more »

No Sound

30 May, 2019
Sound is tiny. Could do a lot better with any other brand. These just do not cut it. read more »

Not Good

30 May, 2019
Well it's tiny and plastic. No suction power at all. Runs off batteries so it doesnt move very well. Just overall bad product. read more »

perfect fit

01 May, 2019
Beautiful 2 piece set. Very well made. Fabric feels good on the skin. Thank You read more »

does the job

23 Apr, 2019
This one measures temp accurately. Packaging is simple and plain most likely to keep price down to minimum. Feels a little light but it works well. read more »

All Good

18 Apr, 2019
Good quality material. Nice looking on display. Aize is true. Thank You read more »

good quality

18 Apr, 2019
Very good quality ear buds. The price point is extremely high though, One hundred dollars is way too much for these. read more »

love it

16 Apr, 2019
Really really impressed with this. Dries perfect. Dries fast and even. his is my new favorite item. Thanks for everything. read more »

Works very well

07 Apr, 2019
I actually like this, Very well built and very sturdy product.Price point I yhink is just a bit high. Maybe 9.99 should be great. read more »

Why the high price

07 Apr, 2019
These are good earbuds but not that great for a hundred dollar price tag, I would class these as a middle line pair along the lines of the Skullcandy brand.That being said plese think abot a 80% price... read more »

quick charge

02 Apr, 2019
very fast charging cable. i use it daily and it works great. winner product right here folks. read more »

Wow factor approved

04 Mar, 2019
I was SO NERVOUS when I bought this! I read a good majority of the reviews and decided to take a chance on this speaker! I'm SO GLAD I DID!! This speaker isn't for anything fancy like a huge r... read more »


18 Feb, 2019
i wasn't expecting much, because of the price, but they ended up being way better than i expected! i used them for my cosplay of Lup from The Adventure Zone and i couldn't have been happier!!... read more »

very impressed

18 Feb, 2019
Very impressed! This slingshot is totally legit, built solid and feels great in hand. I was having a bit of trouble with accuracy my first day (long time since I used one of these) but by the next day... read more »


18 Feb, 2019
it still smells amazing after you brew it, I wish it tasted more milky like some of the other teas I've had. read more »

full flavor

18 Feb, 2019
One of the best on the market. Full of flavor and absolutely delicious. read more »

Wow factor approved

01 Feb, 2019
Just used this for a weekend trip, it's big, and strong, and quite the looker. You all think I am talking about a man. You are wrong. I am talking about THE BEST duffle bag I have ever owned. It e... read more »

Worth the money

11 Jan, 2019
So far a great pair of headphones that are pretty inexpensive to me and they are pretty nice and kind of durable even though they are made out of plastic... I like them they feel snugg and are really... read more »

short battery life

09 Jan, 2019
I have previously owned Sony and SamSung MP3 players and after recieving this player I was at first, very excited. It looked really nice and the button action smooth and lit up. So I loaded it up with... read more »

So So soft

28 Dec, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package to see the thickness of this mattress cover. After always using a woollen underlay to cover my mattress in the past in only things I saw for sale he... read more »

Works Perfect

28 Dec, 2018
A very good working charcoal mask. No irritation at all. I would buy this product again in the future. Thank You read more »

Great Value

15 Dec, 2018
Cons first: MUCH darker than expected. I suppose it looks similar to the ad image, but it is really darker than you think. Rose Taupe is more like a deep plum. Pros: lower cost than thru the online s... read more »

Not for beginners

03 Dec, 2018
There is nothing bad about this device. With that said, This is Not For beginners. Size does matter. It’s was not the experience we were looking for. my girl and I are obvious Beginners. be... read more »

4k perfect

03 Dec, 2018
This cable supports 4k @ 60Hz perfectly. I picked this cable over others for the braided wire. However, if you've got a Dell P2715Q, you might be better off with a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter. De... read more »

Very Happy

29 Nov, 2018
I'm very impressed with this device. I've cut my own hair for over a decade, and have a couple of Wahl trimmers that are bulletproof. On a recent trip that was unexpectedly extended, I had to... read more »

It's ok . Nothing special

26 Nov, 2018
Best Part? Nice Girth (unusual for a rabbit). Worst? Length. I find it too short. And the "off" button has stopped working (maybe it wants to keep going and going and going? *L*) I have to u... read more »

bait and switch beware

26 Nov, 2018
The picture is of blue wireless bluetooth headphones but what you recieve is white wired headphohes. Used a coupon so not returnable. I'm very dissapointed. read more »

Very Happy No Regrets

26 Nov, 2018
I'm very impressed with this device. I've cut my own hair for over a decade, and have a couple of Wahl trimmers that are bulletproof. On a recent trip that was unexpectedly extended, I had to... read more »

Great Value for the Price

24 Nov, 2018
These are pretty good camis for the price. The fabric is a little sheer but I use them as undershirts so it's not a big deal. I ordered a medium even though I am usually a large because I like my... read more »

Great Value

20 Nov, 2018
This mold works perfect for me. No problems with sticking. Just follow the directions and you will be fine.  read more »

Well made mold

18 Nov, 2018
Worked perfect for me. If you get your chocolate in there by the directions they will simply fall out of the molds once they are cooled. No banging, no wrestling. read more »

Really Good Fit

18 Nov, 2018
Love this swim tank! It fits perfectly and hides my imperfections while being super comfortable. The style is very flattering to someone like me, who has had a few kids. read more »

5 Stars

17 Nov, 2018
Love this it helps me apply lashes much easier since I'm a beginner. I have started wearing lashes more because I can apply them faster with these. I would recommend to anyone who is just starting... read more »

Really Nice Feel

15 Nov, 2018
Speaking of male masturbator, the first things I will think of are Japanese sex products because they are famous and have good quality. But I didn't find what I look for in Amazon so I gave this p... read more »

Fits very well

15 Nov, 2018
Fits very well, the only problem with it is if you wear glasses, they get fogged very badly when you exhale through your nose. Other than the that, the design was very good, no problems with stitching... read more »

Perfect Fit

09 Nov, 2018
These bracelets are absolutely beautiful and much better quality than I had expected! Even my husband was intrigued by his. The adjustable set has a nice, strong/sturdy string, that's easy to adju... read more »

Good Value

03 Nov, 2018
I probably would have rated this a 3 1/2. We use this product daily as we have dogs and they track in a lot of dirt and they shed. I wish the ends of the broom had a little bit more of a feather textu... read more »

Works Perfect

03 Nov, 2018
I admit, I was skeptical about this product. It's way less expensive than most of them, so I figured it wouldn't work well - but I figured I had nothing to lose because it wasn't a huge in... read more »

Great Value

01 Nov, 2018
'm in love with this scarf. Colors are lovely. It's very soft. And it's huge. We had supper out and they had the AC on and I was freezing; I realized, duh, it's a BLANKET scarf. So... read more »

Very Very Beautiful

30 Oct, 2018
Set of 4 very beautiful pillow cases. Just in time for Halloween . I have these displayed on the couches already and they look amazing. Thank You read more »

Works Awesome !!!

26 Oct, 2018
At the time of purchasing this, there was only one way that I could  charge my Joycons, and that was having them attached to the Switch. This was fine unless you had two or more sets of Joycons.... read more »

I Love It

17 Oct, 2018
This product really works!! I have been using it for several weeks and have noticed a dramatic in both thickness and length in my lashes. I highly recommend it!! read more »

Working Very Well

14 Oct, 2018
I was suspicious about the claims of this product until I saw the results on a friend of mine. Her results were nothing short of amazing, so I have started using it also. While my results are taking l... read more »

Very Very Good

10 Oct, 2018
Got this for my daughter and she absolutely LOVES it. She uses it every night in her room as a night light. She even brought it on vacation to use in her room there! read more »

So Simple Yet Very Useful

08 Oct, 2018
So maybe this is just a bowl, I don't know, I haven't compared it to trying to pop in a cereal bowl, but the fact of the matter its that it really works and is clean and easy to use. In terms... read more »

Excellent Quality Cable

02 Oct, 2018
Incredible deal. You get 400' of quality cabling with all necessary connectors. Some have critiqued the connectors as being of "low quality", but that is grossly unfair. These connectors... read more »

4 Stars

23 Sep, 2018
I'm still trying to figure out how to use it. I have fine/wavy hair that goes to the middle of my neck so it's always a challenge to keep it poofy. I do get a little better everyday and am ha... read more »

Love my Jade Rollers

19 Sep, 2018
Love using the Jade roller. So easy to massage neck and face with the cool Jade roller, the coolness of the Jade feels wonderful on my face. The main reason I bought this, was to massage a small area... read more »

Item Never Arrived and No Support

17 Sep, 2018
Well the item never arrived and contact was met with silence.  Here is what i know about the product, This shaver and nose hair trimmer has ergonomic design and perfect face, nose, ears, ar... read more »

5 Stars Well Deserved

10 Sep, 2018
So, I too was one of those people who opened this and, out loud, said "Oh my gawd..." It looks enormous. I'm pretty sure it is, but I haven't taken the time to measure it to see if... read more »

Very nice...fits well

09 Sep, 2018
I have a simple Ikea spring day bed I use for guests. It's decently comfortable, but I like to add extra plushness. Since I wasn't up to spending upwards of 100 dollars for extra cushioning, I... read more »

Garbage Product

07 Sep, 2018
Had one of these for years, worked well. This model is different color (neon green vs orange), smaller battery (AAA vs AA) and switch changed (push button to rotating collar). Light does not work. My... read more »

Well Made Traps

05 Sep, 2018
Traps have proven to be a great asset in the 'War of the Rodents'!!! P-butter good as is Nutella. Minor problem with mice eating without sething off trap. Trigger plate was set too deep so by... read more »

Good Product

29 Aug, 2018
This item is part of a dash camera installation in my 2013 Ford Escape. I didn't want to wire it directly into the vehicle's electrical system so as to maintain portability, as well as go to t... read more »

Better than expected

29 Aug, 2018
Works as advertised! Included batteries so I was able to open the package and use it immediately. Bought because I smelled some pet smells in our basement den that we couldn't locate. We turned of... read more »

very solid earpiece

15 Aug, 2018
First unit arrived DOA, which was very disapointing but after i thought about it it was probably due to some shipping bumps and bruises, the important thing is that Amazon was very good about exchangi... read more »

Fit was perfect

15 Aug, 2018
I was VERY apprehensive about ordering lingerie off Amazon since it's hard to tell by other's experiences if an item will fit you properly. I was wanting an affordable item to wear for my husb... read more »

Very good investment

06 Aug, 2018
Great product - I liked it so much I bought another as a gift for a friend. I shorted this great device by one star, as it is formatted and only works in a FAT32, which means it has a file size limit... read more »

very good investment

03 Aug, 2018
I bought these shorts because I was on a quest to find quality clothing items at a reasonable cost. These shorts certainly deliver. The material is light weight, stretches, and dries quickly. Zippers... read more »

luv these

26 Jul, 2018
You plug it in, install the app, follow the instructions to format the drive (very easy and fast) and then you back up your contacts and your pictures/videos as the first step. - you can backup you... read more »

decent headphones

26 Jul, 2018
Bought my first pair of wooden headphones. I wasn't sure how they would sound at first, but lots of reviews/posts indicate that wooden construction brings out a good tone in cheaper headphones. I... read more »

Does the job well

19 Jul, 2018
You plug it in, install the app, follow the instructions to format the drive (very easy and fast) and then you back up your contacts and your pictures/videos as the first step. - you can backup you... read more »

Works Perfect

19 Jul, 2018
Gave birth 2 months ago and I told myself that as soon as I gave birth im getting a waist trainer on. However it took a little more than expected because I'm technically a very picky person and wh... read more »

very good general purpose light

10 Jul, 2018
Admittedly, I don't have a lot of headlamp experience. However, this light does everything I want in a general purpose headlamp. The spot is bright and reaches out well, the dual flood beams illum... read more »

Good as a gag gift

07 Jul, 2018
I ordered this as a birthday gift for one of my friends who consistently overshares about her bowel movements. Nailed it. I loved that it was an easy gift that I didn't have to put much thought in... read more »

Good Enough to get the job done

05 Jul, 2018
Lets get this out of the way: honestly, it's silly to call this a "case", its more like a "bumper" because uhh, it prevents damage from bumps! And trust me, I BUMP my watches a... read more »

Works but need a better battery design

02 Jul, 2018
They light up well. I purchased these for my pest control route. At times, I need small areas lit up while applying products. This is a great solution to keep my hands free to do other things than hol... read more »

Works just fine

02 Jul, 2018
This rotating tie/scarf/belt holder is easy to use and takes up little space. Since it came in a package of two, I gave one to my housemate for his ties and use the other one for my belts and scarves.... read more »

Solid Set of Tweezers

30 Jun, 2018
Great deal getting three tweezers for this price. The reason I only gave 4 stars is because I did have some trouble getting the shortest hairs.  They work well on average hair, however I di... read more »

Fantastic Product

20 Jun, 2018
This is the best accessory I've purchased for the Switch. Bar none. It makes it easier to hold. It's much more comfortable. The Switch is also better looking in the case. I don't know w... read more »

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