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Love love love this wireless charger

08 Sep, 2020
I have had a magnetic wireless charger in the past and the magnet was so week my phone fell off every time I hit a bump but I no longer have this problem, this wireless charger is awesome! #RankBoo... read more »

Small but mighty :)

08 Sep, 2020
These foil containers are small, but they are good quality and work great for prepping individual servings in advance.  I fill the containers and then come home and just pop them in the toaster o... read more »

Great Jump Rope

08 Sep, 2020
I gave this jump rope to my neice and she loves it. The functionality allows her to track what she has done and challenge herself to beat herself from use to use.     #RankBoosterRevie... read more »

Love these bags

22 Jul, 2020
I love that these bags are compostable and reliable at the same time. They work great in my bathroom and have never had any issue with ripping or needing to double bag.    #RankBoosterRev... read more »

Just what my glasses needed

22 Jul, 2020
No need to pay for repair or new glasses now that I have this kit, anyone with glasses should have one on hand so when your glasses break you have the ability to easily fix them. #RankBoosterReview... read more »

Colorful gift bags

22 Jul, 2020
Great little bags and such bright beautiful colors. They really brighten up the party! #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #LovesTown read more »

Great replacement battery

08 Jul, 2020
The battery works great in my dyson dc59, it was easy to install and after the new battery and filter it is like having a brand new vacuum again. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #FLYLINKT... read more »

Great for pool floats

08 Jul, 2020
After another pumteck pump being a big hit as a gift I got this for blowing up pool floats and absolutely love it.  I am a big fan of it being cordless, I can use it at the pool without worrying... read more »

Awesome air pump

08 Jul, 2020
I gave this pump as a gift to my friends kids as the boys are preteen and active in sports, they LOVED it.  One of the boys was so impressed by how it well it worked that he hid it in his bedroom... read more »

Stylish and works great

01 Jun, 2020
Sometimes a real keyboard is just needed so I was excited to try this case and very happy I did. The case looks great, keyboard works well and battery lasts.  Overall a very happy camper :) #R... read more »

Kids love them

01 Jun, 2020
In the past we have picked up similar water blasters at the store and thought these were the same thing, but when theya arrived they were quite a bit smaller than what we had in the past so I wasn'... read more »

No longer searching for the right size wrench

11 May, 2020
Everytime I buy something that comes with a wrench I think I put it somewhere I will find it but sure enough I never find the right one and always searching for the right size... but that is a problem... read more »

Now a fan of Beeswax Polish

11 May, 2020
Had never used beeswax furniture polish before and wasn't sure what to expect, this stuff exceeded my expectations.  My table was dull and lackluster but now looks brand new, wish I had found... read more »

Love my iPad Case

11 May, 2020
I am not super picky about my cases, basicly I need it to do what it should - PROTECT MY IPAD. And thankfullyt his case does the job.     #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #SENGBIRCH read more »

Kid approved

17 Mar, 2020
This scratch set came the other day and I was very impressed with the quality of the paper.  The paper is nice and thick so there is no concern of it tearing while trying to create designs,  ... read more »

Loving the pastry mat

17 Mar, 2020
I had an old pastry mat that my mother no longer used, it was Tupperware and great quality but unfortunately a month ago I decided to put it in the dishwasher and it didn't survive.  Aft... read more »

Super CUTE head scarf

17 Mar, 2020
Bought this for a friends son who rides dirt bikes and loves dogs, it is super cute on him and he loves it.  Definatley happy I got it for him and very happy with the quality of the head scarft.... read more »

Great cordless inflator

01 Feb, 2020
This is just what I needed.  I have a snowblower with a bad tire so it reguarly needs inflated and this being cordless makes adding air an easy task.  I love that it is cordless but also has... read more »

Hair feels great

01 Feb, 2020
Due to some health issues I had some hair loss and now I'm left trying to make the best of the situation.  I recieved this shampoo a week ago and can already feel a difference in the texture... read more »

Waterproof and looks good too

16 Jan, 2020
My puppy gets cold easily so I got her this jacket for the cold, windy, winter days.  It fits her well, keeps her warm and dry, and to top it off she looks adorable too! #RankBoosterReview &nb... read more »

Great bathroom trash bags

16 Jan, 2020
I love that these bags a strong and don't easily tear but also biodegradable trash bags.  They work great for the bathroom trash and would buy agian.    #RankBoosterReview &nb... read more »

Perfect for my niece

16 Jan, 2020
Got this for my neice's 8th birthday and it is just adorable.  It helped make her special day a little bit more special.   #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #JulyLab read more »

Great bag

16 Jan, 2020
I needed a bag for work and this backback is perfect.  I'm not worried about using it in the New England weather since it is waterproof and it has plenty of compartments to keep me organized... read more »

Gets the job done

29 Dec, 2019
These batteries are reiable and get the job done.  Very happy with them and would buy again. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #EBL read more »

Great storage solution

29 Dec, 2019
My mother has had some health issues over the last few years and it has resulted in a large amount of first aid supplies that never seem to have a home.  They are still used as needed but they we... read more »

Good quality gift tags

29 Dec, 2019
Purchased these gift tags for christmas and was very impressed with the quality.  The paper was thick and not easily bent while also having a string long enough to tie onto something without stru... read more »

Great backup for when power goes out

13 Dec, 2019
Who ever came up with this idea deserves an award, it is great.  The bulbs are just what you need in a storm when power goes out, just when we needed.   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored &... read more »

Long Lasting Battery

13 Dec, 2019
Great battery, easy to use and has enough charges to charge my phone quite a few times before needing recharged.  Everyone should have one on hand, you never know when you will need it. #RankB... read more »

Easy to use Razon

13 Dec, 2019
Now I don't have to worry about running out of razors, all I have to do is recharge it.  Great razor, works well and charges quickly.     #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored i... read more »

Works Great

13 Dec, 2019
I live in New England and the changing temps often lead to the tire sensor going on for no reason and now I have a way to easily check so I know if I actually have a problem or if it is just a weather... read more »

A must have for winter wind

15 Nov, 2019
Love these ear muffs, they are a definate must have for winter.  The material is soft and durable and the wrap stays in place so your ears stay covered and look good too! #RankBoosterReview #S... read more »

Just what I needed for the power outage

15 Nov, 2019
I bought this just in time... A couple of weeks ago we had a wind/rain storm and the power was out for 13 hours.  Thankfully I had purchased this a few days before and had it fully charged so whe... read more »

Most convenient cord ever!

24 Oct, 2019
Love this cord, no mater what you need to charge you have the right connection and the design lets it coil up nicely when not in use and stretch when needed.  Think I will be buying more as stock... read more »

Had high hopes

13 Oct, 2019
Was very excited for this dog feeder since I got a new puppy and wanted to make sure she had food 3 times a day even when no one home to feed her on her scheudle, however the unit I recieved was nothi... read more »

So far so good

13 Oct, 2019
Have had this for a few weeks now and it is too soon to see real results but the hair growth seems to be slowing down so I think it is working :)    #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored... read more »

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