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Fun Kite

16 Jul, 2019
What a great fun item for kids and grown up kids too.Super large size in bright vibrant colours.Easy to put together and has provided hours of fun for my grandchildren aged 7 and 4 and also their Dad... read more »

tablet stand

10 Jul, 2019
this product is a handy ,portable stand for your tablet.It is lightweight so easily carried with you. it is quite sturdy and can hold a weight up to 20lb so could be used for laptops also or really an... read more »

Dolls outfits

14 Jun, 2019
What an excellent set of dolls clothes.Well made.Really pretty outfits and 10 pairs of shoes to go with the clothes.I was very impressed with the quality of these clothes ,far superior to many others... read more »

bottle lights

14 Jun, 2019
Nice little set of coloured led light strings suitable for crafting or home decor.Great because they are bright colours rather than the usual warm white.They do require batteries which means you can g... read more »

Heart necklace

26 May, 2019
This is a really pretty necklace in a rose gold coloured metal.The chain itself is a decent size and clasp on it it easy to use and not too fiddly.The double heart pendant with the white stones inlaid... read more »

Face Paints

21 May, 2019
Good set of face painting crayons with stencils included.The paints go on well and come off easily enough with a baby wipe .The stencils are quite small but there are some nice little designs and patt... read more »

Large make up set

25 Mar, 2019
What a great make up set for tweenies and teenagers.The set itself is beautifully presented in a stylish silver flight case. Large selection of eyeshadows ,blushers and lipsticks with good colour mix... read more »

Hedynshine Scented Candle Set

13 Mar, 2019
Beautifully presented in patterned gift box this set of scented candles in Bohemian patterned lidded tins is a fantastic gift for any occasion.The candles are each scented differently and each tin is... read more »

Felt Christmas Tree

28 Dec, 2018
What a great idea this item is ! Good sized felt cut out Christmas tree that you can pin to the wall or door with a great set of velcro decorations that can be attatched to the tree .Brilliant for fam... read more »

Mandala art set

02 Dec, 2018
This set provides all the tools you would need to create your own mandala patterns on stones.There is a  large assortment of  utensils for dots,lines etc with good sturdy handles.A small mix... read more »

string lights

02 Dec, 2018
Good set of led string lights.very bright .great for craft working or decorating and brightening up any place in the home.as they are battery operated there is no fiddling about looking for sockets to... read more »

Fluffy socks

06 Nov, 2018
Good collection of mixed pattern/coloured fluffy socks.Really cosy socks .Great for the winter.I always buy socks like this for daughters,neices and other female family members to put in with Christma... read more »

fire lantern

06 Nov, 2018
Lovely little decorative latern with log effect.Really pretty and effective.Would look perfect on shelf or alcove.Quite small for on fireplace as it wouldnt fill hearth area but lovely to look at all... read more »

boys jumper

01 Nov, 2018
Boys dinosaur sweatshirt with scale detail on sleeves.Cosy,fun jumper for little boys.Well made and fits true to size.Ideal for the dinosaur fanatics.Washes well with no colour run. read more »

cosy socks

28 Oct, 2018
Cute set of cosy winter/bed socks.nice thick material and supersoft.ideal for keeping little feet warm.fun little animal faces and ears on socks .advertised as one size fits all but these socks are ve... read more »

Pretty lights

26 Oct, 2018
what a really pretty set of solar light with flowers where the bulbs are.Good length of cable and decent sized solar panel included.Lights are quite bright when fully charged and make the garden look... read more »

Dino pyjamas

18 Oct, 2018
What a cute pair of boys pyjamas.Bought for 3 year old dinosaur mad boy and he loves them.Well made and good fit.True to size.No loose threads .Decent quality material and lovely bright colours..Good... read more »

Manicure/Pedicure Kit

18 Oct, 2018
This fabulous little kit has a huge collection of personal grooming accessories not only for hands and feet but also skin care,tweezers etc.There is so much pieces in this kit it is amazing.All access... read more »

drinking straws

15 Oct, 2018
Great set of 8 stainless steel drinking straws in pouch with 2 cleaning brushes.These straws are great for juices and cocktail.They look stylish in the stainless steel.Environmentally friendly as they... read more »

phone case

15 Oct, 2018
Really pretty phone case/holder with touch pen .Well made and fits my phone perfectly.Love the little sparkles on it.Very useful.I also like that you can use the case as a stand for the phone whuch le... read more »

cosy scarf

13 Oct, 2018
This scarf is very long,thick and cosy.Looks very stylish and is of good quality.Feels very soft and not at all scratchy.Suitable for men or women in a trendy cable pattern.This scarf is dark grey fle... read more »

cosy socks

29 Sep, 2018
5 pairs  of pretty socks for little girls.mixed patterns.fun item.well made with no loose threads.good quality material and a good fit .bought these for a 5 year old and they fit perfectly.r... read more »

handy gadget

29 Sep, 2018
this is a very handy gadget for use in the car.perfect for the dashcam.easy to use and has a good grip of camera.i also used it as a holder for phone while using the sat nav on it and found it ideal f... read more »

Handy piece of kitchen equipment

16 Aug, 2018
This larger than normal kitchen utensil container in stainless steel is perfect for all of those kitchen/cooking tools.It is wide and deep which makes it great for fish slices,wooden spoons,potato mas... read more »

pull back cars

16 Aug, 2018
Bought as a gift for a 3 year old .Although these vehicles are rather small and probably more suitable for an older child my grandson loved them.They are not so great on rugs or thick carpets but on a... read more »

Teething aid

05 Aug, 2018
This handy silicone necklace has been a real help to 8 month old teething baby.She is always biting down on it which is helping ease the pain of little teeth popping through the gums.It is well made w... read more »

Dog Bow Tie

31 Jul, 2018
Bought as a novelty gift for a friends little yorkshire terrier.It looked super cute.tie is well made with no loose threads coming from it.It closes with a sliding clip which is easy to use.Nice soft... read more »

Excellent gift

19 Jul, 2018
I bought this as a gift for my soon to be 3 year old grandson.This has kept him amused for hours on end.He especially loves the magnetic fishing game .It is easy for him to use and the parts arent too... read more »

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