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mom and wife. i work day and night. i love reviewing products on social media! i have a 4 year old daughter so i am always looking for items that she will love! i am a huge electronic fan! i am always looking for chargers, battery packs, cases, and anything samsung s8 plus & samsung s7 edge items in general we have tablets too! so we are always looking for heavy duty cases. my husband is a hands on man who always likes surprises from me! i love to give feedback on all my products. also we are a hard working family with a home. our home loves new items to review and share with the world on any social media preference the seller would like!
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My life is now complete!

06 Dec, 2017
I cannot begin to describe how happy I am with this product! I want you to envision the lack of outlets I have with the amounts of electronics I need to charge. We have 4 outlets in my room. one is no... read more »

My first Christmas Projector - Great light for beginners!

02 Dec, 2017
Got my first Christmas projector light show and I forgot to get an extension cord! (Woops!) I will pick one up later today. I have a second projector coming as I envisioned this for the front of the h... read more »

High Quality Action Camera at an Affordable Price!

02 Dec, 2017
There was SO much amazing stuff that came with this camera that I couldn't possibly fit it all. I got this incredibly priced JVMAC Action Camera, Virtoba Touchscreen 20MP 4K Ultra HD Sport Camera... read more »

The Cutest Little Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker

26 Nov, 2017
I am so surprised that I was able to get this Mugig Music Pot. I actually had no idea anything like this even existed. I had to read over the Amazon page a few times just to make sure I wasn't cra... read more »

Easy To Use Wig Stands

26 Nov, 2017
I have a LOT of wigs. So I got these Alotpower Collapsible Wig Stand Portable Wig Dryer 6 Pack Wig Stand Holder off of amazon. In the video photoslide video, I used mostly costume... read more »

The perfect size straws for cups I already own!

25 Nov, 2017
My 4 year old daughter loves when her and I match. We wear the same clothes, wear the same silly glasses, or drink from the same cups! We have a set of emoji cups that we love very much and use quite... read more »

Quality Screen Protection you should't go without!

11 Nov, 2017
Finally got around to getting a screen protector for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I am really happy with this Dendrobates Screen Protector because it fit perfectly the first time with no bubbles! M... read more »

Misleading description

19 Sep, 2017
I suffer from back pain ever since a car injury some years ago. I still have to wake up everyday and be an active person in society. Back support belts wear out over time and are expensive. I saw this... read more »

Makes my phone look new!

31 Aug, 2017
This is a great little case that I was in great need of. I had my old case on my phone since I bought my original galaxy s7 edge phone. I am now on my second galaxy s7 phone almost 2 years later and i... read more »

Fantastic Dual charger

30 Aug, 2017
I find myself in large groups of people often and we are usually carrying around extra batter packs in case someone's phone is almost dead. The new Galaxy s8 seems to be one of those hard to find... read more »

This is a must have for anyone who drives a vehicle.

29 Aug, 2017
 An accident can happen at anytime and the last position you ever want to see yourself is, is in a car that you are stuck in where water is quickly filling your vehicle. Even worse, a child or a... read more »

Incredible little gadget!

29 Aug, 2017
I remember when these first came out and I thought, I absolutely have to have one of these! Finally I was able to get my hands on this one! My favorite colors too! It has kept me busy for hours. I abs... read more »

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