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I always look for the best in the market, mixing price and quality to find the best deal! I usually review in english, but spanish is my native language so I can leave reviews in both languages.
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Great case and supports wireless charging!

08 Jun, 2018
Great quality material and the iPhone feels really secure in this case. The rubber silicone has a nice grip to the hand and also it's easy to take it out of your pocket. (It does not get stuck to... read more »

Great add-on to your front porch

08 Jun, 2018
These work like they’re supposed to. I leave for work around the time it starts getting light, and have seen it turn off. And it turns on when it starts getting dark. These will be really good w... read more »

Just what my pool needed!

08 Jun, 2018
Way bigger than expected. Colorful and ready to party with this flamingo cooler, you'll be THE PARTY. It inflate with the accompanying hand pump! They are super duper cute! The flamingos are... read more »

Fast Data Transfer between Computer and Smartphones

19 May, 2018
Effortless configuration just plug and play. The best way to transfer files quickly between Computers and Smartphones would definitly recommend it. It is fast and versatile and for the price of $6.99... read more »

Excersing and Partying with this device

02 May, 2018
This device serves two main purpuses to me, one is on the sport area where It's just amazing when you are biking, climbing you don't need to open your backpack , find your bottle to drink, put... read more »

Great CASE for iPhone

02 May, 2018
This phone protection kit comes with a nice silicone case and a high quality glass screen protector. The silicone case is felt lined. I like having the glass back of my iPhone 8+ padded by this fabric... read more »

How did I managed my garden without this before!

02 May, 2018
Wow this is the best partner for my in-home garden, I no longer need to remember to water the plants. This device would measure the moisture in the soil and it will tell me when it's time to add m... read more »

If your iPhone X was the President, this case would definitely be the Secret Service!

10 Apr, 2018
This iPhone Case matches my expectation. I really like the feel on this protective shockproof cover, but at the same time It's clear and it has the right thickness which can protect the phone... read more »

Great Protection for the iPhone X

04 Apr, 2018
Nice fit to this iPhone X case, it brings a nice girly touch for my girlfriend's iPhone X while maintaining the astetic of the iPhone X and bringing some protection to the device as well. The grea... read more »

Restaurant-Cooking Burger in your own home!

21 Mar, 2018
Wow what a great add-on to anyone's kitchen, with this burger press you can make perfectly-rounded burgers in your house. You can get creative like this recepie: Mix the ground beef, salt and p... read more »

Nice Cake Turntable

21 Mar, 2018
This cake turntable works great not only for cakes, but for anything else you want displayed and can MANUALLY rotate it. Yes I wrote MANUALLY on caps because I thought it would have some kind of motor... read more »

Great for beginners time flies when using it

07 Mar, 2018
Quality instrument with great sound and me being a beginner in music instruments I was amazed at how easy it's to play a few notes with a little bit of practice. The sound is really relaxing and I... read more »

Excellent Money Clip for front pocket money carrying.

22 Feb, 2018
I really like the design and style of the money clip. It is made from quality materials and the carbon fiber graphic style really impresses me. The color looks superb and elegant and can hold many bil... read more »

Durable AUX cable for multi-use audio stream.

10 Feb, 2018
I needed a cable that can withstand being stepped on it, pulled and thrown away and still deliver quality sound to all my devices (yes parties can be caothic sometimes) And this cable really meet my e... read more »

Easy to use and fast at reading temperature

26 Jan, 2018
Never be afraid to overcook your dinners or meals anymore. With this thermometer cooking chicken, duck or any other big plate it's as easy as plugging it inside the meat to see the temperature and... read more »

Let's get this party started with style!

19 Jan, 2018
Great add-on for parties. This shaker cocktail really deliveres, you don't have to be a professional bartender to use it. The quality of the stainless steel is superb. It comes with measures littl... read more »

Good cable management system but improvements could be made

06 Jan, 2018
This cord management item works good when you have a lot of different cables hooked up to your multi usb charger and you don't want your cables to tangle. When you stick it to your wall or night s... read more »

Device works great, and app works great as well!

06 Jan, 2018
It is so easy to use and you get used to it so fast that you'll wish all your house was set up with smart plugs. I use this all the time to turn on and off my white noise machine. So the setup is... read more »

Tough and Durable Power bank!

26 Dec, 2017
One mayor plus about this powerbank is its capacity, and for people who are not familiar with mAh (milli-Ampere-hours) let me start by telling you that the iPhone 6 plus uses 2,915mAh and this powerba... read more »

Everybody loves being a Mermaid!

10 Dec, 2017
Really nice and soft. Quality material to keep you warm at night while watching a movie. The color could be a little more brighter. It comes sealed in a vacuum plastic bag and that helps it to avoid m... read more »

Small, Portable and Powerful

16 Oct, 2017
Nice quality portable charger, it is designed to charger super fast every device you connect to it, one of my travel companions everywhere I go because I can charger my camera, ipad, iphone, portable... read more »

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