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Cheap broke when taking off after burning my ears

03 Feb, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #crap read more »

Breaks a window but doesn’t charge in cig lighter charge port made with a point not a comparable.

27 Jan, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #jinjafo    this is does not work in my cigarette lighter so the ports are useless however it will break a window in an emergency with the sharp... read more »

great product and as described. Can be used as a cushion inside too.

09 Jan, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #jackstarkvery comfortable and afordable. I am Very pleased and the size is perfect for us. Very comfortable. The kids even lay on it while we watch movies. Ver... read more »

Never got it and no response from seller

09 Jan, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #kingcampnevwr got this product I have Attempted email and no response so I am Hoping for one this way so I can Properly review the item  read more »

Not as thick but did the trick thanks

09 Jan, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #ranktooth   little rough so needs to be secured just right it’s not very thick but will do. Thanks  read more »

Not very strong worked for a couple weeks

08 Jan, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #AOPETIO loved it at first the ring is pretty stiff but is flexible and moves. The magnet isn’t very strong at all and after 2 weeks it would not stay... read more »

Very good idea! 2 in 1 and great deal

02 Jan, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #shenzhenliyuanshun 2 in 1 Charger I can Charge my Samsung and iPhone on the same cord. Wonderful idea and easy to use thank u.  read more »

Excellent and long lasting good motion sensors too

31 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #fotop   these lights are awesome. Not too bright or dim. I can Get my things without waking up my husband. It detects motion only when I come In or... read more »

Crap stand and made so generic

31 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #Rock what a waste of money. Just a crappy uneven stand with no plug or anything just a molded piece of crap. Don’t waste ur money use a cardboard box.... read more »

This bag is so thick and durable I was Impressed

31 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #mupack this bag is very thick however very durable and adjustable. It is made with good material and Has been drug around without any ware and tear at all I... read more »

This is awesome and inexpensive for those with diagnostic needs without high fees

31 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #AMillion this is a very low cost diagnostic machine which works vry well and has had the same codes listed as the $1000+ machines. Just plug it in and Bluet... read more »

Good case but plastic isn’t worth a $1k phone

31 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #CLONGdirect Phone case has bumpers which protect the phone however plastic is not strong enough to trust a 1k iPhone however the screen protector case has B... read more »

Nice slides however does not move however motor runs

28 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #(Beiyihomes-us    wasthis light was bright and had a lot of slides however confusing to setup and the images never would rotate. The engine mad... read more »

This product won’t be this cheap long it’s amazing

28 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #gulaki   this camera has a scope that is long and flexible with a light and a camera at the end. It also came with hooks so if you drop something do... read more »

Amazing sponges! They have little bristles close together and work

28 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #chenjxus these new century sponges are bright and are easy to use along with cleaning. They have small soft however tough scrubbing plastic type bristles th... read more »

#rankbooster cable for instruments

28 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #mugig this cord is made of good quality and has recently been upgraded   My friends use it with their guitars and it helps the music sound great. Good... read more »

#rankbooster very good quality my best friends studio is complete.

28 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #petergoodman microphone for studio was a very good value and creates good sound and durability. Thank you read more »

Perfect for moving around however the holder is touch and hurts

24 Dec, 2017
the round holder is a bit heavy which I’m assuming it’s tough because it’s new however it’s convenient I have It on my phone and a magnet on my dash so it sticks right on. Pret... read more »

There are 3 small and 3 medium soft zipqble bags.

24 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #emperor i love them I put Makeup in the small one and drag it around and my dlcates in another they haven’t work out. I’m pleased. Multi use bag... read more »

Very good idea and price

21 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #Topoint   I love This. I can Watch my SIM card video or pictures and have watched my app on Samsung from my Mac to my tv with an hdmi. I havent Figur... read more »

Very good quality for learners and sturdy good deal

21 Dec, 2017
  #RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #Mugig  I didn’t expect this to sound so good. Comes in a box that fits it and is made well. We have dropped it and it doesn’t soun... read more »

This is a good stand however a bit flimsy

21 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #Mugig  Mugig mmmmmmmmmm https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B019DTF1MA?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd I the Stand folds great and is basic however is a b... read more »

Very comfortable and fits great no snagging

21 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #Supore https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B074RGX8QY?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd I love This band it fit and is exactly as described no color change with water... read more »

I donated this to my step sons school they love it.

21 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #Mugig   I have Already seen them perform at a school concert with it and it is sturdy and easy to put away. Wonderful product read more »

Amazing my feet always hurt in heels

21 Dec, 2017
RankBoosterReview ii. #Spo nsored iii. #MYMIER read more »

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