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52 year old wife/Mom, living in New York City
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amazing selection

20 Apr, 2021
these are so cute and can easily add a pop of color and fun to any outfit read more »

interestng earrings

24 Mar, 2021
i had thought these were a different kind of earring but i will tell you it's a beautiful set of three sets of earrings, ready to be used right away read more »

cute and funational

11 Jan, 2021
this thumb drive is so cute, i love that   Being able to have something so cute and yet able to use as needed is wonderful read more »

such a comfy mask

18 Dec, 2020
let me start with the fact this mask is so comfy.  It feels rather good on my face and is wider than some other masks i own the color is great as well i really like the fact that the filter... read more »

never received

28 Oct, 2020
i tried, i ordered this back in Sept and as of today i still haven't received anything at all read more »

never received

07 Oct, 2020
i just had to go though Amazon as i never received this item and will be receiving a refund read more »

something i really needed

26 Aug, 2020
i didn't know these things existed before i ordered them, they are soft and smell so good.  in the order i received four different kinds of sticks and have already put one in the drain of my... read more »

it's so cute

07 Jul, 2020
i love this set, it comes with the ears on clips so that you can just put them info your hair and also a metal hairband that you can add the ears to as well.  Such a cute set, can easily see myse... read more »

i love the color of them

05 Jun, 2020
I'm often looking for something with my birthstone color on and this pair of earrings has it.  Comes in a black box with a alcholic prep pad underneath the earrings, so you can clean them cle... read more »

why go out with a boring mask

12 May, 2020
i have wanted a mask like this since i saw someone onlne wearing it, the image on the mask is a cat mouth smiling with whiskers along side the smiling mouth.  It's light and easy to get on, d... read more »

different that the rest

03 Mar, 2020
when i was asked to give this a try i was curious what would it be like.  I've used a few different cleaners on my face, some i felt dried it out which doesn't help me at all, my face is... read more »

beautiful and yet functional paperclips

31 Oct, 2019
Rose gold, it's a beautiful color for jewelry, phone cases so what about paper clips.  Well let me tell you something it really is beautiful this plastic box which also serves as a holder... read more »

a croissant for your neck

23 Aug, 2019
i will fully admit, i have never thought of buying myself a travel pillow but went i saw this, i just had to own it.   The back of the pillow which goes around your neck is quite stuffed, w... read more »

amazing set

26 Mar, 2019
As someone who enjoys making and wearing different kinds of jewelry, this set spoke to me due to the kind of beads that are part of it The kind of beads i'm speaking of are lava stones, which a... read more »

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