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I am a single mom of three with three grandchildren, two of whom live with me. I have two cats. one dog, 3 rats and a hamster. I have been doing reviews for a while now and really love it. I am mostly interested in reviewing baby items, clothing, adult items, and kitchen items. I can review with photos and or video if you wish.
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Perfect for my needs

16 Jan, 2022
I am not using these for plants I use them to hang each child clothes up for the week so it's good to go. Hate getting up at 6am and digging for preschool clothes, not all 5 outfits are hangi... read more »

Cuts great

16 Jan, 2022
My kids are obsessed with these.  They want me to cut them something new to eat each night. Blade is sharp enough to cut but not worried I'm going to lose s finger.  read more »

Cute and functional

30 Oct, 2020
These work great. Easy to clean and do not pull your hair out like the last ones I tried. read more »

Not great

18 Jul, 2020
Fan works good as would the ac part if the fan area wasn't so incredibly tiny. Habe to have fan directly in face less then a foot away to work. read more »

Smells good

05 May, 2020
I have tried a coupe of hair loss shampoos and with most I can get past the smell. This one has a pleasent smell and cleans my hair well. To early to tell if it helps with hair loss. But I am happy so... read more »

Works great

05 May, 2020
I love this little thing. Takes great pictures but can also take a beating. read more »

Super cute

05 May, 2020
Very well made. Super cute. Fits correctly. True to size read more »


05 May, 2020
Super cute and very well made. They fit true to size. read more »


04 Jan, 2020
These are the best magnets I have got in a long time. Very strong. Holds up multiple sheets of paper plus clip holds several appointment cards. read more »

Love this

02 Jan, 2020
This works great to clip anything on my daughter. So easy to use easy too take off. Not Notsick using tacky baby bibs.  read more »

did not work

17 May, 2019
I really wanted to love these but they did not work. Like AT ALL. useless. read more »


17 May, 2019
I really like my new Viluar Shoes Insoles -Proven Design High Arch Support Orthotic Shoe Inserts Plantar Fasciitis Inserts . They fit my shoes perfectly and help make my feet and back less achy.... read more »

True Lavender smell

17 May, 2019
I am in love with this MADETEC 10ML Essential Oils Lavender 100% Pure and Natural Oils. I have searched for a long time for a lavender that does not smell like chemicals and/or overly sweet. It i... read more »

Magnetic Whiteboard Erasers

17 May, 2019
These work great for earasing and look adorable. They are the perfect size. I took one star off because while they work great the could be improved a tad by using stronger mangetic. The tend to slide... read more »

CheeChee Eutuxia 2-in-1 Multifunction Kitchen Colander

17 May, 2019
I love my new CheeChee Eutuxia 2-in-1 Multifunction Kitchen Colander. It is the perfect size for washing my cherries, grapes or small tomoatoes. It works great and makes it easier for my grandkid... read more »

Ultra comfy

13 Mar, 2019
I have hard wood floors and in the winter time my feet can get pretty cold walking on them. I am not a huge fan of slippers so I figured I would try these they are just extra comfy socks. So glad I di... read more »

Love it

13 Mar, 2019
I get nose bleeds in the winter time and a friend told mme to try a diffuser.humidifier after falling in love with the way this one looks I decided to give it a try. So glad I did not only did my nose... read more »


05 Feb, 2019
Very well made and worked perfect for everything from scrambling eggs to frosting my cakes. The colors were perfect bright and bold.  read more »

Love this

05 Feb, 2019
I truly loved my baby jumpsuit. The fit was perfect and The sleeves are adorable. Nicely made and makes my baby look so adorable. read more »

I wanted to love it

05 Feb, 2019
I have never had to leave a one star review for a discounted item but I could not in good consious leave a good review for this. The first day I had it it literally fell apart. Legs came unstitched an... read more »

Gorgeous bags

14 Dec, 2017
Gorgeous little bags. Superbly made, I am using them to put the jewlery and another small present I got for my daughter in them.  read more »

true to size

14 Dec, 2017
This is a nicely made shower curtain, it is true to size and so far after a month of use it still has no mildew.  read more »

Great quality

14 Dec, 2017
Very nicely made. True to size. I would higly reccomend. I also use it on the floor as a baby belly time map as he is just starting to creep forward a hair.  read more »


14 Dec, 2017
This are truly nice Yoga pants I love the feel, look and how well they are made. My only complaint is the XL is more like a medium  read more »

good quality

01 Dec, 2017
These mens socks are very well made. Really good quality. They fit true to size and feel good on my feet. They stay up but without cutting into my leg like some socks tend to do. read more »

kid approve

01 Dec, 2017
I have had hours of fun playing with my daughter and these magnetic sticks, Very fun and easy to be creative with them. read more »

really cool

01 Dec, 2017
These look great in a class of vodka. So far everyone who has seen them say the are sooo "me" They are the perfect size for a drink. and very easy to make. The mold is also very easy to wash... read more »

Dakota approved

01 Dec, 2017
My grandchild Dakota adores every single one of these toys . Every one is excellent quality and safe for any child. They are very easy to clean and looks so cute.  read more »

excellent quality

01 Dec, 2017
I love the ease and simplicity of using this lock. It is extremely easy to change the code to something you can remember. I use this to hook my stroller up to the under stairs access in my apartment b... read more »

works great

01 Dec, 2017
This nail dryer works great for gel annd regualar polish. I dry my nails for 60 seconds each coat and then an additions 75 second to final.  The machine is light weight easy to use and carry. Sma... read more »

works great

01 Dec, 2017
I adore this UV LED Nail lamp. I had tried two different brands in the past and they really did not work well at all but this one was great, I love how my nails looked after using this, The entire thi... read more »


18 Sep, 2017
Lovely little massager. My boyfriend and I love to give each other full body intamate massages and this one works great. Veruy nicely made and super easy to clean. Many different massage setting so yo... read more »

works on my Maine Coons

18 Sep, 2017
This brush works great on my long haired Maine Coon cats. So easy to get the hair off from the brush. They both love to be brushed with this one.  read more »

Nicely made

18 Sep, 2017
This was nicely made and my teen daughter loved it. She wears it everyday and has for a couple weeks now and so far now wear or tear is detectible.  read more »


18 Sep, 2017
It is fun to squeeze and I was surprised with how good it smelled. It is adorable and slightly bigger then I thought which was great. Very happy with my new squishy. read more »

works great

16 Sep, 2017
I was a little sceptical at first but figured hey I would give it a try as I love the smell anyways. But surprisingly its works great! So happy I tried it. Smells so good and does really help to mask... read more »

kid fun

16 Sep, 2017
MY youngest daughter has been having a blast practising on everyone to decide what she want to go as for halloween. She has aready used so much of the paint that I am going to need to purchase more :)... read more »

boyfriend approved

15 Sep, 2017
Works great for personal use as well as an actual massager lol.. Very nicely made and easy to clean. Excellent vibrations lots of different levels. read more »

works great

12 Sep, 2017
Very well made and works great. read more »

Looks great and works better

25 Aug, 2017
These are great. Perfect for storing baby Dakota odds and ends. They hold up very nicely . read more »

Great for low shoes

13 Jul, 2017
My daughter like to wear flats but she likes to wear socks with them but hates the big socks. So I got her these she was very excited she said "finally some socks that look cute with my shoes. Th... read more »

Great for nightlight

13 Jul, 2017
I have a LED nightlight that has to be plugged in to charge every day but I like to keep it way up on the shelf which is about 3 feet from the plug then a few more feet up the wall. This reaches perfe... read more »

great for crowdes

13 Jul, 2017
This wasa huge relief for us during the 4th of juy we had my 4 year old cousin with us who likes to run away. and there was a huge crowd. I was so glad we had these because on the multiple times he tr... read more »

hold up well

13 Jul, 2017
My son in law wears these in his shoes now. He works two jobs and has to walk 20-55 minutes both way to each job plus he works at a sandwhich show and a convinience store so he is on his feet for many... read more »

great for allergy eyes

13 Jul, 2017
I suffer from seasonal allergys and my eyes get red, itchy, watery and puffy by the end of the day this works great as a cooler for my eyes and bring the puffyness down while also releaving some... read more »

works great no leaks

13 Jul, 2017
to be completely honest I am way to lazy to go out hiking or running. I have however used this for the kids at the beach. So much easier to pack then a bunch of water bottles. I could keep it right in... read more »

Great for babies

13 Jul, 2017
This makes taking baby Dakotas temperature so much easier. It is a lot less interusive then other regular thermometers. Works good on my  teens as well. I tested it against other thermomaters and... read more »

very quiet

13 Jul, 2017
There clip great for both hair and beard and my boyfriend said it was the best present ever (men lol) He said that it makes it so much easir to cut his owm hair without having to deal with all the cor... read more »

Daughter was happy

12 Jul, 2017
I planned on keeping this formyself but my 16 year old daughter informened me that I was way to old to have something so completely cool. It looks great on her bed (still think it would look better on... read more »

works good

12 Jul, 2017
Not sure what to say here.. It works good..Great even lol .. My boyfriend and I have truly enjoyed it. read more »

works great

08 Jul, 2017
I love that you can either use it with the cooling pad or without. It keeps all the light out and is a snug fit. There is a velcro piece in the back to make it as tight or lose as you chose. I ha... read more »

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