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04 Nov, 2020
These are pretty cute, the head bands don't seem to be the hard plastic kind, they are flexible and would fit kids or adults. The slap braclets are weird, don't know that we will use them. One... read more »


30 Oct, 2020
These aren't amazing but they will get the job done. Gives you enought to make sure everything is held together while you sew.  read more »

Good Quality

30 Aug, 2020
My only complaint is the glitter doesn't seem to stick on them, the package had loose glitter all over it and so did all of the rings. read more »


30 Aug, 2020
These appear to be good quality and the lids even have an edge so that they stay on the box. read more »


24 Jul, 2020
We've been making masks to sell due to COVID and these are amazing, they help to make masks adjustable and people love them, they are a bit of a struggle to get on but once they're on the help... read more »


18 Jul, 2020
Not 100% sure how to use these yet but they will be extremely helpful in making masks, not everyone wants elactis, some prefer the ties so this will help make them match the masks better using the sam... read more »


07 Jul, 2020
They are very handy read more »

Great Deal

30 Jun, 2020
Good set, love the price read more »

Great Quality

30 Jun, 2020
Great product for the price read more »


30 Jun, 2020
There are a lot in the pack for the price read more »

Love these

24 Jun, 2020
I actually like this a lot better than I was expecting, I have tried several different styles of no show socks and only one brand has worked well for me. I love that these are very thick so my feet do... read more »

Seem to be decent

09 Jun, 2020
These seem like they are going to be pretty good, they are squishy so I think they will help my feet in the long run, they are a bit bigger than I was expecting so I am not sure how they will fit in s... read more »

Works well, suction cups are annoying

16 Apr, 2020
This works really well for catching hair in my shower but the suction cuos are not gret, they took forever to get in so I figured they would stay with taking it off the drain every so often but they s... read more »

Super Cute Backpack

19 Feb, 2020
I just got this backpack and love how cut it is, the main opening has a metal support bar that provides extra support when you want it open but doesn't make it bulky and stick out while closed, I... read more »

Great Gift

04 Dec, 2019
Bought this as a gift for my dad for christmas, I have a feeling he will really like this. read more »

Not bad

04 Dec, 2019
This isn't a bad idea, I can see how this would be helpful but when I put it on with it fully tightened it barely stretched at all. Not sure if this will work for me. read more »

Great Gift

02 Dec, 2019
This is a great gift for an XBox lover in your life, they can keep their controllers charged instead of worrying about having to find one that is charged every time they want to play. read more »

Great Gift

02 Dec, 2019
This a great gift for someone that has a PS4, they can charge two controllers at the same time and this style is easier to use than the stacked versions in my opinion. It even comes with bonus little... read more »


02 Dec, 2019
These are by no means your everyday charging cable, they are to short for what most people need, but they do they their ups for when you are using a laptop or an outlet on a desk or something. I knew... read more »

Perfect Gift

02 Dec, 2019
This is a great item for people that already have GameCube controllers they want to make use of. Works great with the Switch, my only complaint is it takes both usb ports but with being able to plug 4... read more »

Well Made

26 Nov, 2019
These cords seem to be really well made, love that the base box has 2 ports so more than one thing can get charged at a time. Would be a great gift read more »

Decent Scissors

24 Nov, 2019
These seem to be decent scissors, they don't come with a cover which is a little annoying but thats easy to get over. I didn't like how they came shipped, they were just in a box with a bubble... read more »


18 Nov, 2019
Great little bath pillow, comes in a box with a cute heart shaped lufa, the pillow, and a mesh bag to dry it in. It has 5 large suction cups on it to make sure it stays on your tub and has a hook at t... read more »

Great Starter Kit

03 Nov, 2019
This is a great kit for someone getting started with resin crafting, the molds are great, I love that they included a smaller drill and eyelets to screw into the charms. The only thing that would have... read more »

Great Kit

24 Oct, 2019
This is a great kit to have around, it came with so many of each hanger, and the screws are color coated to match the hanger they go with. My only complaint is that it came pretty mixed up. I spent a... read more »

Super Cute

19 Oct, 2019
This outfit is super cute, it does run a little small so definetly order a size up, two if you are between sizes. Thin flowy material, vibrant colors.  read more »

Great Bags

18 Oct, 2019
Love these, much better than use once plastic bags. Bonus that they are dishwasher safe. They even come with a little brush to help you clean inside them. read more »


19 Sep, 2019
Super cute shirt, I ordered a large because I wanted to be able to wear it with leggings and its the perfect size (I am usually a SM/MD). Its a softy stretchy material and the color is cute. read more »


13 Sep, 2019
Love being able to charge more than one thing at a time, will probably be ordering a few more they are so helpful.  read more »

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