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26 Aug, 2020
Great littlle cavases, my adult daughter loves them as she likes creating small art work.  Great value for product read more »


26 Aug, 2020
This is a super cool hoodie, made of brilliant super fast drying fabric or high quality.  My autistic son will only wear these sorts of hoodies as he likes the silky texture.  It's very... read more »

cute mat

12 Aug, 2020
We are cat bonkers in our family!  We love this mat as it is soft and comfortable under our feet.  It doesn't lose it's shape as it has memory foam, it is of great quality and is per... read more »

re-usable face masks

12 Aug, 2020
Great masks at great price!  They fit perfect for grown ups of any age and gender and are comfortable to wear, they also come with extra filters, well worth the price. read more »


12 Aug, 2020
This t-shirt is made of a great quality material that is soft on the skin and quick drying.  My son loves it and for the price you cannot go wrong. read more »


12 Aug, 2020
This cool t-shirt is awsome! Not only is it a great price but the fabric is quick drying and my autistic son loves it as he likes the feel of the fabric, it's so comfortable to wear.  The siz... read more »

purple top

25 Sep, 2019
lovely cut out design purple top, which is one of my fav's. Great quality for the price and very in trend with today's fasion. read more »

rainbow top

25 Sep, 2019
I love all the different colours in this top, it's great for autumn, spring or cool summer evenings and because it has a variety of colours it goes with a lot of outfits.  The knot is also &q... read more »


25 Sep, 2019
This is one of my favourite tops, looks great with anything and is long enough to wear with leggings to cover the behind.  It clings to the my beast features and covers my "mummy belly"... read more »


25 Sep, 2019
great little heater that won't break the bank, this is excellent for our conservatory where we like to sit and relax in the evenings.  It's perfect for small places such as this but obvio... read more »

solar bulb

14 Aug, 2019
great, good sized light.  Uses the sun to lighten the dark in our pod outside.  A handy light which needs no instructions, it's easy to install and lit up quickly.  This would be id... read more »

cold shoulder top

27 Apr, 2019
My daughter's favourite top!  She loves it so much that as soon as i have washed it, she puts it straight back on.  Will be buying more of these in different colours.  Great quality... read more »

Sleep mask

27 Apr, 2019
I bought this for my grandad whilst he was having a stay in hospital.  He kept complaining how the tv was on all day long and he hated watching it and hearing it all the time.  So i got him... read more »

similar to rubix cubes

27 Apr, 2019
This triangle version is slightly smaller than others similar but in no way is the quality negotiated, it is great at keeping the children (and adults) entertained and i would be buying more at that p... read more »

Great top

27 Apr, 2019
This top is of great value and light material, it's really well made and fits in all the right places.  Very pleased with the top for the price and will be buying others from the same make. read more »

scary mask

21 Oct, 2018
Great product for halloween. suitable fit for an adult and of great quality.  Before trick or treating i have put a vase in it as a decoration in the house and it looks fantastic! Highly recommen... read more »


21 Oct, 2018
Lovely soft large scarfwhich can be used as a wrap or scarf as it is quite large. Great material and quality 5 stars read more »


12 Oct, 2018
A great little toaster which works lovely, i made myself a cheese and ham wrap this morning and it fitted beautifully.  I have had it for quite a while now and it is easy to clean and maintain.&n... read more »


12 Oct, 2018
cool design and very handy, especially in high winds.  Only problem is that my dog chewed it up, but entirely my fault.  i will be buying another at this price as would be less expensive in... read more »

dog bed

12 Oct, 2018
great design, highly washable and great quality for the price read more »

steering wheel cover

12 Oct, 2018
This is a great, stylish steering wheel cover which helps the driver with grip as they drive.  It is expensively made and is very good quality for the price, i would highly recommend this to anyo... read more »

Swim suit

12 Jun, 2018
Wow!!!!  looking at it i really didn't expect it to fit but the sizing was just right!  It is even more lovelier than the picture on my daughter, she loves it so much she wears it as a b... read more »


25 May, 2018
I've had loads of memory sticks over the years but this is by far the smartest, sleekest, coolest stick yet!  Comes in a smart box, has lush LED light when in use, great speed, great value fo... read more »

charger ps4

25 May, 2018
Great charger, charges two at a time, space saving, easy to use and fantastic value for money, considering the batteries you won't have to buy. read more »

water filled beads

25 May, 2018
Wow!!!!  just wow!  Bought these for my son but wanted to keep them for myself, everyone has been playing with them.  I filled 2 large bowls up (careful to not put too many in as they e... read more »


25 May, 2018
Excellent value for money!  Great drone at a fantastic price, can't beat it as it is not even a mini one, which you would expect at this price.  It has "bumpers" which protect... read more »


09 May, 2018
Great to play with great price, i will def be ordering more. Fantastic that you don't have to cook them and they don't take long to dry. read more »

Pretty lights

09 May, 2018
These lights look awsome, they do have to have batteries but the batteries last a long tme and there is no need to fiddle about with plugs, etc.  These will be going on my Christmas tree in Decem... read more »

Magnetic toy

09 May, 2018
These are brilliant for all ages forget lego bricks these stick together using magnets and are perfect for the young going into construction or the average fiddley teenager!  I even play with the... read more »

best buy de-tangling brush

29 Apr, 2018
This hair brush is amazing, my girls long hair gets really tangled all the time but especially after washing.  They both refuse to go back to the other brushes and we have tried the other de-tang... read more »

Under cabinet lighting

20 Feb, 2018
These lights are fantastic and although i have never installed anything like this before it only took 4 mins to put all three up under my cabinets.  Great long lasting and energy efficient, barga... read more »

Hair clippers

20 Feb, 2018
Brilliant, loads better than the old electric ones and it comes with a great variety of length cutters.  Very pleased with this purchase, great value for money, and lovely and quiet for my boys. read more »

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