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Mom, Wife and Daughter. I have 2 kids ages 4 and 12. I have been married 6 years but we have been together for 13. I do inside sales at a expediting logistics company love reviewing items . Family oriented items are my favorite. Coming soon a blog for all my reviews
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21 Feb, 2020
This is exactty what i was looking for.  Wanted something that had all the work done, Something thats not going to melt. Can donate or keep the stuffed friends.  This is a mom and dads dr... read more »

Holds soo much!

20 Feb, 2020
Nothing fancy but gets the job done! I'm not going to lie I was worried if all the stuff i had was going to fit in it. It did with some extra left over! Your make up is well protected with hard co... read more »

Worth the grade A!

20 Feb, 2020
Cuter in person! Perfect length chain. Not Uncomfortably heavy, but still feels well made. Not too shiny but not dull. So far hasn’t turned or broke me out.  read more »

Works great

30 Jan, 2020
I wouldn't say its a miracle worker but it gets the job done, its pretty and doesn;t hurt,  allows precise location ability  read more »

Best thing ever

28 Jan, 2020
I just love these! I am not sure what i am going to do with them. I want to make a cup or something similar to it. They are well made and bright! they stick good and wont peel off easily.  read more »

Best secret item

18 Jan, 2020
I got a new pair of ballerina shoes for Christmas but they put blisters in my heel... these make it so comfy but I can also imagine they would help if the shoe wouldn't stay on the heel also read more »

Jingle all the way

21 Oct, 2019
Love these cute earrings, way better quality than i was expecting! Can't wait to its Offically time to wear them!  all sets are adult sized and made with quality materials. Wore one set for a... read more »

So in love

16 Sep, 2018
My daugher and I both love this dress. She wears it all the time. Its perfect fit for her. She is able to spin around and twirl, so it has the princess approval. Unicorns are everywhere thesedays and... read more »

Price on point

16 Sep, 2018
Thise case is a true statement of you get what you pay for. It doesn'e compare to an otterbox, but it does offer some protection.The rubber is thin with lines making a grid effect to offer extra c... read more »

to be honest

16 Sep, 2018
Love the design and the idea of the watch, but I cant get the app to connect to my Iphone and I was careful read all descriptions to make sure it didn't states anywhere that the watch could not be... read more »

sounds like a good idea, but isn't

25 Nov, 2017
I tried this thinking it would be good so I could see my phone as it charged, well its so hard to get it set up right with the correct peice that fits your phone and case. Then when I took it off char... read more »

Absolutely love it

25 Nov, 2017
Honestly at first I was skeptical, but I plugged it in and sat my phone on it and it worked. Charged at normal rate and the poduct didn't make my iPhone hot, which others have. The light turns fro... read more »

Great night light

18 Oct, 2017
This is an awesome nightlight for kids and babies. We have one in our daughters room and my sons room. there are two options . 1 option is the starry night sky look and the other is a bliniking LED mo... read more »

LOve it !

18 Oct, 2017
This works great with most phones I went from the Iphone 7 to the Iphone 8 plus . The plus is almost too big. Makes it so much easier for changing music and usisng it for GPS . The device suctions to... read more »

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