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Thick, durable, no metal

06 Jan, 2022
These hair ties are some of the best I have used. I have thick hair and most hair ties pull my hair out. With these ones, my hair doesn't get pulled, they hold nice and tight, and they are made to... read more »

Awesome for any name tag

15 Sep, 2021
I really like these badge holders. They come with the plastic badge holder as well as the lanyard so you can wear it. Instead of buying throw away name tags year after year at my church Vacation Bible... read more »

Bags good, handles not

16 Jul, 2021
The bags do a nice job of keeping things cold but the material is so thing it rips super easy leaving them so you cannot "close" then anymore. The handles are the same material so they rip r... read more »

Excellent Meat Thermometer

16 Jul, 2021
This thermometer works great. We always like to be sure our meats are up to the right temperature so we use this a few times a week and have had zero issues. It's a great thermometer.  read more »

Works great

16 Jul, 2021
This wireless charger works great except that you have to position your phone just right for it to charge. There are some nights where it just doesn't want to work right and the phone doesn't... read more »

Did an okay job

16 Jul, 2021
I have plantar fasciitis so I bought this for my feet. It was okay but nothing spectacular.  read more »

Quality keychain

16 Apr, 2018
I really like this keychain set and so does my husband. I wish the clip side was just a little bigger but overall, it’s pretty awesome. It’s very durable and it doesn’t come unhooked... read more »

Super cute

16 Apr, 2018
I bought these shoes for my six year old son. I had him try them on and they fit great. They run slightly smaller (about half a size) than expected but they still fit him okay. The first thing he aske... read more »

Extremely hard to see

16 Apr, 2018
these cards have the right type of texture to them to keep them  in a usable condition but they blue and black is really hard to see. I ended up giving the cards to my 6 year old son to play with... read more »

Beautiful and durable

22 Mar, 2018
I love quilts so when I saw a discount available for this, I knew I had to have it. Blue happens to be one of my favorite colors and matches most of the sheets for my husband and my bed so I knew it w... read more »

Good idea but needs huge improvement

22 Mar, 2018
I honestly would not have purchased these if there hadn’t been a discount. I enjoy nipple stimulation but these were junk. One arrived already broken and the other just simply isn’t strong... read more »

Perfect! Highly recommend

27 Feb, 2018
My husband and I have 5 diffusers throughout our home and this is one of our favorites. It comes with an awesome little cup for knowing just how much water you should use. It works with or without the... read more »

Super cute

13 Jan, 2018
This outfit for an Elf on the Shelf is absolutely adorable. It seems to be made of a decent material that should last for as little as the Elf is used. It’s really cute though and I can’t... read more »

Small and portabe yet efficient

08 Jul, 2017
I love essential oils and diffusing them. This diffuser is sleek and stylish and performs fabulously. I love that you can turn the lights on or off so it doesn't have to disturb you at night, etc.... read more »

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