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Its ok

04 Dec, 2019
It's ok. It does the job but it's not that soft read more »

For valentine

04 Dec, 2019
Perfect for ny valentine party dinner.  It's cute and very durable..good quality.  read more »

My brother loves it

04 Dec, 2019
My brother is happy with this. He said its sturdy and very durable. Good quality.  read more »

Perfect for camping

04 Dec, 2019
I bought this specifically for camping..this would be perfect for our wet clothes. Durable and sturdy.  read more »

Perfect container

04 Dec, 2019
Very high quality. Durable and sturdy.  read more »

Great wreath

28 Nov, 2019
Its durable and sturdy and perfect for arts and craft.  read more »

Works perfectly

28 Nov, 2019
Works perfectly.  I have no issue using this. Very sturdy and durable. read more »

Smaller than I expected

28 Nov, 2019
It's nice quality but ih ts smaller than I expected it to be. read more »

Felt coaster

28 Nov, 2019
This is funny. Nice quality. Absorbent.   read more »


28 Nov, 2019
Cheapy made and not worth purchasing read more »

Cute stocking

28 Nov, 2019
Very nice. High quality. Very good deal. Love it read more »

Very cute

20 Nov, 2019
Great item. Material is good. It's really cute perfect for this holiday.  read more »

Perfect for xmas

18 Nov, 2019
This are so cute. I love them. Its bright and its solar.  read more »

Works great

18 Nov, 2019
Everything works great except  For the micro SD I'm getting an error.  Sturdy enough to be a great addition to my son.  read more »

Great hat

18 Nov, 2019
I love it. Fit adult or my 4 year old son. Great hat. read more »

Cute outfit

18 Nov, 2019
Fit perfectly.  Very comfortable.  Love it. Cute outfit read more »

So cute

04 Nov, 2019
Its so cute..very nice product. I'm so.excited to show it to my son read more »

Great items

04 Nov, 2019
Lots of variety and great products. I love it. Will give it to teachers appreciation day.  read more »


15 Oct, 2019
It's really cute and very easy to use and assemble read more »

Its cute

15 Oct, 2019
It's cute but not that great. Alot of rattan sticking out and glue all over bag.  read more »

Its cute

15 Oct, 2019
It's very cute but not that great. Material is ok.  read more »

Nice banner

30 Sep, 2019
It looks exactly like the picture but quality is ok read more »


30 Sep, 2019
Collecting for a DIY paint activity birthday and this is great addition. Very nice quality. Sturdy.  read more »

Great diy

30 Sep, 2019
Collecting for a DIY paint activity birthday and this is great addition. Very nice quality. read more »


26 Sep, 2019
I so love it. It cute on me. My only issue is have hole in the pockets. Stitches issue read more »

Very cute

26 Sep, 2019
Cant express how I love this beanie. Very soft. It's so cute. Love it.  read more »

I love it

26 Sep, 2019
Wallet and phone case In one. I dont need to carry a wallet because it's already in my phone case. It's very durable and sturdy.   read more »

so cute

13 Sep, 2019
its so cute. i ordered 1 size up but it jst barely fit my son. his big toe is out of the slipper lol but its very cut and soft made read more »

soft and cute

13 Sep, 2019
its very very cute and soft made. its perfct fit for me. i truly love them read more »


26 Aug, 2019
its nice item. durable and stiry but the pillow stop inflating. but overall its great read more »

its ok

26 Aug, 2019
its ok. durable and sturdy. necklace broke though read more »

great deal

26 Aug, 2019
very great deal. its durable just like the one you bought at the store but much cheaper in price. read more »

mterial ok

25 Aug, 2019
it does it part. material ok but not absorbent. bright color ful aprons read more »

i love it

20 Aug, 2019
if i can give 6 stars i would. im totally inlove with this diaper caddy. this is a life saver. i love overall about it. 3 compartment and the main compartment have alot of spaces. love the color picke... read more »

serves it purpose

14 Aug, 2019
material is ok. it serves it purpose. so excited to use this. my son is 4 years old and size 2 feet and 6 inches and this apron fit him good. this would be perfect for his upcoming birthday art theme.... read more »

its ok not that great

03 Aug, 2019
im expecting more about this item since the price is $30 but its not that great. its hard to connect and not that clear. read more »

fit perfectly

03 Aug, 2019
it fit perfectly. my husband love it alot. its so comfortable and the fabric material is super soft. the colors are vibrant and bright.  read more »

soft pair outfit

03 Aug, 2019
im so surprise about the material. its really really soft fabric and love the colors. so vibrant and bright. i love the dress. so comfortable to wear. read more »

Tiny but awesome drone

30 Jul, 2019
Very tiny drone but it works really really great. My son had fun with it for couple of minutes. very easy to fly it around and easy to read instrunctions with step by step directions how to pair it an... read more »

the best thing

18 Jul, 2019
i receive this today and tried it already. this is the best thing that i ever bought. works well and works like magic. we will be bringing this on camping trip next month.  read more »

it works

15 Jul, 2019
very high quality made. not a cheapy foam door stopper. colors are vibrant and bright. it works as expected read more »

cute dress

11 Jul, 2019
it is a bodycon and its really really cute. its better than i expected. very nice fabric and doesnt look really cheap. i love the color and design. read more »

Receive 3 wrong cover design

09 Jul, 2019
its very cute and high quality canvas material. my only issue is i receive 3 wrong design. im not happy about it. read more »

cute but small

07 Jul, 2019
its a complete set and its very very cute but way too small. read more »

lot of Storage

05 Jul, 2019
alot of storage. used this a sa jewelry making kit but the plastic a little cheappy made but the storage is alwasy a plus read more »

Tiny but Powerful

05 Jul, 2019
I bought it for My Son. its very very strong wind coming out on this tiny fan. Very good quality.  read more »

Love it

26 Jun, 2019
I gave it to someone and she totally loved it. its very colourful and very nice quality. light and it comes with a free wristbands. it cools waiter long enough. love the print read more »

Great Purchase for The price

26 Jun, 2019
very high quality made. love the colors and vibrancy. plus it comes with its own holder. We love it read more »

Runs Small

26 Jun, 2019
My son is 4 years old and wear size 5. So i ordered size 6 to 7 years old thats 1 or 2 size up his usual size. Its very very cute print and very high quality fabric but the sizing is way off. He cant... read more »

Very cute storage

18 Jun, 2019
Kid Approved. It's very very cute storage. Its bigger than I expected and have alot of room. It's very high quality felt fabric but not for heavy lifting. I'm going to use it for My Son to... read more »

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