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Homemaker/freelancer/House Husband | New York

I really enjoy working from home so I can be with my family more. I have been working with computers and webdesign for many years now as it has become not a job but an enjoyable experience. I love all things electronic fascinated how they work and always willing to try new products. I also enjoy working in the garden, making something grow and feeding people from it is a great thing. I also have a wood workshop that i use to make holiday gifts out of reclaimed wood making no profit just joy of making something someone can use.
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Undeliverable reordered now im happy

12 Oct, 2020
The canceled my order and shipped it to the wrong facility. so cant write a review i have sent them a mail see what they say. EDIT: they told me to contact amazon that its not their problem. so i d... read more »

they look great

05 Oct, 2020
I got these to be a little more festive and they do not disapoint. they are light weight but strong enough that if you wanted to use them you could. i wouldnt really trust the img quality not rubbing... read more »


05 Oct, 2020
This fun little gnome was so cute. way larger than i had expected almost over a foot tall. has a wire inside the hat so you cna pose its form. The textures uses are very soft to the touch. The base ha... read more »

works as i needed

03 Oct, 2020
Was ablr to connect my game pad and my speakers with my computer :) i am very happy so far :) no dropped signals and its nice and small. read more »

Works awesomely

24 Sep, 2020
I had to install the drivers from the thumb drive but it works flawlessly. my other antenna was dropping on my alot and driving me crazy. so far this one has hit its mark and holds the signal very wel... read more »

Great looking spider

22 Sep, 2020
I got this for the front yard but sadly im not sure it would survive any rain. its made of great quality but im sure if it got wet it would not last long. the face is cute and the size is perfect for... read more »

So far so good

11 Sep, 2020
Little on the noisy side and slow to start but one it goes your golden. I used this to burn data and some video files without issues as well as i watched a dvd movie with it and had no delays. only th... read more »

awesome for painting or staining

11 Sep, 2020
Got these for my mother inlaw to use with teh kids she babysites for and they are perfect. Solid wood egg shapes that can be painted stained for glued. wonderful for the kids for sure as they can make... read more »

They look good

18 Aug, 2020
I cant say much as i really havent had time to use them yet. but i did open them up and the quality is good the colors and variation in stars are ok and fun. great for learning with and just overall r... read more »


18 Aug, 2020
I have to say i bought them just for fun but now that i have seen them upclose i love them. I plan to use them fro scroll saw art as well as painting and drawing for halloween. they are very durable p... read more »

great for the kids :)

16 Aug, 2020
This is great for the kids. i bought these as a gift for the neighbor and might get a set for myself. Great craft for kiddos in lockdown rom rainy days to ell virus. read more »

great little pullies bigger and stronger

13 Aug, 2020
These work great for the bulk weight of my bike. read more »

great little pullies

13 Aug, 2020
I bought these to be used as a pully system to lift my bikes off the floor and they work great. Easily can hold a 50+ pound bike. read more »

works great

03 Aug, 2020
I got these as a test to see if they can even handle the weight of the soil and ure neough no issues to knwo if they fully work wont knwo till next season as it takes months for potatos to grow :) the... read more »


30 Jul, 2020
These went great with the table centerpiece with the pinecones and wreathe :) cant wait for the holidays this will work awesome read more »

smaller than i thought but they are real pinecones

12 Jul, 2020
I got this to make a simple center piece for the holidays that i can break down and box up easy and this worked great. they are real pinecones so they have that slight smell. they did not scent these... read more »

childrens sissors with a twist :)

12 Jul, 2020
Picked these up for some fun decoration cuts for some patterns and i wasnt disapointed. their very similar in cuts but they show variants enough that it works well. they are labled on the handles what... read more »


04 Jul, 2020
Bought this for my workshop so that i could roll this out across my workbench for glueups and it works great. its almost as thick as a paperbag quality which is good and also great for the kids when t... read more »

labeled just fine

02 Jul, 2020
got these to act as resisters for led garden lights and woodworking projects. so far they work just fine even if the package did arrive damaged. I contacted the seller and they were great about it. i... read more »

thought they were bigger but work great

02 Jul, 2020
work just fine for my needs of testing diods and resisters with LEDs read more »

work great

02 Jul, 2020
their a little on the thin side to what im used to but they work just fine for my needs of testing diods and resisters with LEDs. read more »


02 Jul, 2020
these are great for the holidas. nicely colored decent size for even cat toys or holiday decorations. i plan to use them on cat toys. read more »

great identical to the black

11 May, 2020
Theres are a little small but im not actyually using them for ties lol. im using them as a drying rack for my wood working the keychains can hang on these nicely and i can dip it into the danish oil a... read more »

Perfect for my needs

11 May, 2020
Theres are a little small but im not actyually using them for ties lol. im using them as a drying rack for my wood working the keychains can hang on these nicely and i can dip it into the danish oil a... read more »

Unknown still waiting on them dang Virus delays

25 Apr, 2020
With the Virus going on this might take a while to get here will update when they arrive read more »

Lost a star cause of a few things but all in all the artwork is very nice

18 Feb, 2020
Well they are wonderful looking but they are HUGE. The other issue is they rolled them up so now i have to wait like a Month under heavy books in hopes it flattens out enough to be used for anything.... read more »

so far so good

23 Jan, 2020
Time will only tell if this is a good product or not. Its the correct size for any device that takes micro SDs but i wont knwo copacity till i fill it. read more »

Nice quality ribbon. great for wrapping boxes

19 Jan, 2020
I bought these to wrap small Jewelery boxes i hand make. its of nice quality no tearing and easy to cut wihtout frey. read more »

Lovely set

14 Jan, 2020
So far so Good works as i need it comes with all the tips i like to use on my repairs no signs of stripping. the bits are well made the magnet hold the tips nicely and the ext rot makes life easy for... read more »

Fun Hat confortable and warm BUT too large

03 Jan, 2020
I bought this for fun and for the winter snowfall so i can shovel in something alittle more insulated. it will work but noone in my house fits the hat at its smallest setting. It covers the top of my... read more »


15 Dec, 2019
They are as Imaged. thin wool but will work. the deer looks like an alien lol read more »

Works great and is magnetic

11 Dec, 2019
I got this for my motherinlaws friend who just had a baby and once they start feeding the little one they need a Bib so i got this so they can use what ever they like :). I love that it is magnetic an... read more »

LOVE it everyone that has seen it wants one

11 Dec, 2019
I bought this as a Joke hate to cheer the wife up and it sooo was worth every penny :). I love how this came out and fits i was an evil santa elf lol when wif e came home yellign about work turned aro... read more »

Finally a controler that works for what i need :)

04 Dec, 2019
I have been searching for a gamepad that would reliably work on Minecraft and a few other games i play on my tablet. I have probably 20 gamepads now i give away to those around me cause non have worke... read more »

Nice little spoon set

23 Nov, 2019
Bought these for icecream since i kept bending the ones from our parents so nwo i have a dedicated spoon set. they have no markings no design they are what they are and actually fel good in the hand.... read more »

their pipecleaners

22 Nov, 2019
I bought these for a quick craft and so far so good. i mean can you really go wrong with pipecleaners. the pack they came in was well sealed and than seperated into the dif colors. They will suit my n... read more »

4/5 for false adverts still Good :)

20 Nov, 2019
I bought this as a Joke item for the house since the wife hates christams trees least ones that go up before dec so i got this and added string lights to be a joke lol. Onto the product. the size is o... read more »

5/5 Great start to a new Hobby

18 Nov, 2019
I design graphics for websites and also patterns for the scroll saw. I can take portraits and make them into patterns but it takes alot of work. Pen and paper are the way to go for me most times so a... read more »

Great for school or in my case work

15 Nov, 2019
I got this as a smaller more compact travel bag for when i go to the office and home. I had a larger bag but it was over kill. this holds my 15in laptop perfectly has nice protection and is made of a... read more »

works as intended

11 Nov, 2019
Got this for a PC build to give the customer a fast reliable secondary and it worked great. do i wish you could boot from a psi sure as that be cool to upgrade the older systems i have :) read more »

works great for the yard pickup

06 Nov, 2019
Well what to say here other than it works for large and small poo's. My back isnt the greatest so bending over was becomming an issue so i figure why not try one of these things so i dont have to... read more »

Little dark but will work for my needs :)

06 Nov, 2019
I make Cut out ornaments on my scrollsaw. This year we got hit with a realy bad storm and took down most of the trees in my area so i took some logs and cut them up for ornaments for the neighborhood.... read more »

Works great

15 Oct, 2019
Got these for work files and templates. I got tired of the mess and sorting now i can find what i want alot easier on a ring and book than in a mess.   read more »

Great sound and awesome seller

26 Sep, 2019
I got these to replace my headphones forhte bedroom. Nice 2 pack for in the draw for when needed and wow i did not expect this good of audio. Their Not OMG bass audio but its clear has just enough ton... read more »

Great for small to medium dogs :) large with moderation

14 Sep, 2019
I thought these were goign to be alot smaller than they were which is great. Every time i order toys for the doggies they are always choking hazards. Thes came the other day and i have to say they are... read more »

Works great Long charge if you have a charger

07 Sep, 2019
Bought this for the three light functions this way it can server multiple uses for me such as dog walks and inspections. each light works great easy to switch to each color and the UV makes everything... read more »

Lost a star for tiny information works awesome otherwise

07 Sep, 2019
I bought this to be used on PC and my tablet games. everyone told me to get the 360 controller works the best ok so i saw this and bought it in a heart beat. It came today and the look and feel is = t... read more »

easy construction and great for kids and decorations

30 Aug, 2019
Bought these with the other set and as the other set was simple to put together screw together shafts and once done solid. i dont forsee really any issues with these as they are a harder plastic and w... read more »

Great for kids and decoration

30 Aug, 2019
I purchased these more for decoration than actual use since i really didnt knwo what to expect at the cost. I was surprised at what i got. even though its lightweight and typical plastic you see at th... read more »

so Far it works as needed 5/5

30 Aug, 2019
I bought this just so i could hook up my Headphones and Keyboard to the computer. I got more than expected. i can link almost all my items up that i have. not at the same time but hey i can switch ovv... read more »

4/5 as the plastic ring doesnt really roll with the blade

02 Aug, 2019
my lawn mower blades alwasy need sharpening got to the point i just started replacing them for 20$ a pop every few months. Lots of sticks rocks and roots around lol. I had enough so i bought this litt... read more »

Works well for my needs

25 Jul, 2019
Bought these for an out door solar rig i have goign and needed somethings a bit more outdoor friendly. when i saw these up i figured why not give them a try and see how things go and they work great s... read more »

So Far so good.

17 Jun, 2019
5/5 on quality and speed. I have 2 Orbital sanders the Ryobi and a tacklife. Both use this size and 5 hole set up. the Holes lined up perfectly with the vaccume holes and the grits lasted so far very... read more »

good quality Metal great for a Gift :)

12 May, 2019
I bought this for my father for fathersday. I hope he will like it. for this price i was expecting plastic parts and fake casing but this is actually a decent metal material. great quality img of hte... read more »

Not bad had to sharpen

29 Apr, 2019
I got this set to help with finishing some of my wooden plaques i make and i have to say their not too bad. i did have to sharpen them as they were dull and very blunt out of box. not sure why they do... read more »

its ok for straight bottles

25 Apr, 2019
The clip is fine works in many angels but the main issue is what you can put in it. i tried my coffee cup thermis and that didnt fit. than i tried my 16 oz water bottle that didnt fit so i tried a bas... read more »


07 Apr, 2019
1 penny was too much when i bought these i didnt expect to hear tinny junk you cant use these even for audiobooks its that bad. Nope junk trash!!! and im not one to trash talk a product but this is ju... read more »

If i could give a negitive i would

07 Apr, 2019
This is terrible there is no audio to them worth anything. you can barely hear music if you raise the volume it turns into a tinny mess of sound i bought this and the black and both are JUNK! Trash No... read more »

Lost a star only half works sadly Galxsy S8+

24 Mar, 2019
Got this for the wife as her other one was small and only wotrked landscape. which was OK for watching her shows and Videos while laying down. She wanted somethign taller so she can play her game on t... read more »

Loving it while i work

04 Mar, 2019
I picked this up to sit next to my scroll saw so id have a better time listing to music vs the shop speakers. I love every second of it. the Volume was perfect at max little to no distortion. Granted... read more »

they work well

23 Dec, 2018
Whats to say they are keyrings of variouse sizes. their alittle stiff to use but not too bad. i use them for my wood working and crafts. ill more than likely buy another set of the actual sizes i need... read more »

Works like a charm

12 Dec, 2018
I am very pleased with this and it looks cool. I needed a splitter for my rasbery pie stuff so i can connect mroe than one computer and this worked liek a dream. easy press button to switch between th... read more »

Great kit to have on hand

08 Dec, 2018
I got this as a quick kit to have in my draw for when i need a quick seam fix. i recently got this and was not disapointed in any way. this came with a seam ripper measureing tape and pins. its a life... read more »

Strongly sugest not buying this

19 Nov, 2018
I rarely ever write a negitive review but this mouse needs one. Does it work yes. The dpi is so High the pointer is uncontrolable. if you change mouse pads it slows down a tiny bit but still crazy. Th... read more »

Works great

16 Nov, 2018
I bought this as a backup to the other kit being how well the other one i had worked i wanted that extra hand so i do not have to keep swapping out bits all the time. This came with a small stock of d... read more »

Disapointed but their ok

15 Nov, 2018
Sadly i was disapointed in these. they looked so nice i just had to have them as a husky owner and wolf this was perfect. but when i got them i was like ohh wow than i took them out and went what is t... read more »

what can i say it has it all.

15 Nov, 2018
I got this and another drill kit but this one had so much in it i couldnt resist. i wanted something quick i can grab and go and still have the basics with out having to deal with lokoing for tools an... read more »

whats to say their great!

11 Nov, 2018
I make keychains out of wood and needed a restock of rings. i have seen many different sizes and costs and this was actually one the sets i was looking at. gave them a try and they fit perfect. its a... read more »

Wife approved

11 Nov, 2018
Got these for the wife for her cakes. she was looking for strong dourable bottoms other than the thin paper she was youing. I saw these and figured lets give them a shot. after getting them she put th... read more »

Wife loved it

29 Oct, 2018
I got this for over the top of a small wall we have between rooms. Its an odd space and we hang christmas ornaments form the top so i wanted something more that i can do for the wifes favorite holiday... read more »

Sadly did not work for my needs but they arent all bad

14 Oct, 2018
Sadly these did not workl well enough for my needs. the size was alot smaller than i thought which made oddly shaped fake window designs. some did not even stick at all. i contacted the company did no... read more »

Very usefull and works well for almost any size pot

14 Sep, 2018
I got this for the wife as our old one was kinda large and in charge. I figured something more compact and adjustable would be handy and this proved its self very well. The steele is not too thin as t... read more »

Works great for my bike

03 Sep, 2018
I have a manual hand pump i have strapped to the side of my bike and its such a pain to use when i need alot of air in teh tire from sitting a season or from a long ride that i wanted something more.... read more »

Great Product for a great price

02 Sep, 2018
I needed something to draw out my plans for my woodworking and i wanted to be able to take notes when needed. I came across this set which had multi colors so i can kinda do layered drawings and very... read more »

Love Love Love this light

27 Aug, 2018
This light is wonderful. i got it for a backup to my garage light over the work bench and this became my new goto light. its so much more brighter than i thought it would be pushing almost close to a... read more »

Works great

18 Aug, 2018
Love it used it on my second fountain. this seems to have more power than the other company i bought from but all in all im pleased with it. read more »

Stay away from this unless you wish to watch your device die

07 Aug, 2018
So i notified the company 1st thing when i realised this was happening. the magnets to hold it closed are too strong and it messed with the amazon fire tablets. once the magnet gets too close it cause... read more »

I really like this

03 Aug, 2018
I got this for a mini water fall project i was working on and it worked wonderfully. this panel even worked under cloud cover which most just stop. Im actually planning to buy more soon. The 1.8 watt... read more »

I simpley love this set

17 Jul, 2018
I bought this for the main reason of making some Yard bowling games for when we have BBQs. I took some old wood flooring and made a lane and placed these at the bottom and they worked great. Wish they... read more »

Great audio full bass.

15 Jul, 2018
I got these to replace my old speaker headphones that didnt have great audio. i wanted inner ear plug style to try them out. my bluetooth set was liek that. I have to say i was pleasently surprised at... read more »

Love this

15 Jul, 2018
Hvs ro say when i saw the size i was concerned that these would be small not brihgt lights you see at the 1$ store and i was strongly surprised at how well these are made. I have a few similar full si... read more »

Its a little large and needs some extra care

19 Jun, 2018
I have to say i was surprised when this finally showed up on my doorstep to say the least. it looked much smaller than it actually was. even my wife questioned its size. as for flexibility you can ben... read more »

Mother inlaw Loves this cofee grinder

12 Jun, 2018
I got this as a gift for my mother inlaw and for my insainity cause the eletric grinder was killer to my ears. When i gave this to her she was like ok and? i said give it a shot well we learned a few... read more »

I love this paper cutter

02 Jun, 2018
My old one has seen better days for sure so i got this for when that one dies. well i tested this one and Love it. smooth clean lines the measurements are actually correct unliek my old one that was o... read more »

Its an Ok wifi repeter nothing special

23 May, 2018
I connected this up and used it as a repeter and yea it works the speeds were pretty much the saem as my laptop on a regular connection. It is a nice small design which has alot working for it and con... read more »

Nice little card reader

23 May, 2018
This card reader is about the size of a thumb drive and worked pretty well took a bit for my computer to install and accept the use of any cards in it but all in all it worked well. Once it was set up... read more »

very broight and works great in my workshop

19 May, 2018
I needed a light in a few of my work shops cabinets. I was able to mount this easily inside and since its motion activated i have light only when i open the door. I added the hooks to the other one an... read more »

Love Love Love this light.

09 May, 2018
This is one very bright Light. Its cool white coloring is perfect for above my workbench and looks fun. I mounted this and lite up so i can do work in the night and it works wonders. while i have the... read more »

Great for light laundry indoor and outdoor.

16 Apr, 2018
I got this for my wife to be hung across the basment near the washer so that some of her air drys had a place to go or when she was needed something to hang long cloth on to air dry. This worked great... read more »

Confortable seat for my bike

14 Apr, 2018
I bought this for my bike but my wife stole it for hers. Now i have to buy another one. Its quality foam incerts with ting frips for when you place it on the seat it has minimal slipping. a draw strin... read more »

what more can you ask for french!

12 Apr, 2018
and the last pair i bought of htese cards was the french and liek the others the phrases are handy and easy to learn and would be helpful in a pinch and somethign interesting to use while on a long tr... read more »

cant get enough of these cards

12 Apr, 2018
i think i own the entire set and this one is no different than the others. my mother inalw took this one and is having fun reading them and trying to learn them. sicne i listen and watch anime alot as... read more »

Interesting playing cards

12 Apr, 2018
Just like the others i was not disapointed in the least. these came just as the others and have very useful phrases on them. i might even mix them up to get a good over all balance od languages. read more »

Learn Italian while playing poker aleways fun.

10 Apr, 2018
This pack has alot of the basic words you need to learn to just have fun and understand what is being said and fill in the blanks after. I find these to be interesting as i have always wanted to learn... read more »

German Playing cards what more can you ask for.

10 Apr, 2018
I saw these and just knew they were unique. I have yet to see actual playing cards that you can learn somethign from while playing poker with your friends. These cards would make a fun drinking game t... read more »

Worked great for my usb Hub

24 Mar, 2018
Was compatible with my usb hub which is what i hoped it would work for. im very pleased with it and the construction is just liek any other power adapter you will buy. All in all im happy and if anyth... read more »

One of the best kits ive gotten

02 Mar, 2018
I got this for the sole purpose for drafting up plans for my wood working. my wife was getting anoied at all the napkins and papers around. this was my idea to solve that issue and it works great. read more »

great auto locking hanger

19 Feb, 2018
This was a test purchase before buying more. one hting to note is this is a pressure lock so as soon as you place the weight inside it uses gravity to light the lock into place. works Flawlessly and i... read more »

Lovely small battery banks

07 Feb, 2018
This came a sa pair of 2200mah battery banks they are nic eand small can fit in your hand little bigger than a lighter. came with 2 small usb cords and for headphones and my wireless earbuds this save... read more »

Its small compact and works great for my tablet.

29 Jan, 2018
I bought this for my tablet, so when i game on it i can see it better than when its laying flat next to me. I was not disapointed. this worked more than i had expected. balance was perfect the angle w... read more »

looks great

29 Jan, 2018
Wife is doing mosaic tiles so i bought here these and she loves them. Fully charged they are very bright and light the garden nicely. the solar panel is of decent size to charge the light. battery lif... read more »

Wonderful coushion.

19 Jan, 2018
I have owned a few of these and my old one finally just gave out over the years. when i saw this one I thought why not give it a shot its the same shape and size and i was not disapointed. I love this... read more »

Great power splitter

10 Jan, 2018
I bought this to go with my peddles this worked great splitting the power source flawlessly so far no issues just with teh cords were a little longer other than that they work great. read more »

Used htis on my Keyboard worked great

10 Jan, 2018
I have to say i was skeptical but this worked great so much better than my old cable that came with the keyboard. the cat ate it so i needed to replace the cable this worked flawlessly with my softwar... read more »

Love the metal coil

02 Jan, 2018
This was so interesting and different as its metal. i was so surprised when i got it the quality is great the flexibility is perfect for my needs and the weight is no mroe than a necklace. All in all... read more »

Works wonderfully

27 Dec, 2017
The cord coil is a little stiff but after a few uses it streaches nicely and works great. The red color is more towards the pink line but im not much for careing about colors. All in all it carrys sou... read more »

nice little meter for bike rides

13 Dec, 2017
Once you learn how to use it it works very well and keeps fairly acturate time and distance. It has an easy set up with ties and tape to use. will connect to any handlebars and spoke as well as fork.... read more »

Lovely crochet Mermaid blanket

13 Dec, 2017
I got this for my wife and she loves it. the detail in tehy scales is nice once the item is streached out. It is kinda slim so i would not say one size fits all but it would come close ot it. All in a... read more »

I love it

02 Dec, 2017
I have to say this was a impulse buy since i already had one from this company but i loved seeing the silver. Thsi one actually works better than my black one as it has more strength and pressure on t... read more »

quality is very nice

28 Nov, 2017
I bought this for my wifes friend who was looking for one to try out as shes getting into some gym thing. and asked me to look for one well i found one and this was not a dissapointment. you will lovc... read more »

Works great

28 Nov, 2017
The screen size is perfect and this read my notes better than my other tuner. Simple set up as you just connect the meter to the sensor and clip to the guitar. or you can use the built in Mic to trigg... read more »

once charged this is awesome

26 Nov, 2017
i love this little compact amp i can pop in my headphones pratice for a bit or i can hook this up to my stereo of computer and record myself directly. very easy to use and the build is fair and light... read more »

Not the greatest but it kinda works

19 Nov, 2017
One hting to not with this is the Thumb hole is not wide enough to rest right in your hand it folds up and gets in teh way. i ended up talking a sizzor and cutting it a littel to amke it lay flat when... read more »

Nice quality cable for my guitar

19 Nov, 2017
This was a great add to my collection as my solid black wire died out on me and was making crackling noises. So I bought thiis and Love it. it has a braided mesh that wraps the cord so its very flexib... read more »

This is alot of picks im set for a long time

19 Nov, 2017
I thought i was buying 5 picks and got 50 i really need to read. The thickness was perfect the size was actually pretty small compaired to what im used to but was ideal for my acustic. Its a hard plas... read more »

This was so cute

19 Nov, 2017
I bought this for my dog as he vanishes at night in the yard now he cant hide from me. The only down side was the magnet fell out when i got it so i contacted them and they said glue it back in. i did... read more »

Love this stand

11 Nov, 2017
Bought this for my accustic cause the old stand kept falling over and this one looks and works awesomely. I love it the most im so goign to buy more when i have the money. You can adjust the base to t... read more »

Its ok for a spinner

27 Oct, 2017
The over all quality was ok. its made of generic plastic and when it showed up the packaging was a bit beat up and i had to put the bearings back in place with their plastic covers. it spins just fine... read more »

Lost a star for button quality

19 Oct, 2017
The switcher works great its just the button that can be a pain. This lost one star for that factor as its small and when pressed doesnt always work. The frame is made of metal which is a nice change... read more »

Great quality very well made just wish it was less Gold

19 Oct, 2017
The crystal has flex in it so it sparkles a little but its beuatyful. theres Gold bracing that wraps the stone and attaches to the chain. the chain is a weird double loop that took soem figureing out... read more »

A cube that actually works smoothly

15 Oct, 2017
I bought several of these cubes and thy were all epic fails. This one was very well made no siezed up parts everyting works flawlessly love it. read more »

Wonderful adapter for my blueray player

12 Oct, 2017
This worked awesomely for my blueray player i wanted to hook up a speaker system to the blueray and well this worked perfectly. the quality is to my ears the same but with the surround sound on its mu... read more »

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