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Gets the job done

21 Mar, 2019
I've had a few of these.  This one is pretty good....got the job done :).  I just wish they would warm up easier. read more »

Useless, too slow

21 Mar, 2019
I did like how well it was assembled, and the rotating and multiple connection was nice, but the first thing I was interested in was it's read/write performance.  I ran DiskMark on it, and fo... read more »

High quality fast charger

21 Mar, 2019
I got it and the first thing I noticed was the high quality of the packaging.  Once out of the package, the device was surprisingly hefty and all seams and assemblies appeared well finished. ... read more »

Smaller than expected, but it gets the job done

14 Mar, 2019
The wife and I tried it out.  She likes that there are 3 "steady" functions along with a slection of others.  It is a bit smaller than other wands we've used, but that does not... read more »

Cool, but can't get remote to work

14 Mar, 2019
I got it, plugged it in, and it lit up.  There is a tiny touch sensitive metalic "nub" near the charging port when touched will cycle the color to another, or put it on "slow fade... read more »

Good for the wife

14 Mar, 2019
My wife likes it.  Inserted she finds it amusing, but she likes it externally.  The only thing I am concerned about is the charging method.  You have to stab the charger through the sil... read more »

Cute, but arrived bent.

12 Mar, 2019
I got these as a promo and as a gift for someone.  They arrived slightly folded, but that didnt affect their use.  They are cute enough for their intended purpose....putting in random places... read more »

Great for loose shed hair

12 Mar, 2019
I have a black lab/German Sheppard.  When he sheds, he looks terrible, and there are piles of it.  We got these after I pulled out most of his shed hair with a sawblade style brush, so there... read more »

Gets my wife where she needs to go

12 Mar, 2019
I got this as part of a promo.  We tried it out, and found out that the part that vibrates is useful on its own, but its difficult to use both the vibrating part and the insertable portion at the... read more »

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